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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with J

Original Name
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J J Benjamin Steve Mays former lead singer with Outtabounds chart group also front man of Beautifull south tribute band Steve Mays
J Majik Jamie Spratling Although he also performed as DJ Dextrous and Innervisions at various other times in his career, this is his most famous moniker, used to record one brilliant album and 3 singles. Bobo
J Mann Jason Popson One of the Mushroomhead singers, changed his name because he was in many different side projects at the time. beat_like_a_dog
J Mega L. Troupe Member of the Onyx Cru. Info from Bobo
J-Boog Jarelle Demonte Houston He is the cousin of Omarion from B2K Correction: J-Boog
J-Boog Jarelle Monte Houston He is the cousin of Omarion from B2K J-Boog
J-Dizz Ajay Rattan J-Dizz is in the rap group Da Starderz. Ajay Rattan
J-Groove James Carson Info from Bobo
J. Geils Jerome Geils  rocker
J. Mascis Joseph Mascis Ex-lead singer with Dinosaur, Jr. newave
J. Oliver Johnson John Oliver Johnson Singer/song-writer of country/Souther rock. Also an author, poet and small-time actor. Bobo
J. Quest John Raimundi Info from Bobo
J. Robbins Jay Robbins Member of Jawbox and Burning Airlines. Professor Stampede
J. Spaceman Jason Pierce Lead singer of Spaceman 3 and Spiritualized. Rick Rold
J.C. Chasez Joshua Scott Chasez From *Nsync and solo CD - though, technically not a pseudonym it still works here. Info is from the *Nsync website and a bunch of merchandise -  Megzie
J.C. Chasez Joshua C Chasez From N Sync and the Mickey Mouse Club Celeste
J.C. Chasez Joshua Scott Chasez  Celeste
J.D. Souther James David Souther His hits were "Old and Lonely" and "Her Town Too" (with "Fire and Rain" guy James Taylor). Country
J.J. Cale Jean Jaques Cale Blues singer/songwriter known for "After Midnight". blues
J.Lo Jennifer Lopez The J of Jennifer en Lo of Lopez. Not so difficult. Dutchgirl
J.T. Nigel John Taylor His real full name is Nigel John Taylor but he decided to go by his middle name John or the initals J.T. Celeste
J.T. James Taylor The singer for Kool and The Gang, not the "Fire and Rain" guy. blaque
Ja Rule Jeffrey Atkins JA is the initials for Jeffrey Atkins, and he added RULE which stands for Represents Unconditional Love Existence! Brianne
Ja Rule Jeff Atkins  rap
Ja Rule Jeffrey Atkins  lady_rule_itsmurder
Ja Rule Jeffrey Atkins rule stands for represtents unconditional love's exsistance. smarter than alana
ja rule Jeffrey Atkins yeah i cant believe no one knows this! he took the j from jeff and the a from atkins and then put rule at the end which stands for something like respect (or maybe its represent idk) unity life equality alana
Jack Benny Benjamin Kubelsky  cheap
Jack Black Thomas Jacob Black Of Tenacious D Weird how his last name really is black UltraPrime
Jack Black John (requested not to show last name publicly) Jack is a common English name for villains...Captain Jack Sparrow, Jack the Ripper, etc. And Black is John's favourite colour, know how it is! Jorgon Von Strangle
Jack Bruce John Symon Asher Formerly of Cream. oldrock
Jack Dangers John Corrigan 1/2 of Meat Beat Manifesto. Bobo
Jack Hues Jeremy Allan Ryder member of Wang Chung. He took the famous French phrase "J'accuse" (the headline of a newspaper editorial by Emile Zola) and "anglicized" it "Jack Hues". To Live And Die in San Francisco
Jack Nitzsche Bernard Nitzsche   producer
Jack Scott Jack Scafone, Jr. Rock and roll-ballad singer/songwriter/guitarist of the late 50s and early 60s whose biggest hits included the country-styled "What In The World's Come Over You" and "Burning Bridges". Scored nine Top 40 hits. Evan L. Heller
Jack The Ripztah Andres Coronado He had a fascination with crimes as a kid, so he decided to take the name of the Liverpool serial killer Jack the Ripper. juggalo_family
Jack Wagner Peter John Wagner Singer and t.v. soap actor. t.v.
Jack White John Anthony Gillis (white stripes) changed name officially to John White when he married Meg White (he took her name instead of vice versa), but he goes by Jack.  M
Jack White John Anthony Gillis he took his 'ex/sisters' last name(meg white)when they got married.. Corey
Jack White Jack Gilis When founding the White Stripes with his ex-wife (and not sister) Megan (Meg) White, he took her last name to fit with the band name Keupon69
Jackie DeShannon Sharon Lee Myers  oldschool
Jackie DeShannon Jacqueline O'Shannon Cut several sides circa 1960. Ward Evol
Jackie Edwards Wilfred Edwards The late Jamaican-born reggae star.  reggae
Jackie Gleason Herbert John Gleason  Bandleader in addition to his role in "The Honeymooners". Known as "The Great One". funny
Jackie Jackson Sigmund Esco Jackson  soul II
Jackie Lee Earl Lee Nelson, Jr. Taught everyone how to do "The Duck" in 1966. oldrock
Jackie McLean John Lenwood McLean, Jr  Bobo
Jackie Wilson Jack Leroy Wilson   soul
Jackson Browne Clyde Jackson Browne  mellow
Jaco Pastorius John Francis Pastorious Legendary jazz bassist. Jerrold McDougald
Jaco Pastorius John Francis Pastorius III Legendary jazz/fusion bassist and band leader. JayBeefC
Jacoby Shaddix Coby Dick Lead singer for the band Papa Roach Kara Brooks
Jadakiss Jason Phillips Info from Bobo
Jade La'Trecia Kne'Cole Mallet  Tre'Sha
Jah Skils Jalali Carthorn Info from Bobo
Jai  John Lee Johnson Drummer for The Allman Brothers Band. yonder
Jake E. Lee Jakey Lou Williams Jake is a former guitarist for Ozzy Osbourne. Chani
Jake Holmes John Grier Holmes He had the hit "So Close" in 1970. Candy Welty
Jake Zyrus Charice Jake, whose birth name was Charmaine Clarice Relucio Pempengco and previously went by the stage name Charice Pempengco and later just Charice, adopted the name "Jake Zyrus" when he transitioned to a male in 2017. Maryellen Larkin
Jalil Jalil Hutchins Member of Whodini. Info from Bobo
Jam Master Jay Jason Mizell
Jamelia Jamelia Brown  K.Y.L.E
James Blunt James Hillier-Blount Apparently because he thought Blount sounded too posh. b
James Darren James William Ercolani  oldtimer
James Fox James Mullett The Welsh singer/guitarist chose the stage name Fox and originally called himself Jamie Fox but started calling himself James when the actor/singer Jamie Foxx emerged just before James Fox's first television appearance. Jessica Wheeler
James Wright Richard Wagner singer/songwriter/performer of alternative country music  Richard Wagner
Jamey Jasta James Shanahan Jamey is the lead singer of hardcore band Hatebreed. Chandra
Jamie Foxx Eric Marvin Bishop Used Jamie because it could be used as a guy or girls name and people wouldn't judge so quickly in his comedy routine. little_miss
Jamie Oliver Richard Oliver He goes by "Jamie" Franka
Jamie Principle Byron Walton Scattered among the classic productions of the mid-'80s Chicago house scene are those of Jamie Principle, the first to record song-based house music and the closest to a songwriter in the entire community.  Bobo
Jamie Starr Prince Rogers Nelson Prince has taken alot of other names, he wrote "manic monday" for The Bangles under the Starr pseudonym. Petey
Jamie Starr Prince Rogers Nelson The Jamie Starr who is credited on "Morris Day & The Time" records is actually The-Artist-Once-Again-Known-As-Prince. Major Bliss
Jammin' James James Carter US rapper/producer. Info from Bobo
Jammin' Unit Cem Oral  Matt
Jan & Arnie Jan Berry/Arnie Ginsberg This is the same Jan Berry that would later hook up with Dean Torrence to form Jan & Dean. duo
Jan & Dean Jan Berry/Dean O Torrance  oldsongs
Jan Berry William Berry Half of Jan and Dean, famous surf duo from LA. Bobo
Jan Bradley Addie Bradley Recorded "Mama Didn't Lie" in 1963. soul
Jane Morgan Jane Currier She had the big hit "Fascination" in 1957. Candy Welty
Jane Powell Suzanne Burce You already have her listed - but Burce is the real name - not a misprint for Bruce. charles hamblen
Jane Powell Suzanne Burce (Bruce)  singer
Jane Russell Ernestine Jane Geraldine Russell  older
Janet Jackson Janet Damita Jo Jackson  Well....her brother is Michael Jackson sparklingrain678
Jani Lane John Patrick Oswald  Sandi
Janie Fricke Jane Fricke  Countryboy
Janis Ian Janis Eddy Fink Her two biggest hits were "Society's Child" (60s) and "At Seventeen" (70s). MOR
Janis Paige Donna MacJaden  Opera diva and T.V. actress. opera
Janne Warman Janne Vilijani Virtanen Janne is the keyboardist in Children Of Bodom. Chandra
JaRule Jeff Atkins The J from Jeff, and the A from Atkins made Ja and he added Rule Pryncess
Jarvis Church Gerald Eaton It's the name of two streets in Toronto that are side by side. BTW, if you recognize the real name, he's from the Philosopher Kings. He adopted the name Jarvis Church when he recorded his solo debut. Trainiac
Jason Alexander Jason Scott Greenspan "Seinfeld" actor who did a lot of singing on Broadway. Seinfeidlike
Jason McCoy Jason Dwight Campsall  Sundog
Jay Black David Blatt Lead singer who, with The Americans, scored 60s top ten hits with "She Cried", "Come A Little Bit Closer", "Cara Mia" and "This Magic Moment".  Evan L. Heller
Jay Ferguson John Ferguson Singer and keyboardist for Spirit and solo artist. rock
jay taylor johnathan taylor jay taylor is another nickname for me john taylor
Jay Traynor John Traynor Original Jay of Jay and the Americans; replaced by Jay Black (David Blatt) Barry Disbrow
Jay Z Sean Carter  anthony
jay z shawn carter  matthew ridley
Jay-Z Sean Carter  Tellec
Jay-Z Sean Carter This name orginated from his childhood nickname, Jazzy. O
Jay-Z Sean Carter Before Jay-Z embarked upon his hugely popular solo career he was apart of an underground Brooklyn rap group called Hawaiian Sophie Fame. Young Jay then was the protege of JazO the leader of Hawaiian Sophie. Although Jay probably would deny it to his grave, it should be obvious, Jay-Z is a play off JazO's name. That's whay Nas said..."from Sean Carter to Jay-Z damn you on Jaz (JazO) di*k"  Merk
Jay-Z Sean Carter Where in the hell did he get Jay Z Chris N.
Jay-Z Shawn Carter Shawn, not Sean! Kim
Jaya Maria Luisa Ramsey Buffington Known for her collaboration with Stevie B. on "If You Leave Me Now"; late 80's early 90's breakbeat artist Ren
Jaye P. Morgan Mary Margaret Morgan 50s singer whose top ten hits included "That's All I Want From You" and "The Longest Walk". Had significant TV acting career through the 70s, also appearing on numerous game shows. Evan L. Heller
Jayo Felony James Savage Info from Bobo
Jaz Coleman Jeremy Coleman Lead singer for Killing Joke. newsound
Jazz Larry Anthony Member of the rap band Dru Hill. soul
Jazzie B Beresford Romeo Founder member og U.K. rap/soul group Soul II Soul.  Big Al
Jazzy Jay Jayson Byas Info from Bobo
Jazzy Jeff Jeff Miree Info from Bobo
JBJ James Bradley, Jr. Member of the rockin' rap band Crazy Town. raprock
JC 001 Jonathan Chandra Pandy JC 001 is Jazz Colemans cousin. One went rock. One went rap. JC 001
JC 001 Jason Coleman Info from Bobo
JC Chasez Joshua Scott Chasez When he was in "MMC" there was another "Josh" in the show, so he changed his name to "JC", his initials. Fatima Curiel
JC Chasez Joshua Scott Chasez JC from NSYNC Jessie Urrea
JC Smalls John Carlson He is a Minnsota hip hop artise Chris Sanford
JD Jermaine Dupri Jermaine Dupri's long-awaited solo project JD debuted in February 1998 with the single "The Party Continues," which quickly went gold.  Bobo
JD Jermaine D. Mauldin If you watched the movie "The New Guy" they show his real name at the ending credits...... Jermaine Dupri
JDL Jerry Dee Lewis Of the Cold Crush Brothers. Info from Bobo
Jeah Jeremiah Poole I got this name because i'm the youngin from the block Young Jer
Jean Pierre Bouvier people usually use his first name he is the hott singer of simple plan i love pierre and simple plan pierre bouvier
Jean Harlow Harlean Harlow Carpenter  older
Jeanne Pruette Norma Jean Bowman  Bobo
Jeannie C. Riley Jeannie Carolyn Stephenson Had a beef with the "Harper Valley PTA". Countrygirl
Jeannie Seely Marilyn Jeanne Seely She had the hit "Don't Touch Me" in 1966. Candy Welty
Jeff Dahl Jeff Dahlby rhymes with NY Dolls...left the ~by~ in Hawaii.... outlawsmate
Jeff Martin Jeffrey Scott Brill Lead singer of the Canadian band The Tea Party Summerset
Jeff Stinco Jean Francois He is the guitarist of Simple Plan. Benjei
Jeff Stinco Jean-François Stinco Jeff is short for Jean-François? Tea
Jeff Stinky Jeff Stinco Jeff Stinky of the band, Simple Plan. Chels chills
Jeffery Nothing Jeffery Hatrix 1 of the Mushroomhead singers, changed his name because he was in Hatrix and didn't want that to effect Mushroomhead. beat_like_a_dog
Jeffrey Hammond-Hammond Jeffrey Hammond Bassist for Jethro Tull often credited as "Hammond-Hammond" because his mother's maiden name was also Hammond. Evan
Jeffrey Jey  Gianfranco Randone Randone grew up in both Italy and the United State. While living in the U.S. one of his friends called him Jeffrey to make him sound more American . When he moved back to Italy and auditioned as a DJ for a nightclub the owner had suggested that use a pseudonym so he decided to use Jeffrey and then add Jay (as in VeeJay) he changed the Jay to Jey and from then on that was his new name.  Ray Pissed
Jekill K Hicks Info from Bobo
Jekill K Hicks Info from Bobo
Jello Biafra (Dead Kennedys singer) Eric Boucher  He liked the "colliding" of the ideas of plastic-food Jello with that country that was almost starved to death in the '70's. He chose this name over "Bobby Bacteria" and "Smegma Pigvomit" Ian
Jelly Roll Morton Ferdinand Joseph Lemott  Bobo
Jellybean John Benitez  Bobo
Jellybean John Benitez Madonna's former producer. jorje
Jennifer Rush Heidi Stern Famous for many duets - with artists such as Elton John (cf: Reginald Kenneth Dwight) Bobo
Jennifer Warnes Jennifer Warren  MOR
Jeri Southern Genevieve Lillian Hering Singer and pianist of jazz and blues who had four pop hits in the 1950s: "You Better Go Now", "Joey", "An Occasional Man" and "Fire Down Below". Loree Dare
Jerome Ison Jerome Troy Ison Jerome is the drummer for the Namonia Crew. Penne Tration
Jerry Garcia Jerome John Garcia The late lead singer for "The Grateful Dead". man
Jerry Goldsmith Jerrald Goldsmith  movies
Jerry Harrison Jeremiah Harrison Formerly of Talking Heads. opm
Jerry Hyman Jerry Hymans  Singer and trombonist with Blood, Sweat and Tears. MOR
Jerry Jeff Walker Ronald Clyde Crosby   oldrock
Jerry Landis Paul Simon Paul's name for solo work in the late 50s and early 60s (beside his and Arthur's "Tom & Jerry") dalen
Jerry Lewis Jerry Levitch   funny
Jerry Only Jerry Caiafa Misfits' bassist and co-founder, actually the only danzig era misfit member continuing to play in the band. johnny
Jerry Only Jerry Caiafa  Dave-O
Jerry Orbach Jerome Bernard Orbach The original Billy Flynn in Chicago before he was Lennie Briscoe. Peg
Jerry Reed Jerry Reed Hubbard  twang
Jerry Vale Genero Louis Vitaliano   singer
Jerryo Jerry Murray He had the hit "Karate-Boo-Ga-Loo" in 1967. He was also half of the duo Tom & Jerrio who had a hit called simply "Boo-Ga-Loo" in 1965, but he spelled his name differently in the duo (Jerrio instead of Jerryo). Loree Dare
Jeru The Damaja Kendrick Jeru Davis  Bobo
Jesse Colin Young Perry Miller Performer's real name noted on the liner notes of the original edition of his bluesy first album, "Soul of a City Boy." Vincenzo
Jessi Colter Miriam Johnson Country lady who recorded "I'm Not Lisa" in 1975. She was married to the late Waylon Jennings. Country
Jessie J Jessica Ellen Cornish  Yvette Bristle
Jessye Norman Jessie Mae Norman  opera
Jesus Quisp C.J. Buscaglia Guitarist/vocalist of Green Jelly. Mickey D.
Jet Black Brian Duffy Drummer with U.K. punk outfit The Stranglers. Big Al
Jethro Kenneth D. Burns Half of unknown duo Homer and Jethro Bobo
Jethro Burns (of Homer & Jethro) Kenneth C. Burns  Gordon
Jethro Tull Ian Anderson  austin
Jewel Jewel Kilcher  MOR
Jill Glenys Lynne The lead singer of Four Jacks and a Jill, noted for "Master Jack". one hit
Jill Corey Norma Jean Speranza MOR songstress from Pittsburgh who had a few hits in the late '50s. Did she drop the "Norma Jean" because of the obvious "Marilyn" connection? jonaco
Jim Dale Jim Smith  Broadway
Jim Dandy James Leslie Mangrum Lead singer with Black Oak Arkansas. oldrock
Jim Eanes Homer Robert Eanes Jr.  Bobo
Jim Morrison James Douglas Morrison its shorter i guess. Chris
Jim Morrison Jim Morrisson He removed an "S" from his father's lastname Thesienidae Gallus
Jim Reeves James Travis Reeves 50s country star. Country
Jim Weatherly James Dexter Weatherly Wrote hits for Gladys Knight and the Pips. song
Jimi Hendrix James Marshall Hendricks and NOT James Allan Hendrix! Bill
Jimi Hendrix James Marshall Hendricks Hey "Blue Day" You are a dumb ass that thing you said about billie isnt true billie joe
Jimi Hendrix Johnny Allen Hendrix  oldrock
Jimmie Rodgers James Frederick Rodgers Famous 50s singer, best known for "Honeycomb". oner
Jimmy Cliff James Chambers  reggae
Jimmy Dean Seth Ward Singer and sausage king. Countryhick
Jimmy Durante James Francis Durante  oldman
Jimmy Jam James Harris III
Jimmy Maelen Antoine Millar Darbyshire For just no particular reason. Mike Hack
Jimmy McGriff James Harrell McGriff Musician who declared "I Got A Woman (Part 1)" in 1962. jazz
Jimmy Page James Patrick Page Former guitarist for Led Zeppelin. rocky
Jimmy Pop James Franks Member of the Bloodhound Gang Gamblor
Jimmy Pop Ali James Moyer Franks Better known as Jimmy Pop of The Bloodhound Gang. Rocky
Jimmy Reed Mathis James Reed  jazz
Jimmy Soul James McCleese   jazzy
Jimmy Urine James Euringer Vocalist for Mindless Self Indulgence. Travis
Jimmy Van Heusen Edward Chester Babcock  Singer-songwriter responsible for "High Hopes". sing
Jimmy Wakely Clarence Wakely  country
Jimmy Webb James Layne Webb  rock soul
Jimmy Zero William Wilder  Member of The Dead Boys. punk
Jizzy Pearl Jim Wilkinson  Lee
JJ John Tadeja Info from Bobo
JJ Johnson James Louis Johnson Trombone player from Indianapolis. jazz
Jo Geoffery Mussard  Bobo
Jo-El Sonnier Joel Sonnier Cajun musician best known for "Tear-Stained Letter." According to a newspaper interview he gave a few years ago, the hyphen was added to his name later. Apparently, the hyphen is intended to emphasize the Cajun pronunciation of his first name, with the accent on the second syllable. Martha Irvin
Joan Jett Joan Larkin  sherock
Joan Koplan Tiger Joanie Scott  Robert D. Arndt Jr.
JoAnn Castle Jo Ann Zerling  A regular on "The Lawrence Welk Show".  waltz
Jock Box Jacque Harrison Info from Bobo
Jocko John Marcellino  Singer for Sha-Na-Na. greaser
Joe Joe Thomas  soul
Joe Budden Joseph Budden lol ozzy ozz
Joe C. Joseph Calleja Late diminutive rapper who performed with Kid Rock. rapper
Joe Cocker John Robert Cocker  groove
Joe Hill Joel Emmanuel Haagland 19th century singer-songwriter (aka Joe Hillstrom) that was the subject of the Joan Baez song of the same name. swede
Joe Jackson David Ian Jackson Was named Joe by members of an early band because his glasses made him look like a character in a TV series called Joe 90. Gartek!yfp
Joe Jonas Joseph Adam Jonas  Jessica
Joe Long Joseph LaBracio He was the bass singer and bass guitarist for the 4 Seasons from 1965-1975. Barry Disbrow
Joe Meek Robert George Meek He produced "Have I The Right?" by the Honeycombs in 1964 and also more importantly, "Telstar" by the Tornadoes in 1962, as well as several other songs dedicated to Buddy Holly. His connection with Buddy Holly was certainly passionate, in the very least, if not fanatical. Ironically, he committed suicide and killed his landlady 8 years to the day that Buddy Holly died in that fiery plane crash with the Big Bopper and Ritchie Valens, on February 3, 1967. Holly and the two other guys mentioned above died in the plane crash on the same date, 1959.  Preston Dunn
Joe Perry Anthony Joseph Pereira  Sandi
Joe Perry Anthony Joseph Perry Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry says in the band's autobiography "Walk This Way" that his father's real last name was Pereira. However, since Joe's father wanted to be accepted as an American, after WWII he changed his name from the Portuguese Pereira to the more American sounding Perry. It's unclear if the change was done legally, but Joe Perry never used Pereira as his last name.  Planet Clare
Joe South Joe Souter  folk
Joe Strummer John Graham Mellor Former lead singer and guitarist of the British 1970's punk band, The Clash. Is now the lead singer and guitarist of the Mescaleros. JCStrummer
Joe Strummer John Graham Mellor Frontman of The Clash. punk
Joe Sun James J. Paulson He had the hit "Shotgun Rider" in 1980. Candy Welty
Joe Tex Joseph Arrington Jr.  disco
Joe Williams Joseph Goreed  Jazz
Joe Yankee Neil Young Neil Young used this pseudonym on Graham Nash's 1971 release "Song For Beginners". He is credited for playing on the songs "Better Days" and "Man In The Mirror". CSNY Fan
Joee Joey DeSimone Canadian artist known for two hit singles - "If I Could" and "Do You Right". Ren
Joel Joel Madden he prefers Joel and doesn't mention his surname because it's his fathers....and theres a story after that  Annie
Joel and Benj Madden Joel Ruben Combs and Benjamin Levi Combs Benji and Joel had their fathers last name, Combs, until they were 18 when they legally changed it to their mother's maiden name, Madden. They changed it b/c they hated there father for leaving them and didnt want his last name. Lauren
Joel and Benji Madden Joel and Benji Everly they changed their last names to honour their mother, who bought them up after their dad left them...... Everly was their dads' last name Bronny
Joel Combs Joel Reuben Combs-Madden He is better known as Joel from Good Charlotte Jennie Ambrose
Joel Grey Joel Katz  klaus
Joel Madden Joel Combs Joel and his identical twin, Benji changed their last name from Combs to Madden. Combs was their fathers last name and they changed it to Madden their mom's maiden name. jUSt SUM CHiK
Joel Madden/Benji Madden Joel Ruben Combs/Benjamin Levi Combs Annie has it wrong about Benj & Joel from Good Charlotte! They changed their last name from Combs which was their fathers original name. Now its Madden and thats why Joel has Madden tattoed on his arm Erin
Joel Nohnn John Lennon Used on Yoko Ono's tracks Move On Fast and Winter Is Here To Stay. Noah McKelvie
Joel Reuben Madden and Benji Levi Madden Joel Reuben Combs and Benji Levi Combs I'm pretty sure that Combs was their dads last name, but when he walked out on them they changed their last name to madden, which i think is their mothers maiden name Emily
Joel Rueben Madden Joel Rueben Combs  Karson Claire Mincey
Joey Bishop Joseph Abraham Gottlieb  funny
Joey Blowey Joseph Cannizarro Bassist/vocalist of Green Jelly. "Joey Blowey" is a funny name. Makes me think of Lorraine (from "Back To The Future") dropping the cake on the table which it marked "Welcome Home Uncle Joey" Mickey D.
Joey Dee Joseph DiNicola Founded Joey Dee and the Starlighters, known for "The Peppermint Twist". oldsongs
Joey Fatone Joseph Anthony Fatone Jr.  toni
Joey Heatherton Davenie Johanna Heatherton   stage
Joey Jordison Nathan Jonas Jordison  adrienne
Joey Jordison Nathan Jonas Jordison  Aradin
Joey Jordison Nathan Jonas Jordison Slipknot drummer, Murderdolls guitarist Tam
Joey Jordison Nathan Jonas Jordison He's the guitarist of the Murderdolls, and the very famous #1 of Slipknot. When I saw the real name of Wed, I know why he changed it =) (2 Joeys is 2 much!) Haldi5_Joey13
Joey Negro Dave Lee  Bobo
Joey Ramone Jeffery Hyman The late singer for The Ramones punk band. rocknroll
Joey Tempest Joakim Larsson Swedish born lead singer of EUROPE of 80's "Final Countdown" fame - adopted his stage-name after reading Shakespear's "The Tempest". Aphasia2000
Joey Vann Joseph J. Canzano lead singer of the Duprees Barry Disbrow
John Barry Jonathan Barry Prendergast  jonathan c.
John Cougar John Mellencamp Started recording under "John Cougar" for his first few albums, then "John Cougar Mellencamp" before switching back to "John Mellencamp".  wild
John Denver Henry John Deutschendorf Jr. He decided that Deutschendorf just wouldn't fit on a record label, and changed his last name to Denver, after Denver Colorado. Balana Lioness
John Denver Henry John Deutschendorf Jr.  Cara Miles
John Doe John Nommensen Duchac Lead singer for the punk band X. punky
John Foxx Dennis Leighton Ultravox Mike Hack
John Foxx Dennis Leigh John Foxx of Ultravox
John Fred John Fred Gourrier His big hit was "Judy In Disguise (With Glasses)". old
John Frusciante  John Anthony Frusciante Jr. The guitarist for the Red Hot Chili Peppers  harri
John Kay Joachim Krauledat  Bobo
John O Cean John Lennon Used on Yoko Ono's tracks She Hits Back and Woman Power. I recommend Woman Power it is a really good track! Noah McKelvie
John Ono Lennon John Winston Lennon John changed it becuz of hiz devotion for hiz wife, plus he hated the name winston princessdru
John Ono Lennon John Winston Lennon John didn't like his middle name. Noah McKelvie
John Paul Jones John Baldwin Former bassist and keyboardist for Led Zeppelin. rocky
John Paul Jones John Baldwin When he was a kid, a friend of his saw a poster for a movie about the famous American pioneer, John Paul Jones, and suggested it to Jones as a good stage name. It stuck. Linkletter
John Paul Jones John Baldwin BAJISTA DE ZEP. BOGOTb>
John Paul Jones John Baldwin Former Led Zeppelin bassist. No one really knows why or when the name change took place.  Mona
John Stabb John Schroeder  Professor Stampede
John Taylor Nigel John Taylor John Taylor of Duran Duran. He apparently hated the name "Nigel" and wanted something more rock n' roll to suit his plans of becoming a pop star.
John Wesley Harding Wesley Harding Stace  rcok
John Winston O'Boogie John Lennon On Walls & Bridges Album among others Ray Lemire
John5 John Lowery Marilyn Manson's guitarist p bart
John5 John Lowery Member of Marilyn Manson (the group) Bobo
John5 John Lowery I'm aware that this name has already been submitted, but the story wasn't there, so here it is: Breaking the Manson band name tradition, John was given the name John5, the 5 meaning that he was the fifth newcomer to the band. Tam
Johnnie & Joe Johnnie Louise Richardson/Joe Rivers  duo
Johnnie Dee Johnnie Diguilio Johnnie shortened his last name because people had such great difficulty trying to pronounce it.  Celeste
Johnnie Dee Johnnie DeGuili Johnnie Dee is the frontman for 80's hitmakers Honeymoon Suite, whose hits included "Feel It Again", "Bad Attitude", and "New Girl Now". Sandi
Johnnie Ray John Alvin  oldie
Johnny Ace John Marshall Alexander, Jr.  R & B
Johnny Adams Lathan John Adams Sang the 1969 hit "Reconsider Me." Yvette Bristle
Johnny Blitz John Madansky Formerly with The Dead Boys. punker
Johnny Cash J. R. Cash Named J. R. because his folks couldn't agree on a name. The USAF changed it to John R. Cash for his service records. Then producer Sam Philips changed to Johnny Cash to apeal to teenagers. Seth M. Webster
Johnny Cash J. R. Cash Yes, his original name was J. R. Cash. He only got the John when he joined the Army and they thought that J. R. was only initials and not his real name, so he said that the J. stood for John. crazydon
Johnny Chingas Se Me Paro  Angel
Johnny Christ Johnny Seward His parents are divorced and he has called himself "Gera" instead of "Seward" before. I think he goes by both frequently. And this causes a lot of confusion at times, but *shrugs* he's a rock star, he can do what he wants. No one
Johnny Christ Johnny Seward Many people have guessed Johnny's real last name as Gera. But seeing as Gera was a name thanked on Avenged Sevenfold's "Sounding the Seventh Trumpet", of which Johnny was not a part of. Therefore, it makes more sense for it to be Seward. bridg
Johnny Christ Jonathan Lewis Seward He changed his name to Johnny Christ because he figured it would be a good way to piss alot of people off. Travis
Johnny Christ Jonathan Seward Bassist for Avenged Sevenfold. Jezza
Johnny Christ Johnny Seward  someone
Johnny Christ  Johnny Gera Bassist for Avenged Sevenfold. Youngest in the band and last to join after original bassist left and moved to Texas. Kameron
Johnny Cougar John Mellencamp His first album was under Johnny Cougar, then later changed to John Cougar. Once he had a say about the albums, he added is real last name and eventually fazed it out Lisa
Johnny Halliday Jean-Philippe Smet  ol
Johnny Kidd Frederick Heath Johnny Kidd & The Pirates formed in 1958 during the nascent years of rock 'n' roll in Britain. They had several hits including the classic "Shakin' All Over", which was written by Kidd and went to No. 1 in Brittain in 1960. The song was later covered and made famous by The Guess Who (when they were known as Chad Allan & The Expressions) and The Who. Kidd was killed in a car accident in 1966. John3p
Johnny King John Kluth Member of King Duo -- Australian -- International Vocalist and Instrumentalist -- 50s to date pop, rock, country and blues John Kluth
Johnny Lee Jon Lee Harn  Bobo
Johnny Maestro John Mastrangelo Sang lead on1969's "The Worst That Could Happen" with the Brooklyn Bridge, but much more importantly, he also sang lead on the immortal "16 Candles" with the Crests in 1958. Still performing with the Brooklyn Bridge. Shows up on doo-wop specials on PBS. Still hits those notes. faxigal
Johnny Maestro John Maestrangelo Lead singer for Brooklyn Bridge, who did the "Worst That Could Happen". MOR
Johnny Marr John Maher Guitarist for the Smiths Bobo
Johnny Mathis John Royce Mathis  MOR
Johnny Mercer John Herndon Mercer  band
Johnny No-Name Alexander James McLean More popularly known as AJ McLean from the Backstreet Boys; Johnny No-Name was AJ's short-lived alter ego. He wanted to call himself Johnny Suede, but was forced to change it because there was already someone else by that name. backstreetgrl
Johnny Otis John Veliotes  old
Johnny Paycheck Don Eugene Lylte  Bobo
Johnny Paycheck Donald Eugene Lytle  Country
Johnny Preston John Preston Cornville His only hit was "Running Bear". old
Johnny Ramone John Cummings Guitarist for the 'Ramones' Bobo
Johnny Ramone John Cummings  Bobo
Johnny Ray John Alvin The man that made us "Cry". oldie
Johnny Rivers John Ramistella  Bill Tong
Johnny Rodriguez Juan Raul Davis Rodriguez  Countryhick
Johnny Rotten John Joseph Lydon  DMEO
Johnny Rotten John Lydon  Celeste
Johnny Rotten John Lydon So named because of his rotten teeth Heath
Johnny Russell John Bright Russell  oldcountry
Johnny Thunder Gil Hamilton Rode on the popularity of "Loop-De-Loop". rock
Johnny Thunders John Anthony Genzale first it was johnny Volume then Johnny thunders maybe after an old blues guy of the same name somesayhe got the name thunders or volume from a comic book cookie puss
Johnny Thunders John Anthony Genzale, Jr. Late guitarist for punk group New York Dolls. old
Johnny V. Johnny V. Mills  blues
JoJo Joanna Noelle Levesque Some teenybopper who had hits with "(Get Out) Leave" and "Baby It's You". Sad that I know this. Alan Smithee
Jojo Joanne Levesque Sing's "Leave(Get Out)" Georgina
Jojo Joanne McDuffie One of the Mary Jane Girls. soul ii
JoJo Joanna Levesque  buckybeaver
JoJo Joel Hailey From Jodeci united
Jojo Joanna Levesque  go*habs*go
JoJo Joanna Levesque A singer. A songwriter. A prodigy.  JoJoRox
Joliet Jake Blues John Belushi The late singer of The Blues Brothers and "Saturday Night Live" regular. blues
Jon & Robin Jon & Robin Abnor A husband and wife team, they joined forces with The In-Crowd on "Do It Again a Bit Slower" in 1967. duo
Jon Anderson John Roy Anderson He changed the name "John" to "Jon" as a tribute to Jazz singer Jon Hendricks. Koldo Barroso
Jon Bon Jovi John Bongiovi Jon Bon Jovi of Bon Jovi
Jon Bon Jovi Giovanni Bongiovi His parents named him Giovanni, his father's name, which is Italian for John. (but so is Gianni, so...). His name was further Americanized to John Francis Bongiovi - and Jon has said in past interviews the Francis was a direct nod to that great Jersey-Italian Francis Albert Sinatra.  Shannon3n8
Jon Bon Jovi John Francis Bongiovi Junior  Jen
Jon Bon Jovi John Francis Bongiovi still hot!!! silvina
Jon Fratelli John Paul Lawler  soph
Jon Secada Juan Secada Jon changed it in the early 1990's before he released any songs. Emilio
Jon Secada Juan Secada Original name was ethnico. Mark Pippin
Jonathan Davis Jonathan McDavis  S.T.G.
Jonathan King Kenneth King "Everyone's Gone to the Moon", and left poor Jonathan on Earth. old
Joni James Joan Carmello Babbo 50s vocalist who scored several top ten hits, including a pre-rock number one with "Why Don't You Believe Me". Evan L. Heller
Joni Mitchell Roberta Joan Anderson  oldschool
Jonny Lang Johnny Langseth  blues
Jordan Katie Price Well, shes changed it back now, supposedly alix
Jordan K Jordan Nathaniel Marcel Knight Jordan K was Jordan's nickname when he was a New Kid On The Block Celeste
Jorgen Ingmann Jorgen Ingmann-Pederson Had a #2 60s hit with "Apache". dane
Jose Jimenez Bill Dana Born William Szathmary in 1924, Dana's alter ego recorded "The Astronaut(Parts 1 and 2)" in 1961. funny
Josephine Baker Frida Josephine McDonald  jazz
Josh Wink/Wink/Winx Joshua Winkerman One of the greatest DJs/Producers of the electronic dance scene with hits such as "Liquid Summer", "Sixth Sense", and "Higher State of Consciousness" Mastermind
Joss Stone Joscelyn Eve Stoker  PJ
Jos Jos Jos Romulo Sosa Ortz Jos Romulo Sosa Ortz was born in February 17, 1948. At a young age, Jos Jos started participating in small festivals and contests around Mexico City. After taking guitar lessons, the young artist took part in a short-time band along with Paco Ortz and Alfredo Bentez.  Bobo
Joy Fleming Erna Strube  Michael
Juanes Juan Esteban Aristizabal  Bobo
Jud Strunk Justin Strunk, Jr. Ex-"Laugh-In" regular who's hit was "Daisy A Day". folk
Judge Dread Alex Hughes Reggae star UK John Johnson
Judie Tzuke Judie Myers Technically, Tzuke is her family name from when her grandparents emigrated from Poland. They took the name Myers to sound more English - her dad Sefton Myers handled Andrew Lloyd Webber's and Tim Rice's careers. pickle*
Judith Durham Judith Mavis Cock With a surname like that, I'm just surprised the change didn't come sooner. Her father was considering changing it anyway, even though he took some pride in the name, probably for the sake of his daughters. Durham was Hazel Cock's maiden name. It suited the younger Judy, so she took it as her own, and it stuck. Thank God. GeorgyMinerva
Judith Holofernes Judith Müller Sings in the German band "Wir sind Helden" maxguevara
Judy Judith Pronk Lead singer of the early 2000's Dutch trance band Alice Deejay, which she is often referred to as. shepop
Judy Canova Juliette Canova  older
Judy Garland Rudy Fartland  Holly
Judy Garland Frances Gumm  oldtimer
Judy Garland Francis Gumm MGM had her change it. Lynette
Judy Holliday Judith Tuvim  old
Juelz Santana LaRon James Youngest member of DipSet. (RocaFella) ShaMeka Edmonds
Juice Newton Judy Kaye Cohen  Countryboy
Juicy J. Jordan Houston  Bobo
Juju Jerry Tineo Member of The Beatnuts Bobo
Julian Lennon John Charles Julian Lennon  Singer and 1st son of the late Beatle John Lennon. rocker
Julianna Zobrist Julianna Joy Gilmore She married baseball player Ben Zobrist in 2005. sundog
Julie Andrews Julia Wells  MOR
Julie Anthony Julie Lush Can you blame her? Her agent suggested the name change, his first name if I remember correctly. GeorgyMinerva
Julie London Julie Peck  t.v.
Julie Rogers Julie Rolls Hit? "The Wedding". old
Julio Iglesias Julio Jose Iglesias de la Cueva  ole
Julius (Venice Beach/Monte Carlo) Jukka Nevalainen Jukka is the drumer of Nightwish. His manager called him once Julius Monte Carlo. Jukka himself doesn't know exactly why. Some time later he visited Venice Beach in California and was facinated of it's beauty. Some days later the manager changed the name into Julius Venice Beach. Cynthia Cardui
Jungle DJ Towa Towa Towa Tei Member of the trio Deee-Lite. electronic
Jungle DJ Towa-Towa Doug Wachung Member of Deee-Lite, this is his correct name, according to Bobo
Junior Brown Jamieson Brown Narrator of "The Dukes of Hazzard" movie and alt-country artist. Martha Hankins
Junior Parker Herman Parker, Jr.  oldtimes
Junior Samples Alvin Samples Singer and harmonica player. Longtime "Hee-Haw" regular. Countryhick
Junior Vasquez Donald Mattern  Bobo
Junior Walker Audrey DeWalt  Jazz
Junior Walker Oscar G. Mixon Also known as Audrey DeWalt, Jr. jazz
Junior Wells Amos Blakemore  blues
Justice Tony Bowes  Bobo
Justin Hayward David Justin Hayward Lead singer of the Moody Blues. I don't think he started using Justin when he went into the music business because it is a little more unusual than David, I think he's always been called Justin. Jessica Aguilera
Justin Sane Justin Cathal Geever Guitarist and singer/songwriter of the band Anti-Flag. Kelsey =]
Justin Timberlake Justin Randall Timberlake he use to go by justin randall when he was young then we he started growing up he went by justin randall timberlake shanene collins
Justin Timberlake Justin Randall Timberlake hottest guy ever.. currently pop singer. ninet
Juvenile Terius Grey  Bobo
JYP Girls Miss A Sub-unit formation Robert D. Arndt Jr.

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