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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with C

Original Name
Submitted by:
C-Bo Shawn Thomas Info from Bobo
C. C. Catch Caroline Müller Dutch-German italo singer Todd W. Zimmerman
C.C. Deville Bruce Johanssen  Sandi
C.C. Lemonhead Nathaniel Orange 1/2 of Quad City DJ's Bobo
C.J. Ramone Christopher Joseph Ward  Bobo
C.L. Smooth Corey Penn  Bobo
C.Murder Corey Miller Info from Bobo
C.W. McCall William Fries Song the one hit wonder "Convoy". According to he choose the trucker's name when he was a songwriter for Metz's bread truck company.. Xury Defoe
C.W. Kalb Ron Hyde  Jared Pinkston
C.W. McCall William Fries His biggest hit was "Convoy". trucker
CabbageBoy Simon Begg Also performed under the names Bigfoot and Bunkfunk 3000 Bobo
Cachao Israel Lopes Also performed as Israel Cachao Lopes. I know I cheated Bobo
Cajmere Curtis Alan Jones Also performed under the name Green Velvet, he acted as a renaissance leader for the reawakening of the international house music scene in the 1990s Bobo
Cam'ron Cameron Giles  Boomer
Cammy Peter James Camell  Bobo
Camui Gackt (Gackt) Okabe Satoru Don't take my word for this - it's the most popular estimate of his real name. Teensabre
Candee Jay Ilze Lankhaar  Alyssa Jayne
Candi Candice Ghant One of the Mary Jane Girls. soul ii
Candice Nikki Sanderson  Tarquin
Canibus Germaine Williams Info from Bobo
Cannonball Adderley Julian Edwin Adderley  jazz
Cap N1ne Albert Franco Producer and rapper! Dopey
Capital q Frank Lennon Alert Info from Bobo
Capleton Corey Bailey Info from Bobo
Capone Kiam Holley  Bobo
Cappadonna Darryl Hill Wu-tang member de'lore
The Captain & Tenille Daryell Dragon & Toni Tenille  Stockton
Captain Beefheart Don Vliet It was recently revealed that the "Van" part of "Van Vliet" which was what Captain Beefheart had said was his real name, is a pseudonym in itself. His real last name, apparently, is Vliet. Tom Tuerff
Captain Beefheart Don van Vliet Zappa & Vliet made a movie together called "Captain Beefheart vs. the Grunt People". Zappa came up with the name, but Vliet asked if he could use it as a pseudonym. Don Vliet is his real name, but he later put on "van". Uncle Meat
Captain Beefheart Don Van Vliet Frank Zappa came up with this name, for reasons which are unprintable on a family website. The Negative Cloud
Captain Jack Franky Gee Greetins to franky, if you`ll read this! Steven Miller
Captain Sav Em Kevein Dickson Info from Bobo
Captain Sensible Ray Burns Ex-bassist for The Damned. punker
Carey Bell Carey Bell Hamilton  jazz
Carlene Carter Rebecca Carlene Smith Daughter of June Carter and Carl Smith (not Johnny Cash). She was born in 1955 while married to Smith, long before June and Johnny became became an item. Dave
Carlene Carter Rebecca Carlene Smith Daughter of Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash. Country Yank
Carlo Farinelli Carlo Broschi Castrato singer nicknamed "Il Ragazzo". opera
Carlos Santana Devadip Carlos Santana  guitar
Carlton Megalodon Carlton Bost Deadsy's synth-guitarist. Corruption Master
Carlton Megalodon Carlton Bost z-tar/synth for Deadsy Robin
Carman Dominic Licciardello  Jesus Saves
Carman Carman Domenic Licciardello Name has always been Carman (Only the spelling was changed)..Only dropped the Licciardello (sort of like 'Cher' ...I'm sure she has a last name) because it was difficult for people to pronounce and made things easier. I was named Carman after my maternal grandfather. Carman Domenic Licciardello
Carman Carmen Dominic Licciardello He changed it from Carmen to Carman to avoid confusion because Carmen is female in Spanish (he's Italian). Dominic was his father's name. Debbie
Carmen Electra Tara Patrick Former MTV veejay and model. veejay
Carmen Miranda Maria de Carmo Miranda de Cunha Singer known for having a fruit basket on her head. dance
Carol Channing Carol Lowe  oldtimes
Carol Connors Annette Kleinbard Songwriter who was with The Teddy Bears in the 50s. song
Carole King Carole Klein  MOR
The Carpenters Richard & Karen Carpenter 70's singing duo. Karen died of an eating disorder in 1983. oldtimes
Casanova Rud Eric Rudnicki Info from Bobo
Cascada Natalie Horler German born singer who recorded "Everytime We Touch". dance
Casey Kasem Kemal Amen Kasem  name
Caspar Melchior & Balthasar XTC XTC at that time consisting of 3 members used this name for recording some chritmas songs. they used even another pseudonym for recording an album in psechedelic sixties style Bernhard Hausner
Casper Jeff Turney  Bobo
Cass Elliott (Mama Cass) Ellen Naomi Cohen Cass loved showtunes and had Broadway aspirations, and she took "Cass" from Broadway actress Peggy Cass and "Elliott" as a way to remember a high school friend who had died. She was one of the four members of the Mamas and Papas from the 1960s, and in the late '60s, she embarked on a solo career that ended prematurely with her death in 1974 FROM A HEART ATTACK  SusanJH
Cat Stevens Steven Demetre Georgiou  Bobo
Cathy Jean Catherine Jean Ruiz The singer for Cathy Jean & The Roommates. sherock
Cazz Robert C. Lewis He had the hit "Let's Live Together" in 1978. Candy Welty
CeCe Peniston Cecelia Peniston  soul ii soul
Cece Winans Priscilla Winans   gospel
Cee-Lo Thomas Burton  Rap singer for The Goodie Mob. rappa
Cee-Lo Green Thomas DeCarlo Callaway  Joe
Celine Dion Celine Marie Claudette Dion  I would shorten it also... sparklingrain678
Celine Dion Marie Claudette Celine Dion Marie is put at the beginning of every female Canadian name and the next name is the name of your godmother, in Celine's case her sister Claudette. Red gurken
cEVIN Key Kevin Crompton The pseudonym is spelt like that, with capitalisations and lower cased letters. Bobo
cEvin Key Kevin Crompton  bleurgh
cEvin Key Kevin Crompton  Poly-instrumentist - including drums & percussions - for the canadian industrial band Skinny Puppy and founding member, Kevin Crompton used the pseudonym cEvin Key for 2 reasons: 1) The lyricist and singer, Nivek Ogre, is also named Kevin! 2) To avoid legal issues with his former band, Image En Vogue, in which he was still a member of as a drummer in the early days of Skinny Puppy. cEvin = Kevin, with a "c" coming from his last name "Crompton"; Key = "K" coming from his first name "Kevin"... Furthermore, cEvin Key pronounced "Seven Key", which is a joke: an octave on the piano is composed of 7 keys (C,D,E,F,G,A,B). Yep, cEvin was the keyboardist when Skinny Puppy was only a duo. Since the early 80s, Kevin Crompton is only known as cEvin Key no matter what musical project he's associated with. the Grey
Chachamaru Yukihiro Fujimura  Jushk
Chad & Jeremy Chad Stuart/Jeremy Clyde  duo
Chad Allan Allan Kobel Founder of The Guess Who. Sang lead on their first Canadian #1 (and US Top 40) hit, "Shakin' All Over". Randy Bachman was in this lineup. Allan left the band soon after but introduced his successor, Burton Cummings, on local Winnipeg TV just before "These Eyes" came out. Also sang with Randy on a pre-BTO country album as "Brave Belt". jonaco
Chad Stuart David Stuart Chadwick Half of Chad and Jeremy ("Summer Song", "Willow Weep For Me"). Partner (Michael) Jeremy Clyde also dropped his first name. jonaco
Chaka Khan Yvette Stevens  Cara Miles
Chaka Khan Yvette Marie Stevens I've only added her middle name, but I love both her names. Michael Pacholek
Cham Amir Chamdin Info from Bobo
Chamillionaire Hakeem Seriki Former Swishahouse artist and Paul Wall's ex-partner in Color Changing Click, he has two Top 40 hits: "Turn It Up" feat. Lil Flip, and "Ridin" feat. Krayzie Bone of Bone Thugs-N-Harmony trthfrmtx
Charice Charice Pempengco She only used her first name for her pseudonym, as it is obviously easier for Western audiences to pronounce than her full name. Violet Baudelaire Itsuka and Gonchi  Lefty Lucy
Charlene Charlene Duncan Her only hit was "I've Never Been To Me". one-hit
Charlene Charlene D'Angelo According to the book, "One-Hit Wonders" by Wayne Jancik, her real name. one hit
Charles Aznavour Shahnour Verenagh Aznavourian Source: French
Charles Aznovour Chahnour Varinag Aznavourian  Bobo
Charli Baltimore Tiffany Lane  NaSty
Charlie  Charles Christopher Parker  jazzy
Charlie Charles Hugh Glenn Mortimer Charles Guyana-born drummer with Ian Dury & The Blockheads. Charlie died from cancer in 1990. neptunevsmars
Charlie Gracie Charles Anthony Graci He had the hits "Butterfly", "Fabulous", and "I Love You So Much It Hurts", all in 1957. Candy Welty
Charlie Zaa Carlos Alberto Sanchez  Bobo
Charo Maria Rosario Pilar Martinez Molina Baera The "coochie coochie" girl. Now you tell me which name is easier to pronounce. jorje
Chaserpunk Chase Evan Lepard Lead singer/bassist for punk band Yesterdays News Seth Goodrich
Chayanne Elmer Figueroa His pseudonym comes from a TV western that his mama liked Hannah
Chaz Chester The rest of Linkin Park started calling Chester; Chaz, so he thought it was cool, even though that is just his nickname. Joshua
Chazy Chaz Chester Charles Bennington Chester is chazy,but his orginal name is Chester C. Bennington Denise
Che Broadway John Francis Riley  Bill Condin
Cheech Marin Richard Marin  Funny
Chelsea Grace Chelsea McCann This is a fast moving performer, going to hit it big soon, and she knows using a catchier name will get her noticed quicker. Good move. Phil S
Chely Wright Richelle Renee Wright Another of the up-and-coming country ingenues. Countryboy
The Chemical Brothers Tom Rowlands, Ed Simons They are not actually brothers All-Starr
Cher Cherilyn Sarkasian LaPier  Bobo
Cher Cherilyn Sarkarsian La Pierre  lala
Cher Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPiere Bono Allman Cherilyn: First Name, Sarkisian: Biological Father's Last Name, LaPiere: Adoptive Father's Last Name, Bono: First Husband's Last Name, Allman: Second Husband's Last Name. Cher had her name legally changed to just plain "Cher" in 1979. I HATE it when people spell Sarkisian and LaPiere wrong and put them in the wrong order! BerLeigh
cher Cherilyn Sarkisian Dapierre  superstar
Cher Cherilyn Sarkisian LaPierre Bono Allman  Cher Freek!!!
Cheri Ann Bailey One of the Mary Jane Girls. funky
Cheryl Baker Rita Crudgington is she gonna be a record breaker?? anni
Cheryl Lynn Cheryl Lynn Smith  soul ii soul
Cheryl Lynn Linda Cheryl Smith  Vernon
Cheryl the Pearle Cheryl Cook Info from Bobo
Chet Atkins Chester Burton Atkins  indyhick
Chick Corea Armando Anthony Corea  jazzy
Chick McGee Charles McGee A regular on the "Bob & Tom Radio Show", and an accomplished "singer". dj
Chick Webb William Henry Webb Jazz drummer. jazz
Chico Dave Ryan Singer with Sha-Na-Na. greaser
Child's View Nobukazu Takemura Born in Japan, he quickly graduated to club appearances throughout Osaka, Kyoto, and Kobe, and in 1987 founded the DJ collective Cool Jazz Productions; a year later, Takemura also joined the Boredoms' Eye Yamatsuka in the influential hip hop outfit Audio Sports Bobo
Childish Gambino Donald Glover The stand-up comic and actor got the name from a Wu-Tang Clan name generator. Brian Kelly
Chili Rozonda Thomas A member of the R&B trio TLC Celeste
Chili Rozanda Thomas 1/3 of TLC Bobo
Chilli Rozonda Thomas 1/3 of TLC Jacquie
Chilly Dogg Cheeko Wells Of Dog Pound Posse. Info from Bobo
Chingy Howard Bailey Jr.  scooby
Chingy Howard Bailey Jr.  lalaine
Chingy Howard Bailey Jr.  PJ
Chingy  Howard Bailey JR.  none of your buisness
Chino Moreno Camillo Wong Moreno Lead singer of Deftones basshead
Chino Moreno Camillo Wong Moreno His mom gave him the nickname 'Chino' when he was still an infant because of his strongly Chinese baby features (in Spanish, 'Chinito' means Chinese). It was also his Grandpa's nickname, so it just seemed to stick. According to Chinese astrology, 1973 was the year of the Ox, so that means Chino is 'bright, patient, an inspiration to others, happy by one's self, and possesses the ability to grind nappy quarter pipe coping with much style.' His mom remembers him as a happy and quiet kid who has always liked music. (taken from ukdangermouse
Chino XL Derek Barbosa Info from Bobo
Chip Fu Roderick Roachford Info from Bobo
Chita Rivera Dolores Conchita Figueroa del Revero  broadway
Chocolate Mario Johnson Info from Bobo
Chong Tommy Chong  funny
Chopmaster J Jimi Dight Info from Bobo
Chris #2 Chris Barker Best known as the bassist/singer for Anti-Flag. someone
Chris Christian Lon Christian Smith He had the hit "I Want You, I Need You" in 1981. Candy Welty
Chris Cornell Chris Boyle Chris changed his last name after his parents divorced heyu
Chris de Burgh Chris Davison  Mihai Viteazul
Chris Frantz Charleton Christopher Frantz Formerly of Talking Heads. burn
Chris Gaines Garth Brooks Recorded the song "Lost in You" under this pseudoymn. QT
Chris Gaines Garth Brooks Who could forget Garth Brooks' concept album and attempt at "being different"? Hah. Clair
Chris Jericho Chris Irvine uhhhh he was.. born with it..?.. Danielle.
Chris Jericho Chris Irvine In the band Fozzy. Current wwe wrestler. Former WWE Undisputed Champ. Has dropped -I believe- at least three cd's with his band Fozzy. The most current being All That Remains. Check it out sometime. FozzyRocker
Chris Montez Christopher Montanez  oldtimer
Chris Robinson Christopher Mark Robinson Lead singer fot The Black Crowes. rockon
Chris/Kris Novoselic Krist Novoselic Bass player from NIRVANA, went on to play in the relatively unsuccessful 'Sweet 75'. Kept switching between Chris/Kris because it was a nickname to his original Croatian name 'Krist'. He then switched it back to Krist because Kurt Cobain told him it sounded cool. Splinter
Christina Aguilera Christina Maria Aguilera  NuGGaH
Christina Aguilera Christina Maria Jones  jamo
Christina Milian Christine Flores according to PJ
Christine and the Queens Héloïse Letissier  Lefty Lucy
Christine McVie Christine Perfect "Perfect" was the maiden name of the ex-Fleetwood Mac keyboardist. united
Christopher Cross Christopher Geppert  MOR
Christopher Plummer Arthur Christopher Orme Plummer  Actor who loves "the sound of music". Broadway
Chubb Rock Richard Simpson  Bobo
Chubby Carrier Roy Carrier  Bobo
Chubby Checker Ernest Evans He thought it a good idea for a follow up on Fats(chubby)Domino(checker). Rick Clarke
Chubby Checker Ernest Evans Dick Clark's wife said he looked like a chubby checker. crazydon
Chuck Berry Charles Edward Anderson Berry  oldtimes
Chuck Comeau Charles Andre Comeau  Beryun
Chuck Comeau Charles Comeau Chuck is his nickname I suppose. Tea
Chuck D Carlton Douglas Ridenhour
Chuck E. Chuck E. Weiss Songwriter made famous by the Rickie Lee Jone song "Chuck E.'s In Love". old
Chuck Mangione Charles Frank Mangione  jazz
Chuck Negron Charles Negron One of three lead singers fot Three Dog Night. rocker
Chuck Nice [1] Walter Griggs Three Times Dope. Info from Bobo
Chuck Nice [2] Charles Johnson From Kool Rock Jay. Info from Bobo
Chuck Rio Danny Flores L.A.-based sax player and leader of the Champs- he's the guy who wrote and played lead horn on "Tequila". Took name, in part, from actress Dolores Del Rio. After the hit, Danny was replaced by Jim Seals (later half of Seals and Crofts)- Dash was in the band too! jonaco
CHUD Chad Gray the lead singer of MUDVAYNE made name in the band KUD on the first album and changed it to this on the next the RInGMASTer
Chunky A Arsenio Hall The comedian's alter ego, a parody of rappers Heavy D. and Chubb Rock. rapper
Chunky a Arsenio Hall  Bobo
chd chad grey mudvayne vocalist charles
Ciara Ciara Harris  Me
Cilla Black Priscilla White  crazydon
Cilla Black Priscilla Maria Veronica White Now Willis Scoop
Cilla Black Priscilla White Apparently she was introduced on a show as Cilla Black one night by accident - she prefered that name and kept it. Yvonne
Cilla Black Precilla White  Mel
Cissy Houston Emily Drinkard Former back-up singer with Sweet Inspirations. Better known as Whitney's mom. jazz
City Spud Lavell Webb City Spud is the Richard Rodgers to Nelly's Oscar Hammerstein. City, the incarcerated member of the St. Lunatics, composed much of the music for the "Country Grammar" and "Free City" albums. Bo 'Ice' Bielefeldt
Cledus T. Judd Barry Poole  crazydon
Cleo Laine Clementina Campbell  jazzy
Cleve Francis Cleveland Francis  Sundog
Cliff Richard Harry Webster  chazzard3
Cliff Richard Harry Webb  jasper
Cliff Richard Harry Rodger Webb Just thought I'd provide his middlename too as none of the other submitters seemed to bother ;) And the "d" is not a misspell... Labingi
Cliff Richard Harry Webb  Rebecca
Cliff Richard Harry Roger Webb  pete wilmot
Cliff Richard Harry Webb  Mel
Cliff Richard Harry Rodger Webb Check out the Cliff Richard biography !!!!! Harry Rodger Webb
Cliffie Stone Clifford Gilpin Snyder One hit with "The Popcorn Song". oldtimer
Cliffy J Powell Of the Stivs danger
Clint Moffat Clinton Thomas Moffat NO! Denise
Clint Warwick Clinton Eccles Bassist with The Moody Blues. back up
Clyde Orange Walter Orange Ex-member of The Commodores. soul ii
CMG Carla Green Member of Conscious Daughters Bobo
Coati Mundi Andy Hernandez Played saxaphone for "Kid Creole and the Coconuts". newave
Coby Dick Jacoby Shaddix  missy
Coby Dick Jacoby Shaddix  Linzi
Coby Dick Jacoby Dakota Shaddix Vocalist from papa roach whos original name was Jacoby Dakota Shaddix but changed it to Coby dick and when he became a father he changed it back to Jacoby Dakota Shaddix nirvana_subpop
Coby Dick Jacoby Shadix  LO
Coko Cheryl Gamble 1/3 of SWV (Sisters With Voices) Bobo
Coko Cheryl Gamble 1/3 of SWV (Sisters With Voices) Bobo
Cold 187um Gregory Hutchinson  Bobo
Colin Hay Colin James Hay  Men At Work Fan
Colin James Colin James Munn Canadian guitarist and protegee of the late Stevie Ray Vaughn. rockon
Collin Raye Floyd Collin Wray  Countryboy
Commander Cody George Frayne, IV Founded Commander Cody and the Lost Airmen. Ya'll
Common Rasheed Lynn Info from Common is no longer known as Common Sense, due to a lawsuit. Bobo
Cone Jay Mccaslin Bassist in sum 41. Who would have known? Cone
Cone Jay Mccartlin(Sum 41) Erm,he likes ice-cream cones hiya!
Cone Jay McCaslin Sum 41 bassist. His real name sounds like a boy band name, and they're are not a boy band. Plus, ha. Sdik
Confucius David Christopher  Bobo
Connie Francis Concetta Rosa Maria Franconero  oldsongs
Connie Stevens Concetta Ingolia  old days
Conny Bloom Conny Blomqvist Swedish guitar hero (ex Electric Boys), now with Hanoi Rocks. Lizzie
Conway Twitty Harold Lloyd Jenkins Country music singer bill milham
Conway Twitty Harold Lloyd Jenkins Named for the bespectacled silent-film star, he actually recorded under his real name before changing it. crazydon
Conway Twitty Harold Lloyd Jenkins In 1957, while touring with a rockabilly troupe, Hal Jenkins and his manager stuck pins in a map and they landed on Conway, Arkansas and Twitty, Texas. This led to the name "Conway Twitty", a name at least as memorable as Elvis Presley. Twitty's "It's Only Make Believe" sounded so much like an Elvis Presley parody that Peter Sellers lampooned him as Twit Conway and he became the model for Conrad Birdie in the musical "Bye Bye Birdie."  Jack Keller
Conway Twitty Harold Jenkins His stage name came from the towns of Conway and Twitty. pickle*
Cooker Norman DesRosiers He had the hit "Try (Try To Fall In Love)" in 1974. Candy Welty
Coolio Artis Ivey Jr.  Hakim
Coolio Artis Ivey  treva
Cootie Williams Charles Melvin Williams  jazz
corey corey taylor he is the lead singer of slipknot jamie
Corey Taylor Chester Taylor frontman of slipknot/stone sour hi
Corey Taylor Luke Morton  melon
Cornelius Keigo Oyamada Ecletic electronic music dude from Japan. band name
Cornfield Ben Wieduwilt Lead singer of The Dirt Farmers spazmatico
Corpsegrinder George Fisher Vocalist for Cannibal Corpse Kyle
Corvette Yvette Marine One of the Mary Jane Girls. funky
Cottonbelly Stuart Matthewman Genius songwriter/musician/producer behind the singer/group Sade, and Sweetback; has done several sountrack scores and remixes, and has many songwriting/production credits, such as for R&B singer Maxwell.  Gina (X Amounts)
Count Frederick Linton Info from Bobo
Count Basie William Allen  jazz
Count Basie William Basie  jazzy
Count Bass-D Dwight Farrell Info from Bobo
Count Grishnackh Varg Qisling Larssøn Vikernes He was born Kristian Vikernes, and many people think that Varg is only an artist name, and not his real name. He was the brain of Burzum. Wischy
Country Joe Joe McDonald Founder of Woodstock band Country Joe and The Fish. oldtimes
Courtney Love Love Michelle Harrison Before she fronted Hole she worked as a stripper. Celeste
Courtney Love Courtney Michelle Harrison Rodriguez Meneley Love wasn't her first name. It was actually when one of her boyfriends, in a fake british accent, said something along the lines of "Courtney, LOVE, would you get me a cuppa tea?" Dita
Courtney Love Love Courtney Michelle Harrison Rodriguez Meneley Is there any doubt as to why she changed it? Katiej
Courtney Love Love Michelle Harrison  Dahlya
Courtney Love Love Michelle Harrison She was born Love Michelle Harrison, then was changed to Courtney Michelle, then all the other last names every time her mom got remarried. humanstench
Courtney Love Courtney Michelle Harrison  Canadian Death Wish
Cowboy Keith Wiggings Info from Bobo
Coy Roy Roy Staley Drummer of Green Jelly. Mickey D.
Cozy Powell Colin Trevor Flooks The stage name "Cozy" was borrowed from the jazz drummer Cozy Cole. PeartNeal
CRaCKDuCK Arthur Chevalier the 3 Bassist for P.O.C. They play concerts in Fort Wayne, Indian. So some people may not know them. But most grunge Fort Wayners do. S.T.G.
Crazy Legs Richie Colon Info from Bobo
Crazy Otto Fritz Schulz-Reichel He had the hits "Smiles" and "Glad Rag Doll" in 1955. Candy Welty
Crazy Town Seth Binzer/ Bret Mazure Seth is also know as Shifty Shellshock and Bret is Epic Mazure. Chao
Creature Ashburn Miller Deadsy Bass. Creature was originally Craig Riker but the name was given to Ashburn Miller when Beast Craig left Deadsy in March 2002 deadsygurll
Creature James Ashburn Miller Bassist from DEADSY Tyler
Cripple Clarence Lofton Albert Clemens  Bobo
Crispian St. Peters Robin Peter Smith One hit wonder with "Pied Piper". oldsong
Cristy Lane Eleanor Johnston It was her birth name (Birth date January 8, 1940). Candace Mercer
Cruelsta Cyrus Melchor Info from Bobo
Crunch Aaron Brown Info from Bobo
Crystal Gayle Brenda Gail Webb Named for the Krystal hamburger restaurant chain in the southern U. S. crazydon
Cugini Don Cugini He had the hit "Let Me Sleep Alone" in 1980. Candy Welty
Cujo Amon Tobin A native of Brazil, Tobin moved to the U.K. in the mid-'80s, when hip-hop was beginning to take hold and the rhythms of breakbeat electro-funk were replacing reggae and punk as the underground youth music of choice.  Bobo
Curley MC Michael Cretu Curley MC is Michael Cretu, a composer, keyboarder, producer, internationally highly sucessfull with "Enigma" - his wife "Sandra" (lots of top tens in Germany on her own) singing. With Ritchie Blackmore's son R.B. junior as guitarist he covered Deep Purples "Smoke on the water". Very suitable for discotheques. Curly M.C. comes from Cretu's curly hair. Bernhard Hausner
Curse Michael Kurth  TJ
Cut Chemist Lucas McFadden  Bobo
Cut Creator Brian Philpot Info from He is LL Cool J's DJ. Bobo
Cut La Roc Lee Potter  Bobo
Cutty Ranks Phillip Thomas  raggy
Cutty Ranks Philip Thomas  Bobo
Cyd Charrisse Tula Ellice Finklea  dance
Cylob/Kinesthenia Chris Jeffs  Bobo
Cyndi Lauper Cynthia Anne Stephanie Lauper  shehateme

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