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This is a list of names of famous people, who have changed their real name. I'm only looking for music performers, not actors or other famous people. Below are the most recent entries.

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Entries Beginning with D

Original Name
Submitted by:
D Style Darryl White Info from Bobo
D Styles Dave Cuasito  Bobo
D Zire [1] Darren Zire Yes, honestly. Info from Bobo
D Zire [2] Dee Barnes Info from Bobo
D'Angelo Michael D'Angelo Archer  Kailu
D'Angelo Michael Archer  soul ii
D'Arcy Darcy Wretzky-Brown Original bassist of the Smashing Pumpkins. In her late teens went to Europe to study music and ended up getting the idea to use the British style of her first name (ie Mr D'Arcy from Sense and Sensability) Hyphenated her last name after getting married to Kerry Brown of the band Catherine in the mid 90's. Wendolyn
D'Arcy D'Arcy Wretzky Former guitarist of Smashing Pumpkins. rocker
D-Nasty Daryl W. Monroe Info from Bobo
D-Nice Derrick Jones  Bobo
D-Square Dwayne Sumal Of Boogie Down Productions. Info from Bobo
D-Styles Dave Cuasito Description: Skratch Musician, former member of the Invisibl Skratch Piklz  Jazz
D.J. Bonebrake Don Bonebrake Drummer for the punk band X. punker
D.M.C. Darryl McDaniels D.M.C. of Run-D.M.C.
Da Brat Shawntae Harris  funky
Da Hool Frank Tomiczek  Bobo
Dad John Lennon Used on the track Ya Ya. John playing with his son. That's why he's called Dad! Julian Lennon plays drums! Noah McKelvie
Daddy Dewdrop Dick Monda Don't ya' jes' love his hit "Chick -A-Boom"? old
Daddy G Grant Marshall 1/3 of Massive Attack Bobo
Daddy G Gene Barge Classic honkin' sax player from the '50s and '60s. Heard on "Quarter To Three", "School Is Out" and all of Gary U.S. Bonds' other bar-band hits. Also played on many great Atlantic and Chess sides. Daddy G's biggest hometown fan in Hampton Roads? Clarence Clemons! jonaco
Daddy Longlegs Daniel Carey Drummer of Green Jelly. Mickey D.
Daddy Mac Chris Harrison Olsen Smith   rap
Daddy Mack Chris Smith  Bobo
Daddy Yankee Raymond Ayala  Baby Boo
Daddy-O Glenn Bolton  Bobo
Daisy Aertbelien Sarah Bettens There is a Belgian band called Clement Peerens Explosition and everyone has a character with an accompanying name. Sarah did a song with them, "Beats of Love", back in 1995. Her character's back story was that she was the member of another member. And her character's name was Daisy Aertbelien. As far as I know, she has not made another appearance. But Sarah and another member of CPeX, Bart Peeters, are judges together on the Belgian show, The Best Singer-Songwriter of Flanders (DBSSVV).  Rad
Daisy Berkowitz Scott Mitchell Putesky Daisy Berkowitz was Marilyn Mansons first guitarist and the name comes from Daisy Duke and a serial killer. Ewalt
Daisy Berkowitz Scott Putesky Old member of Marilyn Manson asreal sanchez
Daisy Dee Daisy Rollocks Daisy Dee was part of the snap group technotronic. RADO
Dale & Grace Dale Houston/Grace Broussard Their hit was "I'm Leavin' It (All) Up To You". duet
Dale Cooke Sam Cooke His first secular song, "Loveable," was recorded under this pseudonym in an attempt not to alienate his gospel following. Larry Hallock
Dale Evans Frances Octavia Smith Wife and partner of singing cowboy Roy Rogers.  cowgirl
Dale Hawkins Delmar Allen Hawkins Underrated singer-guitarist. obscure
Dallas Austin Jody Gerson  Spoonfish
Damita Jo Damita Jo DuBlanc She had four hits, 1960-66. Candy Welty
Dan Abnormal Damon Albarn It;s an anagram for his own name, wich he used in one of his Blur songs on The Great Escape. Esje
Dan Hartman Daniel Earl Hartman  mads
Dan Hill Daniel Hill, Jr. His only hit was "Sometimes When We Touch". ideal
Dana Amos Dana Amos she is a talented singer and actress  louise
Dana International Sharon Cohen  Lefty Lucy
Dana Strum Dana Strumwasser Bassist for much-maligned early 90's pop metallers Slaughter Chandra
Dangerous Dame Damon Williams Info from Bobo
Dani Filth Daniel Wellington Choad I know what you're thinking! princess_of_evil
Dani Filth Daniel Davey Cradle Of Filth frontman. I've been told that Daniel was legally changed to Dani, although I don't think the surname was legally changed. I've also heard that the reason for the change of name was that Dani means "Bereft Of God" in Hebrew, whereas Daniel means "Judgement Of God/God is my Judge" and he thought "Bereft Of God" suited him better. Tam
Dani Filth Daniel Davey Princess whatever ur name was, there not even funny, his name is not whatever u siad it was! Samm
Dani Filth Dani Davey Lead singer of British black-metal band Cradle of Filth metalgirl162002
Daniel Boone Peter Lee Stirling Had a "Beautiful Sunday" in 1972. brit
Daniel Lioneye Mikko Vijami Lindstrom The guitarist from Finnish metal band H.I.M. His name was made up by the other band members while they were supposed to be rehersing, but weren't and it stuck. Frances
Danielle Dax Danielle Gardener  Ken Drum
Dannii Minogue  Danielle Jane Minogue  mads.
Danny Boy Daniel O'Connor Formerly of House of Pain. rap
Danny Hutton Daniel Anthony Hutton Ex-lead singer with Three Dog Night. oldschool
Danny Kaye David Daniel Kominsky  older
Dante Dante Drowtry As frontman for Dante and the Evergreens, he redid the Hollywood Argyles song "Alley-Oop". old rock
Daria Blue Gwen Stefani Gwen has said that she used to use this as a pseudonym when she checked into hotels. Bryan Hartshorn
Dark Mode Doddsy Dark Mode is also Doddsy, the infamous producer from Newcastle. His music is deep, dark, twisted & full of emotion. His track, "Behind The Curtain" is on the comp album, "The House of Wax". Frankie
DarkBoy Imani Wilcox Info from Bobo
DarkMan Brian Michell Info from Bobo
Darlene Love Darlene Wright   blues
Darrell Banks Darrell Eubanks A great one-hit '60s soul singer ("Open The Door To Your Heart") in the David Ruffin/Otis Redding style. Signed to Stax/Volt after Otis died. Tragically murdered a year later in Detroit. Darrell was only 31. A true lost soul artist. jonaco
Darude Ville Virtanen Comes from "Da Rude," which in turn comes from "The Rude" a nickname Virtanen obtained from his tendency to play Leila K's "Rude Boy" at DJ sets. Dan
DarXtar Soren Martensson Soren "Darklord" Martensson began recording as Darxtar in 1989, in a relatively novel concept at the time, known as Space Rock. Bobo
Daryl Hall Daryl Franklin Hohl  Mike Hack
Dat Nigga Daz Delmar Arnaud Also performed as Daz Dillinger Bobo
Dave Angel David Gooden  Bobo
Dave Brown Sound Dave Baksh His pseudonym for Sum 41's first album, "Half hour of power" was Hot Chocolate, then he changed it to Brownsound. Listen to "It's what we're all about" (there are two versions). It says it there, ha. Sdik
Dave Brownsound Dave Baksh Lead guitarist in sum 41. His first nickname was Hot Chocolat And the actual reason they called him these names was because of the color of his skin (brown)  Daniel
Dave Brownsound Dave Baksh his name is dave he came out of his mom and was brown and made a lot of sound sum budy
Dave Grohl David Eric Grohl Singer of Foo Fighters, formerly the drummer of Nirvana. Beryun
Dave Stark Josh Robertson Of the Stivs danger
Dave Vanian David Letts Lead singer for The Damned. punk
Davey Havok David Anthony Marchand Davey was born David Anthony Passaro. His father died when he was 3, and when his mother (Penny) remarried Paul Marchand three years later, Davey took on his last name. Causticrewind
Davey Havok David Passaro  Mortimus
Davey Havok David Marchand He changed his name for reasons unknown. Ask him why & just maybe he'll tell you person
Davey Havok David Anthony Marchand  Beryun
Davey Havok Davey Marchand  Carl Rectburg
Davey Havok David Marchand  Nina Hoffmann
Davey Havok David Marchand Frontman for AFI. Hi
Davey Havok David Marchand Singer of AFI. anonymous
Davey Havok David Marchand I don't know why he changed it. AFI's Singer! Acidpickle 3 AFI and The Offspring
David & David David Baerwald/David Ricketts Their hit was "Boomtown". duo
David & Jonathan Roger Greenaway/Roger Cook Redid the Beatles' "Michelle". duo
David Bowie David Robert Jones
David Bowie David Jones Davey Joney (Monkeys) came out the same time David Jones got his start and a few lawsuits later, David Jones was forced to change his name. David Jones changed his name to David Bowie after a knife he had in his back pocket. Phillip Ewing
David Bowie David Jones When he started in England, "David Jones" had already become associated with the Monkee of the same name, so he had to choose a different stage name.  lil kj
David Bowie David Jones Yes, Mr. Jones changed it so he wouldn't get confuesed with the Monkee. But, someone for got to tell him that in America the name is pronounced "boo-we", long "o" Incidentally, David has a brother who has spent most of his life in an insane asylum; some say he's the inspiration for David's haunting "The Bewley Brothers" song. Cesare
David Bowie David Jones Changed so he wouldn't be confused with the monkey yes. But interestingly enough got the name by selecting the letter B for a last name (a tribute to the Beatles). From there he decided that his last name should be the name of a knife after Mick JAGGAR (which is also a knife). He then found that there was a knife refered to as a BOWIE knife, and his name then became David Bowie  not important
David Bowie David Jones  Sceptre30
David Bowie David Jones Bowie had to change his name because there already existed a popstar called David Jones - Davy of the Monkees!  Yvonne
David Bryan David Rashbaum Keyboardist for Bon Jovi. backup
David Bryan David Bryan Rashbaum Bon Jovi Keyboard and piano player dropped his last name and stuck with his first and middle names Branny
David Bryan David Rashbaum Bon Jovi pianist/keyboardist  Umar Wali
David Carroll Nook Schrier He had six hits, 1955-62. Candy Welty
David Crosby David Van Cortland  oldrock
David Desrosiers David Phillippe Desrosiers Bassist for previous band Reset (after replacing Pierre Bouvier), but now bassist in Simple Plan. Plays guitars, drums, bass, and sings. Alex
David Desrosiers Taylor Nation david is the hott backup singer and bassist of the band simple plan i love simple plan!!! taylor nation
David Essex David Albert Cook  rockon
David Hill (also David Dante) David Hess Singer/actor who recorded many demos for Elvis under the "David Hill" name. Wrote "I Got Stung" and "Speedy Gonzales". Later starred in, co-wrote and scored cultish B-movie chiller "Last House On The Left".  jonaco
David J. David Haskins  Bobo
David Ruffin Eli David Ruffin  Late singer for The Temptations. soul
David Seville Ross Bagdasarian Best known as the guy who brought you the Chipmunks. crazydon
David Soul David Richard Solberg  Singer/actor who told us not to give up on him in the 70s. t.v.
David Sylvian David Batt  broadway
David Was David Weiss 1/4 of Was Not Was Bobo
Dayz Michael Ghaffari Info from Bobo
Daz Dillinger Delmar Arnaud  Bobo
Daze Tyree Lopes Info from Bobo
Dazzy Dee Lidell Williams Info from Bobo
DBC Marvin Nemley  Bobo
Deacon John John Deacon On the first Queen album "Queen", they thought the name of bassist John Deacon didn't sound cool enough so they made it Deacon John. He didn't like it and insisted he be credited correctly on future albums. Jack
Dead Per Yngve Ohlin Dead was the vocalist for the Norwegian black metal band, Mayhem. The band's guitarist, Euronymous, discovered Dead's deceased body, from an apparent suicide, and took a photo of the scene to use as an album cover for their bootleg, Dawn Of The Black Hearts. It is believed musicians in Mayhem have eaten parts of Dead's brain and made necklaces out of some of his skull fragments while sending other pieces to "worthy" bands by mail. Kyle
deadmau5 Joel Zimmerman Canadian DJ/producer known for wearing a cartoonish mouse helmet onstage Nat
Dean Martin Dino Paul Crochetti  olds
Dean Ween Michael Melchiondo The duo wanted to share the same surname "Ween", they also came up with new first names to go along with it. JRSheen
Deanna Durbin Edna Mae Durbin  oldtime
Death Cube K Brian Carroll Also releases albums under the name Buckethead which is an anagram for Death Cube K. He usually focuses on dark and eerie sound effects rather than his god-like guitar solos. Ryan Galloway
Debbie Gibson Deborah Gibson She was "Debbie" in the 80s, but is using "Deborah" for her comeback.  pop
Debbie Reynolds Marie Frances Reynolds  old days
Debby Boone Deborah Anne Boone  oldsong
Deborah Allen Deborah Lynn Thurmond Not to be confused with choreographer Debbie Allen. Country Yank
DEE Aaron Tyler  David Davis
Dee Clark Delecta Clark Late R&B vocalist best known for 1961 Top Ten hit "Raindrops". Evan L. Heller
Dee D. Jackson Deirdre Elaine Cozier British singer who had a hit with the electronic disco song "Automatic Lover" in 1978. Dylan Baranski
Dee Dee Ramone Douglas Glen Colvin He was one of the most influential punk rock bassists of all time, plus an extremely decicated and emotionally rich person!!!!!!!! JACK E: CHICAGO
Dee Dee Ramone Douglas Colvin  Bobo
Dee Dee Ramone Douglas Colvin A badass punk bassist. M
Dee Dee Sharp Dione LaRue Pop/R&B vocalist of the early and mid 60s who scored five top ten hits, including "Mashed Potato Time" and the Chubby Checker duet "Slow Twistin'"  Evan L. Heller
Dee Plakas Demetra Plakas Drummer for L7. hardrock
Dee Snider Daniel Snider  Sandi
DeeDee Ramone Douglas Colvin Bassist for the 'Ramones' Bobo
Deep C Chris Clark  Bobo
Def Jef Jeffrey Forsten Info from Bobo
Def Jef Jeffrey Forston  Bobo
Del Shannon Charles Westover Del's most remembered song is most likely "Runaway" but he did have at least 10 others, not counting his early 80's album (which was sadly unnoticed, due to limited air-play. A Mazzara
Del Shannon Charles Westover  Bobo
Delilah Delilah Rene Luke Host of syndicated talk-music radio show "Delilah After Dark".  song
Delite Martin Wright  Bobo
Della Reese Dellareese Taliaferro  t.v.
Demon D Darren  Bobo
Demon D Darren Chamberlain Info from Bobo
Deniece Williams Deniece Chandler Late 70s/80s soul vocalist/songwriter who scored number one hits with "Let's Hear It For The Boy" and the Johnny Mathis duet "Too Much, Too Little, Too Late". Once a backup singer for Stevie Wonder. Evan L. Heller
Denise LaSalle Denise Craig Her hit was "Trapped By a Thing Called Love". soul
Dennis Day Eugene McNulty  oldtimer
Dennis Morgan Stanley Morner  older
Denny Laine Brian Hines Founding member of The Moody Blues. oldrock
Deodato Eumire Almeida Brazilian-born keyboardist who recorded the jazzy version of Richard Strauss' "Also Sprach Zarathustra", also known as the theme to "2001:A Space Odyssey". electronic
Derek Eric Patrick Clapp (Eric Clapton) His hit "Layla" was written as a love ballad to George Harrison's wife. To avoid any confrontation with George, Eric changed his band name for this song to Derek & The Dominoes RexTyler
Derek Johnny Cymbal The "Mr. Bass Man" man who had another one-hit wonder as "Derek" in "Cinnamon".  one
Dero Goi Stephan Musiol Lead singer/drummer of OOMPH! from 1989 to 2021. Jay
Des'Ree Des'Ree Weeks UK Artist famous for "You Gotta Be" in 1994 Ren
Desi Arnaz Desiderio Alberto Amez y de Acha, III Cuban-born singer and bongo player who loved (and married) Lucy (Lucille Ball). Cuban
Desi Arnaz Desiderio Alberto Arnaz y de Acha III This is the full Spanish name of the Cuban singer, who was married to Lucille Ball until 1960 and starred on I Love Lucy in the 1950's. Sir Alan George Palgut I
Desmond Dekker Desmond Dacres Founding member of Desmond Dekker and The Aces, best known for "Israelites". rasta
Destro Dante Barton Info from Bobo
Detroit Escalator Co. Neil Ollevierra  Bobo
Dexter Bryan Holland Frontman of The Offspring. He got his name for being so smart and having a PhD in Molecular Biology. Jacque
Dexter Holland Bryan Keith Holland Lead singer in The Offspring Unnatural Disaster
Dexter Holland Brian Holland Lead singer of the Offspring Jackie
Dexy Kevin Rowland The frontman for Dexy's Midnight Runners. brit
Diahann Carroll Carol Diahann Johnson  t.v.
Diamond Darrell Darrell Abbot guitar player for PANTERA James Marshall Gaddis
Diana Ross Diane Earle  Bobo
Diane Renay Renee Diane Kushner  Barry G. Disbrow
Dick Clark Richard Wagstaff Clark Long time host of "American Bandstand". J.C.
Dick Dale Richard Monsour Lead the 60's surf band The Del-Tones guitar
Dick Dickson with Jay Randell and his Orchestra Dick Dixon Singer who also doubled on vocal and guitar with Irving Aaronson and his Commanders. Carole of the curves, or Lombard of the legs?
Dick Haymes Richard Benjamin Haymes  old
Dick Powell Richard Ewing Powell  old
Dick Roman Ricardo De Giacomo He had a hit with a vocal version of "Theme From A Summer Place" in 1962. Candy Welty
Dickie Betts Richard Betts Ex-member of The Allman Brothers Band. ya'll
Diddy Sean Combs First it was the Combs name, then it was Puff Daddy, then P. Diddy, now Diddy! Please tell him to stop it! Jay Mann
Dido Dido Florian Cloud de Bournville Armstrong  Nix
Dido Dido Armstrong  newsongs
Die Daisuke Andou Guitarist for Japanese rock band Dir En Grey.  Lee
Dieselboy Damien Higgins So called because his music is as powerful as a Diesel engine, not because he wears Diesel jeans! Tim Horrigan
Dig Wayne Timothy Wayne Ball  Singer with Jo Boxers. rock
Dillinja Karl Francis Has recorded on the famous Metalheads label, along with thousands of other unknown artists. Bobo
Dimebag Darrell Darrell Abbott  First known as Diamond Darrell changed to Dimebag Darrell  theToof
Dimebag Darrell Darrell Abbott His drug dealer called him "Dimebag" because of a time when a dimebag was all he could afford to buy at a time. Richelle
Dimebag Darrell Darrell Abbott guitar player for PANTERA after 1993 James Marshall Gaddis
Dinah Shore Frances Rose Shore  old
Dinah Washington Ruth Lee Jones  smooth
Dino Dean Esposito Dean Esposito, stage-name Dino, is not the same person as Dean Paul Martin, the late actor and Dean Martin's son. Sigrid Wright
Dino Dean Paul Martin 60's Rock group Dino Desi & Billy Cari
Dino Dino Esposito 80's singer of "I Like It" and "Romeo". pop
Dino Dino Kartsonakis Not to be confused with the secular pop singer, Dino has been playing piano for Christ. Christian
Dion Dion DiMucci  oldtimer
Dionne Warwick Marie Dionne Warwick Briefly added a weird-looking "e" after her last name. blaque
Dips*** G Gary Tinton  Bitch
Dirk Lance Alex Katunich bassist for Incubus kATiA
Disco D Dave Shayman  Bobo
Disco Tex Joseph Montanez, Jr. Frontman for Disco Tex and The Sex-O-Lettes. disco
Dizzee Rascal Dylan Kwabena Mills  Yvette Bristle
Dizzy Gillespie John Birks Gillespie Late trumpet player known for puffing his cheeks when blowing his horn.  jazz
Dizzy Reed Darren Reed  Keyboardist for Guns 'N' Roses. rock
DJ 1 Finger Tim Taylor  Bobo
DJ A-Trak Alain Malvokitch  Unit
DJ Battlekat Kevin Gilliam  Bobo
DJ BMF Greg Lentz  Bobo
DJ Bobo René Baumann The son of a Swiss mother and Italian father, this DJ quickly rose to become one of the really big names in the Swiss club scene Bobo
DJ Bone Eric Dulan Detroit Techno Electronic artist. Bobo
DJ Cam Laurent Daumail  Bobo
DJ Casper  Willie Perry Jr. Known for the song "Cha Cha Slide" AJ
DJ Eclipse Joe Pecora DJ/Remixer/Producer from Long Island, NY Joe Pecora
DJ Eclipse Joe Pecora  DJ Eclipse
DJ Eclipse Joseph Pecora  Joseh Pecora
DJ Eddie F Edward Ferrell  Bobo
DJ Flesh 'N' Bone Stanley Howse Of Bone Thugs 'N' Harmony. bone
DJ Godfather Brian Jeffries  Bobo
DJ Headliner Timothy Barnwell Of the rap band Arrested Development. rap city
DJ Hell Helmut Josef Geier  Bobo
DJ Homicide Craig Bullock Scratches records for Sugar Ray. Yo
DJ Hurricane Wendell Fite  Bobo
DJ Irv Irv Gotti Discovered Queens rapper Mic Geronimo Bobo
DJ Jazzy Jeff Jeff Townes Jeff Townes, aka DJ Jazzy Jeff, was the other 1/2 of the rap duo DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince. Celeste
DJ Jazzy Jeff Jeffery Townes  Hakim
DJ Keoki Keoke Franconi  Bobo
DJ Khéops Eric Mazel  Bobo
DJ Kool John W. Bowman Jr.  Bobo
DJ Krush Hideaki Ishii  Bobo
DJ Laflieshe Laflesche Morin  Bobo
DJ Laz Lazaro Mendez  Bobo
DJ Lethal Leor DiMant Formerly of House of Pain. rap
DJ Logic Jason Kibler  Bobo
DJ Magic Mike Michael Hampton  Bobo
DJ Mark the 45 King Mark James Producer DJ Mark "The 45 King" burst onto the rap scene during the late '80s with his bona fide breakbeat classic "The 900 Number." However, following successful productions for Queen Latifah and his own crew, the Flavor Unit, the 45 King's resistance to changing trends and hip-hop's own fleeting loyalty combined to ensure his eventual obscurity. Continually respected by the hip-hop underground, he remained a prolific producer throughout his career, lending his remixing and engineering skills to nearly 40 releases from 1987 to 2000.  Bobo
DJ Marky Marco Antônio Silva  Bobo
DJ Minute Mix Jarrett Cordes  Bobo
DJ MRK LMS Mark Holmes (Platinum Blonde) Mark and his partner Bobbi Guy started a Virgin Moblie Mod Club in Toronto. Celeste
DJ Muggs Lawrence Muggerud Of Cypress Hill Bobo
DJ Olive Gregor Asch  Bobo
DJ Otzi Gerry Friedle Famous for 2001 cover version hit "Hey Baby" Bobo
DJ Pac Bell Bethany Grace Liston  Tabithina
DJ Patife Wagner Borges Ribeiro de Souza  Bobo
DJ Pierre Nathaniel Pierre Jones  Bobo
DJ Polo Thomas Pough  Bobo
DJ Poska Robert Latarlouse Known for "What's The Flavour?" Tecnix
DJ Premier Chris Martin 1/2 of Gang Starr. rap city
DJ Q Paul Flynn  Bobo
DJ Q-Ball Harry Dean Jr. DJ for Bloodhound Gang Gamblor
DJ Q-Bert Richard Quitevis  Bobo
DJ Quik David Blake
DJ Rap Charissa Saverio  Bobo
DJ Sammy B Samuel Burwell  Bobo
DJ Shadow Josh Davis  Bobo
DJ Shufflemaster Tatsuya Kanamori  Bobo
DJ Skribble Scott Ialacci DJ Skribble formed Young Black Teenagers in the early '90s with rappers Kamron, ATA, Firstborn and Tommy Never.  Bobo
DJ Soul Slinger Carlos Slinger  Bobo
DJ Souniq Eric Sablan Turntable artist Hip Hop
DJ Spooky Paul D. Miller  Bobo
DJ Squeeky Tom Skeemask  Bobo
DJ SS Leroy Small  Bobo
DJ T-1000 Alan D. Oldham  Bobo
DJ Thirteen, Markus Thirteen None Thirteen was the day Marcos de Matos was born. He?s a Drum and Bass Producer Marcos De Matos
Dj Titski Stanislav Kroutitski  Stas
DJ Toefinger Andy Toth Half of Detroit Grand Pu Bahs Bobo
DJ Unique Paul Howard Of Basehead. soul ii
DJ Wally Keef Destefano  Bobo
DJ Worldwise David Barragan DJ for The Basics, Funklab Meka
DJ Yella Antoine Carraby  Bobo
dj.heatwave Ahmed Sabbour  NUKE_KNIGHT
Django Reinhardt Jean Baptiste Reinhardt  Bobo
DjBlarney Kev Girvin Drum and Bass Dj - Member of London's agecny
DMC Darryl McDaniels He is from run dmc the classic hip-hop group that started it all. Matt
DMX Earl Simmons  Bobo
DMX Earl Simmons  name
Dobie Gray Leonard Victor Ainsworth Soul singer whose hit was "Drift Away". soul
Doc Neeson Bernard Neeson Energetic, charismatic frontman for 'The Angels' [ Australian 'hard rock' band, late 70s/80s]  rusty
Doc Powell William Powell Great Jazz Guitarist - worked as musical director for Luther Vandross- Hit albums include: "Don't Let The Smooth Jazz Fool You", "Life Changes", "97th and Columbus." ME
Doc Severinson Carl Severinson Former bandleader of "The Tonight Show With Johnny Carson". old jazz
Doc Watson Arthel Lane Watson Multiple Grammy winning master of traditional Southern Mountain music. Uncle Ern
Doddsy David Dodds An infamous electro & techno producer from Newcastle UK.  Dark Mode
Dodie Stevens Geraldine Ann Pasquale  t.v.
Dolly Party Dolly Rebecca Parton Yes, Dolly is her real name. Country
Don & Juan Claude Johnson/Roland Trone Asked the musical question "What's Your Name?" in 1962. duo
Don Abney John Donald Abney  jazz
Don Azzaro Roine Stolt Roine Stolt of the Flower Kings used this name under production credits until recently - Azzaro comes from Assar, his middle name. pickle*
Don Carlos Euvin Spencer  Bobo
Don Everly Isaac Donald Everly One of the Everly Brothers. oldsongs
Don Fardon Don Maughn Originally did "Indian Reservation" in 1968 before Paul Revere & the Raiders made it a hit 2 years later. brit
Don Robertson Donald Irwin Robertson The famous "Happy Whistler" of the 50s. novelty
Don Was Don Fagenson 1/4 of Was Not Was Bobo
Donald E Wahlberg Jr Donald Edmund Wahlberg Jr  Celeste
Donald O'Connor David Dixon O'Connor  older
Donna A. Brett Anderson Singer for The Donnas. Chandra
Donna C. Torry Castellano Drummer for The Donnas. Chandra
Donna F. Maya Ford Bassist for "The Donnas" Chandra
Donna F. Maya Ford Bassist for The Donnas. Chandra
Donna Fargo Yvonne Vaughn  twang
Donna R. Allison Robertson Guitarist for the Donnas. Chandra
Donna Summer La Donna Gaines  Cara Miles
Donnie Iris Dominic Ierace  rocker
Donnie Wahlberg Donald Edmund Wahlberg Former member of New Kids On The Block and current actor. boyband
Donny Osmond Donald Clark Osmond  old
Donovan Donovan Leitch His son is actor Donovan Leitch, Jr. and his daughter is actress Ione Skye. groove
Doodlebug Craig Irving 1/3 of Digable Planets Bobo
Doodles Weaver Winstead Sheffield Glendening Dixon Weaver  Comedic singer who played for Spike Jones' band. funny
Dord Jeffrey B. Jackson  Bobo
Dorian Doom Adrian Diz Lead singer and guitarist of FL/NY Psychedelic Industrial Deathrock band "Fade II Gray". ignatius
Doris Day Doris Von Kappelhoff Singer/actress who had her own 60s T.V. sitcom. oldperson
Doris Duke Doris Curry She had the hit "To The Other Woman (I'm The Other Woman)" in 1970. Candy Welty
Doris Kenner Doris Coley One of The Shirelles. old
Doris Troy Doris Higginsen  jazz singer
Doro Pesch Dorothee Pesch  Sandi
Dottie Danger Belinda Carlisle Dottie Danger was the name Belinda Carlisle called herself when she was briefly the drummer with the punk rock band The Germs in 1977 before The Go Go's were formed and she became their lead singer, and then Belinda also went on to a successful solo singing career after The Go Go's broke up. Edward
Dottie West Dorothy Marie Marsh  Countryhick
Doug E. Fresh Douglas Davis Famous for doing the Beatbox with his mouth. Hakim
Doug Sahm Douglas Wayne Sahm Late country/jazz artist. jazz
Doug Stone Douglas Brooks  Country
Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein Paul Doyle Caiafa The most underrated guitarist of all time. (Ex-)Guitarist for the Misfits.  Monica
Doze Darren Hayes well, this is the name his mum used to use for him, so he might use it somewhere! ( short for bulldozer, as he used to knock things down all the time) Lestadt's brat Princess
Dr Demento Barrett Hansen  Bobo
Dr Walker Ingmar Koch  Matt
Dr. Dre Andre Young
Dr. Dream John Lennon Recorded the piano for his song, "#9 Dream" under this pseudonym. Tina
Dr. Dream John Lennon Used on the number 9 hit track #9 Dream. Noah McKelvie
Dr. Feelgood William Lee Perryman Also known as "Piano Red". blues
Dr. Funkenstein George Clinton Funk king and Parliament founder. funky
Dr. Heathen Scum Wazda Steve Broyle Bass guitarist of The Mentors.  rob noxious
Dr. Hook Ray Sawyer Led the band "Dr. Hook and the Medicine Show" in the 70s. America
Dr. John Malcolm John Rebennack New Orleans rhythm & blues singer, famous for his gravelly voice in his early 70's hit, "Right Place, Wrong Time" which he performed in a voodoo doctor costume. Also, is the singer from the old Popeyes Chicken commercial ("Love that chicken from Popeyes"). Bill Tong
Dr. Nner Renn Hawkey Deadsy's keyboardist. Corruption Master
Dr. Octagon Keith Thornton  Bobo
Dr. Robert Robert Howard  Singer with The Blow Monkeys. brit
Dr. Winston John Lennon Recorded the acoustic guitar for his song, "Beef Jerky" under this pseudonym. Tina
Dr. Winston And Booker Table And The Matire D's John Lennon Used on the B-side track Beef Jerky. Noah McKelvie
Dr. Winston O Boogie John Lennon Used on the album Mind Games Noah McKelvie
Dr. Winston O Ghurkin John Lennon Used on the track Going Down On Love. Noah McKelvie
Dr. Winston O Reggae John Lennon Used on the track Steel And Glass. Noah McKelvie
Dr. Winston O'Boogie John Lennon Used this name when he was playing with Elton John (Whatever Get's You Through the Night) era....see credits on Sir Elton's "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" Rob
Dr. WInston O'Boogie John Winston Lennon this was a psuedo that john used. usin his middle name "winston"(after winston church hill) which he hated fishi
Dr. Winston O'Ghurkin John Lennon John recorded the guitar part for his song, "Going Down On Love" under this pseudonym. Tina
Dr. Winston O'Reggae John Lennon Recorded the acoustic guitar for his song, Steel and Glass" under this pseudonym. Tina
Dr.Dre Andre Young  CB
Draco Daemon Micheal Jansen Daemon He legally changed his first name to "Draco" to sound more like the emo-metal star he is. Rachel
Drake Aubrey Drake Grahm Drake is just his stage name. His real name is Aubrey Grahm who is the actor who played Jimmy Brooks on Degrassi TNG. Celeste
Drax Thomas P. Heckman Working under many labels and twice as many pseudonyms, Thomas P. Heckmann has kept true to traditional techno methods and resources. Heckmann was one of the first in his native land of Germany to explore a style of techno that is comparable with early tracks by various other artists on various labels Bobo
Drayz Andre Weston Of the rap duo, Das EFX. u
Drazier Zwei John Weeks Internet-based composer of avant-garde fantasy music. He has also sequenced MIDI music files of existing songs from video games, such as "Sonic The Hedgehog." Olvan The Terrible
Dre Andre Benjamin 1/2 of the rap duo Outkast. yo
Duane Allman Howard Duane Allman Late brother of Greg Allman and member of The Allman Brothers Band. ya'll
Dubfire Ali Shirazinia Half of Deep Dish Bobo
Duff Karen Duffy Former MTV veejay. t.v.
Duff McKagan Michael Andrew McKagan His parents called him duff when he was 2 years old, he lived in an irish neighbourhood and lots of kids where called michael, so they gave him the nickname duff. (that's irish too)  me
Duff McKagan Michael McKagan  Emma
Duke Ellington Edward Kennedy Ellington  jukebox
Duke Erikson Doug Erikson  Jess
Duke of Pannekoeken Kasson Crooker Member of Freezepop emomarathon
Duke Tumatoe Bill Fioro Formerly toured with REO Speedwagon. Later recorded a bunch of amusing tunes for The Bob and Tom Show. rocky
Dukes Of Stratosphear XTC XTC made two albums in psychedelic 60s style  MFP
Dusty Hill Joe Hill One of the bearded members of ZZ Top. rocknroll
Dusty L'Amour Rustie Lee While moonlighting from the Rustie Lee Revue, Rustie made a series of recordings under the pseudonym `Dusty L'Amour'. These rarely heard `bedroom soul' tracks are a far cry from the raucous style of the Revue Faloola Chong
Dusty Springfield Mary Isabel Catherine Bernadette O'Brien  Bobo
Dwarf McDougal John Lennon Used on the track Nobody Loves You (When You're Down And Out) Noah McKelvie
Dwarf McDougal John Lennon Recorded the acoustic guitar for his song, "Nobody Loves You When You're Down And Out" under this pseudonym. Tina

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