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"I'm more geeky than all those 15-year-old boys who wish they could BE me".
Submitted by: VH85


Eddie Van Halen & his band were doing a Cookout with Hot Dogs and there were girls involved. So Eddie Pulls down his Pants in front of all the ladies & Shouts Out Loud "WEENIES, WEENIES WEINERS FOR SALE." So, Now David Lee Roth Comes Over and Says "Eddie Pull Your Pants Up." Eddie Says "Come On David, Everybody Wants Some."
Submitted by: LL Cool J
Eddie Van Halen decides to Get a Part Time Job at BURGER KING To Pay David Lee Roth Back some cash that he barrowed off David. So Eddie and this DUMB BRUNETTE GIRL Named LEILA are both learning how to make the burgers. The manager shows them the correct way on how to flip them. Of course, Eddie and Leila went on their lunch break and both got stoned from cocaine. So when they came back, Eddie Says to her "I got a better way on how to make the burgers." Leila says to Eddie Van Halen "Okay Show me how." So Van Halen takes his Two MIDDLE FINGERS AND says to THE DUMB BRUNETTE "Okay this is how you do it." The Dumb Brunette asks How I do what? Eddie Says "Congratulations, I just showed you how to flip a burger."
Submitted by: Jumpin Jeff Walker
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Music Performer Nicknames:

Known informally as: Wailin' Halen. Submitted by: California Punk

Weird Names of Music Performer's Children:

  • Wolfgang - Actually dear editor, there ARE people named Wolfgang that are from Holland. Although, I don't know why it would matter if there were or not. Does that mean, being Dutch and German myself, that I am not allowed to use any names outside my nationality background? (Editor's note: Thank you for answering my question, skylar. I didn't mean anything personal about you or the Van Halens or any nationality. And you can name your child anything you want. I apologize if you felt insulted.) Submitted by: skylar
  • Wolfgang - Given it's also the name of the guitar he uses, the Peavey Wolfgang. Submitted by: DuDeMaN
  • Wolfgang - It's quite a normal German name. Some advice to Americans in general, maybe learn something about the bigger part of the world and don't think anything strange you just don't know about. (Editor's note: Eddie Van Halen is Dutch; his wife Valerie Bertinelli is an Italian-American. Any Wolfgangs in those areas too?) Submitted by: Kees
  • Wolfgang/Wolfie - It's no sin to be a Mozart fan, but to put so much pressure on a kid by naming him Wolfgang is unethical to say the least. Submitted by: rockon

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