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Music Performer Pseudonyms:

Also known as: Nickolas Gene Carter. Submitted by: Randi

Also known as: Nickolas Gene Carter. Submitted by: Nobody

Music Performer Nicknames:

Known informally as: Messy Marvin. Submitted by: Celeste

Weird Names of Music Performer's Children:

  • Odin Reign - Nick has explained that he picked the name Odin because he wanted his son's name to mean something. I didn't like it at first, but I do now! Submitted by: Ariana Grande mocha swirl
  • Goodman Miller Carter - @ Aaerni: maybe because Nick Carter doesn't even have kids!!! Submitted by: Aleah
  • Goodman Miller Carter - Obviously named after 30's/40's bandleaders Benny Goodman and Glenn Miller, but why does this kid have three last names and no first name? Submitted by: Aaerni

Singers Who Act:

Notable Acting Credits
Comments & Submitter Name
"8 Simple Rules For Dating My Teenage Daughter"Nick starred as a drummer in a band and a teacher. - Celeste
"Edward Scissorhands, The Hollow"Even though he was only an extra in Edward Scissorhands. He's one of the leads in The Hollow. It was cool. - Stephanie

New Song Names:

Original Song Name
New Song Name
Submitter Name
"Kill me""Help me"Poodley

Song Parody Lyrics:

Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"Help Me""Help Flea"Jeremy Otto

Songs for Commercials, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

Song Name
Girls In The USAMiss America Pagentbridget
Help MeTutor Or Law Consultantmusiclover

Bad Choices for On Hold Music:

Song Name
Help MeNational Organization of WomenJen
Help MeWest Hills Mental Hospitalnickcarterfan4eva

Songs for Duets, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

First Band/Song Name
Second Band/Song Name
New Song Name
   Destiny's Child
   Nick Carter
Booty-Scan Delicious
Help Me
   Nick Carter
Here Is Gone
   Goo Goo Dolls
Help Me, Here Is Gone
Go read a map!!
Help Me
   Nick Carter
Rock Your Body
   Justin Timberlake
Help Me Rock Your Body
Nick Carter luvr
   Nick Carter
   Destiny's Child
There are additional duets that haven't been done yet available.

Misheard Lyrics:

"Forever Rebel"
Misheard Lyrics:
I wanna feel it in my butt
Original Lyrics:
I wanna feel it in my blood
"Girls In The USA"
Misheard Lyrics:
To all my girls looking toot and flyn
Original Lyrics:
To all my girls looking to damn fine
"Who Needs The World?"
Misheard Lyrics:
Too much corn and too much pain
Original Lyrics:
Too much cold and too much rain
"Girls In The USA"
Misheard Lyrics:
For all the creepy girls
I say yeah, yeah, yeah.
Original Lyrics:
For all the pretty girls
I say yay, yay, yay.
There are additional misheard lyrics available.

Funniest Song Lyrics:

"Help Me"
The Funny Lyrics:
Help me figure out the difference between right and wrong,
weak and strong and day and night where I belong.
Why They're Funny:
How can one person not know the difference between right and wrong? I can understand how he could not know the difference between weak and strong but right and wrong? Eh. As much as I love Nick this is something that he's got to figure out for himself.
Submitted by: Celeste

Nonsensical Song Lyrics:

"Help Me"
The Nonsensical Lyrics:
Help me figure out
the difference between right and wrong,
weak and strong,
day and night
Why They're Nonsensical:
Sorry Nick, but, the figuring out the difference between day and night isn't that hard, is it?
Submitted by: Dutch_Justine
"Miss America"
The Nonsensical Lyrics:
Miss America
take me where you are
all my dreams they come true
when you do what you do
I've just got to get next to you
Why They're Nonsensical:
Not only is this a nonsensical lyric but it makes me wonder if he really believes all of the treacle that he sings about?
Submitted by: Celeste

Dirty Song Lyrics:

"My Confession"
The Dirty Lyrics:
I want to please you
I want to feel you near.
This is my confession.
I want to see what you see
when you cry those tears
give me just a second
what am I to do?
Maybe it's obsession?
But this is my confession.
Why They're Dirty:
Well, the heavy breathing Nick does in the middle of this verse was kind of a dead give-away.
Submitted by: Celeste

Band Name Anagrams:

Cricket Ran Submitted by: Loree Dare
Inert Crack Submitted by: Loree Dare
Cart Nicker Submitted by: Loree Dare
Tin Cracker Submitted by: Loree Dare
Car Ten, Rick Submitted by: Loree Dare

There are additional Band Name Anagrams available.

Band Name Spoonerisms:

Kick Narter originally "Nick Carter "
Submitted by: Blake Dreary
Kick Narter originally "Nick Carter "
Submitted by: Blake Dreary

Crime Records:

"Creating A Public Nuisance"
Stemming from an incident in January of 2002 . Nick was arrested and charged with creating a public nuisance for refusing to follow a police officer's instructions to leave a Miami area night club.
Submitted by: Celeste
"Drunk Driving"
In August of 2006 Nick Carter was arrested on a drunk drving charge. He claimed at the time that he was taking medication along with the alcohol and it made him drowsy.
Submitted by: Celeste

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