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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with S

SDN48 pronounced as S.D.N. Forty-eight
Like AKB48
Lefty Lucy
Saxon pronounced as Sack-son
Samhain pronounced as Sahm-highn
Salt-N-Pepa pronounced as Salt 'n' PEP-uh
Sarcofago pronounced as sar-cof-a-go
Sara Bareilles pronounced as Sarah ba-RELL-iss
I've heard some people say "ba-RAY", which would be French, but that's not how Sara herself says it.
Sarah McLachlan pronounced as Sarah Mc-LOCK-lin
So many people misspell her last name because they often hear it without first seeing it in print. Look on the album covers, guys!
Saosin pronounced as Say-O-Sin
This is the correct pronunciation, NOT "Say Ocean"
Sia pronounced as SEE-uh
If you don't say it carefully enough, it might sound like "See ya!"
Sebadoh pronounced as Seh-ba-dough
Sergio Mendes and Brasil '66 pronounced as Ser-jee-oh Men-dez and Bra-zil sixty-six
Odie Garfield
Sade pronounced as SHAD-EY
Totally doesn't look that way.
Cher pronounced as Share
It looks like it should be pronounced like "Chair" (or to some wiseacres, "Churr"). But it's not. It starts with the "SH" sound.
Evan Shortoria
Sade pronounced as Shaw-DAY
Chantal Kreviazuk pronounced as shawn-TALL krev-ee-OTS-suke
Mark Richardson
Chic pronounced as Sheek
I used to think that it was pronounced as chick because 'chic' is the first four letters of the word 'chicken' and I thought 'chic' was short was short for 'chicken.'
Lisa Cohead
Shelley Fabares pronounced as Shell-lee Fab-bray
Her aunt was popular Broadway musical actress Nanette Fabray.
Sinead O'Connor pronounced as Shin-AID oh-CONN-er
Chaka Khan pronounced as Shock-a Con
The first name is NOT pronounced like "Chalk-a"
Xuxa pronounced as Shoo-sha
Xiu Xiu pronounced as Shoo-shoo
Even this is only a close approximation; the "sh" should sound hollower than an English "sh."
Sportfreunde Stiller pronounced as Shport-froyn-duh Shtiller
Lefty Lucy
Suge Knight pronounced as Shug Nite
Shabutie pronounced as shuh-Boo-tee
Hehe, Shabutie.
SheDaisy pronounced as shuh-day-zee
Shania Twain pronounced as shuh-NYE-uh twain
When I first saw her name, I thought it was pronounced SHON-ya!
Siobhan Fahey, Siobhán Donaghy, Siobhan (band) pronounced as Shvaughn
Thanks Gaels, thanks a lot.
Chi Coltrane pronounced as Shy COAL-train
Shinee pronounced as Shy-nee
Actually stylized as SHINee (first four letters capitalized) which still looks misleading.
Jilly Bean
Ciara pronounced as Sierra, but I think it should be see-AH-ra
Just because of the way it's spelled.
Siegfried pronounced as SIG-freed
Cyndi Lauper pronounced as Sin-dee Law-per
6ix9ine pronounced as six nine
Skunk Anansie pronounced as Skunk Uh-nancy
British Bullcrap
Sleater-Kinney pronounced as Slayter-Kinney
not Sleeter-Kinney
Soul II Soul pronounced as SOL to SOL
They use the Roman numeral for 2, which can be unstressed (like the word "to" often is).
Orville Beddenrocker
Pseudo Echo pronounced as SOOdoh ECKo
Mark Richardson
Spandau Ballet pronounced as Span-dow Bal-LAY
Spandau is a borough of Berlin, Germany and home of the notorious Spandau Prison.
Paul Bunions
Spyro Gyra pronounced as Spi-row Ji-ruh
Sportfreunde Stiller pronounced as Sport-froyn-duh Still-ur
The "eu" is pronounced "oy" in German. Stiller rhymes with Miller
Alice Spoonerism
Steve and Eydie pronounced as Steev and Ee-dee
Brionna Secret
Styx pronounced as sticks
As in sticks and stones.
Obie Lame Kenobi
Sunn O))) pronounced as Sun
SunnO)))) pronounced as Sun (with an emphasis on the 'n' sound)
The name graphically and aurally depicts the droning, feedback-drenched guitar sound that this band is known for.
Sunn O))) pronounced as sunn
like sun
Sonny Bono pronounced as Sunny BONE-o
Not BAWN-o like Bono of U2.
Serj Tankian pronounced as Surge Tahn-key-in
He's Armenian.
Swen Galli pronounced as Swun-Gal-y
It was the name of a Canadian rock band.
Psy pronounced as Sye (sigh)

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