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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with J

Jamiroquai pronounced as Ja-MEER-o-quigh
Last syllable rhymes with "hi"
Jon Lajoie pronounced as Jawn-La-zhway
This is a hard last name to pronounce.
Jakob Dylan pronounced as JAY-cub dil-lin
Jvke pronounced as Jayk
Jane Siberry pronounced as Jayn SIH-bree
Alan C
Jesus Jones pronounced as JEE-zus Joanz
If it were intended as Spanish, it would likely be said "Hay-seuss HOH-ness."
Geoff Muldaur pronounced as Jeff MULL-dawr
Geoff(rey) is the British spelling of the name Jeff(rey).
Jim Croce pronounced as Jim KRO-chee
I know, it looks like it should be "kroass" (rhyming with gross), but he had Italian ancestry.
Dschinghis Khan pronounced as JING-IS KAHN
German band from the late 70's-early 80's who sang about exotic and/or historical subjects. Became an internet phenomenon because of the song "Moskau".
Dylan Baranski
Joe Pesci pronounced as Jo Peh-shee
He's an actor, but he has also performed some music.
Brionna Secret
Jodeci pronounced as JOE-da-see
90s R&B group
Joujouka pronounced as Joe-JOE-ka
It's a Japan-based band.
JoJo Siwa pronounced as JoJo See-wah
It's not "sye-wah"
Brionna Secret
John Prine pronounced as Jon Pryne
John Stamos pronounced as Jon STAY-mohs
Yes, he is also a musician in addition to being an actor. He has toured with the Beach Boys and also performed music independently.
John Zacherle pronounced as Jon ZACK-er-lee
Justice pronounced as JOO STEECE
they're french, guys.
Juice=Juice pronounced as Joose Joose
The equals sign is silent.
Alice Spoonerism
Georgio Moroder pronounced as Jor-je-o More-row-der
Justin Bieber pronounced as Just-in BEE-bur

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