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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with C

Camper Van Beethoven pronounced as Camper van BAY-toh-ven
Keira Farnell
Captain & Tennille pronounced as Captain & Teh-NEEL
Cartel pronounced as Car-tuhl
Car-TUHL, not Car-TELL
Chad Kroeger pronounced as Chad Kro-ger
As in the Midwest supermarket chain.
Cibo Matto pronounced as Chee-bo Mot-to
It means "food madness" in Italian, even though the band was part-Japanese.
Chiodos pronounced as chee-oh-dose
Not too difficult.
!!! pronounced as chk-chk-chk
Possibly the only rock band in history using Victor Borge's "Phonetic Punctuation" routine as their moniker.
!!! pronounced as chk-chk-chk
I would have used Victor Borge's "phonetic pronunciation" guide instead, for the more sibilant and implosive "fsss-poik, fsss-poik, fss-poik!"
!!! pronounced as chkchkchk
apparently pronouncing ! as chk is like pronouncing * star (instead of asterisk) or . as dot (instead of period)
Ciao Bella Cinquetti pronounced as Chow Bella Sinketty
It's Italian, but the members are Japanese
Lefty Lucy
CHVRCHES pronounced as Churches
The V came about to distinguish themselves when searched for on Google.
The Klaxons pronounced as the clack-suns
Brit Boxx
Classics IV pronounced as CLASS-iks Four
IV is the roman numeral for 4.
Climie Fisher pronounced as CLIMB-ee FISH-er
First word rhymes with "slimy"
Clodagh Rogers pronounced as CLO-da RAW-jerz
The "gh" is silent. Just ignore it and you'll be just fine pronouncing the name.
Claude Debussy pronounced as Cloud Deb-YOO-see
Frederick Gale
Coheed and Cambria pronounced as Co-heed and Cam-bree-uh
It's not CAME-bree-uh
Cocteau Twins pronounced as Cock-toe Twins
Not cook
David Jeannelle
Colm O Cíosóig pronounced as Col-lum oh coo-sak
Drummer from My Bloody Valentine.
Holden McGroin
Kanye West pronounced as CON-yay West
Mark Richardson
The Korgis pronounced as The Core-gheez
As in the dog breed Corgi, although some people try to pronounce it "Core-jeez".
Missing Linc
Korn pronounced as Corn
Craig Chaquico pronounced as Crayg Cha-kee-soh
Guitarist with Starship
Cruxshadows pronounced as Crew-Shadows

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