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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with I

Eisbrecher pronounced as Ice-brekkur
Sort of like "icebreaker" (in fact, this is the German word for icebreaker).
Idina Menzel pronounced as id-DEE-na men-ZELL
Her last name is emphasized on the second syllable
Brionna Secret
INXS pronounced as in excess
I used to think that the band name looked like it was pronounced "inks".
India.Arie pronounced as In-dee-uh Ar-ree
She dropped the period between her first and last name since people were pronouncing it as "dot".
Sheila Oh
Einsturzende Neubauten pronounced as ine-stur-ZEND-eh NOY-baw-ten
German for "collapsing buildings"--which is pretty much what most of their music sounds like.
Yngwie Malmsteen pronounced as ING-vay MAHLM-steen
Danish metal/neoclassical guitar player
Incubus pronounced as Ink-ewe-bus
Natalie Ellwood
Incubus pronounced as INK-you-bus
The word refers to a male demon who rapes female humans and thus eats their souls. His female counterpart is a succubus, pronounced "SUCK-you-bus." By comparison to an incubus, a succubus seduces male humans, and she eats THEIR souls during sex.
Parker Gabriel
Izabel Varosa pronounced as is-a-bell- vuh-roe-sa

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