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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with K

KJ-52 pronounced as K J Five Two
He stressed this in the name of his album "It's Pronounced Five-Two"
Camila Cabello pronounced as kah-MEE-lah kah-BEH-yoh
Her last name is NOT pronounced "ka-bellow". It's Spanish; double-L's are pronounced almost with a "Y" sound in English.
Kajagoogoo pronounced as Kah-zhah-GOO-goo
Kelly Rowland pronounced as Kel-lee Rowe-lind
She was a member of Destiny's Child before going solo, just like her bandmate Beyonce.
Sheila Oh
Celtic Woman pronounced as KEL-tick woman
"Celtic" is the only "CE-" word (at least that I know of) that actually starts with a hard sound.
Kenny MacLean pronounced as Kenny Mack-Lane
I thought it was pronounced "Mack Leen"
Rhonda Hindle
Kylie Minogue pronounced as Ki-lee Min-OAG
And her sister Dannii's name is pronounced "Dan-ee"
Kix pronounced as Kicks
Kid Cudi pronounced as Kid Kud-dee
Reggie Pillbox
Kyuss pronounced as Kigh-us
Rhymes with "pious"
Kim Carnes pronounced as Kim Karnz
Colbie Caillat pronounced as Kol-bee Kal-lay
Her surname is of French origin, which explains why the "T" is silent and the stress is on that second syllable. (It is NOT "Cay-YAHT" because that would be Spanish.)
Kula Shaker pronounced as Koo-la Shay-ker
Cocteau Twins pronounced as Kook-toe
Korpiklaani pronounced as Kor-pe-klaanie
Short 'a' sound, like in "apple" and both e's short
Korpiklaani pronounced as kor-pi-klaani
it's a finnish word, why does everyone make it sound english? it's pronounced the same way it's written --> "Korpiklaani" the accent falling on "kor" and "aa" is a prolonged "a" sound
Quarashi pronounced as Kor-RAH-shee
I felt this was necessary because I heard a radio DJ pronounce the first syllable "KWOR," instead of "core."
Jonathan S.
Kraftwerk pronounced as KRAHFT-VAIRK
Famous for "Fahr'n, fahr'n, fahr'n auf der AUTOBAHN" in 1974, often mistaken as "Fun, fun, fun, on the AUTOBAHN".
Christine McVie pronounced as krisTEEN mick-VEE
No, it's not mick-VIGH
Krzysztof Penderecki pronounced as Kshishtoff Pender-et-skee
Lefty Lucy
Kasabian pronounced as Kuh-Say-bee-in
They named themselves after a member of the Manson family.
Brian Kelly
Queen Ida & The Bon Temps Zydeco Band pronounced as Kween Eye-duh and the Bon Tom Zie-deck-o Band
Zydeco is a type of folk music often referred to as "la la" Creole music. It is a blend of Creole and French music and was discovered in Southwest Louisiana in the 19th century.
Pete Fountainhead
Chimaira pronounced as Ky Mirror
In a British accent.

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