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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with B

Belinda Carlisle pronounced as ba-LIN-da CAR-lyle
The 's' is silent in her last name, which rhymes with file.
Backstreet Boys pronounced as BACK-street Boys
Exactly as it appears
Basia pronounced as BAH-sha
I used to think that Basia's name pronounced "BAY-zha"; 18 years later when I watched the "Time and Tide" video on YouTube, she said "BAH-sha."
Mickey D.
Bastille pronounced as Bah-steal
Group named after the famous prison in France
Barbra Streisand pronounced as Barbra Stry-sand
Bono pronounced as BAWN-o
U2's frontman. He pronounces the first "o" with a short sound, whereas Sonny Bono said it with a long sound (BONE-o). Go figure.
The B-52's pronounced as Bee fifty-twos
Not Bee-five-twos; the number 52 is read like it normally would be.
Bee Gees pronounced as BEE Jeez
It's a play on a plural of the the initialism B.G.
Miss Elanius
Bebe Rexha pronounced as Bee-bee Rexa
Jilly Bean
Beyonce (Knowles) pronounced as Bee-yahn-say (Noalz)
Her surname rhymes with "holes"
Burzum pronounced as Ber-Zuhm
Bette Midler pronounced as Bet Midler
Not "Betty" like actress Bette Davis.
Your Name
Biffy Clyro pronounced as Biff-e Cli-row
Easy enough, but so many people get it wrong
Billie Eilish pronounced as Billy Eye-lish
The last name has only one L.
Brionna Secret
Blaque pronounced as Black
Your Name
Black Eyed Sceva pronounced as Black eyed see-va
They were a Christian alternative rock band in the 90s. They changed their name to Model Engine in 1997 and broke up 3 years later. The title is in reference to the seven sons of Sceva mentioned in the book of Acts of the Bible.
Blaze Bayley pronounced as Blayz bay-lee
Ex-iron Maiden frontman.
Blink 182 pronounced as Blink One-eighty-two
Dan DeLyon
Bob Dylan pronounced as Bob DILL-un
Bob Seger pronounced as Bob SEE-gur
The 'G' has a hard sound. (Not a soft sound, like a 'j')
Bon Iver pronounced as bone ee-vare
Personally I like bon, as in bon-bon, eye-vur. Oh well :)
Bourgeois Tagg pronounced as Boohr'zhwah Tag
The name/word "Bourgeois" is of French origin.
Mickey D.
Bauhaus pronounced as Bow-House
Bow as in taking a bow (or the front end of a ship), not the kind you wear in your hair.
Boyz II Men pronounced as Boys two men
They use the Roman numeral for 2.
Brent Bourgeois pronounced as Brent Burr-jus
This is the pronunciation I've heard. I'm surprised it's not pronounced "Boor-ZHWAH", which is French.
Bruce Channel pronounced as broos shuh-NELL
Best known for his 1962 hit "Hey Baby."
Bruce Cockburn pronounced as Broose COE-burn
Pronounced like Coburn, as in actor James Coburn.
Sheila Evans
Behemoth pronounced as Buh-hee-mith
Yeah. I used to pronounce it like "bay-hay-moth"
Bulimia Banquet pronounced as Buh-leem-eea Bayn-kwit
Buckwheat Zydeco pronounced as Buk-weet Zie-da-co
Reggie Pillbox

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