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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with M

Eminem pronounced as M-in-M
Like the singular of a certain small round candy.
David Sari
Mariah Carey pronounced as Ma-RYE-uh CARE-ee
That's right, the middle syllable of her first name has the long "i" sound.
Matraca Berg pronounced as ma-trei-sa burg
I thought it was pronounced "mat-tra-ka", and I bet a lot of her fans pronounce it the same way.
Roy Clark Kent
Macklemore pronounced as mac-la-more
Lance Crackers
Mott The Hoople pronounced as Maht The Who-pull
Motley Crue pronounced as Maht-lee Croo
Manowar pronounced as Man-ah-war
Marlene Dietrich pronounced as Mar-lay-na Dee-trick
She was a native of Germany, so this is the German pronunciation.
Odie Garfield
Marc Cohn pronounced as Mark Cone
Marcia Ball pronounced as Marsha Ball
Natalie Benson
MSTRKRFT pronounced as Master Craft
Mat Kearney pronounced as Matt Car-nee
As in the late comic actor Art Carney.
Mantovani pronounced as Maun-toe-va-nee
Megan Thee Stallion pronounced as May-ghen Thuh Stal-yun
She may spell the second part of her name with two e's, but it's pronounced like "the".
Sheila Oh
Megadeth pronounced as May-guh-deth
Muse pronounced as Me-oos
That's how I've always heard it.
Rock Maninoff
Mica Paris pronounced as Mee-sha
It's spelled like it should be pronounced 'Mee-ka'.
rock music
Me'Shell Ndegeocello pronounced as Mee-shell in-DEH-gay-o-Chel-o
The surname, which she had adopted as a teen, means "free like a bird" in Swahili.
Megurine Luka pronounced as Meh-goo-REE-nay Loo-ka
Sweet Anne
Metallica pronounced as Meh-Tal-ih-ka
Second syllable rhymes with "pal"
Glenn Rousseau
Mel Torme pronounced as Mel Tore-may
Lance Crackers
Mike + The Mechanics pronounced as Mike and the Ma-KAN-iks
Even though the name contains a plus sign, they say "and". Many people who hear the name before first seeing it in print are bound to assume there's an ampersand or the word "and" and not a plus sign.
Dyan Cannonball
Motorhead pronounced as MO-ter-hed
long 'o' sound
Maurice Gibb pronounced as MOR-ris Gibb
His first name is pronounced "Morris," and he hated people who pronounced it "more-REESE" as in Maurice Chevalier!
Morning Musume pronounced as Morning Moo-SOO-may
Chris Chendo
Mudhoney pronounced as Mud-hun-nee
I used to think the name was pronounced "mud-ho-nee" as in the surname Mahoney.
Opie M.
Madonna pronounced as Muh-DAH-Nuh
Michael Buble pronounced as My-kul Boob-LAY
The surname is NOT pronounced like "bubble" at all.
Miley Cyrus pronounced as My-lee SIGH-ruhss
Muse pronounced as MY-oo-S

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