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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with D

Das EFX pronounced as Daas Effects
Reggie Pillbox
Dannii Minogue pronounced as DAN-ee Min-OAG
Darlene Zschech pronounced as Dar-leen Shek
Sheila Oh
David Benoit pronounced as David BEN-wah
It's French.
Mr. Piano
David Duchovny pronounced as David Du-KAHV-ni
the emphasized syllable in the last name is a short-O sound
Mal Bertha
David Pirner pronounced as David PUR-nur
Lead singer of Soul Asylum.
Dokken pronounced as Daw-kin
Dana Fuchs pronounced as Day-na Foohx
The surname rhymes with "spooks".
David Bowie pronounced as Day-vid BOH-ee
Rhymes with Joey, not with Maui.
Gebbie Dibson
Deadmau5 pronounced as Deadmouse
They use the numeral 5 as an 'S', presumably because the two symbols look similar.
Dethklok pronounced as Deathclock
Die Toten Hosen pronounced as Dee Tote-un Hoh-zun
The first word is pronounced "dee", not "dye", because it's German.
Lefty Lucy
Deicide pronounced as Dee-a-side
It means "slaying of a god" (deity)..
DNCE pronounced as Dee-en-see-ee
Just say the letters one at a time.
DNTEL pronounced as DEE-EN-TELL
No parody here. I'm just tired of people mispronouncing it.
Deana Carter pronounced as DEE-na Kar-ter
That's right, it's pronounced like "Deena", not "Deanna"
Dio pronounced as Dee-oh
Devo pronounced as Dee-voh
Dir En Grey pronounced as deer-on-gray
The Divinyls pronounced as The Di-VINE-ulz
Dido pronounced as DIE-doe
Mark Richardson
Dimmu Borgir pronounced as Dim-moo Bore-gear
The band name is ancient Icelandic and means "Dark Castles/Fortresses"
Double pronounced as Doo-BLAY
Best known in the US for "Captain of Her Heart"; they were from Switzerland, hence the strange pronunciation of their name.
Dua Lipa pronounced as Doo-uh LEE-puh
She is a British woman of Albanian descent.
Sheila Oh
Doomsword pronounced as doom-sord
The "w" is silent, as this band name is a compound word made up of "Doom" and "Sword", not "Dooms Word".
Das EFX pronounced as Doss effects
"EFX" is a play on the word "effects"
Duran Duran pronounced as du-ran du-ran
Named after Dr Duran in the movie Barbarella
Dødheimsgard pronounced as Dud-hims-gard
the u like in Burn the i like in I and gard like in bard
Depeche Mode pronounced as Duh-Pesh Mode

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