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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with R

The Ramones pronounced as Ra-MOANZ
It's the plural of Ramone, the pseudo-surname used by each member of the group.
Rammstein pronounced as RAHM-SHTINE
Named after a German industrial-based city.
Ravi Shankar pronounced as Rahv-ee Shain-car
Ralph Tresvant pronounced as Ralf TREZ-vant
Raphael Saadiq pronounced as Raphael suh-DEEK
Lefty Lucy
Ratt pronounced as Rat
Ray Manzarek pronounced as Ray man-ZAIR-eck
He was a member of The Doors.
Rihanna pronounced as Ree-AH-nah
Rhymes with Brianna. Yeah, I know... but this one DJ on one of my local stations pronounces her name "Ree-ANN-ah", and it drives me crazy!!!
Richard Wagner pronounced as Ree-shart Vog-ner
He was a German composer, so his surname is not pronounced Wag-ner.
Paul Bear
Richie Sambora pronounced as Rich-ee Sam-BORE-uh
Bon Jovi guitarist. (Editor's note: his name does NOT contain the letter 'T'.)
Ric Ocasek pronounced as Rick oh-KAY-zek
His actual last name is Otcasek, but the 'T' is silent so he dropped it.
Roland Orzabal pronounced as RO-lind OR-za-ball
I once saw a YouTube Video in which a news station misspelled Roland's last name as if it were spelled O-R-Z-A-B-E-L when it's really O-R-Z-A-B-A-L.
Royksopp pronounced as Ryook Sawp
They're Norwegian.

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