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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with L

La Roux pronounced as la rue
Sheila Oh
Les Savy Fav pronounced as Lace Sah-vee Fahv
Leif Garrett pronounced as Lafe Gherret
The artist himself indicates that his first name is pronounced with a long-A sound. (Not "Leef" as some may think.)
Chris Chendo
La Bouche pronounced as Lah-BOOSH
French for "the mouth".
Laura Pausini pronounced as Laura pow-SEE-nee
First syllable of her last name rhymes with "now"
Les Miserables pronounced as LAY miz-a-Robb
It's French. Not pronounced "Less mizz-er-a-bulls"
Le Tigre pronounced as lay tee-grey
Lena Katina pronounced as LAY-nuh KAH-teh-nuh
Mitchell O.
Lene Lovich pronounced as Le-NAY LO-vitch
Mark Richardson
Lee Kernaghan pronounced as Lee KURN-a-han
The "g" is silent.
Lisa Loeb pronounced as Lee-suh Lohb
Surname is pronounced just like the word "lobe"
Your Name
Lena Horne pronounced as Leena Horn
Lynyrd Skynyrd pronounced as leh-nerd skeh-nerd
Lynyrd Skynyrd pronounced as Leon-ard Skin-ard
Actually sounds like a real person.
Paul Warren
Leviathan pronounced as Lev-eye-eh-than
Luciano Pavarotti pronounced as Lew-che-ahn-no Pav-a-rote-tee
RIP, Luciano
Opera Winfrey
Liberace pronounced as lib-ber-rah-che
Lance Crackers
Live pronounced as Lighve (long-i sound)
As in the adjective or adverb sense of the word, not the verb (which is pronounced with a short-i sound).
Limahl pronounced as lim-all
Limp Bizkit pronounced as Limp-bis-kit
Lynyrd Skynyrd pronounced as Lin-nerd Skin-nerd
Linkin Park pronounced as LINK-in Park
pronounced just like "Lincoln"
Random Madeupperson
Los Del Rio pronounced as Lohs Dell Rre-o
Pronounced as 4 syllables with no particular emphasis except that the last syllable is no-stressed the same as the first three. The R is rolled slightly.
Below Average Dave
Luniz pronounced as loonies
Lorde pronounced as Lor-day
Lorde pronounced as lord
I have never heard it pronounced "lor-day".
Opie M.
Lauren Daigle pronounced as Loren Day-gull
Elon Muskrat

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