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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with A

Adele pronounced as a-DELL
This one should be obvious.
AFI pronounced as A-F-I
the letters are pronnounced seperately
Stone Cold Crazio
AKB48 pronounced as A-K-B forty-eight
Just read the letters, and then the number 48 like it would normally be read (NOT one digit at a time).
Mr. Bump
Alanis Morissette pronounced as a-LAN-iss More-a-SET
I've heard so many people say the first name as "a-LAWN-iss", which is incorrect.
A. Critic
Alicia Keys pronounced as a-LEE-sha KEEZ
First name, even though it looks like "ah-LEE-syah" (as per the Spanish pronunciation), is not said that way. The middle syllable sounds just like "leash".
Alessia Cara pronounced as a-LESS-ee-a KAH-rah
She's a Canadian-born singer of Italian descent
Anaal Nathrakh pronounced as a-NAL Nath-rack
The first word is pronounced almost like "canal" except there's no C.
Annette Funicello pronounced as A-net Foon-uh-Chel-low
Former Mouseketeer and singer
Rock Maninoff
Apocalyptica pronounced as A-pock-a-lip-tick-a
They are an instrumental rock band and they are actually kinda cool.
Ace Frehley pronounced as ace FRAY-lee
Surname rhymes with Haley; it is not pronounced "freely"
Opie M.
Afrika Bambaataa pronounced as Africa Bom-bat-uh
Aaliyah pronounced as Ah-LEE-yah
Richard Brown
Amanaguchi pronounced as ah-mahn-ah-goo-chi
Amon Amarth pronounced as ah-Mon ah-Marth
Ariana Grande pronounced as Ah-ree-AH-nah GRAHN-day
ABBA pronounced as ahh-baa
The name is an acronym derived from the first letter of each member's first names.
Andrea Bocelli pronounced as Ahn-dray-a Bo-chel-lee
Opera Winfrey
Akercocke pronounced as Ak-er-kok-ay
Alcest pronounced as al-sest
Alesana pronounced as Alice-on-uh.
The band is actually named for where they lived in Baltimore, on Alice-Anna Street. If you take the British pronunciation of the name Anna, then you can figure it out.
Aly and AJ pronounced as Alley and Ay-jay
R.E.M. pronounced as ar-e-em
Some people try to pronounce it as a word "rem".
Rip Jeans
REO Speedwagon pronounced as Are-ee-oh Speedwagon
Please note that the REO is not pronounced "Rio" at all. The band members themselves would even confirm this.
RZA pronounced as Are-zee-ay
A member of the Wu Tang Clan.
Aerosmith pronounced as arrow- smith
demon barber of fleet street
Avril LaVigne pronounced as AV-ruhl La-VEEN
Audioslave pronounced as AW-D-O slave
AC/DC pronounced as Ay-see Dee-sy
Not "Ack Dick" as a friend of mine called it.

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