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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with T

Thalia pronounced as ta-LEE-ah
That's right, the "h" is silent. Also, an accent mark appears above the "i".
Mark Richardson
T'Pau pronounced as ta-POW!
Yes, it rhymes with cow.
T.I. pronounced as Tee-eye
Tia Carrere pronounced as Tee-uh kuh-REHR
Your Name
Tech N9ne pronounced as Tek-Nine
He's an alright rapper.
Terry Reid pronounced as Terry Reed
Lefty Lucy
The Fratellis pronounced as The-Fra-tell-ees
I like Chelsea Dagger by them.
.38 Special pronounced as Thirty-Eight Speh-shull
That's right, it's not "point three-eight special" or "thirty-eight-hundredths special" (i.e., you don't read the .38 like a typical decimal); it's not even "thirty-eight cent(s) special" either. The band's name refers to a type of cartridge used in weaponry. Sometimes the band has written its name without a decimal point, so that no one is confused as to how to read the number.
311 pronounced as Three eleven
I thought it was three one one, some people might call them three hundred eleven. It's three eleven
3OH!3 pronounced as Three Oh Three
The Roches pronounced as Thuh Roach-ez
The same as the bugs.
Sheila Oh
Tai Mai Shu pronounced as Tie My Shoe
They just can't spell.
Timbaland pronounced as Timba-lind
Like Newfoundland, which I always believed should be pronounced new-FOUND-land instead of NEW-find-lind...
Takayuki Miyauchi pronounced as Tock-a-YOO-kee Mee-ya-OO-chee
Lefty Lucy
Toni Basil pronounced as TOE-knee BAZZ-'l
Her last name rhymes with "dazzle". Not pronounced like the plant basil (which has a long-A sound).
Doodah Bobo
Tommy Thayer pronounced as Tom-ee They-ur
KISS guitarist. I used to say it like "tayer". Now I feel stupid.
Tone Loc pronounced as Tone Loke
His "last" name is short for "Loco", which means crazy in Spanish.
Tupac Shakur pronounced as Too-pock Sha-cur
Tori Amos pronounced as TOR-ee AY-muhs
The surname, which rhymes with "famous", can also be pronounced AY-mohss (rhyming with 'gross'), but it's still unemphasized.
Total Coelo pronounced as Total co-EH-lo
The British one-hit wonder band with "I Eat Cannibals." While known in their native UK as Toto Coelo, they are known in the US as Total Coelo as to not be confused with the American band Toto (and possibly to avoid being sued by them).
Tinie Tempah pronounced as Ty-nee Tempa
Brionna Secret
Týr pronounced as tʰʊɪːɹ - Almost like "Tuh-eer"
Tom E Wylde

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