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Some bands have strange pronunciations of their names, that aren't immediately obvious from their spelling.

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Entries Beginning with N

Natasha Bedingfield pronounced as Na-Tah-sha Bed-ding-field
Not "Beed-ingfield" contrary to most words without double consonants.
Naglfar pronounced as Nag-uhl-far
Gnarls Barkley pronounced as Narlz BAR-klee
The first word may sound like it has two syllables, but it's really one. That's because a syllable cannot consist solely of consonants.
Natalie Imbruglia pronounced as Natalie im-BROO-lee-ah
The "g" in her last name is silent because the name is of Italian origin. However, she was actually born in Australia. Her dad was originally from Italy.
Necrophagist pronounced as Neck-row-fayj-isst
Nelly Furtado pronounced as Nell-ee Fur-TODD-o
The last name is of Portuguese origin.
Nu Shooz pronounced as New Shoes
Isn't it obvious? They spelled their name phonetically!
Nicole Scherzinger pronounced as Ni-KOHL SHURR-zing-ur
The first syllable in her last name sounds just like the word "sure."
Nick Lachey pronounced as Nick la-SHAY
A former member of the boyband 98 Degrees. The last syllable in his name sounds just like the name Shea.
Nitzer Ebb pronounced as Night-Zer Ebb
Some say Nit-zer or Neet-zer but it is actually Nightzer as said by the band themselves
Nirvana pronounced as Nir-Von-A
Many people pronounce the name of the band as Nir-Van-A but it's really pronounced Nir-Von-A.
Nomeansno pronounced as No means no
Lefty Lucy
NOFX pronounced as no-ef-eks
Sounds like "no effects".
Neu! pronounced as Noy
Neu does not mean "again" as a user claims, it means "new". Not funny, but true ;)
Neu! pronounced as noy
German for "Again!"--possibly so-named because many of their songs are based on repetitive melodies.

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