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Album cover parody of Easter by Patti Smith
Parody album cover
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This is the most recent information about Patti Smith that has been submitted to amIright. If we have more information about Patti Smith, then we provide a link to the section where it appears (the actual page whenever possible).

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"Rock and roll is dream soup. What's your brand?"
Submitted by: Radio Free Europe

Former Career:

New Career
Comments & Submitter Name
"Patti Smith""Toy factory worker"Patti Smith used to work in a toy factory, fixing boxes and testing toys. She didn’t seem to have had the best time there: “The stuff those women did to me in that factory was horrible. They’d gang up on me and stick my head in a toilet full of piss!” - Lefty Lucy

New Band Names:

New Name
Why It's Better
Submitter Name
Patti's MythSounds almost the same!Adrienne Ramseur

New Song Names:

Original Song Name
New Song Name
Submitter Name
"Radio Utopia""Radio Ethiopia"Renee Keener
"Rodeo Ethiopia""Radio Ethiopia"Renee Keener

Use a Song Title to Answer a Different Song:

Song & Band Name
Song & Band Name
"What's Your Name?," Lynyrd Skynyrd"Frederick," Patti Smith

Change a Letter:

"Kiss Factory" originally "Piss Factory"
who cares what my name is


Oct 22
a parody of "Break It Up" by Patti Smith
Satirical song about the Donald. Based on the Patti Smith/ Tom Verlaine song "Break it Up".
Youtube: (MP4)

Song Parody Lyrics:

Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"Break It Up""Lock 'em Up"Adam Bernstein
"Gloria""G-O-P-I-A"Wallace Runnymede
"Because the Night""Because the Night (NYC version)"Rick Duncan
"Because the Night""Flinstones Love Song"Chris Bodily TM

Bad Choices for On Hold Music:

Song Name
Rock N' Roll N*****Ron Atkinsonpickle*
Walking BarefootPodiatrist's officesherock

Songs for Duets, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

First Band/Song Name
Second Band/Song Name
New Song Name
Snowflakes Are Dancing
   Kurt Vile
Dancing Barefoot
   Patti Smith
Snowflakes Are Dancing Barefoot
Duncan Moore
Joan Crawford
   Blue Oyster Cult
Dancing Barefoot
   Patti Smith
Joan Crawford is Dancing Barefoot
Dancing Barefoot
   Patti Smith
Dancing on the Ceiling
   Lionel Richie
Dancing Barefoot on the Ceiling
Dancing Barefoot
   Patti Smith
   Robert Parker
Dancin' Barefootin'

If Groups Combined, Their Names Might Be:

Sandi Patti Smith
Sandi Patti combined with Patti Smith
Submitted By: Cotton Lorraine
Patti Aerosmith
Patti Smith combined with Aerosmith
Submitted By: Cody Finke

Misheard Lyrics:

"Redondo Beach"
Misheard Lyrics:
Everyone was sleeping
Original Lyrics:
Everyone was singing
Misheard Lyrics:
The boy has a beard
Original Lyrics:
The boy disappeared
"Because the Night"
Misheard Lyrics:
Peacocks alive, and monster mamas
Original Lyrics:
Because the night belongs to lovers
"Because the Night"
Misheard Lyrics:
Love is a blanket on which we eat
Original Lyrics:
Love is a banquet on which we feed
There are additional misheard lyrics available.

Misheard Lyrics Stories:

Misheard Lyrics:
And the nightmares, and the nightmares, and the nightmares, G-L-O-R-I-A
Original Lyrics:
And her name is, and her name is, and her name is, and her name is G-L-O-R-I-A"

Story about this misheard lyric by: Charles Thomson

After 40 years I finally read the lyrics and realised what they really are. Mind you, I still think it sounds more like "nightmares" than "name is" they way it's sung......

There are additional misheard stories available.

Funniest Song Lyrics:

"New Party"
The Funny Lyrics:
Why don't you fertilize my lawn with what's running from your mouth?
Why They're Funny:
She thinks what they're saying is manure...hehe.
Submitted by: The Dormouse

Nonsensical Song Lyrics:

The Nonsensical Lyrics:
Jesus died for somebody's sins, but not mine.
Why They're Nonsensical:
I don't mean to be Religious, but...look up 2 Corinthians 5:15. It says "He died for ALL"!
Submitted by: Paul Warren

Song Lyrics That Name Check Celebrities:

"Space Monkey"
The Lyrics:
Pierre Clementi, snot full o' cocaine.
The sexual streets, why it's all so insane.
Who They Mention:
Pierre Clementi (French Actor)
Submitted by: Tania WYEP
The Lyrics:
The sea rushes up my knees like flame
And I feel like just some misplaced Joan Of Arc
Who They Mention:
Joan of Arc
Submitted by: Tania WYEP
There are additional celebrity lyrics available.

Band Name Anagrams:

Spit It Math Submitted by: Lefty Lucy
Mitt Ashpit Submitted by: Lefty Lucy
Hit It Stamp Submitted by: Giselle

Song Title Anagrams:

"Seater" originally "Easter"
Submitted by: Alexis
"Teresa" originally "Easter"
Submitted by: Alexis
"Teaser" originally "Easter"
Submitted by: Alexis
"See Art" originally "Easter"
Submitted by: Yvette Bristle
"A Steer" originally "Easter"
Submitted by: Yvette Bristle

There are additional Song Title Anagrams available.

Super Long Pop Songs:

"Gung Ho" Length: 11:42
Yes, Even Patti Smith had some long songs.
Submitted by: Martin Vrijmoed

Song Title Spoonerisms:

"Seater" originally "Easter"
Submitted by: Regina Haniger
"Seater" originally "Easter"
Submitted by: Regina Haniger

Other Artists:

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