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Song Parodies for Smash Mouth

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"All Star" "01: Mario" "The Smash Parody Project"
"All Star" "5 Stars" "Chance Gollnick"
"All Star" "5 Stars" "Chance Gollnick"
"All Star" "A Bum's Life" "Blahookala"
"All Star" "Al Gore" "Benjcbc"
"Allstar" "Al Gore" "Reality"
"All Star" "All American" "Hank Sandy"
"All-Star" "All Cigar" "Colin Zarzycki"
"All-Star" "All-Fat" "Starbutt"
"All-Star" "All-Flavored Jellybean" "Jimmy J."
"All Star" "All Jock" "Atalya"
"All Star" "All Scar" "Aimee"
"All Star" "All Scar" "Devin"
"All-Star" "All-Scar (Ode to Harry Potter)" "Cerisa"
"All Star" "All Star but it's Opposite Day" "Pickle Rick"
"All Star" "All Stuck" "Mike Raf"
"All-Star" "American Dilemma" "Jason A. Cascio"
"All Star" "Arse Tar" "poomaster"
"All Star" "Author" "b'coz"
"All Star" "Behind Bars (the crime song)" "Wade Quartz"
"All Star" "Bert's Life" "Darius Whitehead"
"Allstar" "Bilinear" "Chuckobo"
"All-Star" "Buzz in" "Graham H."
"All-Star" "Civil War" "Guy Driggers"
"All Star" "Cop Car" "Pianoman Sam"
"All Star" "Copy Machine" "Bluetooth"
"All-Star" "Cub-Star" "Cubsnut1231"
"All-Star" "Cub-Star" "Cubsnut1231"
"All-Star" "Dad's Car" "Ashley, President of Dork-Nerd Association"
"All Star" "Dairy Queen" "Willow"
"All Star" "Do You Like Eggs?" "Paco804"
"All-Star" "Fried Cat" "PeckNDiddy"
"All Star" "He's Dead" "Duc4AmIRight"
"All-Star" "(Hey Now) You're A Hitman" "Ty"
"All Star" "Hobo" "Seth da man"
"All Star" "Homestar" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Allstar" "Hot Girl" "Bonnie B"
"All Star" "I'm a Geek Too" "Hello Kitty 95"
"Allstar" "Iraqi" "Cameron"
"All Star" "Jack Ass(William Tong's Story)" "Mikey F"
"All Star" "Jail Star" "Sour Kreme"
"All Star" "Joestar" "She-Rex"
"All Star" "Kill Saddam" "Devin Manis"
"All Star" "Loser '03" "Mikey F"
"All Star" "Loser" "Mikey F"
"All Star" "LotR" "Cheezmeister"
"All Star" "Ma-Gus" "Jeishii Kanzaki"
"All Star" "Monstars" "Ethan Mawyer"
"All Star" "My Car" "G30RG3"
"All Star" "My Car" "G30RG3"
"All Star" "New Car" "Jamin Shue"
"All Star" "Ninja Turtle" "Brady Twins"
"All Star" "Nova" "Little Lion"
"All Star" "Nuisance" "Bob O'Mara"
"All Star" "Oil Czar" "William Tong"
"All Star" "Old Car" "Kat3"
"All-star" "Outcast" "James E. F. Landau"
"All Star" "Parody Writer" "Your Worst Nightmare"
"All Star" "Pawn Star" "Kristian"
"All Star" "(People of) Wal-Mart" "Matthias"
"All Star" "Pokemon Trainer" "SpykeXD"
"All Star" "Poke Star" "Inuzaka666"
"All Star" "Pop Stars" "Jeremy Otto"
"All Star" "Porn star" "Colonel Carsinski"
"Allstar" "Pothead" "Mwzk"
"All Star" "Rescue Zelda, Link" "Blahookala"
"All Star" "Retard" "KaiserMonkey"
"All Star" "Ringbearer" "arwentheelf02"
"All Star" "Sailor Star" "Kate Callahan"
"All Star" "Sales Star" "Margaret Manning"
"All Star" "SCROTUM - Supreme Courts Resident of the United Millionaires" "Skisics Surus"
"All Star" "Shopping Mall" "Aaron Dodson"
"All Star" "Sled Dog" "Wolfie"
"All Star" "Small Jar" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Allstar" "Sore Ass" "AxztA_C"
"All Star" "Soul Reaper" "SteadiestLlama"
"All Star" "Star Wars" "Joe Kaiser"
"All Star" "Student (A Classroom Opera)" "Mikey F"
"All Star" "Swim Star" "SwimPuff165"
"All Star" "The Runescape Song" "Fredo Rulz"
"All Star" "Trainer" "neminem"
"All Star" "Wall-Mart" "Mikey F"
"Allstar" "Wal-mart" "Claude Prez"
"All Star" "We' re All Stars (Converse All Stars, that is)" "Terrance Tucker"
"All Star" "Wizard (Harry Potter)" "BPrulz"
"All Star" "Wiz-Ards" "M#10"
"All Star" "You've Got Hogwarts" ""
"And Then the Morning Comes" "And Then the Phone Bill Comes" "2nz"
"And Then The Morning Comes" "Because Your Song Is Dumb" "Syncronos"
"Can't Get Enough of You Baby" "Can't Eat This, Cause It's Got Gravy" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"End Of The World As We Know It (and I Feel Fine)" "End Of The World As We Know It On Channel 9" "Daniel Wynhoff"
"Hey Now (Your An All Star)" "Hey Now (Your An Ex Pres)" "Vermonter"
"Hey Now, You're an All Star" "Hey Now, You're a Nazi" "LC-Trigger-Happy"
"I'm A Beiliver" "(With A) Meat Clevear" "James"
"I'm a Believer" "Allah Believer" "HeTalkinCrazy"
"I'm A Believer" "Carp, Soup, and Weaver" "The Piano Minstrel"
"I'm A Believer" "Fat cat named Screamer" "Zach Allman"
"I'm A Believer" "He Looks Like A Beaver" "Tequila_Sassye"
"I'm A Believer" "I Have Hay Fever" "lebeiW15"
"I'm a Believer" "I'm a Believer (2005 White Sox)" "Geoffrey"
"I'm a Believer" "I'm a Believer" "Emily"
"I'm A Believer" "I'm A Brain Eater" "Chance Gollnick"
"I'm A Believer" "I'm A Reliever" "Fr33BirD"
"I'm a Believer" "I'm a Retriever" "S Williamson"
"I'm a Believer" "I'm The Pool Cleaner" "Fishity-Bop & Melissa"
"I'm a Believer" "It Was Bin Laden" "Jamie T"
"I'm A Believer" "I've Got A Fever" "kal poke"
"I'm A Believer" "Running A Fever" "Doctor Krome"
"I'm A Believer" "She's A Retriever" "MysteryGoat"
"I'm A Believer" "Sigourney Weaver" "ThatAwesomeGuy"
"I'm a Believer" "Taliban Leader" "unknown_2point1"
"I'm A Believer" "Ultra-Deciever" "Ed_Loves_Piyokos (Misughost)"
"I'm A Believer" "You Won't Survive" "Nick Wolf"
"I'm A Beliver" "Here's A List Of Our Problems" "Doktor"
"I'm A Beliver" "I'm A Face Kicker" "Hope"
"Nuttin' For Christmas" "I'm Getting Bombed by Americans" "Joey Lawrence (no, not the actor)"
"Padrino" "JalapeƱo" "Hu's On First"
"Padrino" "Trumpino" "Hu's On First"
"Road Man" "Splode Man" "Dave Harrison"
"Then The Morning Comes" "Christmas Morning Comes" "Mikey Squirrel"
"Then The Morning Comes" "The Aliens Will Come" "MysteryGoat"
"Then The Morning Comes" "Then The Morning Comes" "Melon"
"Then The Morning Comes" "Then The Payroll Comes(Hillary's Song)" "Mikey F"
"Walking On The Sun" "Candle Is The Sun" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Walking on the Sun" "Internet is Fun" "Dustin C."
"Walking On The Sun" "Toking On A Bong" "Dr. B"
"Walking On The Sun" "Walken Brings The Fun" "Jared Lerner"
"Walking on the Sun" "Yo Mama's Always Blocking Out the Sun" "Joey Lawrence (no, not the actor)"
"Walkin' On The Sun" "Dark Side of The Sun" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Walkin' On The Sun" "Lookin' At The Sun (Daddy's Back)" "Darth Patronus"
"Walkin' On The Sun" "Reptile's Puns" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Walkin' on the Sun" "Stalkin' them for Fun" "Kagendo"
"Walkin' on the Sun" "Walken's Lots Of Fun" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"When The Morning Comes" "The Gilligan Island Experience" "DJ-JohnnyRka"
"Why Can't We Be Friends" "Alvin Alvarez" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Why Can't We Be Friends" "Do We Hate Smash Mouth" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"


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