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Also known as: Earl Stevens. Submitted by: Bobo

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"Obstacles, 3 Strikes, Hair Show, Dead Heist" - Michael Prymula

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Song & Band Name
"Wait a Minute," Pussycat Dolls"Tell Me When To Go ," E-40

Funniest Song Lyrics:

"Tell Where Da Ho"
The Funny Lyrics:
ohh, santa claus had hos so get em
i got none but plannin on gettin some
imagine all da hebrews gettin some
riding in cars and pickin tight ones (ohh)
tell me where da hos
talkin on my ghettrro on way 2 sto
my second or 3rd trip
some hinny some swishers, and dr green thumb lips, and listerine strips to ease my thoughts not just the cops the transexuals you gotta watch, the moon is full look at the dark clouds sittin in my scrappa watchin scotland goin wild to daw, i dont bumb mainstream i knock underground all the other s*** sugar coated and watered down im from san francisco were they go gay, open yo mouth dont here watch you say
Why They're Funny:
there funny!!! boy
Submitted by: john

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