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Song Parodies for Ray Charles

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"America the Beautiful" "O Where Is My Dinner" "Fitu Petaia"
"Born To Lose" "Born To Choose" "Stan Hall"
"Born to Lose" "Mel Gibson (Blame the Jews)" "Chris Kilo"
"Born To Lose" "Porn And Booze" "Rick Duncan"
"Busted" "Busted" "Airfarcewon"
"Busted" "Busted!" "Bob Gomez"
"Busted" "Busted!" "Bob Gomez"
"Busted" "Busted" "Linda Koski"
"Busted" "Cancelled" "Patrick McWilliams"
"Busted" "Crusted" "Stan Hall"
"Busted" "Disgusted" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Busted" "Lusted" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Busted" "Mustard" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Busted" "Protesting" "Patrick McWilliams"
"Busted" "The Wizard Of Oz Trio" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Crying Time" "JCAHO Time" "PMS"
"Crying Time" "Learning Time (Back to School Anthem)" "WhizkidF"
"Crying Time" "Lyin' Time...a Fisherman's Tale" "Dee Range"
"Crying Time" "Mayan Time" "Timmy1000"
"Cryin' Time" "Learnin' Time (Revised Version)" "WhizkidF"
"Cryin' Time" "Wake Up ... Little Susie" "Stan Hall"
"Cryin' Time" "Whinin’ Time" "Fox News Team"
"Georgia" "Gorgons" "John A. Barry"
"Georgia on My Mind" "Georgia’s Gov: Blind Mind" "John A. Barry"
"Georgia on My Mind" "Georgie's Got No Mind" "John A. Barry"
"Georgia On My Mind" "Gorgin' On My Mind" "Airfarcewon"
"Georgia On My Mind" "Kramer Lost His Mind" "Michael Pacholek"
"Georgia on My Mind" "Orca Pods Brine-Dine" "John A. Barry"
"Georgia on My Mind" "Orchids On My Mind" "John A. Barry"
"Georgia On My Mind" "Porsche On My Mind" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Georgia on My Mind" "Roger Doesn't Mind" "John A. Barry"
"Georgia On My Mind" "Santa On My Mind" "Rex Ungericht"
"Georgia On My Mind" "The Google Song" "Jeff Stambo"
"Georgia On My Mind" "Torture On My Set" "Rick Duncan"
"Hard Hearted Hannah" "That Green Banana" "Airfarcewon"
"Here We Go Again" "Hair, We Grow Again" "Airfarcewon"
"Hit The Road, Jack" "Get The Lo-jack" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Hit the Road, Jack" "Give Me No Facts" "John A. Barry"
"Hit the Road Jack" "Give My Stuff Back" "Below Average Dave"
"Hit The Road Jack" "Give Those Votes Back" "William Tong"
"Hit the Road, Jack" "Go to Jail, Jack (Abramoff)" "Tommy Turtle"
"Hit The Road, Jack" "Hit A Road Block" "William Tong"
"Hit The Road Jack" "Hit The Prozac" "Phil Alexander"
"Hit the Road, Jack" "Hit the Road, Ash" "SamuraiMaster"
"Hit the Road Jack" "Hit the Road Barack" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"Hit The Road Jack" "Hit The Road Chad" "No Nickelback"
"Hit The Road, Jack" "Hit The Road, Clerk" "Giblet O'sarcasm"
"Hit The Road, Jack" "Hit The Road, Jack" "Calmmelennnie"
"Hit the Road, Jack!" "Hit the Road, Jack! (CBS-FM is Back!)" "Michael Pacholek"
"Hit The Road Jack" "Hit The Road Kerry" "Fitu Petaia"
"Hit The Road, Jack" "Hit The Road, Newt" "William Tong"
"Hit the Road, Jack" "Hit the Toad, Mack" "John A. Barry"
"Hit The Road Jack" "Kissed A Toad...Ack!" "Cat"
"Hit the Road, Jack" "Lick the Toad’s Back" "John A. Barry"
"Hit the Road, Jack" "Lose the Throwbacks" "Michael Pacholek"
"Hit The Road Jack" "Man Your Fat" "Chance Gollnick"
"Hit the Road Jack" "Mr. Sean Paul" "Ethan Mawyer"
"Hit The Road, Jack" "Need The Road Jack" "Airfarcewon"
"Hit The Road Jack" "Paint The Town Black" "Max Power"
"Hit The Road Jack" "Sick Of Low-Fat" "Stuart McArthur"
"Hit The Road Jack" "Watch The Road Jack" "Matthias"
"I Can't Stop Loving You" "I Can't Stop Runny Poos" "Malcolm Higgins"
"I Got A Woman" "I Caught A Movie" "Bob Gomez"
"I Got A Woman" "I Made A Monster" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"I Got a Woman" "I Shot a Wolfman" "John A. Barry"
"I Got A Woman" "She's A Gold Digger" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"I'm Busted" "I've Gusted" "Stan Hall"
"I'm Busted" "I've Lusted" "Stan Hall"
"Lazybones" "Casey Jones" "Airfarcewon"
"Lucky Ol' Sun" "Yucky Ol' Bum" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Makin' Whoopee" "Makin' Poopee" "Airfarcewon"
"Makin' Whoopee" "Makin' Whoopi (Goldberg)" "Alvin Rhodes"
"Makin' Whoopee" "The View with Whoopee" "Airfarcewon"
"Makin' Whoopie" "Ren And Stimpy" "Tokusou Sentai Blessranger"
"Mississippi Mud" "Mississippi Flood" "Airfarcewon"
"Moonlight In Vermont" "Ingrate To The Left" "Old Man Ribber"
"Moonlight In Vermont" "Moderate Too Late?" "Old Man Ribber"
"Seven Spanish Angels" "Seven Spanish Channels" "L. D. Obblo"
"Shake A Tailfeather" "Break Your Tail, Heather.." "Kristof Robertson"
"Side By Side" "Ride High Tide (OWS movement)" "Barry J. Mitchel"
"The Night Time Is The Right Time" "The Yule Time" "Agrimorfee"
"Three's Company Theme" "Three's Burglars" "Spencer Karter"
"Unchain my Heart" "Don't Blame Those Charts" "MarthaDTox"
"Unchain My Heart" "Dont Blame Those Charts" "MarthaDTox"
"What A Wonderful World" "What A Curious Stool" "MasonR"
"What'd I Say" "Tell Me What To Say" "William Tong"
"What'd I Say" "What's With Shea" "Michael Pacholek"
"You Don't Know Me" "Craigslist: Missed Connections" "Matthias"
"You Don't Know Me" "These Autopsies" "Airfarcewon"
"You Don't Know Me" "You Don't Know "Glee"" "Michael Pacholek"
"You Don't Know Me" "You Don't Know Squat" "Michael Pacholek"
"You Don't Know Me" "You Own Flowbee" "Rick Cormier"
"You Don't Know Me" "You're An Oldie" "PMS with help from Charlie"
"You Don't Know Me" "You Still Owe Me" "Dee Range"


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