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Can you think of a song that was specifically banned by a radio station, tv station, or government?

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Entries Beginning with I

"I Am The Walrus," The Beatles
At one point banned by the BBC, for suggestive lyrics, for the line "Boy you've been a naughty girl and let your knickers down" (for those unfamiliar with British English, replace "knickers" with "panties")
"I Can See For Miles," The Who
Another classic from the Summer of Love. Authorities thought the titular lyric was psychedelic. If these pin heads had even bothered to listen to the entire song, they would have heard that the singer is aware of his sex partner's infidelities while he was out of town.
Royal Pfizbin
"I Don't Like The Drugs (But The Drugs Like Me)," Marilyn Manson
Banned by Much Music because of its frank references to drug use.
"I Don't Wanna Get Drafted," Frank Zappa
In 1980, fearing association with its overt political theme, Mercury records refuses to release this Frank Zappa single.
"I Get A Kick Out Of You," Frank Sinatra
In 1953, Frank Sinatra records this tune originally written by Cole Porter for the 1934 Broadway musical, "Anything Goes" (Ol' Blue Eyes has a hit with his version the following year of 1954). For radio airplay, Capital records has Sinatra change the perceived drug reference "I get no kick from cocaine," to "I get perfume from Spain."
"I Predict," Sparks
Video initially banned by MTV due to concerns that the Hitlerian Ron Mael performing a drag striptease was too disturbing.
"I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus," Jimmy Boyd
Banned because it was to sexual for the Catholic church. No, really.
"I Shot The Sheriff," Eric Clapton
Banned by the BBC during the Gulf War
"I Should Be Your Lover," Harold Melvin & the Blue Notes
The "Blue Version" of this song is marked "Not for airplay - Rated X." In this version, lead singer David Ebo ends the spoken intro with "I'll keep the n***** off your a**.
"I Should Be Your Lover (Blue Version, Not For Airp," Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes
Just a correction. The lead singer of this song was not David Ebo. The lead singer was Harold Melvin.
Julius Freeman
"I Think I Am Going To Kill Myself (Buddy Knox Song," Me And Them
As far as I recall this record was banned by the BBC Top Of The Pops. The reason being quoted: "We do not wish to be associated with anyone taking this song literally", which is ironic as Elton john has a similar titled song written, "I Am Given To Believe" by Elton and Bernie Taupin.
"I Touch Myself," The Divynls
Most every radio station and music video channel banned this song and video because of its frank references to masturbation.
"I Wanna Love You," Akon
Song title was originally "I Wanna F*** You." Edited for airplay.
"I Want Your Sex," George Michael
Banned by the BBC from daytime airplay due to its forthright subject matter.
"I'll Be Home for Christmas," Bing Crosby
Banned by the BBC for fear of lowering British soldier's morale, because nothing ruins morale more than the thought of returning home to loved ones.
"Ich Will," Rammstein
Banned after the 9/11 attacks because it portrayed the band as terrorists.
"If I Could Turn Back Time," Cher
In the summer of 1989, following complaints about Cher's video for this song, several video channels drop or restrict the music clip.
"If U Seek Amy," Britney Spears
Sparked controversy because the title sounded like "F.U.C.K. me." In the United States, the song is played as "If U See Amy."
"Imagine," John Lennon
Banned by the BBC during the Gulf War, a year before it was banned in the US following 9/11
"Imagine," John Lennon
Amazing this is not in the list. From Wikipedia, that font of all human knowledge (citation needed): Although its been said that Imagine "carried us through extreme grief, from the shock of Lennon's own death in 1980 to the unspeakable horror of September 11th," Clear Channel Communications included the song on its post-9/11 "do not play" list following the attacks.
James K
"In My House," Mary Jane Girls
This one-hit-wonder from 1985 was listed as one of the PMRC's "Filthy Fifteen" for its suggestive lyrics and risque symbolism. It didn't exactly help that the mentor/Svengali of this group was the notorious funk musician Rick James.
"In the Air Tonight," Phil Collins
Banned by the BBC during the Gulf War
"In the Army Now," Status Quo
Another song banned by the BBC during the Gulf War.
"In Utero (album)," Nirvana
Wal-Mart refused to stock this album because it didn't approve of "Rape Me" or the faetus dolls on the back cover.
Jakko Wakko
"Infinitive Putrefaction In Progress," Last Days of Humanity
The video was banned due to the cadaver photos showed in fast-paced speed, so they censored the video by extremely fading all of the photos.
"Invasion Of Your Privacy (Album)," Ratt
Ratt's sophomore full-length album was given a "Parental Advisory" sticker from the PMRC, due to both the title and album cover being a reference to voyeurism, which the PMRC viewed as an inappropriate topic. The sticker has since been removed.
"Invisible Sun," The Police
A song about the Troubles in Northern Ireland, the song received little airplay in the UK and the video was banned by the BBC and not shown on its chart programme "Top of the Pops".
"It Would Be So Nice," Pink Floyd
Banned by the BBC because one line mentioned a London newspaper

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