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Music Trivia

A trivial look at the bands and the music they create.

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"Goodbye" by Dusty Springfield

Goodbye, bye, bye, bye
Is all he said to me
Submitted by: Magnate

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Singers Who Act -> Latest Entries

Estelle appeared in: Steven Universe
I'm surprised nobody's pointed this out yet... Estelle's the VA of Garnet in the TV show called Steven Universe.
Submitted By: Kung-Fu Cutbug
Aileen Quinn appeared in: Annie
Besides having singing parts as the title character in the 1982 musical, she also later fronted a rockabilly band named "The Leapin' Lizards", after her character's signature catchphrase.
Submitted By: Sally Shine

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Celebrities Who Sing -> Latest Entries

Wilford Brimley performed: This Time The Dream's On Me
Yes, the actor best known for his roles in the movie Cocoon and the TV sitcom Our House actually sings. And surprisingly he's got a good singing voice. This Time The Dream's On Me was an album of jazz standard covers he released and he's also released a few other albums too. And he's also collaborated with some other groups on their albums (Riders In The Sky for one). I highly recommend you check out his stuff.
Submitted By: Edward
Cheryl Ladd performed: Just Another Lover Tonight
Submitted By: Tarzan

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Better Off Solo -> Latest Entries

Camila Cabello from Fifth Harmony
Fifth Harmony did have a couple of hits, but Camila is proving to be so much better solo, what with both "Havana" and "Never Be the Same" hitting number one and all.
Submitted By: Ariana Grande mocha swirl
Roger Waters from Pink Floyd
He spent the later albums during his PF career (pure examples are The Wall and The Final Cut) to himself (vocals, songwriting and the like), so he could've just credited them to his name and put the other band members as "produced by" rather than being kicked out.
Submitted By: Aaron

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Former Occupations of Performers -> Latest Entries

Johnny Cash from Johnny Cash: spy
He served as a Morse Code operator intercepting Soviet Army transmissions in the Air Force as a part of the US Air Force Security Service in Landsberg, Germany.
Submitted By: Tarzan
Henson Cargill from Henson Cargill: police officer
He was an Oklahoma County deputy sheriff.
Submitted By: Tarzan

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Performer's New Career Entries -> Latest Entries

Aileen Quinn from Aileen Quinn: College professor and translator
Quinn worked as a Spanish, drama, and dance teacher at Hudson Catholic Regional High School in Jersey City, New Jersey at one point, and an adjunct theater professor at Monmouth University in West Long Branch, New Jersey, which was also the filming location for the 1982 Annie adaptation.
Submitted By: Sally Shine
Eddie Zeeman from Cats Can Fly: Hairdresser
After Cats Can Fly disbanded, Zeeman pursued a career in hairdressing and currently owns his own hair salon in Schomberg, Ontario called Eddie's on Main.
Submitted By: Harderman61

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Songs That Are Banned -> Latest Entries
"Maybe I Mean Yes," Holly Dunn - Submitted By: JohnFedorchak
"God Damn Evil," Stryper - Submitted By: Gimme Real Honest Music Anyday!

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Super Long Pop Songs -> Latest Entries
"Closure," Maroon 5 Length:11:28 - Submitted By: Hawnta
"Sex (I'm A...) (Extended 12" Version)," Berlin Length:8:09 - Submitted By: Joey F.

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Super Short Pop Songs -> Latest Entries
"Swatting Flies In Wanker County," Vixen Length:2:00 - Submitted By: Joey F.
"Quentin's Theme," The Charles Randolph Grean Sounde Length:1:59 - Submitted By: Bob

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Song Lawsuits -> Latest Entries
"Thinking Out Loud," Ed Sheeran
Ed Townsend's estate sued Sheeran for plagiarising elements off Marvin Gaye's "Let's Get It On". The melodies are indeed eerily similar (and it didn't help that Sheeran would occasionally mash up the two songs in his concerts either), but the courts initially dismissed it in 2016. Structured Asset Sales however brought out another lawsuit worth $100 million. - Submitted By: Maryellen Larkin
"band name," J. Band
The reunited J. Geils Band with Peter Wolf back as frontman, had scheduled several dates in many cities but were forced to cancel the tour due to a lawsuit by J. Geils himself. After all, how could these guys call themselves the "J. Geils Band" if guitarist Geils himself ain't in it? He's 70 years old and he's been on the road with another band but promoting himself and using his name "J. Geils" alone - no "Band". - Submitted By: Leader Of The Band

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Crime Records -> Latest Entries
Jonathan King: "Molesting Young Boys" - Submitted By: Green
Geri Halliwell: "Shoplifitng" - Submitted By: mads.

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Performers with Handicaps -> Latest Entries
John Mann (Spirit Of The West): Altziemers - Submitted By: Celeste
Nonoy Zuñiga: Amputee - Submitted By: Maryellen Larkin

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"I'm In Love With My Car," Queen - Submitted By: Amanda
"Official Sex Toy," Marilyn Manson - Submitted By: Words Fail Mee

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Hidden Tracks -> Latest Entries
"Swatting Flies In Wanker County," Vixen. From 1998 album "Tangerine." An instrumental, it's not on the album itself, but is listed as track 12 on music websites. - Submitted By: Joey F.
"Next To You," The Offspring. A few minutes after the last song in their Greatest Hits CD (Cant Get My) Head Around You, a cover version of Next To You by the Police will play. It is unlisted in the track list, and is actually the last part of the Head Around You track after a few minutes of silence. - Submitted By: Chris Giles

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Hidden Messages -> Latest Entries
"Concrete and Gold," Foo Fighters: "Right at the end of the title track, which closes the CD - there is a few seconds of silence and then Dave Grohl shouts out, 'F*** you, Darrell!'. This seems to be a playful jab at Darrell Thorp, who helped record the album. He said that the Foo Fighters were fun to work with, so that indicates that little outburst is really just a studio joke." - Submitted By: Shout It Out Loud, Brotha!
"O Come All Ye Faithful," Benedictines Of Mary, Queen Of Apostles: "I Bought the CD "Caroling At Ephesus" by this group. This familiar carol is the 24th and last track on this generally melodious and well preformed collection. The first time I played the disc, I was sure I was hearing one of more dogs barking outside at what I eventually noted to be 20 seconds and 49 seconds into the track. On playing it the second time I noted that, coincidentally dogs seemed to be barking outside again. The third time I still at first thought that dogs were barking outside then quickly realized it seemed too much of a coincidence. So I played it, listening close to the speakers to note where the barking sound was coming from, and found it to be definitely on the disc, not coming from outside. It was only after noting all this that I first noticed that the CD cover shows a dog in front of these singing nuns. So maybe it was dog barking heard on the track. But I sort of thought the sound resembled somewhat the barking of a smaller dog than the one pictured. After the two background barking-like sounds on the track, I heard on listening closely and noted other extraneous background sounds, some resembling human speech, some more obscure. In any event no such extraneous sounds, whether from dogs, people, or whatever, seem to do anything to enhance the musical quality of the track. And I found no similar background sounds on any other track of the disc." - Submitted By: Karen Smith

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Backwards Messages -> Latest Entries
"Blue (Da Ba Dee)," Eiffel 65: "The "da ba dee da ba daa" melody when played reversed sounds like "Hide the body, eat the body"." - Submitted By: Aaron
"Escape (The Pina Colada Song)," Rupert Holmes: "When reversed, one part of the song sounds similar to "Yes, an alien must know," which is followed by "Ah, I'm sure you'd believe that;" almost a subliminal jab at conspiracy theorists who believed in backwards masking." - Submitted By: Jessicarayy

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Being the only member without a beard - Frank Beard of ZZ Top
Despite his surname, Frank Beard is the only member of ZZ Top without a beard. His fellow musicians, Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, are known for their long, scraggly beards. - Submitted By: Rock Maninoff
Living Not Far Away From His Song Writting Partner - Daryl Hall (Hall and Oates)
According to an episode of Behind The Music, Daryl Hall and John Oates lived on the same block growing up. When they went to college, where they became roommates and friends. - Submitted By: Celeste

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Music With a Warning Label -> Latest Entries
"Get Up Off Your Knees," Various Artists
The back cover of the CD says "Warning: Much of the content is sexual in nature and may not be suitable for the young and the sensitive."
Robert Jon Brown
"Thriller," Michael Jackson
The title tracks music video reads "Due to my strong personal convictions, I wish to stress that this film in no way endorses a belief in the occult'' ~Michael Jackson
"The Singular Adventures Of ....," Style Council
The inner liner notes of this best-of CD has some kooky story about a "Cappuccino Kid" and his "literature". On the bottom of this page is the proud announcement keeping in tune with the UN sanctions on the apartheid regime of South Africa (this album was put out in 1989): THIS RECORDING IS NOT FOR SALE IN SOUTH AFRICA.
Ain't Gonna Play Sun City Either
"Guilty Pleasure," Ashley Tisdale
The CD and back cover contains a FBI Anti-Piracy warning notice which had "FBI Anti-Piracy Warning: Unauthorized Copying is Punishable Under Federal Law" (like the ones shown on Blu-ray Discs and DVDs currently released by Lions Gate Home Entertainment including Grace Unplugged). But if you try to copy/rip a MP3 file from a CD using a program (or download a MP3 file online) without prior licensing, you'll be punished immediately.
Brandon Reina
"The Great Escape," Blur
In the booklet, there is a picture of Neuschwanstein Castle (the same photo as on the Country House single cover) and underneath this photo it says "Warning: Private Property". This doesn't mean anything as such and is just a quirk in the packaging.
"Greatest Hits," Devo
The CD itself (not the case) has a picture of someone sticking a fork into a toaster. I figure it's a "what not to do" sort of thing...
"The Last In Line," Dio
Though there are no lyrics in the booklet, the back cover of this album has some lyrics from the title track written in fancy medieval-looking font. "We'll know for the first time, if we're evil or divine. We're the last in line. - RJD"
"Sex (single)," Motley Crue
Motley Crüe's single "Sex", released prior to their 2012 tour with KISS, has a front cover design in the style of and parodying the "Parental Advisory" stickers. The top and bottom of the cover feature the words "Mötley" and "Crüe" respectively, while the middle part just says the word "SEX".
"Invasion Of Your Privacy," Ratt
Ratt's sophomore full-length release got a "Parental Advisory" sticker, due to the title and album cover being references to voyeurism, a topic the PMRC viewed as inappropriate. The sticker has since been removed.
"Full Moon Fever," Tom Petty
On the back cover of the CD version - it says "The music on this compact digital disc was originally recorded on analog equipment. We have attempted to perserve, as closely as possible, the sound of the original recording. Because of it's high resolution, however, the compact disc can reveal limitations of the source tape."
"Mechanical Resonance," Tesla
On the back cover of the CD version - it says "The music on this compact digital disc was originally recorded on analog equipment. We have attempted to perserve, as closely as possible, the sound of the original recording. Because of it's high resolution, however, the compact disc can reveal limitations of the source tape."
"Erotica," Madonna
Some of the album covers have Parental Advisory Ratings but everything bad on the CD is probably censored
"The Hits (1993 - 2003)," Marty Dread
This reggae hits compilation has the usual "Unauthorized duplication is a violation of the laws of ..." but it doesn't say "federal copywrite laws". Instead it says that unauthorized duplication is a violation of the laws of the "King of Kings Jah Rastafari". Honest!
Don't Piss Off Haile Selassie
"As Good As Dead," Local H
On the album's sticker, it reads: "Yeah mom, the 'F Word' is in it", a parody of the explicated lyrics sticker.
"Low DVD EP," Foo Fighters
A sticker was added below the usual warning (from the content in the "Low" video that got it banned from MTV) so that it can read "Parental Advisory Warning: Explicit Content ...and also big trucks."
"eMotive," A Perfect Circle
On the actual CD ( not the case), there is the longest anti-illegal music downloading warning I have ever seen. I'm not even going to bother putting it here, but it's worth seeing if you own the album.
"Prisoners In Paradise," Europe
It's a goofy little thing at the end of the lyrics in the CD booklet...Europe will not be held responsible for...then it lists like 4 hilarious effects the music may cause.
"Broken," Nine Inch Nails
In the liner notes, there is a warning reading, "Caution: Not for use with mono devices." The reason for this being is that Trent stated the songs do not sound right when being played through mono devices.
eg: Mike Smith
"Amnesiac," Radiohead
The back cover says "Radiohead. Amnesiac. Store away from direct sunlight, preferably in a dark drawer with your secrets. See inside for details."
"Live Era '87-'93," Guns N' Roses
Look very closely at the cover, just below the 2nd poster on the top row. It says "Warning: The Surgeon General Has Determined That Hollywood Rose Is Bad For Your Health (but worth the risk)". You might need a big LP to see it because the writing is very small.

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