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Can you think of a song that was specifically banned by a radio station, tv station, or government?

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Entries Beginning with A

"A.D.I.D.A.S.," Little Mix
It stands for "All Day I Dream About Sex" ("shush" in the radio edit).
"Acapulco Gold," Rainy Daze
I was told in 1966 it had been banned by the government.....not only couldn't hear it on the radio, but couldn't even buy it at a record shop.
A Program director for a radio station made a completley unofficial list of songs that may offend/remind people of 9/11. However this list was leeked out as being an official company policy, which was not true.
Optimus Lime
Police officers in Northwood, Ohio, order 14-year-old Daniel Shellhammer to remove his shirt, which features slogans for the rap group Insane Clown Posse. The officers inform Shellhammer that Insane Clown Posse clothing is "banned" in Ohio and that they tear the shirt off his back and arrest him if he does not comply.
Below Average Dave (
"All of his songs," Morgan Wallen
Similar to Marilyn Manson the exact same week, Morgan Wallen had his music removed from various country radio stations in the United States and elsewhere after a video surfaced of him saying a racial slur (notably the N-word). Unlike Marilyn Manson though, this didn't affect his chart performance, as Wallen's music experienced a surge in commercial success.
"All of his songs," Marilyn Manson
Similar to the R. Kelly example I added I think a few years back to this page, Manson's music was removed from various radio stations and media outlets, he himself was pulled from Loma Vista Recordings and Creative Artists Agency and had his planned appearances in American Gods and Creepshow cancelled after ex-fiancé Evan Rachel Wood publicly named him as her previously-unnamed abuser in an Instagram post in 2021, which led several other women (including Esmé Bianco) to come out with similar stories, allegations which Manson himself has denied (as of now).
"All of their songs," Kunts
Kunts; also known as Kunt and the Gang are a British comedy punk act that have released singles with very explicit lyrical content and titles; such as Boris Johnson is a F---ing C--t; and F--k the Tories; a song which made the UK top ten last Xmas.
James D
"All of their songs," Lostprophets
Following sexual abuse allegations against lead singer Ian Watkins, which he eventually pled guilty to and is currently serving a 35-year prison sentence and labelled as a sex offender. The rest of the band decided to split and form a new band called No Devotion, disowning their old name. Good luck trying to find a radio station that still plays their (LP, not No Devotion) music in this day and age!
"All of their songs," The Dixie Chicks
Many country music stations refused to play Dixie Chicks songs (and rightfully so I think) after the Chicks' insulting remarks about President George W. Bush after the atrocities of the 9/11 terror attacks that massacred thousands of Americans here in the U.S. This went on for years when the Chicks refused to apologize for their comments and also resulted in the Dixie Chicks and Toby Keith trading public insults in interviews and on social media. I'm sure it's still happening in a lot of places because I know I haven't heard any country stations in my area play any Dixie Chicks songs on the radio in several years. Way to destroy your career, LOL.
"All Recordings," Cat Stevens
As I recall, many L.A. radio stations (and others accross the U.S.) refused to play, and even made media events of noisely destroying ALL their Cat Stevens records after reports came out that he told his students in England that, yes, as a devout Muslim, he was obliged to fulfill the fatwa against Salman Rushdie, i.e. kill Mr. Rushde, if he had the opportunity. Not exactly the sweet, loving Cat Stevens I remembered. Mr. Rushdie became the subject of a fatwa after his book "Satanic Verses" was published which was considered blasphemous by the Muslim community. According to Wikipedia, the fatwa cannot be rescinded since the Ayatollah Khomeini, who issued the fatwa, is the only one who can rescind it but is no longer living.
"All songs," Cannibal Corpse
Banned in Australia and Germany...for everything about them.
"All songs," Green Day
Banned by Wal-Mart because they refuse to release censored versions of their albums.
banned from Clear Channel after 9/11
"America," The Nice
this was banned in America by the composer Leonard Bernstein, also banned by the Royal Albert Hall for burning the American Flag during the number. info from Charisma Repeat Performance album BG1 1980
steve Harrington-Ellsmore
"American Idiot," Green Day
Not actually banned, though most radio stations replace the lyric "Maybe I am the faggot America" with "Maybe I am the sound of America."
Jonathan S.
"American Idiot," Green Day
Need I say any more...?
"American Life," Madonna
The music video was banned in the US because of its graphic criticism of US military activities in Iraq and elsewhere, as well as of the policies of George W. Bush. Apparently, the music video was quite popular in other countries.
"American Woman," The Guess Who
The song was written as a metaphor for a reaction to American excess and domination - something the band, being Canadians, would be quite familiar with. The very last time Burton Cummings would have sung "Goodbye American Woman" in the long play-out, he switches it to "Goodbye American S***" so the song is usually never played ALL the way to the end.
Jeff Mn
"American Woman (Album Version)," Guess Who
Though the version released as a single gets airplay, the album version, with a 3 and a half minute acoustic intro hasn't been played on the radio, ever, for no apparent reason.
"Anarchy In The UK," Megadeth
The band have not performed this song live since Dave Mustaine, their frontman, converted to Christianity. The obvious reason being the lyrics, specifically the "I am an Antichrist" statement.
"Angel's Delight," Fatima Mansions
One of the most offensive songs on their album. The lyrics include advocating cop killings and the line "burn, Mother*****, burn". I don't even know if it ever got play time on the radio.
Rock Maninoff
"Animal (F**" Like A Beast)," W.A.S.P.
This song was originally planned for release by Capitol Records in 1984, but upon receiving complaints from parents' groups decided against it. The song was later released as a single by Music For Nations.
"Another Brick In The Wall," Pearl Jam
Banned by AT&T while being web-broadcast because the lyrics were altered to be critical of George W. Bush.
"Another Brick In The Wall (Part II)," Pink Floyd
In the winter of 1980, this Pink Floyd #1 hit single, with its chorus of kids chanting "We Don't Need No Education" is banned by the South African government. Black children, upset about the inferior eduction in that country, adopt the song as their anthem. The South African government says the song is "prejudicial to the safety of the state."
"Army Dreamers," Kate Bush
The song was banned from airplay at either the time of the Falklands War or the first Gulf War. And recently the BBC have been celebrating the Falklands anniversary, which is pretty disgusting.
"Army Of Two," Olly Murs
Banned in Germany for reasons unknown.
Scott Knight
"Arnold Layne," Pink Floyd
Banned by pirate radio station; Radio London in 1967 just because of the song's subject (a true story) about a man who stole ladies undergarments from washing lines.
James D

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