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Can you think of a song that was specifically banned by a radio station, tv station, or government?

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Entries Beginning with P

"Pass Out," Tinie Tempah
There are 8 expletives in the song, all of which are edited out on the radio version.
A Stranger
"Payphone," Maroon 5 featuring Wiz Khalifa
In the clean version of the song, the words "s***" and "f***ing" are replaced with "it" and "stupid" respectively.
"Peaches," The Stranglers
A song about girl-watching, banned because of its content (about a lecherous boy watching girls on a beach), and because of the word "clitoris" in context (although it was pronounced in a non-standard way, to almost rhyme with "guitarist") Also has mentions of the S word. A toned down version was made for UK radio airplay.
"Peacock," Katy Perry
Due to the " I wanna see your peacock-cock-cock" line in the song, since you can't say "cock" on the radio, The cock-cock line is blanked and on certain radio stations, the song is banned.
"Peppermint Stick," El Chords
Often anthologized, especially in Times Square doowop collections, this Frankie Lymon And The Teenagers clone had some success in New York and surrounding markets. Mainly banned by a few stations when the program directors finally listened to the line that is unmistakeably similar in sound to "Peppermint Stick, lick my d***." For more, check out the story and song on Youtube.
"Pepsi Cola Sucks," Goldfinger
The song has a few bad words such as "f***ing" and "sh**". There is no version of the song where the bad words are blanked out.
"Physical," Olivia Newton-John
I remember hearing at least once about numerous radio stations banning this song because of the suggestive lyrics. Of course, that's nothing compared to what kind of stuff we hear today!
Larcen Tyler
"Physical," Olivia Newton-John
Banned because of its suggestive lyrics.
"Pictures Of Lily," The Who
In 1965, many radio stations refused to play the tune because it has a reference to masturbation.
"The Pill," Loretta Lynn
This song from country songbird Loretta Lynn, in 1975, is banned by radio stations across the U.S. because of its references to birth control.
"Play Guitar," John Mellencamp
The song got plenty of airplay but sometimes the line where Mellencamp says "Forget all about that macho sh*t and learn how to play guitar!" is edit by having acymbal crash dubbed in to mask the dirty word.
Clash City Rocker
"Play Guitar," John Mellencamp
On the edited version played locally, the word "s***" is played backwards so that it sounds like "dish".
"Point Of Entry (Album)," Judas Priest
The cover was changed for the American release, as the original cover was deemed inappropriate for Americans (as in, it was believed to be a sexual reference).
"Politics," Korn
Very unusual censorship on this one. This song's video not only has cuss words edited out, but also the words "raped," "sex," and even "demon"--yet leaves in a close-up shot of one of the band members giving the finger.
Jonathan S.
"Pretty Woman," Van Halen
One of the first videos to be banned by MTV after many complaints by parents. The video featured two midgets about to perform sex with a woman, who was actually a man in drag.
Wolfman Jack Nicholson
"The Price of Beauty," Suicide Silence
The video for this song has been banned by MTV, due to the graphic nature and explicit lyrics contained in it. When the band asked if they could edit the video and song a bit, MTV refused.
"The Prime Time Of Your Life," Daft Punk
The music video was banned from TV
"Prism (Album)," Katy Perry
The deluxe edition of this album has been declared a biohazard in Australia, due to containing a package of seeds, which may or may not cause harm to animals and people...look it up.
"Puff, The Magic Dragon," Peter, Paul & Mary
In April 1971, this was one of many songs that the Illinois Crime Commission published in a list of popular pop/rock songs that contain drug references.
"Purity," Slipknot
banned beceause the were going to get sued for it
"Purple Pills," D12
Deemed inappropriate for airplay due to references to drugs; an edited version was released as "Purple Hills"
"Push It," Salt N Peppa
Banned from radio when first came out do to numerous lyrical and suggestive references!
"Pusherman," Curtis Mayfield
While lip-synching this hit song for a performance on television's "Soul Train", Mayfield learns that the show's producers have edited the song to delete drug references.
"Pushin' Too Hard," The Seeds
Once thought to be about selling illegal drugs
Alan the Ottoman
"Put Your Mouth On Me," Eddie Murphy
From the title, which by the way is used as the lyrics, it sounds like Eddie wants his lover to suck his ****. LOL
"Puttin' On The Ritz," Taco
The uncensored version of this video had to be re-edited to remove people who had the "black face."

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