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Can you think of a song that was specifically banned by a radio station, tv station, or government?

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Entries Beginning with O

Back in the summer of 1970 claiming that he fears the song will incite further violence on college campuses following the killing of four students at Kent State University, then Ohio Governor James Rhodes attempts to order Ohio radio stations to ban the song.
"The Old Man Down The Road," John Fogerty
Saul Zaentz owns both Tolkien Enterprises and Fantasy Records, which in turn owns the rights to the Creedence Clearwater Revival catalog. In the mid-'80s, former CCR frontman John Fogerty released a single called "The Old Man Down the Road," which Zaentz felt had the same chorus as CCR's "Run Through the Jungle" (also written by Fogerty). Fantasy sued, and Fogerty won, since the songs really aren't all that similar.
Mickey D.
"Oliver's Army," Elvis Costello
Banned by the BBC during the Gulf War
"One In A Million," Guns 'N Roses
In 1989, Guns 'N Roses are cut from the New York AIDS benefit "Rock And A Hard Place," because of the lyrics to this song.
"One Toke Over The Line," Brewer & Shipley
In 1971, New York radio station WNBC bans this song because of it's alleged drug references. Other stations around the country follow suit. The song's composer, Tom Shipley, responds, "In this age of electronic pulling a record because of its lyrics is like the burning of books in the Thirties (sic: 1930's)."
"Only the Good Die Young," Billy Joel
Banned for being "anti-Catholic"
"Opa war Sturmf├╝hrer," Landser
Actually, practically every song by Landser is banned, because Landser is a German Neo-Nazi band. In fact, the German government deemed them a criminal organization & had the band's leader sentenced to prison for more than 3 years starting in 2003. (P.S., Landser sucks)
Dylan Baranski
"Open Up And Say... Ahh (Album)," Poison
The original cover showed a model dressed like a demon with clawed nails, a giant tongue and the like. Christians objected and most future releases of the album only showed the model's eyes.
"Open Your Box," Yoko Ono
Because of the suggestive lyrics and even suggestive title, it was banned by the BBC. Also, in the US, Capitol Records refused to release it, substituting it with another Yoko single, "Touch Me", on the B-Side of Lennon's "Power to the People"
"Original Sin," INXS
"Dream on white boy, white boy
Dream on black girl, black girl
And wake up to a brand new world ...." some people thought that this promoted interracial love. Some radio stations in America didn't play it much if at all. INXS was playing a gig in an Austin, Texas club and some yahoo tossed a revolver onto the stage with a message of "appreciation for your (recent) music".

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