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Can you think of a song that was specifically banned by a radio station, tv station, or government?

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Entries Beginning with C

"C***sucker Blues," The Rolling Stones
The band recorded this song just to leave London Records. Unsurprisingly, the label refused to release the song. Only available as a bootleg
"Can't C Me," 2Pac
Not actually banned, but most of the lyrics were removed from the song in its appearance in the soundtrack of Madden NFL 10. Other songs from that soundtrack, like "Guerilla Radio" by Rage Against the Machine" and "I am the Bullgod" by Kid Rock, as well "Undead" by Hollywood Undead from Madden NFL 09's soundtrack, have faced a similar "fate".
"Can't Stand Losing You," The Police
Banned by the BBC for the single cover, depicting drummer Stewart Copeland hanging himself
"Captain Jack," Billy Joel
A rare find on a radio station, probably due to numerous drug references (i.e., "stare at the junkies" and "you smoke your pot"). The word "masturbate" also appears in it.
"Carbona Not Glue," The Ramones
You can sing about sniffing glue. No one will have a problem with that. Just don't try mentioning a registered trademark, or your song will get banned.
No 56279
"Charlie Brown," The Coasters
In 1959, the BBC refuses to play this U.S. hit because of its reference to "throwin' spitballs". Two weeks later the BBC gives in to public demand and plays the song.
"Cherry Pie," Warrant
Canadian music television network, MuchMusic refused to air the music video for "Cherry Pie", as they found both the song and the video itself to be sexist.
"Children," Robert Miles
While not banned perse, BBC DJs began referring to this instrumental dance song as "a record by Robert Miles" after the Dunblane school shooting. The title did not, however, affect its popularity and it was one of the biggest hits of 1996.
"Chop Suey!," System of a Down
Banned after 9/11.
"Christmas At Ground Zero," Weird Al Yankovic
This was banned because of the cheerful way the song is and the lyrics are about Nuclear Destruction which is not cheerful.
Paul Warren
"Christmas At Ground Zero," Weird Al Yankovic
It wasn't banned, per se, but a lot of radio stations decided not to play it. Go listen to it and you'll find out why.
"Closer," Nine Inch Nails
Most radio stations don't play this song due to its explicit sexual content and supposed blasphemy in the lyric "you get me closer to God." The music video for Closer was banned by MTV for disturbing images (such as a monkey on a crucifix) and nudity. Nine Inch Nails later made a censored version of the video that replaces the offensive scenes with placards that say "SCENE MISSING".
"Come Again ," The Au Pairs
Referred to orgasm
"Come Together," The Beatles
The BBC briefly banned for the reference to Coca-Cola, because they thought it could be constructed as an advertisement. Stupid, isn't it?
"Come Undone," Robbie Williams
Not only for sexual contents, nudity and violence, but disgusting insects coming out of actresses
Rocky Mak
"Cop Killer," Ice-T and Bodycount
Ice-T wrote the song Cop Killer after the Rodney King verdict and the LA Riots. The FBI wrote to his label asking them to remove the offensive song from the album. The label and Ice-T conceeded.
"Cop Killer," Bodycount
Can't believe this hasn't already made the list!
"Cortez The Killer," Neil Young & Crazy Horse
In 1975, this song from Neil Young & Crazy Horse is banned in Spain. The song is about Hernando Cortez, the Spanish conquerer of the Aztec Empire who is regarded as a hero in Spain.
"Country Life (album)," Roxy Music
Like nearly all Roxy Music albums, the covers feature women. The 1974 album 'Country Life' has two scantily clad German women, one in a bikini and the other topless (hands covering her breasts), This led to the album distributed in the US with the women taken off, but later releases featured the women but the album was sold in a paper bag. No matter, it sold well in the US anyway.
I Love Foxy Roxy Music!
"Crash Into Me," Dave Matthews Band
After 9/11, this song made a list of many songs that Clear Channel Communications deemed inappropriate after the September 11, 2011 terrorist attacks. The list was very controversial and considered banning this song, seven songs by AC/DC, "Falling for the First Time" by The Barenaked Ladies, four songs by Alice in Chains, four songs by The Beatles, "Boom" by P.O.D., "Bodies" by Drowning Pool, three songs by Elton John, four songs by Metallica, every song by Rage Against the Machine, "Click Click Boom" by Saliva, and other songs that mentioned airplanes, explosions, falling, crashing, dying, etc. Also, it included Alien Ant Farm's cover of "Smooth Criminal", but not the original by Michael Jackson.
"Crazy B*tch," Buckcherry
very dirty song! but very good
"Crazy Horses," The Osmonds
Was banned in Russia because it was believed that the Osmonds were referring to Heroin and drugs. However, the song lyrics were actually about pollution. Wild huh.
"Creep," Radiohead
it was dubbed too depressing for young teenagers by the PMRC and various other associations.
"Cry Me A River," Justin Timberlake
Banned by the producers of YTV's Hit List because of its sexual content.

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