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Can you think of a song that was specifically banned by a radio station, tv station, or government?

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Entries Beginning with D

"D.O.A.," Bloodrock
In March 1971, many U.S. radio stations and high schools ban this song by the Texas band, Bloodrock. The song told the story of a dying teen involved in a car crash (some say a plane crash). Despite lack of air-play, the single manages to reach #36 on Billboard Magazine's HOT 100 charts.
"Dance Naked (album)," John Mellencamp
The cover art for this album featured a pale wax dummy figure sitting on a log, wrapped in barbed wire with its right arm raised up in a gesture of defiance. Some stores sold copies that had the cover image festooned with black rectangles with red X's on them. It was the summer of 1994, the Cold War was over and yet some neanderthals in America were imposing outright censorship on us. No lame excuse was ever given for that. John was having some disputes with his record label and maybe the suits did this to "get back" at him. Stupid stupid stupid.
Naked Dancer
"Dancing In The Street," Martha & The Vandellas
Temporarily banned on many stations after 9/11.
Barry Disbrow
"Dancing in the Street," Martha Reeves & The Vandellas
Even before the 9/11 attacks, this song had been banned on some radio stations. When the song originally came out in the 1960s, it was during a time of high racial tensions. At the time, several white listeners interpreted some of the lyrics in this upbeat song as a call for urban African-Americans to riot, so it was subsequently banned on quite a few radio stations. Martha Reeves responded to the accusations by insisting that the song was merely "a party song," and it eventually became accepted as such.
"Darling Nikki," Prince & The Revolution
This song is a segue from "Computer Blue." This song was banned because it mentions Nikki in a hotel lobby "masturbating with a magazine."
"A Day In The Life," The Beatles
In the summer of 1967, the BBC bans this song from the Beatles' "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" album from BBC airwaves, claiming it contains explicit drug references.
"A Day In The Life," The Beatles
Another Beatles song banned by the BBC, both for the "I'd Love To Turn You On" line, and the supposed drug use references
"De Moi De Moi," Mitsou
This video was banned by Much Music, because Mitsou spends half of her time sitting around stark naked in this video.
"Deadly Game," C-Bo
Los Angeles police arrest Shawn Thomas (otherwise known as gansta rapper, C-Bo), in March 1998, for parole violations after they read the lyrics for the song "Deadly Game" from his new CD "Til My Casket Drops". Thomas had been paroled in spring 1997 after serving nine months on a weapons-related conviction. Thomas' parole agreement, states that he is not permitted "to engage in any behavior which promotes the gang lifestyle, criminal behavior and/or violence against law enforcement." But "Deadly Game" contains lyics critizing California's then Governor Pete Wilson and the states "three strikes and you're out of luck law," "You better swing, batter, swing 'cause once you get your third felony, yeah, 50 years you gotta bring ... Fuck my P.O., I'm going A.W.O.L. ... bound for another state, me and my crew ... California and Pete Wilson can suck my dick."
"Dear Mr President," Pink
Unofficially banned. Jimmy Kimmel fought to allow her to perform this song on air. Most radio station say that they can't really even mention it on air.
"Death On Two Legs," Queen
The song is a vitriolic kiss-off to their first manager, who stole their money. The band had to go to court to get out of their contract with him. They won. On the 1979 live album 'Live Killers!' Freddie Mercury introduces this song by stating that it's 'dedicated to one real m*********** of a gentleman'. Yet on the album ITSELF the word 'm***********' is bleeped out, totally. In 1979 that word wasn't very kosher and it has never been restored on the album. Yet the lyrics do refer to 'kiss my ASS goodbye' or something like that. 'Ass' isn't bleeped out.
1979 Rock'n'Roller Who Destroys Walls
"Desdemona," John's Children
Banned by the BBC due to controversial lyrics, such as "lift up your skirt and fly"
"Detroit Rock City (Album Version)," Kiss
The original version off "Destroyer" features about a minute, minute and a half of a car starting and a bunch of other stuff before the song actually starts. None of that is ever played on the radio. The radio version is probably from best of/remix album "Double Platinum", as that version cuts straight into the song.
"The Devil Went Down To Georgia," The Charlie Daniels Band
In the re-recording of this song, "son of a bitch" is replaced with "son of a gun."
"Dick Around," Sparks
Banned from daytime airplay by BBC Radio London because of the title. There is no sexually explicit content in the song, "dick" here being an American term which loosely means "goofing off".
"Die Young," Ke$ha
The song was banned from the radio in December 2012 in the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting.
"Ding-Dong! The Witch Is Dead," The Wizard of Oz
Banned by the BBC following the death of Margaret Thatcher
Much Music places the following disclaimer at the begining of this video...
"Okay the following video contains scenes which may not be suitable for all viewers.
I forgot to mention that this song was banned by the producers of YTV's Hit List for the same reason that Justin Timberlake's video was banned.
"Dirty Dawgs," New Kids On The Block
Under the moniker N.K.O.T.B. this video was banned by Much Music because the video review committee reviewed this video and decided that it was sexist.
"Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (Album)," AC/DC
"Dirty Deeds..." was originally released in 1976, exclusively in Australia. This album was not released internationally until 1981, because in the words of one of the band members: "Somebody thought we were promoting the wrong things". "The wrong things" in this case being murder, underage sex and that sort of thing.
In 1994, the Smashing Pumpkins were banned from appearing on BBC-TV's "Top Of The Pops" because of the lyrics of this hit of the band.
"Disco Inferno," The Trammps
Banned after 9/11.
"Do What U Want," Lady Gaga ft. R. Kelly
Banned from streaming sites, probably because of the lyrics: “Do what you want, what you want with my body.”
"Do You Really Want To Hurt Me?," Culture Club
In the first 10 minutes of the video we see people with "blackened" faces that MTV's program directors at the time thought was "racist".
"Dominique," The Singing Nun
Was banned from a Boston radio station in 1963 for fear that it would offend Catholics.
"Don't Be Beastly To The Germans," Noel Coward
This satire on pacifism was banned by public demand during World War II.
"Don't Be Beastly To The Germans," Noel Coward
This satire on pacifism was banned by public demand during World War II.
"Don't Phunk With My Heart," Black Eyed Peas
they thought phunk was another word! Great song.
"Double Shot (Of My Baby's Love)," The Swingin' Medallions
In 1966, after radio stations refuse to air the original version of this song, the Swinging Medallions are convinced by their record company to re-record the song with more benign lyrics.
"Down," 311
List of songs deemed inappropriate by Clear Channel following the September 11, 2001 attacks
"The Drama," ComikKilla
Banned because of its suggestive lyrics.
Toni Kim
"Duck And Run," 3 Doors Down
List of songs deemed inappropriate by Clear Channel following the September 11, 2001 attacks

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