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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Entries Beginning with P

The only licensed song with words in a video game - P.O.D.
Football video game Backbreaker has one of the shortest soundtracks in video game history. The only licensed song in the game (not including the instrumental of "New Noise" by Refused) is "Boom" by P.O.D. "Boom" is only played during the opening kickoff and the second half kickoff.
Really Long, Nonsensical Song Names - Panic at the Disco
Most of their songs have long, nonsensical names, with rare exceptions, like "Nine in the Afternoon".
Writing a song that can be about a former athlete. - Papa Roach
It is a "kind of" popular joke to say that Papa Roach wrote "Getting Away with Murder" about former NFL player O.J. Simpson.
The College Band Version of - Papa Roach
This was just done for NCAA March Madness 2005.
"Bling Ring" Theft Resolved - Paris Hilton
A woman who pleaded no contest to receiving a jacket from Paris Hilton received three years of supervised probation recently. Courney Leigh Ames is one of a group of young adults accused of burglarizing celebrities' homes and stealing more than $3 million in jewelry, high-end fashion, and other luxury goods. All the cases have been resolved with plea deals, with several members of the group dubbed the "Bling Ring" receiving no jail or prison time. The homes of Hilton, Orlando Bloom, Lindsay Lohan, and other celebrities were burglarized from Dec 2008-Oct 2009.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
White buck shoes - Pat Boone
Pat Boone's shoes became synonymous with squeaky-clean, non-offensive music.
Martha Hankins
Platinum Blonde Hair - Patinum Blonde
Canadian glam rockers Platinum Blonde were known as much for their acid blonde hair, and their nice clothes as they were for their music.
Abbey Road Reenacted - Paul McCartney
MTV was showing the video for Paul's hit "Spies Like Us", which is from the film of the same name. The video shows Paul playing most of the instruments in the studio, along with Linda and Chevy Chase (on synth), Dan Ackroyd and his wife Donna Dixon as well as scenes from the movie. Near the end of the song Paul gets wild and starts screaming as the tune hits a punkish frenzy. As the song ends with a fierce guitar flipout we see Dan Ackroyd stopping while crossing a street (Abbey Road!) and looking on, followed by Chevy Chase giving his deer-looking-at-the-headlights look and then Paul himself stopping and looking at you. All 3 guys are shown to be crossing the famed Abbey Road in the night time. After the video was over VJ Alan Hunter displayed a copy of the "Abbey Road" album (which shows the 4 Beatles crossing that street in the day time) to show the MTV viewer how Paul "reenacted" a Beatles album cover. And why not? He's in the Fab Four you know.
I Want My MTV Back!
A stupid divorce case that already ended - Paul McCartney
I mean c'mon, shut up about him and Heather Mills, he is the most influential singer ever and all you have to talk about is his divorce?
Bill Braskey
Vegetarianism and Animal Rights - Paul McCartney
McCartney was known for his action for Animal Rights and when he's on tour, he tells the concessions to not serve meat.
Paul Warren
Being 'Dead' - Paul McCartney
In the Beatles, he had a whole bunch of clues of him being dead. They said he was in a car accident 'at 5:00 as the day begins' and was replaced by some guy named William Campbell, better known as Billy Shears.
His Hofner Bass - Paul McCartney
Oh, his left-handed Hofner violin bass!
Paul Is Dead - Paul McCartney (Beatles)
This urban myth got going after the cover of Abbey Road was released depicting John in a white suit, Ringo in a black suit, Paul in a navy blue suit, and George in jeans and a t-shirt.
This started the rumours stirring that Paul had died and it was somebody else was on the cover of Abbey Road.
Revolutionary War Uniforms - Paul Revere & the Raiders
This group was on a lot of Dick Clark-produced shows of the 1960's like "Where the Action Is" and "Happening '68" and their Revolutionary-War costumes made them stand out.
world music experimentation - Paul Simon
Simon and Garfunkel explored Latin American elements on their "Bridge Over Troubled Water" album. Simon scored a big hit with "Mother and Child Reunion" which brought reggae more exposure in North American pop radio. "Late in the Evening" was a salsa-based smash. The classic "Graceland" album explored African styles including "township jive". At the same time the classic "So" album by Peter Gabriel also showcased African music elements.
World Traveller
Passing gas during a radio promo - Paula Abdul
While taping a soundbyte for a radio station, Paula accidentally broke wind in the middle of it. She apologized, then announced to the entire crew that she "farted really loud".
Joining The North Carolina Boycott - Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam joined Bruce Springsteen and others in boycotting North Carolina over their Bathroom laws.
Connections to former NBA player - Pearl Jam
Originally, the band was to be called "Mookie Blaylock" after former NBA point guard Daron "Mookie" Blaylock. The members of Pearl Jam were fans of Blaylock However, the name was later changed due to avoid issues with the then-New Jersey Nets point guard. They did name the album "Ten" after the number Blaylock wore throughout his college and professional career. Also, Blaylock is a fan of their music.
Spinal Tap Syndrome - Pearl Jam
In one of Pearl Jam's first interviews with Much Music Stone Gossard mentioned that they went through "Spinal Tap Syndrome" before they found their drummer.
Suing Tickemaster - Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam singer Eddie Vedder took Ticketmaster court over their ticket pricing policies. Unfortunately he lost in court but Eddie decided to go with another ticket outlet to handle Pearl Jam's U.S. ticket sales.
Turning down a request from PETA - Pet Shop Boys
At one point in their career, Pet Shop Boys were asked for a name change to Rescue Shelter Boys. But they politely turned down the offer.
Archie C.
Censored appearance on "The Smothers Brothers" - Pete Seeger
After he was blacklisted for Communism, Seeger returned to television to guest star on "The Smothers Brothers Show". However, one of his songs "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy" was cut by CBS because they claimed the song would offend then-President Lyndon Johnson.
Mr. Oblivious
Having once supported Communism - Pete Seeger
Seeger's first band, The Almanac Singers had not-so-subtle pro-Communist sympathies with their repertoire of labor anthems. Seeger's political views would come back to haunt him when his next band, the much more innocuous Weavers, were blacklisted for a brief period during the McCarthy era. Seeger only recently apologized for having made statements in support of former Soviet premier Joseph Stalin, claiming that they were hypocritical and born of ignorance.
The Windmill - Pete Townshend
His signature way of guitar playing. Hurts the fingers.
Saying he was a "woman" in an interview. - Pete Townshend
During a 1990 interview, when asked about the interpretation of "Rough Boys" and his sexual orientation, Townshend quoted, (from a book of interviews by Timothy White), "I know how it feels to be a woman, because I am a woman. And I won't be classified as just a man."
British Bullcrap
Being Ashlee Simpson's husband - Pete Wentz
They were married in May 2008, and Pete's dog was the best man.
Marriage to Liza Minnelli - Peter Allen
Peter met Liza through his "mentor" Judy Garland. They married in 1967 but when Liza found out that Peter was considered gay she broke up with him a few years later. They did meet up shortly before Peter's death from an AIDS- related "throat cancer"
KL Fan
Use of a talkbox - Peter Frampton
With this useful gadget, he is applauded for his rather well use of the talkbox. If you don't know what a talkbox is, then you'll be amazed & saying OMG HIS FRIKKEN GUITAR IS FRIKKEN TALKING MAN
The Deke
Deusches Album - Peter Gabriel
In 1982 Peter Gabriel released his 4th solo album. It was untitled just like the previous three but in the US it was titled "Security". Early in 1983 a German language of this album was released under the title "Deusches Album". Some of the tracks were played on US radio. All of Peter's subsequent albums have titles.
Der Kommisahr
Scariest music video ever - Peter Gabriel
The music video for Peter's hit song "Sledgehammer" has given many people horrifying nightmares.
Featured in warning video of a suicide bomber - Petula Clark
To greet the Christmas Morn on December 25, 2010, Anthony Quinn Warner set up an infamous and mysterious suicide bombing in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. A part of the ongoing mystery is how he sought (successfully) to minimize human casualties other than his own, by having the RV, containing his bombs, play a loud warning audio, warning people to evacuate the area because the vehicle was about to explode. He set it up so that in the background of his audio, "Downtown" by Petula Clark was playing. Among the few clues to emerge early on as to his motive is a report that he had a long-standing hatred for police. The event corresponds in time to the near-end to a year in which fierce protests against police actions were common nationwide. How ironic, since a noteworthy result of his act has been how several local police officers were hailed for their heroism in expediting the evacuation!
Karen Smith
Shirtlessness - Phil Collen
I don't think there exists a picture or live clip of Def Leppard's rhythm guitarist in which he is wearing a shirt.
The "In The Air Tonight" urban legend - Phil Collins
After the release of "In The Air Tonight", an urban legend started. It states that Phil was present at the drowning death of someone, but was unable to help. He asks someone closer to help, but the other man refuses and the victim drowns. Phil then writes the song and sends the man tickets to his next show, then sings the song directly to him. The man is overcome with guilt, runs out of the concert, and kills himself. Phil himself says it's not true and doesn't know where it came from.
Brian Kelly
Flip-It Book - Phil Collins
Phil is one of the greatest entertainers of the past 50 years - whether in bands like Flaming Youth, Genesis, Band Aid or Brand X; as a session player or as a solo artist. His 'box set' 'Plays Well With Others' is a 4-CD set of songs from the whole spectrum, from 'Guide Me Orion' from the 1969 album 'Ark 2' by Flaming Youth, to hits such as Frida from ABBA, to Band Aid in 1984, to his jazz combo to Prince's Trust benefits and more. The album is set up like a book with pouches for the CDs and text w/ pictures in between of Phil's illustrious career. On the bottom right corner of each right page there is a hand drawn picture of Phil playing his drums and whistling. If you flip this 'book' you can see it happen in motion! Give it a try.
Sussudio's Boyfriend
Genesis, Solo Career - Phil Collins
In addition to a "face in the crowd" in the movie "A Hard Day's Night", he was an extra in the movie "Chitty, Chitty, Bang, Bang", by his own account
Philip Beach
Appeal to the Ladies - Phil Collins
I saw Phil Collins in concert last October And the Sold Out show featured people from many generations, all races + colors + ethnicities, and both sexes. I heard some individual women shout 'I love you, Phil!'. Of course, when it came to concert swag there were corremorative 2018 Tour t-shirts but there were some women's shirts that had a heart design on front and the title of one of his hits - 'Easy Lover'. Mhm.
Sussudio's Boyfriend
Increasing American Vocabulary - Phil Collins
Phil starred on a MIAMI VICE episode ("Phil the Shill") as a British tax-evading conman and rip-off artist. He was a TV game show host, a televangelist and cocaine dealer. He is credited with introducing the word 'wanker' into the American slang lexicon.
Turn It On, Turn It On Again
Sussudio - Phil Collins
We all know about Phil's #1 hit "Sussudio". BION, there are now women today who have that name. Google it, look in Classmates, look at FB, whatever. That name is there.
Sussudio Is My GF
Having a drummer in a dress - Phish
"Fishman" was usually attired in a loose dress, especially the infamous "Henrietta" with donut-shaped designs, except for a brief period when he experimented with Italian suits.
Calling Out Her Ex-Husband In Her Music Video - Pink
Pink made the video for her new single So What and focused on all of the things that her now ex-husband Carey Hart did to her. The funny thing is that Carey was in on the joke.
Album With Dirty Title - Pink Floyd
The band was under a tight schedule to put out another record before the 60s drewto a close. The double album - one disc new songs, one disc live recordings - was named "Ummagumma" (say "ooma-gooma"). In the band's hometown of Cambridge that word is slang for "having sex". Legend has it that the band members kept saying the F-word in the studio due to the deadline and things got botched up at times. The album was released under that title because "Ummagumma" means nothing elsewhere. Still, imagine the shock when Cambridge people were in the record shops to get the latest from their hometown heroes and ...!
Pink Crane
Everybody Must Get Stoned - Pink Floyd
You see it. You smell it. You breath it. Yes, that girl is there. When you go to a Pink Floyd concert you can count on the presence of Mary Jane. Marijuana smoking is an omniprescent sensation at such an event. There's no getting around it.
Crazee Diamond
Flying Pigs - Pink Floyd
They're inflatable pigs that fly around during their concerts. They also have laser light shows.
The Deke
Being practically invisible - Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd rarely appeared on the covers of their albums. And when they did, the photography was so trippy and/or distorted that your focus was mainly on how weird it was. At their concerts, their light shows and videos and flying inflatable objects were much of the focus. Only people who are REALLY into the band have any kind of idea what the members actually look like.
Still First In Space - Pink Floyd
In late 1988 with the Cold War winding to a peaceful end the U.S.S.R. launched a spacecraft that had a French astronaut as a guest. He brought along for the mission two Pink Floyd albums - "The Dark Side Of the Moon" and the live "Delicate Sound of Thunder". The band members got to witness this historical event and see the famous launch occur. Pink Floyd was invited to perform in the Soviet Union which they did later on. Since that great epic moment Pink Floyd T-shirts (including mine) have said "still first in space" for being the first band to have some of their albums played in outer space. A wonderful time in history.
Crazee Diamond
Their feuding frontmen - Pink Floyd
It's no secret that David Gilmour and Roger Waters have always had a personality clash and cosntantly argued over their creative differences. My favorite instance, even though Waters rubbished the whole thing, is that apparently Waters was so frustrated with David that he hired an artist to draw a picture of David Gilmour's face on every sheet of his toilet paper. I don't think any other rock groups have ever had any band members that disliked eachother so intensely...Yet, when they collaborated together on their music, it was always nothing short of a masterpiece.
Campy singalong time - Pink Floyd
when Pink Floyd plays "Wish You Were Here" in concert David Gilmour often improvises the instrumental "chorus" break by vocalizing scat with sounds like "dah dah dah doo doo doo. Doo doo doo doo..." and the audience sings along.
Crazee Diamond
Flashing Light - Pink Floyd
The 1995 live 2 CD set"Pulse" comes in a slipcase. The first X number of units sold had a constantly pulsing red light on the slipcase spine. It was powered by a chip and eventually all Pulse lights quit flickering (and they did it 24/7/365). Later releases of the album (mine included) don't come with the light.
Crazee Diamond
Awww you said a bad word! - Pink Floyd
We all know about their hit "Money" and how it corrupts the youth's morals with that word "bullsh*t". 1. at a Pink Floyd concert the crowd often chants the verse containing the dirty word, raising their voices in singing: "Don't give me that do goody good BULLSH*T!".
Crazee Diamond
Guest Judge on X Factor - Pixie Lott
In July 2010, Lott appeared as a guest judge for the auditions for the seventh series of The X Factor in Cardiff, covering for Dannii Minogue, who was on maternity leave.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Biggest Jump to NO.1 (UK) - Pixie Lott
Pixie Lott's (UK) single "Boys and Girls" broke the record for a jump within the Top 75 to the No.1 spot in the UK on Septemeber, 19, 2009, when it climbed there from No.73!!!
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Starring in "Fred:The Movie" with Lucas Cruikshank - Pixie Lott
Pixie Lott made her debut in this Nickelodeon movie as Fred Figglehorn's love interest Judy which featured her song "Boys and Girls"
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Smashing TV's and Blowing up cars - The Plasmatics
Smashing TV's, Blowing up cars, ripping up guitars with chain saws, and tons of other mayhem in concert. Nobody in the world rocked harder than Wendy Orlean Williams.
The Skuz
Fashion Sense - Platinum Blond
Platinum Blonde was known for their bleach blonde hair, nice chlothes, and their mascara, eyeliner, and eye shadow.
They were known as a glam rock band.
Starting Out As A Police Cover Band - Platinum Blonde

Platinum Blonde started out in 1982 as a Police cover band and then started interjecting their own songs into the sets as well as Sting's songs. :)
Now Mark isn't sting but this cover is a WOW!
Granting A Dying Teenager Her Wish - Platinum Blonde
"Mary Louise," which is not her real name, a teenaged cancer patient wrote to the local newspapers with a wish. Her wish was granted by the Children's Wish Foundation.
Her dream? To meet Platinum Blonde and to have her favourite song, If You Go This Time, sung just to her.
Sadly "Mary Louise" died at the age of 24 from a brain tumor.
Zombie Apocolypse Video - Platinum Blonde
In Platinum Blonde's latest video Valentine there's a hint of love in the air as a street full of Zombies wreek havoc on Toronto. There's one zombie in particular whom, before being bitten, was getting married.

He then realizes the mistake that he's about to make but makes up his mind to go and find her, bite her, and make her his own.

In my opinion I think Platinum Blonde did the zombie apocolypse thing a bit better than Michael Jackson did.
Being Hated By The Record Industry - Platinum Blonde
Back then the record industry and serious musicians hated Platinum Blonde and thought that they were spoiled brats.
Comparisons to Duran Duran - Platinum Blonde
The comparisions were few and far between but included the fact that they wore nice clothes, had spiky hair, and wore more makeup than most people's mothers did.

Even their music was given the "Duran Duran" stamp of approval even though one band was New Wave and Glam Rock and the other was New Wave and New Romantic music. And yes both bands were fronted by a brit, Mark Holmes for Platinum Blonde, and Simon Le Bon for Duran Duran.
Being mistaken for women - Poison
On the cover of the first album by this all-male Glam Metal band, the musicians were wearing so much makeup that some music fans falsely believed they were women, even after listening to their songs!
Stuart Copeland's Soundtrack Work - The Police
The Police's drummer Stuart Copeland expanded his musical resume in 1998 when he did the soundtrack for the PlayStation exclusive video game "Spyro the Dragon". He did the soundtracks for the series for the first four games until the company decided to go with someone else.
a huge band with robes - Polyphonic Spree
At any given performance, there are at least 20 members of this ecstatic band on-stage. They initially appeared in flowing robes similar to gospel choirs, but have more recently worn matching black, military-like costumes.
Original addressee of "I Will Always Love You" - Porter Wagoner
In 1973, Dolly Parton wrote the song "I Will Always Love You," possibly made more famous later by Whitney Houston. Though many perceive it as a romantic love song, it was not written to be that. Parton and Wagoner were never romantically involved, but were at one time a singing duo. She wrote it as a farewell to him when she was leaving the duo to go solo with her singing.
D. Melody Dole, MD
In 1998, they recorded a cover of Ian Hunter's Cleveland Rocks for then-ABC sitcom "The Drew Carey Show", which is based in Cleveland.
making the South Park theme! - Primius
Les Claypool helped South Park creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker compose the South Park theme song!
Changing his name to an unpronounceable symbol - Prince
In 1993, Prince changed his name to what's known as the Love Symbol and started to be referred to as "The Artist Formerly Known As Prince". Reportedly, he did it as a way of getting out of his contract with Warner Bros because they owned the rights to his name. (How does that happen?)
Brian Kelly
musical genre-spanning genius - Prince
On Thursday April 21, 2016 Prince Rogers Nelson passed away. I heard this news on CD 102.5 which is an 'alternative rock' radio station in Columbus, Ohio. They've played his music before - esp. the experimental and 'left-of-center' stuff he's done. Soon enough, ALL the radio stations across the FM dial were playing Prince's music from his vast catalog exclusively for the rest of the week. That included 99.7 'The Blitz' which specializes in heavy metal + punk + grunge, 'Sunny 95' ('adult contemporary'), EVERYONE. Pundits categorize Prince as a 'funk' or 'R & B' superstar but his music spans in range from hard rock, jazz, folk, punk, heavy metal, orchestral, gospel, new wave, and more and everything he did has a very strong psychedelic edge to it. He is a musical icon of my generation of my generation and beyond and perhaps that's why the whole FM dial played this tribute.
RIP P.R.N. : ...(
'Lovesexy' album cover - Prince
Oh my! Prince is NUDE, sitting on a flower! However he's got one leg propped up enough so you don't see his privates (whew! The morals of America are SAVED once again. LOL).
Astronaut of Love
Continuous Track Sequeing - Prince
The CD version of the 'Lovesexy' album, at least the original 1988 issue - has all the tracks sequenced into one long continuous 'mefley' track, sort of like the Stars On 45 albums of the early 80s were made.
Astronaut of Love
Seoul District Capitalization - Psy
The affluent Gangnam District of Seoul with its designer glass skyscrapers and upscale fashion boutiques is capitalizing on the fame of Psy's "Gangnam Style" viral video, drawing attention to the area in hopes of doubling its tourism business from 800,000 annually to 1.6 million or more! Cardboard and billboard images of Psy have deluged the Gangnam District of which Psy is a native. "Thanks to Psy, even people who don't know South Korea now know Gangnam," said Kim Kwang-soo, who heads the new tourism office. Gangnam is named for the broad Han River from central Seoul as it sits south of it (Gangnam means "south of the river"). The district projects an image of matching the US upper-Middle Class lifestyle with people driving flashy cars, getting plastic surgery, fine dining, and serious partying. Residents like the idea of promoting Psy's video decadence but also want to balance it out with Korean traditional values.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
First to 1 billion hits on YouTube - Psy
On December 21, 2012, Psy's "Gangnam Style" became the first YouTube video to reach 1 billion hits.
1 Billion YouTube Hits - Psy
The viral video for Psy's "Gangnam Style" has surpassed Justin Bieber's "Baby" as the most viewed clip of all time on YouTube with 1Billion hits. That puts the video over 200 million hits over "Baby." Psy has remarked that he "never imagined "Gangnam Style" would reach 1 million views, let alone 1 billion views!" He's surely not the only one.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Inspiring a classic movie - The Psychedelic Furs
The 1986 John Hughes movie "Pretty In Pink", was inspired by the Furs' song of the same name and the band contributed a re-recorded version of that song to the film's soundtrack.
Winning Amnesty International Award - Pussy Riot
Yoko Ono and Amnesty International awarded the Russian punk band Pussy Riot this year's LennonOno grant for peace. Ono presented the award to Pyotr Verzilov, husband of Nadia Tolokonnikova- one of three imprisoned members of Pussy Riot sentenced in August to two years in prison for performing a song mocking Russian President Vladimir Putin inside Moscow's main cathedral. The LennonOno Grant for Peace is given every two years in dedication to peace and human rights. Pussy Riot won on grounds of freedom of speech.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Fleeing Russia - Pussy Riot
Two Pussy Riot rockers have left Russia to avoid prosecution for the band's "punk prayer." The pair who fled have not yet been named but the husband of one of the jailed women said the duo had taken part in the cathedral protest in February. Here are the names of Pussy Riot: Maria Alyokhina, Nadezhda Tolokonnikova and Yekaterina Samutsevich. The three of them were found guilty of "hooliganism motivated by religious hatred" and jailed for two years. The Twitter account called Pussy Riot Group said: "In regard to the pursuit, two of our members have successfully fled the country! They are recruiting foreign feminists to prepare new actions!" Russian authorities are hunting for them...
Robert D. Arndt Jr.

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