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Where have all the soldiers gone?
Long time passing.
Where have all the soldiers gone?
Long time ago.
Where have all the soldiers gone?
They've gone to graveyards every one.
Oh, when will they ever learn?
Oh, when will they ever learn?

- Pete Seeger - Where Have All the Flowers Gone?

Submitted by: LucidLupin
Education is when you read the fine print;
experience is what you get when you don't.
- Pete Seeger

Use a Song Title to Answer a Different Song:

Song & Band Name
Song & Band Name
"Railroad Song," Lynyrd Skynyrd"I've Been Working On The Railroad," Pete Seeger
"Get Up And Go," Hanson"My Get Up And Go Has Got Up And Went," Pete Seeger
"Everybody Loves Saturday Night," Pete Seeger"I Don't," Danielle Peck
"Everybody Loves Saturday Night," Pete Seeger"Not Me," The Orlons
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Remove a Letter From a Song Title:

"Raft Dodger Rag" originally "Draft Dodger Rag"
Ava Rice
"Daft Dodger Rag" originally "Draft Dodger Rag"
Ava Rice

Add a Letter to a Song Title:

"Old Dana Tucker" originally "Old Dan Tucker"
A gender change by adding a letter
Scarlett Lopez
"Everybody Gloves Saturday Night" originally "Everybody Loves Saturday Night"
Yvette Bristle
"Everybody Loves Saturday Knight" originally "Everybody Loves Saturday Night"
Yvette Bristle
"Draft Dodger Rage" originally "Draft Dodger Rag"
Ava Rice
"Draft Dodger Drag" originally "Draft Dodger Rag"
Ava Rice

Change a Letter:

"Old Dan Tucked" originally "Old Dan Tucker"
What did he tuck?
Jessica Childress
"Old Don Tucker" originally "Old Dan Tucker"
Jessica Childress
"Odd Dan Tucker" originally "Old Dan Tucker"
Jessica Childress
"Old Jan Tucker" originally "Old Dan Tucker"
Scarlett Lopez
"Old Man Tucker" originally "Old Dan Tucker"
Scarlett Lopez

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Song Parody Lyrics:

Original Song Name
Parody Song Name
Parody Author
"Where Have All the Flowers Gone?""Where has Neurosyphilis Gone?"Giorgio Coniglio
"Waist Deep in the Big Muddy""Waist Deep In The Obama"CryHavoc
"The Farmer is the Man (Who Feeds Us All)""This Charmer is the Man (Who Speeds Our Fall)"Barry J. Mitchel
"Where Have All The Flowers Gone?""Where Has Cindy Sheehan Gone?"Brock O'Brahma
"Where Have All The Flowers Gone""Where Have All The Despots Gone"Onslaught
"Waist Deep In the Big Muddy""If Pete Seeger Wrote "The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald""Michael Pacholek
"If I Had a Hammer""If I Had a Hammock"Susanna Viljanen
"Where Have All the Flowers Gone?""Where Have All the Flounders Gone?"John A. Barry
"Guantanamera""Doggone Unmerry"John A. Barry
"Guantanamera""Cuando Camino"John A. Barry

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Songs for Duets, That Haven't Been Done Yet:

First Band/Song Name
Second Band/Song Name
New Song Name
You Had Me
   Joss Stone
All Mixed Up
   Pete Seeger
You Had Me All Mixed Up

Misheard Lyrics:

"Old Dan Tucker"
Misheard Lyrics:
You're too late, steak for supper.
Supper's over and breakfast's in.
Original Lyrics:
You're too late to stay for supper.
Supper's over and breakfast's cooking.
"Old Dan Tucker"
Misheard Lyrics:
Died with a toothpick in his heel
Original Lyrics:
Died with a toothache in his heel
"Abiyoyo Returns"
Misheard Lyrics:
Original Lyrics:
Misheard Lyrics:
One tiny mirror
One ton tomato
Original Lyrics:
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Songs That Open With Their Titles:

"Little Boxes"
Opening Lines:
Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes made of ticky tacky
Submitted by: Candy Welty
"Where Have All The Flowers Gone?"
Opening Lines:
Where have all the flowers gone, long time passing?
"Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" was written by folk singer and writer, Pete Seeger early in the Vietnam War era, before many protests even started. It started to become a protest song when Peter, Paul & Mary recorded it in 1962 for their first lp, and then sang it at several protests that associated the Vietnam War uneven drafting system (of aiming at poor and usually more black young men) with the Civil Rights movement. In the fall 1965, Johnny Rivers would record a more uptempo version of "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" (I have it on CD and also as an old 45 rpm and I think it's wonderful, although Rivers says he wasn't fond of his version) that fit into much of the angst that was just beginning to become even more outspoken protests about the Vietnam War in the last half of the 1960's, into the early 1970's. Other artists have also covered "Where Have All The Flowers Gone?" (Judy Collins' version is probably one of the most poignant versions) and it still serves as a template for anti-War protests songs.
Submitted by: Peter

Songs That Are Banned:

"Waist Deep In The Big Muddy"
After being invited by the Smother Brothers to perform this anti-Vietnam War anthem on their television show, in 1968, Pete Seeger is edited out of the program by the censors at CBS television.
Submitted by: Peter

Crime Records:

"Contempt of Congress"
Mr. Seeger was charged with contempt of congress in the mid-'50s due to his artful dodging of questions during a hearing before the House Un-American Activities Committee, which was investigating Seeger's suspected ties to Communist and Communism-sympathetic organizations. Charges were dropped before any sentence was handed down.
Submitted by: Raphael

What A Band is Best Known For (aside from their music):

"Censored appearance on "The Smothers Brothers""
After he was blacklisted for Communism, Seeger returned to television to guest star on "The Smothers Brothers Show". However, one of his songs "Waist Deep In The Big Muddy" was cut by CBS because they claimed the song would offend then-President Lyndon Johnson.
Submitted by: Mr. Oblivious
"Having once supported Communism"
Seeger's first band, The Almanac Singers had not-so-subtle pro-Communist sympathies with their repertoire of labor anthems. Seeger's political views would come back to haunt him when his next band, the much more innocuous Weavers, were blacklisted for a brief period during the McCarthy era. Seeger only recently apologized for having made statements in support of former Soviet premier Joseph Stalin, claiming that they were hypocritical and born of ignorance.
Submitted by: Raphael

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