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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Entries Beginning with H

Being narcisistic - Hannah Montana
In pretty much all of her songs, she reveals that she thinks she's going to be the next John Lennon, bragging about herself and singing about it, even though she's just going to be a member of the "Forgotten Celebrities", which consists of Brittany Spears, Hillary Duff, the Backstreet Boys, N-Sync, and hopefully Katy Perry.
Being the best underage female drummer - Hannah of "Burning Moose"
Even though she played guitar in "Burning Moose," most people say that she's a much better drummer.
Being student-body vice president at her school - Hannah of "Burning Moose"
During the 2007-2008 school year.
Not performing live - Harry Nilsson
When someone asks about live performances, he says "I don't".
Paul Warren
Dying in same plane crash with Patsy Cline - Hawkshaw Hawkins
Patsy Cline's short singing career before she died in a plane crash on March 5, 1963 was sufficient to make her an enduring country music legend. Two other country singers died in the same crash, one of whom was Hawkshaw Hawkins. His career never made him so well known, and today he is probably more often mentioned for how he died along with Patsy Cline than for his music in its own right.
Regina Haniger
Free/Benefit Concerts in the UK and Europe. - Hawkwind
The band Hawkwind has and continues to perform gigs for free, never forgetting their fans and supporters and benefit concerts (recently for the school where his son attended). Their gigs are often a crowd of glassy eyed space cadets, but they are always child friendly and family oriented. They also do a lot of benefits for the good of the planet. Good Job.
Wade Brock
Songs in 2 sports game soundtracks in 2004 - Hazen Street
Maybe not so special, since other artists have done it, but what makes "Fool the World" and "Back Home" in 2004 impressive is that the two were from different companies (EA and 2K)...during the height of the EA Sports-2K Sports rivalry.
He was announce years ago to have HIV.
Stage names and unique hockey masks - Hollywood Undead
Every member has a hockey mask of different colors and designs. They also go by the stage names Charlie Scene, Da Kurlzz, Danny, Funny Man, J-Dog, Johnny 3 Tears, and the recently departed Deuce.
Becoming A Real-Estate Mogul - Howie Dorough
Howie spent the Backstreet Boys hiatus buying condos in Coco Beach, Florida.

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