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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Entries Beginning with E

Joe Walsh in Madden NFL 10 - The Eagles
The Eagles guitarist Joe Walsh appeared in Madden NFL 10 as a 29-year-old free agent wide receiver from Kent State. Kent State gave him an honorary degree in 2001.
Getting Caught In the Middle of a Terrorist Attack - Eagles of Death Metal
In November of 2015, terrorists attacked several locations in Paris including a concert hall where the Eagles of Death Metal were giving a concert. Dozens of their fans were killed, but the band survived.
Brian Kelly
Selling a Song Name on a Shirt - Electric Light Orchestra
Last night I fulfilled a t(w)een dream and went to a wonderful concert featuring the Electric Light Orchestra (due to British rock'n'roll legalities, a.k.a. 'business shit', it's called 'Jeff Lynne's ELO' now. No matter.). The opening guest was Dhani Harrison, who is the bright talented son of a guy named George who in turn was in a band called the Beatles. Ever heard of them? Anyway, the swag booths were selling T-shirts and some of the ELO shirts featured that famous logo starship of theirs. They also sold some women's shirts with the title of one of their hits on the front - 'Evil Woman'. I saw that and I literally LMFAO until I nearly got sick, right in the waiting line. Honest!
James Wilbury
Coffee ad on TV! - Electric Light Orchestra
"Hold On Tight To Your Dreams" was a top 10 hit for ELO in the autumn of 1981. Ironically enough, this song was played as background music for TV ads by the American Board to Promote Coffee Drinking (something like that). A narrator would discuss about the energy-giving qualities and warmth (and coziness!) you can get from a cup o' jack. Later on, the narration was done by Ann and Nancy Wilson (HEART). The ad would be about "Heart mixes a new record" and would show a backstage view of a Heart show. The ad would still feature the classic ELO hit, however and not a Heart hit. The ad would end with Ann exiting a limo with a bouquet of flowers and she'd quip, "Keep rockin'!". These ads were aired until about 1986. Radio DJs sometimes referred to this song as "that coffee drinking song". STRANGE BUT TRUE.
Interstellar Coffee Drinker Extraordinaire
Is It a UFO? No, It's ELO! - Electric Light Orchestra
I was reading an article in "Dynamite" magazine (for tweens) with the title "Is It a UFO? No, It's ELO!". It described the props for their tremendous groundbreaking 1977-1978 tour. They would use a huge model starship adorned with "ELO" in lights. A huge platform would descend with the band playing on it. Local police got calls of UFO sightings! The 'starship' couldn't really fly, and the band stated that it was hot and dirty inside of it. Laser beams were also used for the shows, which was a novelty at the time.
ELO is Dy-No-Mite!
Bellybuttons! - Electric Light Orchestra
On the cover of their album "On the Third Day" (US release) the members of ELO pose for the front cover and pulling up their shirts to expose their bellybuttons! Don't ask me why. British humor, perhaps?
Lift Up Your Shirts!
Royals Wedding Reception Performance - Ellie Goulding
Ellie Goulding, age 26, sang at Prince Williams and Kate Middleton's wedding reception with a cover of Elton John's song "Your Song" for their first dance. "They were sweet and sent me letters afterward to thank me," the "Anything Can Happen" singer says. "I never thought in a million years I'd step inside Buckingham Palace, let alone perform for the Royal Family."
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Eyeglasses - Elton John
During the 70's, Elton had a collection of hundreds of pairs of prescription glasses with wild frames. He had all those glasses to match his outlandish stage outfits.
Martha Hankins
Charity work - Elton John
His AIDS foundation has been around since 1992.
Glasses - Elton John
Kray-zay glasses
Naming His Tour Pianos - Elton John
Elton John has five 9-foot long Yamaha grand pianos, each of which he has named and he takes different ones on various legs of his world tour. He just returned from S America, where he played on Aretha, Kay, and a red piano called Nikita. He is now in the US with Nina while his fifth, Winifried, is in Europe! ~ Parade Magazine
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Costumes - Elton John
Every Concert that Elton John performs, he usually doesn't wear the same clothes as the last concert.
Paul Warren
Nearly Scotching His Career - Elvis Costello
In March 1979 Elvis Costello was in a Holiday Inn bar in Columbus, Ohio and he was slushed big time and in an argument with Stephen Stills and Bonnie Bramlett. he referred to Ray Charles a “blind, ignorant n***er” and James Brown a “jive-ass n***er.” This got printed and his reputation was in danger. He apologized and made a lame excuse of "trying to get out of a stupid conversation". He then participated in the charity event “Rock Against Racism”, which he had done before and since. Ray Charles expressed forgiveness by saying that "drunken talk shouldn't be printed".
American Attraction
Being banned from SNL - Elvis Costello
Elvis Costello & the Attractions were banned from Saturday Night Live for 20 years for performing "Radio Radio" instead of "Less Than Zero" in a 1977 episode.
Fake songwriting credits - Elvis Presley
It's commonly mentioned, he'd no part in writing even the songs he got credit for. Of course, there's no proof it's true.
Hip Swiveling - Elvis Presley
When he first appeared on the Milton Berle Show Elvis was swiveling his hips and dancing, which was touted by parent's groups as being obsene, and pan mail came into Milton's show.

Ed Sullivan vowed to never have Elvis on his show until a compromise was reached. Ed would have Elvis on the show but he would be filmed from the waist up.
His White Outfit - Elvis Presley
He often gets parodied by people by them wearing white outfit.
Eating Fried Peanut Butter and Banana Sanwiches - Elvis Presley
Elvis was a fan of these sandwiches and would spend his wages on his hit song "Hound Dog" for peanut butter and bananas....Probably for his sandwiches that he loves.
Paul Warren
Mama's boyhood - Elvis Presley
Presley was his mother's son in too many more ways than can be counted in any one post, up to and including how the exact causes of each of their respective deaths remained undetermined, even as of 2020.
Parker Gabriel
Sara Palin - Eminem
In a music video of his, Eminem not only mentioned Sarah Palin, but also had a very close look-a-like to her in the same video. I think it was for "Rock Star Love"
Drug Use - Eminem
In 1999, he kept referring to drugs, like in Role Model he says "Smoke w**d, take pills" and in Kill You in 2000 he says "I invented violence you venomous volatile b****es, Vain Vicodin"
His chainsaw and hockey mask - Eminem
Several times at concert, he went onto stage wearing a hockey mask (a la Jason Voorhees) and running a live chainsaw (a la Leatherface)
Bad childhood - Eminem
He's trademarked with having a bad childhood by having to move often.
Appearing to fall asleep during a video - Emma Anderson of Lush
In the video for the song "Nothing Natural", Emma, one of the guitarists and back-up vocalist for Lush, appears in some shots to have closed her eyes in slumber, slightly leaning toward Miki Berenyi for support as they are singing. Someone said it may have been the air coming from an oversized fan that resulted in Emma's eyes blinking. Check it out on You Tube, then judge for yourself.
British Bullcrap
Living in a castle - Enya
Enya lives in Manderley Castle, a Victorian castle in southern Ireland.
Tragic death - Eric Carr
KISS drummer Eric Carr lost his battle with cancer on November 24th, 1991. He was only 41.
Anger Issues - Eric Church
Eric Church expects to be angry when he steps out on the stage to perform during the CMAs. In the last 18 mos Church claims that Music City has labeled him an outsider and has shunned him for his hard-edge sound, lack of hits, and even his choice of eyewear! Church goes on to complain that "When I walk on stage I carry all the times that other artists got other things, we couldn't get a song played because of who were were vs the song's merits, or the times we had to play 12, 13 days and still were broke." Church remains angry despite nominations, but maintains that his anger makes him "a better performer" with an unwillingness to compromise.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
aviator sunglasses - Eric Church
Church wears his signature aviator sunglasses as a result of having problems with his contact lenses which dried up in his eyes due to the heat of the stage lights. Once Church became a mainstream act, the aviators and trucker hat became his signature look.

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