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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Entries Beginning with F

Celebrity Ice Skating - f(x)
From May 2011 through August 2011, Krystal appeared as a contestant on Kim Yuna's celebrity ice skating show, "Kim Yuna's Kiss and Cry." After consistently scoring near the top of the competition, Krystal and her partner Lee Don Hun won the show with their flawless performance of "Carmen." Krystal and Lee Don Hun were later invited to participate in "Kim Yuna's Ice Show--All That Skate Summer 2011" on August 14th and 15th.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Performing in Korean Variety Shows - f(x)
From May 2010, f(x) members started to appear in variety show on regular basis. Victoria was casted in We Got Married to become a couple with Nichkhun from 2PM. They have been on the show since. She was also casted as regular member of Invincible Youth, and appeared in the show until it ended in December 2010. Luna appeared in Star King and became regular member of the show. She went on to win "New Star" award in 2010 SBS Entertainment Award (2010). Sulli was casted as the co-host of Inkigayo along with Jo Kwon from 2AM and Jung Yong Hwa of C.N.Blue. She is still hosting the show with Jo Kwon, along with new co-hosts IU and Lee Gi Kwang
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Going apshit on a fan for grabbing at her husband - Faith Hill
Faith hill gave a fan a good talking to about grabbing her husband Tim McGraw's goods at a concert saying: "Someone needs to teach you some class my friend! You don't go grabbing someone else's husband's balls. Do you understand me? That's very disrespectful!"
Surviving Katrina - Fats Domino
When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, Fats went missing and was presumed dead. A bit later, he was found alive and rescued from his flooded home.
Hypnotherapy and Crystal Meths use - Fergie
Before Fergie was a Black Eyed Peas member, she had poor run as a child actress for Wild Orchid from 1991-2001. After the 3rd album canceled release, she left the group and became addicted to crystal meths.

She uses hypnotherapy to beat her crytal meth addiction and she still use that today. She said on Times magazine that quitting crystal meth is "the hardest boyfriend I ever had to break up with".
Rocky Mak
Wetting herself in concert - Fergie
Fergie had an accident during a concert in San Diego. While she originally denied it, she eventually confessed
Wearing clocks around his neck - Flavor Flav
Of course Flavor Flav is a member of Public Enemy.
Their lead singer's hairstyle - A Flock Of Seagulls
Come on, you've seen it.
Brian Kelly
Having a former Nirvana member - The Foo Fighters
Dave Grohl, former drummer of Nirvana, formed this band after Cobain's death, using material he was reluctant to share (worried about "ruining the chemistry"). Krist Novosellic (also from Nirvana) was considered as a bandmate (Grohl didn't want it to be a solo project), but there was a concern they'd be seen as "a reincarnation of Nirvana." However, despite his efforts, many people do think of Foo Fighters as "the band with a Nirvana member in it."
The Van Accident - For Squirrels
The band was returning from a concert when their van was involved in an accident, killing lead singer Jack Vigliatura, bassist Bill White, and tour manager Tim Bender.
Brian Kelly
Being the only beardless member of ZZ Top - Frank Beard
This drummer of ZZ Top is the only member to not have a beard, but he says that he already has one for a last name (although he did briefly have one in the 90's).
Being the only member without a beard - Frank Beard of ZZ Top
Despite his surname, Frank Beard is the only member of ZZ Top without a beard. His fellow musicians, Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, are known for their long, scraggly beards.
Rock Maninoff
Coming Out as Gay - Frank Ocean
Frank Ocean, a rising R&B singer known for his single "Novacane" and self-released album "Nostaligia ULTRA" announced on his Tumblr page that his first love was a man. That puts him in a dangerous position in the world or rap where anti-Gay sentiments have long been part of the regular vocabulary. He was part of the hip-hop collective Odd Future and was prominently featured on Jay-Z and Kanye West's "Watch the Throne" album. Ocean writes on his post: "I don't have any secrets I need to keep anymore... I feel like a free man. If I listen closely. I can hear the sky falling too."
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Getting cut-off at the Grammy's - Frank Sinatra
Sinatra made a speech for receiving the Legend Award, but his speech ran a little too long which puzzled Sinatra.
Paul Warren
Concert Antics - Frank Zappa
In addition to tight musicianship, the Frank Zappa and Mothers of Invention concerts were renowned for wacky on-stage goofiness in concerts: from bizarre costume changes, to improvised theater, to simple repetitions of familiar phrases like "Book 'em Danno!" or "Mary Mother & Joseph!" Often Zappa would introduce "The Secret Word" for the evening, based on current events or whatever was happening with the band that day.
In 1984 and 1985 Frankie Goes To Hollywood made quite a stir. Their most notorious hit, "Relax" hit the Top 10 all over the planet (#1 in their native UK). They put out merchandise to stoke the hype. There were T-shirts that said, "Frankie Says: Relax. Don't Do It." Another design just said "Relax". David Bowie in his 20-odd minute video mini-movie "Jazzing For Blue Jean" which promoted his big hit "Blue Jean" wears a "Relax" shirt. Another Frankie T-shirt said "Frankie Says: War! Hide Yourselves". However a backlash to this trend appeared in mid 1985 - a T - shirt that said, "Who Gives A Fuck What Frankie Says?"
Florida Sun
Nudity - Frankmusik
Vincent Frank posed nude for Gay AMX magazine in 2008.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Loving cats - Freddie Mercury
He had at least seven cats and a song that he wrote, Delilah, is about his favourite cat. Ironically, Rami Malek, who played him in Bohemian Rhapsody, is allergic to cats!
Extraordinary + Mysterious Past - Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury (real name "Farrokh Bulsara") was the lead singer of Queen. He was an ethnic Parsi who had grown up in India and Zanzibar. When he was 17 he along with his family emigrated to the UK to escape political and ethnic violence as British colonial power in the island was weakening and a revolution was brewing there fast. The Bulsara family moved into a house in the Feltham neighborhood in London - only a few hundred yards away from where a fellow student and future astrophysicist named Brian May lived. As Paul Harvey used to say on the radio, "and now you know the rest of the story".
Zorro Aster Knot
Dying of AIDS - Freddie Mercury
In the year 1991
His teeth - Freddie Mercury
Despite being called "Bucky" as a child due to being born with extra teeth that contributed to his famous overbite, he never actually got them removed throughout his life out of fear it would affect his vocal range
Being replaced by Mick Jagger for "State Of Shock" - Freddie Mercury
The song was originally recorded with Mercury and Michael Jackson. But the Jacksons used the version with Michael and Mick Jagger when recording the song for the "Victory" album.
Keeping His Sexual Orientation To Himself - Freddie Mercury
Freddie Mercury, the lead singer of Queen, had always kept his sexual orientation hidden from the public. This was because he didn't want the fact that he was gay and H.I.V. positive to overshadow his musical talent. On November 23, 1991 he announced to the world that he was gay and had tested positive for the A.I.D.S. virus and on November 24, 1991 he passed away.
War Child - Frida (of ABBA)
In 1940 during World War 2 the Nazis invaded and overran Norway. Some of the occupying Nazis had sexual encounters with collaborating local women. Some other Nazis raped Norwegian women. Frida was born from one such sexual action. After the war Norwegian society tended to ignore such war children and Frida was later adopted and raised by a family in Sweden where she became a citizen and went on to fame.
Super Trouper 80

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