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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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rejecting awards from the queen - David Bowie
it's said he was chosen for an OBE as well as being knighted, but turned both down as it wasn't what he worked for.
Guitarist's Beard - Cheap Trick
In the mid 90s to the mid 00s or so guitarist Rick Neilson sported a very thin mustache and a beard that tapered to a LOOOOOOOOOOOONG thread that had a bag (teabag?) dangling from it. Sometime in the 00s decade he shaved it off and sold the shavings and bag on E-Bay and donated all the proceeds to charity.
I've Seen Cheap Trick Live 5X!
Naughty, Naughty! - Cheap Trick
The 'Music For Hangovers' CD has a white-on-grayish image of a bartender serving drinks to 4 women sitting on barstools - and they are NUDE! Naughty, Naughty!
I Saw Cheap Trick Live 5X!
Catalog Dispute - Cheap Trick
Their 1999 live CD 'Music For Hangovers' is listed as CT's SECOND official (authorized) live release. Before the Trick (and other bands) were dumped by the major record labels in the big mid 90s reshuffling, their old company Epic released 'Budokan II' in 1993. The CD tray for 'Music For Hangovers' lists their whole authorized catalog, without 'Budokan II' and it lists 2 authorized videos. The comes the disclaimer: BUYER BEWARE!: Any other Cheap Trick releases are unauthorized and not sanctioned by the band. BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!'. The CD tray of the next album, 'Special One' from 2003 shows a panorama of authorized Cheap Trick albums incl. the 1980 EP 'Found All the Parts' but still no 'Budokan II'. Strange enough, some (but not all) of the tracks of that album appear on the 1998 2-CD set 'At Budokan: The Complete Concert' which IS listed as 'authorized' (the 1979 classic 'At Budokan' being the first).
I Saw Cheap Trick Live 5X!
Acting - Noah Reid
Actor/singer Noah Reid is a musician but also stars on the CBC series Schitt's Creek, Patrick. a love interest of David Rose played by Dan Levy.
All 50 States in 50 Nights - George Thorogood and the Destroyers
George Thorogood and the Destroyers were a guest opening act for the Rolling Stones on their famous autumn 1981 US tour. Sometime after opening for the Stones George Thorogood and the Destroyers played a headlining tour of their own. They played a single gig in every US state, covering all US states in a 50-day span with no nights off. In mid 1982 the band would become legendary with their signature song 'Bad To The Bone'.
I Got Stoned 2X At Ohio State University
Hammerman - M.C. Hammer
Remember that cartoon that aired for a single season that starred M.C. Hammer as a superhero with magical shoes? Good! I don't either. It was, actually, a cartoon "acid trip" that never should have made it past the brainstorming sessions however it did air from 1991-1992. Sorry, Hammer!
Being the only member without a beard - Frank Beard of ZZ Top
Despite his surname, Frank Beard is the only member of ZZ Top without a beard. His fellow musicians, Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill, are known for their long, scraggly beards.
Rock Maninoff
Living Not Far Away From His Song Writting Partner - Daryl Hall (Hall and Oates)
According to an episode of Behind The Music, Daryl Hall and John Oates lived on the same block growing up. When they went to college, where they became roommates and friends.
Tours with some of Europe's best bands - Vixen
These four female rockers played live as a supporting act for (West) Germany's Scorpions and Sweden's Europe in 1989, and England's Deep Purple in 1991. Later, in 2005, they coheadlined with their fellow female quartet, Girlschool, also from England, for some performances there.
Joey F.
An incident while appearing on Top of the Pops - All About Eve
In early August 1988, the band were about to perform their biggest hit on live television (at the time, the BBC had a rule on Top of the Pops that all artists mimed), but a technical fault meant that although the song could be heard by the studio audience and the millions of viewers in their homes, the band's stage speakers were turned off meaning for the majority of the performance they were just sitting and smiling at the camera. The following week, the band were invited back and singer Julianne Regan chose to sing live; this was rare for an artist to do at the time.
Joey F.
Snorting Song - Son Volt
Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones claimed a few years ago that he snorted up some cocaine with his father's ashes mixed with it! Of course he may have just been saying that, who knows? A movie that he played a cameo role in was about to be released. Anyway, Son Volt wrote the song 'Cocaine and Ashes' about this. It's on their 2009 CD 'American Central Dust'.
Sun Snorter
3 Shows, 3 Continents, 1 Day - Def Leppard
Def Leppard entered the Guinness Book of World Records by performing three concerts on three continents in one day (Tangiers, Morocco; London, England; and Vancouver, Canada) - October 23, 1995. Africa, Europe, North America. Is this what Prince had in mind when he wrote 'Around the World in One Day'?
Major Jet Lag City Boy
Took hiatus from singing due to Lyme disease - Avril Lavigne
She is fighting Lyme disease, and that has caused a hiatus in her singing career.
Richard Wetfuss
Original addressee of "I Will Always Love You" - Porter Wagoner
In 1973, Dolly Parton wrote the song "I Will Always Love You," possibly made more famous later by Whitney Houston. Though many perceive it as a romantic love song, it was not written to be that. Parton and Wagoner were never romantically involved, but were at one time a singing duo. She wrote it as a farewell to him when she was leaving the duo to go solo with her singing.
D. Melody Dole, MD
musical genre-spanning genius - Prince
On Thursday April 21, 2016 Prince Rogers Nelson passed away. I heard this news on CD 102.5 which is an 'alternative rock' radio station in Columbus, Ohio. They've played his music before - esp. the experimental and 'left-of-center' stuff he's done. Soon enough, ALL the radio stations across the FM dial were playing Prince's music from his vast catalog exclusively for the rest of the week. That included 99.7 'The Blitz' which specializes in heavy metal + punk + grunge, 'Sunny 95' ('adult contemporary'), EVERYONE. Pundits categorize Prince as a 'funk' or 'R & B' superstar but his music spans in range from hard rock, jazz, folk, punk, heavy metal, orchestral, gospel, new wave, and more and everything he did has a very strong psychedelic edge to it. He is a musical icon of my generation of my generation and beyond and perhaps that's why the whole FM dial played this tribute.
RIP P.R.N. : ...(
Yugoslavia Touring - The Ramones
The Communist government of Yugoslavia stepped out of power in January 1990 and the almost-constantly touring Ramones jumped on the opportunity and played some gigs in that country in 1990 and 1991, merely months before the violent breakup wars began.
I Saw the Ramones Live 4X!
Yugoslavia Pre-Breakup Tour - Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine
When the Communist government of Yugoslavia stepped down from power in January 1990, this led provisions for free elections in all 6 constituent republics and oblasts. The band Carter the USM was touring Yugoslavia in the spring of 1991 and already they could sense the extreme ethnic tensions boiling in that country, even amongst their audiences. They would be one of the last bands to tour that region for several years.
1991 - The Year Yugoslavia Broke (Up)
RCA Logo Parody - Def Leppard
The debut album from Def Leppard is the 'Def Leppard EP' released in 1979 and the album cover is a parody of the painting His Master's Voice (the logo used by RCA which depicts a dog named Nipper listening to a Victrola record player), with a leopard in place of the dog.
Hearing Leopard
'Lovesexy' album cover - Prince
Oh my! Prince is NUDE, sitting on a flower! However he's got one leg propped up enough so you don't see his privates (whew! The morals of America are SAVED once again. LOL).
Astronaut of Love

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