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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Abusive marriage - Tina Turner
She's thankfully been separated from Ike Turner since 1978, but their marriage was rocky from the start.
Having an one armed drummer - Def Leppard
Rick Allen lost his arm in a car accident in 1984 because of an infection after, so he's learned to work around that by playing with his feet and remaining arm.
Stepping away from performing - John Deacon
While Queen's bassist and one of it's founding members is still very much alive and well, he now lives a very private life in South London because Freddie's death affected him too much to play anymore.
Throwing up on stage - Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber got sick at one of his concerts and tossed his milk on stage. After purging himself, he continued his performance.
Lance Crackers
Wearing sunglasses all the time - Bono
U2's front man suffers from glaucoma, which makes his eyes really sensitive to light, so he wears glasses to help with that.
Wearing a bandana - Stevie Van Zandt
He was in a car accident that left his head horribly scarred up, so he wears something to cover it at all times.
Loving cats - Freddie Mercury
He had at least seven cats and a song that he wrote, Delilah, is about his favourite cat. Ironically, Rami Malek, who played him in Bohemian Rhapsody, is allergic to cats!
Being happily married - Jon Bon Jovi
He married his high school sweetheart in Vegas in 1989. It must have worked out well for them, because they're still together after four kids and 34 years.
Retiring from their band. - Alan Doyle and Sean McCan (Great Big Sea)
In 2013 an agreement between Alan Doyle and Sean McCan was reached that the band Great Big Sea would be retired along with the name Great Big Sea.
Explicit Content - John Lennon
Not in the lyrical content, no no. After John was murdered in late 1980, there was another album's worth of songs ready to go. They were already finished and ready for future release. However, John's murder delayed all that. His current album 'Double Fantasy' went to #1 and ran its course in several nations throughout the world. Many Lennon solo/Beatle - influenced (and tribute) songs came out in the meantime by various artists like the STARS ON 45, Phil Collins, Elton John, Roxy Music, all three surviving Beatles and many more. That went on until about early 1983. Then in early 1984 the 'new' material came out as the album 'Milk and Honey'. John scored a posthumous Top 5 hit with 'Nobody Told Me' during the winter of 1984. IMHO this album is far better than 'Double Fantasy' is. The artistic and musical eccentricities that Yoko Ono is (in)famous for are kept at a TUNEFUL level on the 1984 release. Trust me. A few years ago his (their) catalog was reissued/remade/remodeled/remastered in better quality CD format (in digipak form, YES!!!). The cover shows the two smooching again (mirror image) just like 'Double Fantasy'. Now open up the digipak and you see John looking and smiling at YOU and he's on top a giggling Yoko; they are NAKED. You only see them from the waist up (yes, you see Yoko's melons too) but you can figure out the rest. ESS EE EX. I'm not a prude but I've seen plenty of that stuff in real life and we didn't really need to see this, did we?
Keep It 2 Urselves Next time, OK?
Honoring His Mom - Lenny Kravitz
When Lenny's contract ended in 2000, the record company he was signed to from 1989 - 1999 put out a greatest hits album. That CD went to #2 on the charts despite all the deluge and crap that was out there at the time. He even had another #2 hit single from that CD as well. He was now free to shop around for another label to sign to, or even start his own. He went the latter way, his recent CDs are under his own label - 'Roxey Records' which he named after his recently deceased mother Roxie Roker Kravitz, an actress who starred in the TV show 'The Jeffersons'.
I Remember The Jeffersons
Being a Jays fan - Geddy Lee (Rush)
He did grow up in Toronto and apparently is a season ticket holder.
Having one of his most famous songs misinterpreted - Bruce Springsteen
Bruce wrote Born In the USA about how terribly Vietnam vets were treated when they came back home and it's really dark stuff. However, Republicans have widely taken it to be a patriotic song without so much as reading the lyrics
Very oily video, too oily - AC/DC
The song 'Cover You in Oil' has sexual connotations in the lyrics, like many AC/DC songs do. But while the video shows a number of sexy women, they are all working on motor vehicles and getting MOTOR oil, engine part grease and machine lubricants on their faces, in the hair, on their clothes, all over their bodies! Not very sexy, is it? While there is a very brief scene of the three ladies washing off in bathtubs, this isn't the kind of OIL you want to be 'covering' your lover in, is it? Yeeeccchhh.
Mechanical Operator
Slapping Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards - Will Smith
The greatest moment in television history.
Breast cancer - Kylie Minogue
It's very well known she survived breast cancer and can't get pregnant. There's not indication she wants kids however.
Being an astrophysics major - Brian May
He's got a PhD in it that he finally got in 2007 and one of the songs he wrote, 39, is about an theory called time dilation. Which is basically the idea that time slows down the closer you get to the speed of light
Frenching Britney Spears on Stage at the 2003 VMAs - Madonna
Madonna, Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera were on stage at the VMAs. Suddenly, Madonna and Britney were French kissing each other while Christina was watching. You can never tell what these two will do for publicity.
Sheila Oh
Marrying Lisa Bonet - Lenny Kravitz
Lisa Bonet was an actress who played the second oldest child of Cliff Huxtable in "The Cosby Show". Lenny Kravitz was Lisa's first husband (or the one before Jason Momoa). Obviously, the marriage was rocky to say the least, and led to a quick divorce. (By the way, Lenny's mother, who was in "The Jeffersons", went by her stage name Roxie Roker.)
Reggie Pillbox
Being Elvis' son - in - law - Michael Jackson
Although his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley lasted only two years, it still counts.

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