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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Dognapping - Lady Gaga
In early 2021, Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot while walking her two bulldogs. At last report, the dog walker was recovering from his bullet wound to the chest. Lady Gaga had her two dogs returned to her unharmed, but so far leaving mysterious why the dogs were taken and by whom. Speculation has abounded, including a theory that someone was seeking revenge against Lady Gaga for singing at President Joe Biden's Inauguration!
Pact Like Sardines
Being X-Factor judge - Dannii Minogue
She got very infamous for not clapping for Jamiroquai performance, there...(apparently Jay Kay had said she was only good for having a pretty face).
Featured in warning video of a suicide bomber - Petula Clark
To greet the Christmas Morn on December 25, 2010, Anthony Quinn Warner set up an infamous and mysterious suicide bombing in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. A part of the ongoing mystery is how he sought (successfully) to minimize human casualties other than his own, by having the RV, containing his bombs, play a loud warning audio, warning people to evacuate the area because the vehicle was about to explode. He set it up so that in the background of his audio, "Downtown" by Petula Clark was playing. Among the few clues to emerge early on as to his motive is a report that he had a long-standing hatred for police. The event corresponds in time to the near-end to a year in which fierce protests against police actions were common nationwide. How ironic, since a noteworthy result of his act has been how several local police officers were hailed for their heroism in expediting the evacuation!
Karen Smith
TV background music - Deer Mother
One of their most popular songs "Danger" was used as background music in the Freeform dramas "Switched at Birth" and "The Fosters," as well as an episode of the Disney Channel series "Stuck in the Middle," and the MTV drama "Finding Carter."
The Skuz
Revolting reaction to one song - X
Being spat upon whenever they perform live versions of "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline."
The Skuz
Motorcycle accident - Soft Cell
Marc Almond became victim of a terrible motorcycle accident in 2004 which brought him in coma for a month, but he fortunately survived.
Being Miley's dad - Billy Ray Cyrus
He very well-recognized for that.
He was announce years ago to have HIV.
Stupid Stage Name - The Kings
The Toronto band the Kings had one big hit in 1980 and what a party hit it was, 'This Beat Goes On/Switching to Glide'. It was on the charts for a LONG time but this band was also notorious for something really stupid. Their guitarist went by the stage name 'Aryan Zero'. Really swift, guys. NOT.
Toronto Trotter
Being A White Rapper - Donnie Wahlberg (New Kids On The Block)
Donnie wrote the rap song Games because he was tired of critics saying that they were studio magic drumpt up by producer Maurice Starr.
Outragous Acts - MC5
Considered today to be 'punk' before there was a name for it, the MC5 did quite a number of provacative acts on and off stage. One act was wearing nothing but American flags out by a street and swearing. The CD tray of my copy of 'The Big Bang! The Best of the MC5' has a picture of a band member pulling his pants down to reveal his butt crack. And that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Kick Out the Jams, MFs!
Fake songwriting credits - Elvis Presley
It's commonly mentioned, he'd no part in writing even the songs he got credit for. Of course, there's no proof it's true.
Vitiligo - Michael Jackson
His skin color changed due to vitiligo.
Bad childhood - Eminem
He's trademarked with having a bad childhood by having to move often.
Flip-It Book - Phil Collins
Phil is one of the greatest entertainers of the past 50 years - whether in bands like Flaming Youth, Genesis, Band Aid or Brand X; as a session player or as a solo artist. His 'box set' 'Plays Well With Others' is a 4-CD set of songs from the whole spectrum, from 'Guide Me Orion' from the 1969 album 'Ark 2' by Flaming Youth, to hits such as Frida from ABBA, to Band Aid in 1984, to his jazz combo to Prince's Trust benefits and more. The album is set up like a book with pouches for the CDs and text w/ pictures in between of Phil's illustrious career. On the bottom right corner of each right page there is a hand drawn picture of Phil playing his drums and whistling. If you flip this 'book' you can see it happen in motion! Give it a try.
Sussudio's Boyfriend
Rainbow colored hair - 6ix9ine
One of his most apparent physical features is his long hair, dyed rainbow colors, a "trademark" for which he has become known.
Lori Tirol
Obscene name - STRFKR
This band makes excellent music and they are one of the best newer ones of today. However, most of the time the band name is printed out as 'STRFKR' because the ACTUAL name (and pronunciation) of this group is 'STARFUCKER'.
Starship Trooper
Marlon Wayans' Mentor - Corbin Bleu
While out with his urban dance troupe, Corbin Bleu hired Marlon Wayans to become his mentor.
Mama's boyhood - Usher
None of the women in Usher Raymond IV's life, OTHER THAN his mother, had shown any real signs, as of 2020, of any ability, in his personal estimations, to measure up TO his mother.-
Parker Gabriel
Mama's boyhood - Elvis Presley
Presley was his mother's son in too many more ways than can be counted in any one post, up to and including how the exact causes of each of their respective deaths remained undetermined, even as of 2020.
Parker Gabriel

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