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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Alcohol abuse, having been raped as a girl - Jessica Simpson
In her autobiography, "Open Book," Jessica Simpson acknowledged both, first, having been repeatedly sexually abused (read: raped) by a female friend when she was a girl (rapes from which she was able to protect her younger sister Ashlee) and, second, having abused alcohol for years afterwards, probably to dull the trauma from which she most likely still suffers even years afterwards.
Parker Gabriel
A relative working in medicine--on television - Kevin DuBrow of Quiet Riot
When the late Kevin DuBrow, lead singer of Quiet Riot, died in 2007, he left behind, as one of his known survivors, his younger brother Dr. Terrence DuBrow, M.D., a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon who, and whose partner in their California-based clinic Dr. Paul Nassif, M.D., are observed documentees on the E! Entertainment Television program "Botched."
Parker Gabriel
Photography - Bryan Adams
He's got an entire site for his pictures, and he did a photography book about wounded veterans in 2021.
Being married to Heather Locklear - Richie Sambora
They broke up in 2007, but they did have a daughter together.
Having prosthetic fingers - Tony Iommi (Black sabbath)
He lost the tips of the middle and ring fingers of his right hand to an accident in from working in a sheet mental factory as a teenager.
Charity work - Elton John
His AIDS foundation has been around since 1992.
Having a book title named after a song lyric - Bruce Springsteen
I don't know if it's well - known but Stephen King took the name for The Stand from a line in Jungleland.
His teeth - Freddie Mercury
Despite being called "Bucky" as a child due to being born with extra teeth that contributed to his famous overbite, he never actually got them removed throughout his life out of fear it would affect his vocal range
Being a football fan - Jon Bon Jovi
Jon is a well - known fan of the Patriots and has been seen at one a fame many times.
Six Continent Tour - Backstreet Boys
In 2000 The Backstreet Boys embarked on the short tour of 6 continents, the US, Norway, Japan, Australia, South Africa, Brazil, and back to the U.S.
Being the nephew of Dr. Phil - Tim McGraw
Tim's uncle is famed TV psychoanalyst Dr. Phil McGraw.
Lynnetta Lore
Being the son of a MLB player - Tim McGraw
His father was famous baseball pitcher Tug McGraw, who died of a brain tumor on January 5, 2004.
Lynnetta Lore
Playing an uncredited role as Snow White - Adriana Caselotti
Walt Disney insisted on a sort of kayfabe for his works back in the day, as he claimed that disclosing those who voiced the characters would spoil the illusion. This presented an issue with Caselotti as she found it difficult to sign up for later roles. Jack Benny recalled asking Disney's permission to use Adriana for his radio show, only for the animation mogul to decline: "I'm sorry, but that voice can't be used anywhere. I don't want to spoil the illusion of Snow White."
Maryellen Larkin
Dognapping - Lady Gaga
In early 2021, Lady Gaga's dog walker was shot while walking her two bulldogs. At last report, the dog walker was recovering from his bullet wound to the chest. Lady Gaga had her two dogs returned to her unharmed, but so far leaving mysterious why the dogs were taken and by whom. Speculation has abounded, including a theory that someone was seeking revenge against Lady Gaga for singing at President Joe Biden's Inauguration!
Pact Like Sardines
Being X-Factor judge - Dannii Minogue
She got very infamous for not clapping for Jamiroquai performance, there...(apparently Jay Kay had said she was only good for having a pretty face).
Featured in warning video of a suicide bomber - Petula Clark
To greet the Christmas Morn on December 25, 2010, Anthony Quinn Warner set up an infamous and mysterious suicide bombing in downtown Nashville, Tennessee. A part of the ongoing mystery is how he sought (successfully) to minimize human casualties other than his own, by having the RV, containing his bombs, play a loud warning audio, warning people to evacuate the area because the vehicle was about to explode. He set it up so that in the background of his audio, "Downtown" by Petula Clark was playing. Among the few clues to emerge early on as to his motive is a report that he had a long-standing hatred for police. The event corresponds in time to the near-end to a year in which fierce protests against police actions were common nationwide. How ironic, since a noteworthy result of his act has been how several local police officers were hailed for their heroism in expediting the evacuation!
Karen Smith
TV background music - Deer Mother
One of their most popular songs "Danger" was used as background music in the Freeform dramas "Switched at Birth" and "The Fosters," as well as an episode of the Disney Channel series "Stuck in the Middle," and the MTV drama "Finding Carter."
The Skuz
Revolting reaction to one song - X
Being spat upon whenever they perform live versions of "Johnny Hit and Run Pauline."
The Skuz
Motorcycle accident - Soft Cell
Marc Almond became victim of a terrible motorcycle accident in 2004 which brought him in coma for a month, but he fortunately survived.
Being Miley's dad - Billy Ray Cyrus
He very well-recognized for that.

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