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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Being married to a football (soccer) star - Victoria Beckham
Victoria Beckham, nee Victoria Adams, has been married to David Beckham since shortly before the turn of the millennium. She's probably much better known for that nowadays than for her music, including her time as Posh Spice (1/5 of the Spice Girls)
Being the namesake of another performer - Selena
Mandy Dawn Cornett must have been a fan, because she named her daughter, Selena Gomez, after this singer whose life was tragically cut short.
Leaving her husband for a fellow singer - Amy Grant
She was for many years (by all appearances) happily married to Gary Chapman and had three kids with him, and indeed this family life and love inspired many of her non-Gospel hits. However, she then left Gary for Vince Gill who in turn divorced his own wife Janis Gil (nee Oliver) and had a kid with him. Both claimed only being friends before their respective divorces but how quickly they got married afterwards and the timing of Amy's pregnancy announcement relative to the birth announcement left things a touch suspicious. For the record, as of this post Vince and Amy are still together.
A Future "Friends" Star Pulled Up On His Stage - Bruce Springsteen
Courtney Cox, one of the stars of Friends, appeared in Bruce Springsteen's video Dancing In The Dark. She was in the front row during Bruce's LA stop on his Born In The USA tour with her friends when Bruce offered Courtney his hand, pulled her up on stage, and started dancing with her. "Hey baby!"
Having three children but never marrying - Tanya Tucker
Her daughters Presley and Layla and son Beau were all born out of wedlock, and she never did marry the father(s) or anyone else. She's still unmarried as of early April 2017.
rachel c
Relearning To Drum After Losing His Arm - Rick Allen (Def Leppard)
After Rick's car accident he had to retrain himself to use his right arm and his feet to drum.
Getting murdered while performing onstage - Dimebag Darrell
Dimebag Darrell (real name Darrell Lance Abbott) was performing with his band Damageplan in Columbus, Ohio on when 25-year old ex-Marine Nathan Gale opened fire and shot Darrell three times, along with 3 other people. The audience thought initially that the shooting was part of an act. Although Gale was killed by a police officer, Darrell was pronounced dead on the scene. His dispute with ex-Pantera bandmate Phil Anselmo was thought to be a catalyst for the shooting before investigators ruled that out.
Opie M.
Wrestling entrance themes - Motorhead
Motorhead performed three different themes for professional wrestler Triple H, most notably "The Game", his longest running theme.
Knighthood! - Ray Davies (Kinks)
Ray Davies of The Kinks recently got knighted by the Queen of Great Britain for his inciteful contributions to music.
Art Lover City Boy
Coming Back To Music After Having A Stroke - Alan Frew (Glass Tiger)
For Glass Tiger singer Alan Frew seems like one of the lucky ones to be alive after having suffered a stroke in his sleep. He ingored the signs of having a stroke and went to play golf with his son and spent several weeks in the hospital and several months in rehab to get in shape and to get the mobility back on his right side.
Filming Their Earlier Videos In Exotic Locations - Duran Duran
Duran Duran filmed their earlier music videos in exotic locations such as Sri Lanka and South America.
Their outfits - Babymetal
The members of this all-female metal band from Japan are known for wearing red-and-black punk-themed outfits onstage.
Designing and Building Personal Observatory Domes - Wayne Parker (Glass Tiger)
Wayne Parker not only was the bassist for Glass Tiger but he's also an amateur atronomer and designs Sky Shed P.O.D.s or Personal Observatory Domes.
Crossdressing - Versailles
The members of the all-male Japanese band Versailles, are also known for cross-dressing in Victorian-style outfits. Some people who are not familiar with them (especially Hizaki), have mistaken them for women.
Lefty Lucy
Public Speaking - Alan Frew (Glass Tiger)
Alan is known for speaking out publically about the struggles he's had with mental illness and how he medicated his troubles.
Sussudio - Phil Collins
We all know about Phil's #1 hit "Sussudio". BION, there are now women today who have that name. Google it, look in Classmates, look at FB, whatever. That name is there.
Sussudio Is My GF
Lead singer getting murdered - The Gits
It is sad that the only notoriety this Seattle band got was their lead singer Mia Zapata's brutal slaying. She was killed on July 7, 1993, and it would be about a decade later before the killer was arrested and sent to 36 years in prison.
Sheila Oh
Becoming Nobel laureate in literature - Bob Dylan
In 2016, Bob Dylan was awarded the Nobel Prize in literature. The reason give for this honor was "having created new poetic expressions within the great American song tradition".
Toni Minot
Fishing Vacation In Northern Ontario - The Tragically Hip
After the Kingston show on their Man Machine Poem tour The Tragically Hip decided to take a fishing trip up in Northern Ontario
Constant comparisons to The White Stipes - Blood Red Shoes
Blood Red Shoes is a two person band from Brighton, England with a boy and a girl, and that's the only thing they really have in common with The White Stripes.
The Skuz

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