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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Entries Beginning with J

Son of a famous surfer - Jack Johnson
If ice-skating is in Canadians' bloods, then surfing would be in Hawaiians'. Jack Johnson himself is a surfer, but his interest in surfing was influenced by his dad, Jeff, who is famous in Hawaii.
Rocky Mak
Vinyl Sales Beat Beatle's "Abbey Road" - Jack White
Jack White's 2012 debut solo album, "Blunderbuss", was the year's best-selling vinyl record. The LP version of the album, released on Third Man/Columbia, sold just over 33,000 copies, according to Soundscan figures and an announcement from White's camp recently. It knocked-off the perennial vinyl top-seller, The Beatles' "Abbey Road", which had claimed the spot for the last three years! "Blunderbuss" is also up for three Grammys, including album of the year.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Fighting Garbage Cans - Jacoby Shaddix
He fought a garbage can in Las Vegas once.
Intentionally hurting himself - Jacoby Shaddix
He once jumped out of a window and badly cut himself which is where he got the song "Scars" from.
Alcohal Abuse - Jacoby Shaddix
He has abused alchol for years but has promised to try sobering up.
Don't Compare Me To My Father - Jakob Dylan
During a Much Music interview with VJ Bill Welychka, Jakob Dylan was asked about his father. He said simply "Don't judge me based on what my father did."
Leaving the Stage - James Brown
On occasions, James Brown wouls start singing and he would collapse. Then someone grabs him a robe to drape on him and he would take it off and sing again, but then he would collapse and the same guy would take him offstage with the same robe.
Paul Warren
Paying Tribute to Hank Cochran - Jamey Johnson
Jamey Johnson had the priviledge to sing at Cohran's bedside when he died of pancreatic cancer in 2010 at age 74. To pay tribute, Johnson has put together an album with other singers such as Willie Nelson, George Straight, and Allison Krauss on what is mostly a duet album comprised of Cohran classics such as 'Make the World Go Away" and "I Fall to Pieces". The 16-track album also features one Johnson solo song "Would These Arms Be in Your Way". The tribute album is "Living for a Song: A Tribute to Hank Cochran"...
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Showing breasts during halftime of the Super Bowl - Janet Jackson
Wardrobe malfunction? This happened during the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII, which was televised live during the "family" hours. Her blouse suddenly ripped apart as soon as Justin sang the last line of "Rock Your Body", ("Hope to see you naked by the end of this song") making the malfunction excuse hard to believe. Janet was wearing nipple rings, so the nipples were slightly blocked. She did apologize later, but it's sad that this and being Michael's sister are the only non-music things she'll now be now for.
She Soul
Wardrobe Malfunction - Janet Jackson
Best known for her "wardrobe malfunction" during the 2005 Super Bowl halftime show
Millie Verst
A character in the movie MEAN GIRLS named for her. - Janis Ian
In the Movie MEAN GIRLS, there is a character named Janis Ian, an obvious allusion to this singer. In fact, in one scene of the movie Janis Ian's (the singer's) song "At Seventeen" is heard playing in the background, even though Janis Ian (the character) is not in that scene. The song could well allude to the high school angst that the movie addresses with regard to various characters therein. Incidentally the singer Janis Ian has been reported to be a lesbian, while, interestingly the movie character named for her is widely rumored to be a lesbian throughout the movie, but in the end she proves otherwise.
michelle (hell in mice)
Drinking Southern Comfort - Janis Joplin
Almost every picture that you see Janis Joplin in has her with Southern Comfort Whiskey.
Paul Warren
Executive Producing NBA 2K13 - Jay-Z
The soundtrack and presentation in 2012 basketball simulation video game NBA 2K13 was presided over by rapper/Brooklyn Nets minority owner Jay-Z. Jay-Z also has six songs in the soundtrack, while Kanye West has three, not including two of Jay-Z's in which he is featured, "The Bounce" and "Run This Town"
Killed in Plane Crash - Jenni Rivera
Mexican-American singer Jenni Rivera, the "diva de la banda" whose commanding voice burst through the limits of regional Latin music and made her a cross-border sensation, was believed killed on 12/09/12 in a jet crash into mountainous terrain. She was traveling with her entourage who were killed as well as the two pilots- a total of 6 people. Rivera, a native of Long Beach, was 43 years old and mother of five, grandmother of two and was separated from her third husband Esteban Loaiza, a former MLB baseball player. Her Learjet went down near Iturbide, Mexico.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
The murder of three of her family members - Jennifer Hudson
On October 28, 2008, three relatives of Jennifer Hudson (her mother, a brother, and a nephew) were shot dead, apparently by an estranged husband of her sister.
Flora Rolf
Jerry's Cousin - Jerry Lee Lewis
Not the one he married...this cousin is named Rev. Jimmy Swaggart, who too had problems with ladies. Looks like the apple doesn't fall far from this tree!
Paul Warren
His free-wheeling romantic life - Jerry Lee Lewis
This pioneer of rock-and-roll had numerous marriages in his youth, some of which were simultaneous. His most infamous affair was when he married his thirteen-year-old cousin, because it was the news of this affair that effectively ruined his career as a popular entertainer. He made a comeback only decades later, as a relic of a bygone era.
Roles outside of music - Jess Harnell
Harnell, the lead singer of a band called Rock Sugar has a very accomplished voiceover career. He played a character on the show "Animaniacs", he played two characters in the video game series "Ratchet & Clank", and has been the announcer for America's Funniest Home Videos since 1998.
Being mistaken for Paul in fiction - Jesse Mccartney
In Suite life Of Zack And Cody, the mom thinks it's Paul who comes when it's actually Jesse(as Mosby only mentioned the last name).
Alcohol abuse, having been raped as a girl - Jessica Simpson
In her autobiography, "Open Book," Jessica Simpson acknowledged both, first, having been repeatedly sexually abused (read: raped) by a female friend when she was a girl (rapes from which she was able to protect her younger sister Ashlee) and, second, having abused alcohol for years afterwards, probably to dull the trauma from which she most likely still suffers even years afterwards.
Parker Gabriel
Playing dumb - Jessica Simpson
She once said on a talk show, "Do buffalo wings really come from a buffallo?" However, is was revealed that Jessica Simpson was tested as a genius and was just playing dumb for the cameras.
Writing the book 'Punk Rock Dad' - Jim Lindberg
The singer of Pennywise is best known for his book about being a husband and a father while being in a band.
On Stage Antics - Jim Morrison
Jim Morrison was known for his lewd and insidious stage antics which included drunken behavior and alleged displays of public nudity which often times got Morrison arrested and the Doors banned in several southern states. One such incident occurred in Florida when Jim swore at the crowd and threatened to "show it" to the whole crowd. According to keyboardist Ray Manszerak he claims that Morrison never did show "it" to anybody.
The One-Finger Salute - Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix opened for The Monkees in 1967, but since many of the people in the audience jeered him, Jimi Hendrix showed them how he felt about raising his middle finger!
Paul Warren
Choking on His Vomit - Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix broke all sorts of racial barriers by being the best guitar player in the caucasian dominated world of rock music. So why do people only remember that his personal life was a mess?-G.P.
Gary Phelps
Playing his Fender upside-down and backwards. - Jimi Hendrix
Lacking the money to buy his first new guitar, he bought a left-handed Fender. He then learned to play the guitar upside-down. Because of this his strings were reversed as well.
Wade Brock
Burning his guitar on-stage - Jimi Hendrix
Jimi Hendrix was known of burning Fender Stratocaster on-stage.
Susanna Viljanen
Plaster Caster hall of fame - Jimi Hendrix
"The Monolith that was Mr. Hendrix (below the waist), is still said to have used up enough plaster to make several pinata's, and still have plenty 'o leftovers to cast both Simon AND Garfunkle!"
owning bar and restaurant chains - Jimmy Buffett
Jimmy owns the bar and restaurant chain "Jimmy Buffett's Margaritaville with locations in Key West, New Orleans, Nashville, Myrtle Beach, and other locations. He also owns the Cheeseburger In Paradise chain with locations in Omaha, Myrtle Beach, and other locations.
Bradley Olson
Parrotheads - Jimmy Buffett
Parrotheads are people who are die-hard fans of Jimmy Buffet and his music.
Paul Warren
A song that could be used for a hit TV show - Jimmy Eat World
"The Middle" can be used for the hit ABC show "The Middle". Like "Big Balls" before it, any connection is unintentional.
College Bands Playing "The Middle" - Jimmy Eat World
For NCAA March Madness 2005, an alternate version of "The Middle" was done by college bands.
Using a EDS-1275 guitar - Jimmy Page
The one with two necks
Contorted facial expressions - Joe Cocker
Anyone whose seen the films "Woodstock" and "Mad Dogs and Englishmen", or any of his concerts knows that Cocker puts a lot of physicality and emotion when singing, and that includes twisting his face during "With A Little Help From My Friends" and other hits.
Going From Singing To Acting - Joe McIntyre
Joe McIntyre, formerly of New Kids On The Block, took up acting landing a role on Boston Public. He went on to star on Dancing with the Stars where he came in third place. He's now working on broadway.
Helmet Camera During Life's Been Good - Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh introduces his helmet camera during his performance of Life's Been Good

Eyeliner - Joel and Benji Madden (Good Charlotte)
The Madden twins are as well known for their make up as they are for their work with Good Charlotte.
Being Nicole Richie's husband - Joel Madden
They have one daughter, Harlow Winter Kate Madden.
Quitting In The Middle Of A Tour - John Frusciante
During their tour of Japan in 1992 for the Blood Sugar Sex Magik CD John refused to go on stage and abrutptly quit in the middle of the tour. It was later revealed that John had developed a crippling addiction to heroin.
Stepping away from performing - John Deacon
While Queen's bassist and one of it's founding members is still very much alive and well, he now lives a very private life in South London because Freddie's death affected him too much to play anymore.
The expression "far out" - John Denver
"Far out!" was Denver's signature exclamation in the 70's.
Martha Hankins
His insanely incomprehensible vocals - John Desire
John Desire claims to be Italian, and his accent causes many misheard lyrics of his songs. Examples include "wishing, revealing" misheard as "we drink Ritalin".
DJ Blaze
Explicit Content - John Lennon
Not in the lyrical content, no no. After John was murdered in late 1980, there was another album's worth of songs ready to go. They were already finished and ready for future release. However, John's murder delayed all that. His current album 'Double Fantasy' went to #1 and ran its course in several nations throughout the world. Many Lennon solo/Beatle - influenced (and tribute) songs came out in the meantime by various artists like the STARS ON 45, Phil Collins, Elton John, Roxy Music, all three surviving Beatles and many more. That went on until about early 1983. Then in early 1984 the 'new' material came out as the album 'Milk and Honey'. John scored a posthumous Top 5 hit with 'Nobody Told Me' during the winter of 1984. IMHO this album is far better than 'Double Fantasy' is. The artistic and musical eccentricities that Yoko Ono is (in)famous for are kept at a TUNEFUL level on the 1984 release. Trust me. A few years ago his (their) catalog was reissued/remade/remodeled/remastered in better quality CD format (in digipak form, YES!!!). The cover shows the two smooching again (mirror image) just like 'Double Fantasy'. Now open up the digipak and you see John looking and smiling at YOU and he's on top a giggling Yoko; they are NAKED. You only see them from the waist up (yes, you see Yoko's melons too) but you can figure out the rest. ESS EE EX. I'm not a prude but I've seen plenty of that stuff in real life and we didn't really need to see this, did we?
Keep It 2 Urselves Next time, OK?
Almost being deported because of a pot conviction - John Lennon
John Lennon in his fight for harmony through out the world was almost deported by US officials because it was discovered that he had a pot conviction in England.

The Lennons believed that the pot conviction wasn't the reason for the deportation order but it was John's political views that got him in trouble.
But John had the deportation order over turned.
Being a stay at home dad - John Lennon
John retired from the music industry shortly after his son Sean was born to take care of him leaving all of the business aspects to Yoko.
A lot of John's friends were stunned and thought that he wasn't happy just being a stay at home dad but John did it because he didn't want Sean to forget him.
Being a Walrus - John Lennon
"I am the Walrus, Goo goo g'joob!"
Being Assassinated By A Crazed "fan" - John Lennon
With "fans" like that, who needs enemies?
Millie Verst
John Lennon Glasses - John Lennon
His circual glasses referred to as 'John Lennon Glasses'
Staying in bed with Yoko in a peace statement - John Lennon
He stayed in bed for a while to bring peace
Astronomy Event on Cover - John Maus
In 2012 electro-techno artist John Maus released an odds + sods collection, "A Collection of Rarities and Previously Unreleased Material". On the album's front cover there's a picture of the transit of the planet Venus in 2004. Such events occur about twice every 100+ years or so. These events are pretty much a very rare event.
I Made Love to a Venus Goddess
Drugs and Alcohol - John Taylor
In John's book In The Pleasure Groove he reveals that he was addicted to cocaine and alcohol.
Releasing A Best Seller - John Taylor (Duran Duran)
John's Autobiography The Pleasure Groove Love, Death, and Duran Duran was released just last year to glowing reviews.
Husband of Kelly Preston and a certified pilot - John Travolta
John may not be singing much anymore, but he is the husband of Kelly Preston and he does own 5 planes that he pilots. Most famous of them was the 707 that has a vintage Qantas livery called "V-Jet".
Rocky Mak
Shortening his last name - Johnnie Dee (Honeymoon Suite)
Johnnie shortened his last name from Deguili to Dee because people have had trouble pronouncing his last name.
Being Gay - Johnny Mathis
In 1982, Johnny Mathis quoted "Homesexualtiy is a lifestyle I've become accustomed to", though he never mentioned this before or after he said this since he got a lot of death threats.
Paul Warren
Being a football fan - Jon Bon Jovi
Jon is a well - known fan of the Patriots and has been seen at one a fame many times.
Being happily married - Jon Bon Jovi
He married his high school sweetheart in Vegas in 1989. It must have worked out well for them, because they're still together after four kids and 34 years.
Their "amazingly hawt" looks. - Jonas Brothers
I don't find them all; and yet I see many girls screaming at Joe for having such hot hair... ew.
Having rumored relationships - The Jonas Brothers
Nick was rumored to be dating Miley Cyrus, and Joe was rumored to be dating J.O.N.A.S. co-star Chelsea Staub.
Being "Outed" By His Ex - Jonathan Knight
In recent years New Kid On The Block Jonathan Knight was outed in the tabloids by his ex-girlfriend Tiffany. Earlier this year Jonathan would go on to comfirm what the tabloids had suspected and he wouldn't talk anymore about his personal life.
Having A Sharp Whistle That Hurt Jordan's Ears - Jonathan Knight (New Kids On The Block)
In the interview with Much News Weekly, Jonathan Knight is seen calling out papparatzi who were filming the band from below. Jonathan gave a sharp whistle which baby brother Jordan could hear from 5 ft away.
Suffering In Silence - Jonathan Knight and Jordan Knight
Jonathan and his brother Jordan both revealed on the Oprah Winfrey Show that they both suffered from severe anxiety and panic attacks during their time with the New Kids On The Block. They also revealed that their father also suffered from anxiety and panic attacks as well.
An Old Navy Commercial - Jordan Knight
For Old Navy Boardwalk Dresses. Jordan appears on a bicycle. :)
Being the daughter of an ex-NFL player - Jordin Sparks
Her father is former New York Giants defender Phillippi Sparks.
Miss Treated
Daughter of an ex-NFL player and her ring - Jordin Sparks
She is not married, the ring is a purity ring, so she took a vow in church to stay a virgin until married.

She is the daughter of Phillippi Sparks, a cornerback for New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys from 1992-2000.
Rocky Mak
Charting #1 in France and #58 in the US at age 4 - Jordy
His song "Dur dur d'etre bebe" ("It's tough to be a baby") peaked at #1 in France and #58 in the US, when Jordy was only four years old back in 1992, making him the youngest #1 in any country and youngest person to chart on the Billboard Hot 100. After fear he was being exploited, he was banned from the radio. After being banned in 1996, he never made a public appearance for ten years when he appeared on a French reality show in 2006.
Christmas In Our Hearts - Jose Mari Chan
Chan is perhaps best known for his Christmas album "Christmas in Our Hearts" which was first released in 1990. The title track, and by extension, the album in general, earned significant popularity and became an iconic part of the Christmas season in the Philippines, to the point that a recurring joke suggests Chan being in control of all of the sound systems in shopping malls, in reference to said establishments playing songs from the aforementioned album as early as September to mark the -ber months.
Taking Pills - Judy Garland
Even before making it big with MGM, Judy Garland took many pills for energy and sleep. But eventually, she got addicted to the pills and died from overdose in 1969.
Paul Warren
being married to a Major League Baseball player - Julianna Zobrist
Julianna met Kansas City Royals' second baseman Ben Zobrist on MSN Messenger during the early 2000's, and the couple have been outspoken about their Christian faith. During the Royals run to the 2015 World Series, a pregnant Julianna sang the national anthem at the Royals home games.
Voice Ruined - Julie Andrews
Julie Andrews says that her four-octave voice is not coming back. Andrews said that a botched operation to remove non-cancerous throat nodules in 1997 hasn't gotten better. It has permanently limited her range and her ability to hold notes.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
His high voice. - Justin Bieber
I dont know why anyone thought of this yet. Justin is often made fun of for his feminine-like voice and accumulating popularity, because of this he is often called "Gay" or "A girl".
Throwing up on stage - Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber got sick at one of his concerts and tossed his milk on stage. After purging himself, he continued his performance.
Lance Crackers
Laptop Theft... a Hoax??? - Justin Bieber
Was pop star Justin Bieber's laptop actually stolen during a show in Washington state? Bieber tweeted to his nearly 29 million followers that he was victimized during the show at the Tacoma Dome. But questions were raised about the authenticity of Bieber's claim. Another Twitter user alluded to having the laptop. The account linked to Bieber's new music video starts with text saying personal footage was stolen and uploaded "illegally." That prompted suspicions that the supposed theft was a hoax meant to hype the new video which was released recently. Bieber's publicist Melissa Victor says it's not a hoax and that the laptop was indeed stolen...
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Having the most disliked video on the internet - Justin Bieber
In 2010, Justin's video for "Baby" became the most disliked video on not only YouTube, but the whole internet.
Wild Plot to Kill Him - Justin Bieber
The New Mexico State Police headquarters was crushed by media calls recently seeking information about a report that superstar Bieber was the target of a prison-hatched murder-for-hire scheme. Police moved quickly, the plot was foiled, and arrests have been made. A purported $2500 per testicle castration order was directed at two other targets while Bieber was labled "Victim 3" by convicted murderer Dana Martin. Martin is serving multiple life sentences for strangling 15 year old DeAndra Florucci and throwing her over a Vermont bridge in 2000. Bieber was, police said in an affadavit, his "ultimate target." Martin hired felon Mark Staake age 41 to commit the crimes and he in turn enlisted his nephew Tanner Ruane, age 23. The uncle and nephew team ran into a US border crossing after accidently going the wrong way towards Canada. After being turned back Staake was arrested on an outstanding warrant from NM and later his nephew Tanner was arrested in NY for a recorded telephone call to Staake in which he decided to continue with the job using code words for murder. He was arrested for conspiracy to commit murder and conspiracy to commit aggravated battery. Apparently, it was Martin that turned them in prior to their arrests. It seems he wanted media attention and is a big Bieber fan himself!!! He hired Staake because he noticed his Bieber tattoo when they both were inmates. Bizarre...
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Cited After Car Chase - Justin Bieber
Singer Justin Bieber has been ticketed for speeding on a LA freeway after being chased by several paparazzi. Bieber was cited for driving in excess of 65 mph on July 6th at about 10:45 am when calls came in about a car chase on southbound U.S. Highway 101 near Studio City. The other vehicles had left the scene and a search is underway to find those drivers. The chase claim has been backed by City Councilman Dennis Zine who called the CHP after seeing Bieber's Fisker Karma being chased by 5-6 other cars. Zine, a former LAPD Officer, claimed that the vehicles were traveling well over 100 mph and recklessly on the shoulders and cutting off other traffic. Zine would have arrested Bieber instead of giving him a ticket but the CHP let him off lightly...
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
No Charges Filed... - Justin Bieber
LA prosecutors decided not to file any charges against Justin Bieber after investigators found no evidence that the pop star had kicked and punched a photographer after leaving a movie theater last May, a document obtained recently states. Los Angeles County sherif's investigators found no visible injuries, video, nor photographs to confirm the allegations by the photographer. Bieber, 18, was leaving the theater with Selena Gomez on May 27th when he had an encounter in the parking lot. A doctor found only superficial injuries, and deputies observed no injuries on the man after the incident. The misdemeanor charge of battery has been dropped...
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Anti-Cyberbullying Video - Justin Bieber
Justin Bieber has made an anti-cyberbullying video as part of a legal plea bargaining deal over a 2009 mall fan frenzy that broke fire codes and caused a major disturbance. Bieber did not show for the signing, leaving over 4,000 teen and girl fans crowding the mall. When police asked the record company to send Tweets advising the crowd to disperse upon cancellation, they were not able to because Bieber's Mgr Scott Braun had changed the account password. It took 90 minutes for Braun to send Tweets announcing the cancellation. Braun and Def Jam executive James Roppo were charged with misdemeanors. Per agreement, Def Jam paid $8000 in damages to Nassau County and agreed to have Bieber make the video which runs 11 minutes. In it, Bieber speaks to HS students about cyberbullying experiences with a young female student and advises viewers that the Web should be used positively and not for hate nor hurting others.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Depression - Justin Furstenfeld
He has been put in a mental institution on several occasions.
Being A Party Boy Like His Dad Mark Holmes - Justin Holmes
Justin Holmes, who is the son of Platinum Blonde singer Mark Holmes, has become a "party boy" like his dad.

The only difference that I can see between father and son is that Mark has worked hard for everything that he's earned in his life and Justin just kind of slacks off.
Assisting in Super Bowl wardrobe malfunction - Justin Timberlake
Justin Timberlake assisted Janet Jackson during her performance at the halftime show of Super Bowl XXXVIII, where he exposed Janet's nipple after he sang "hope to get you naked by the end of this song".
Paul Bunions

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