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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Entries Beginning with A

Tattoos - A,J, McLean
A.J. McLean the "bad boy" of the Backstreet Boys has multiple tattoos all over his body. His most recent tattoos are the skulls on his neck.
Being a recovering and relapsing addict - A.J. McLean
Before he entered rehab A.J. McLean became addicted to cocaine and alcohol to the point where he refused to go to work. He then had a relapse about 3 months later and went back to rehab to get his head on straight. A.J. hasn't had a drop to drink or done cocaine for 6 years.
Driving Cats Bonkers! - AC/DC
A university (maybe in London) has conducted research on cats by playing various types of music and then certain songs to see how they react emotionally, sleep wise, etc. They've discovered that there's ONE song that gets cats agitated, unable to sleep, feeling disturbed, on guard and incapable of relaxing. That song is the 1990 hit "Thunderstruck" by AC/DC.
Krazee Khat
Appearance in a Walmart commercial - AC/DC
Around Black Friday, "Back in Black" appeared in commercials for Walmart.
A song that can be used about a hit TV show - AC/DC
The chorus of the song "Big Balls" can be used for a compilation of falls off the Big Balls on the hit ABC show, "Wipeout".
Very oily video, too oily - AC/DC
The song 'Cover You in Oil' has sexual connotations in the lyrics, like many AC/DC songs do. But while the video shows a number of sexy women, they are all working on motor vehicles and getting MOTOR oil, engine part grease and machine lubricants on their faces, in the hair, on their clothes, all over their bodies! Not very sexy, is it? While there is a very brief scene of the three ladies washing off in bathtubs, this isn't the kind of OIL you want to be 'covering' your lover in, is it? Yeeeccchhh.
Mechanical Operator
Phone Number Lawsuit - AC/DC
36-24-36 is a woman's measurements. Some couple sued the band claiming that this number is their phone number. The lawsuit was filed when the AC/DC album "Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap" was released in the U.S.A. in 1981. The bogus lawsuit was thrown out. A real situation occured the following year when Tommy Tutone scored a big hit with "867-5309 Jenny".
I Do Dirty Deeds
School Uniform - AC/DC
Agnes Young wore a School Uniform every time AC/DC would tour.
Paul Warren
Licensing his KISS persona - Ace Frehley
Ace still owns the rights to the Spaceman character, despite not being in KISS since the early-2000s. This means that Tommy Thayer has to pay him a sufficient amount of money to use the Spaceman persona.
Big wins at Grammys, shortly after throat surgery. - Adele
In 2012, shortly after having had vocal chord surgery, Adele performed live at the Grammys and took several awards there.
Nutmeg Ryan
Playing an uncredited role as Snow White - Adriana Caselotti
Walt Disney insisted on a sort of kayfabe for his works back in the day, as he claimed that disclosing those who voiced the characters would spoil the illusion. This presented an issue with Caselotti as she found it difficult to sign up for later roles. Jack Benny recalled asking Disney's permission to use Adriana for his radio show, only for the animation mogul to decline: "I'm sorry, but that voice can't be used anywhere. I don't want to spoil the illusion of Snow White."
Maryellen Larkin
Heroin and Alcohol - Aerosmith
In the 1970s Joe Perry and Steven Tyler were known as the "Toxic Twins" because both of them were addicted to heroin and alcohol.
In many interviews Steven describes himself as being a "survivor" not knowing if he would be sober if Joe and the rest of the band weren't sober.
Famous in-laws - Afida Turner
Afida is married to Ronnie Turner, the son of Ike and Tina Turner.
Retiring from their band. - Alan Doyle and Sean McCan (Great Big Sea)
In 2013 an agreement between Alan Doyle and Sean McCan was reached that the band Great Big Sea would be retired along with the name Great Big Sea.
Coming Back To Music After Having A Stroke - Alan Frew (Glass Tiger)
For Glass Tiger singer Alan Frew seems like one of the lucky ones to be alive after having suffered a stroke in his sleep. He ingored the signs of having a stroke and went to play golf with his son and spent several weeks in the hospital and several months in rehab to get in shape and to get the mobility back on his right side.
Public Speaking - Alan Frew (Glass Tiger)
Alan is known for speaking out publically about the struggles he's had with mental illness and how he medicated his troubles.
His alleged "animal sacrifice" at a concert - Alice Cooper
In 1969 at a concert stop on Toronto Alice Cooper was the subject of a lot of contreversey after a fan threw a chicken on the stage. Alice threw it back thinking that it would fly. The chicken didn't fly so much as it plummeted and the audience tore it to pieces. Alice was horrified to find that the newspapers the next day had caught wind of the incident and wrote headlines such as "Alice Cooper kills a chicken and the blood runs down." To add to this urban myth Frank Zappa phoned Alice Cooper and asked him if he had sacrificed a chicken on stage. He replied "No I didn't." Frank Zappa's reaction was "don't tell anybody." To this day the name Alice Cooper is still regarded as the "chicken killer" even though he claims that he never did sacrifice a chicken.
Golf Playing - Alice Cooper
He's known to be a golf player too.
An incident while appearing on Top of the Pops - All About Eve
In early August 1988, the band were about to perform their biggest hit on live television (at the time, the BBC had a rule on Top of the Pops that all artists mimed), but a technical fault meant that although the song could be heard by the studio audience and the millions of viewers in their homes, the band's stage speakers were turned off meaning for the majority of the performance they were just sitting and smiling at the camera. The following week, the band were invited back and singer Julianne Regan chose to sing live; this was rare for an artist to do at the time.
Joey F.
Background music during a pivotal iCarly episode - AM
Indie singer-songwriter AM has had his music used in the background of various TV episodes produced by Dan Schneider, but his song "Running Away during the final scene of the iCarly episode "iKiss" brought him increased attention from both kids and adults. Incidentally the same song was used in the Zoey 101 episode "Robot Wars," and nobody even bothered to pay that much attention to him. Sad, really.
The Skuz
Crazy viking related songs - Amon Amarth
The majority of their songs involve vikings in one way or another.
Their windmill headbanging - Amon Amarth
Members of Amon Amarth love swirling their heads around, making their hair spin like a windmill. During "Death In Fire" at Summer Breeze, all of them do it, even the drummer at one point!
DJ Blaze
Leaving her husband for a fellow singer - Amy Grant
She was for many years (by all appearances) happily married to Gary Chapman and had three kids with him, and indeed this family life and love inspired many of her non-Gospel hits. However, she then left Gary for Vince Gill who in turn divorced his own wife Janis Gil (nee Oliver) and had a kid with him. Both claimed only being friends before their respective divorces but how quickly they got married afterwards and the timing of Amy's pregnancy announcement relative to the birth announcement left things a touch suspicious. For the record, as of this post Vince and Amy are still together.
Their Lesbianism - Amy Ray and Emily Saliers (The Indigo Girls)
In an interview in the early 90s the duo admitted that they were in "a relationship" which caused their music to be banned in several places.
The Dead At 27 Club - Amy Winehouse
Along with Kurt Cobain, Brian Jones, Jim Morrison, Jimmi Hendrix, and Janis Joplin, Amy died of alcohol poisoning on July 23, 2011.
Going to rehab for real - Amy Winehouse
They sent her to rehab, even though she said no-no-no!
Father-in-law calls for boycott of her music - Amy Winehouse
In August 2007, Amy cancelled concert appearances claiming "exhaustion" as the reason. Rumor had it that she suffered form depression, possible suicidal tendencies, eating disorders, and bizarre behavior including a tendency to afflict self-harm. Then she was found injured and dripping in blood along with her husband. She denied an alleged fight between them, maintaining that her injuries were self-inflicted instead. In that atmosphere, her father-in-law called for the public to boycott her music, in what he consedered a last-ditch attempt to get through to her and make her seek help for her problems and go to rehab. This unusual story is no doubt familiar to many who would have no recognition of any of her music.
Millie Verst
Appearing naked on her band's album cover - Anabella Lwin
I'm not kidding either. Annabella Lwin then 15 years old appeared naked on the cover of Bow Wow Wow's first and only hit I Want Candy.
This move horrified Anabella's mother who then kicked her out of her house.
Leaving Duran Duran At The Height Of Their Comebac - Andy Taylor
In 2004 after the release of Astronaught Andy Taylor failed to renew his passport so that he could rejoin the band for their follow up album.
Couldn't Andy have just said that he "didn't want to to do it" and be done with that chapter in his life?
Appearing on an episode of "Married With Children - Anthrax
The episode was "My Dinner With Anthrax". It was hilarious!
Christian parodies of non-Christian songs - Apologetix
A funny idea...that gets funnier when you realize that they parodied one of the least Christian artists in current music, Eminem.
Opening for the Stones at El Mocambo - April Wine
Despite having three hits in the Seventies and Early eighties (and putting out several really good albums), April Wine is known by a lot of people as the band that opened for the Stones the night that Keith Richards was busted for heroin...and hanging out with the Prime Minister's wife-G.P.
Gary Phelps
Being Frankie J Grande's Sister - Ariana Grande
Frankie J Grande, who appeared on the CBS reality show Big Brother 16, revealed to his fellow houseguests that he's Ariana Grande's older brother. When Frankie won a letter from home he got a letter from his sister. Ariana said that she was super proud of him for doing what he was doing on Big Brother 16.
Enabling the stealing of a street sign - Arkells
They’re from Hamilton, Ontario and they got their name from the street they lived on. Little did they know that this would lead to the repeated stealing of the sign by university students
Writing libretti for operas - Arrigo Boito
Examples of his authorship include: Mefistofele (self; based on Goethe's Faust) La Gioconda (Amilcare Ponchielli; he wrote it as "Tobia Gorrio," an anagram of his name) Otello (Giuseppe Verdi) Falstaff (Verdi) Nerone (self; posthumously performed in 1924)
Alan the Ottoman
Temper - Arturo Toscanini
Even though he was the best composer of the 20th Century, his temper almost made many of his musicians quit.
Paul Warren
Predicting the Future - Asia
In "Wildest Dreams" there are references to wars being broadcast live on TV by the "VJs". Asia the band formed in 1981 and this prediction occured 10 years later when the 1st Iraq War was on all TV channels 24/7. The lyrical reference to "in the evening we watch" what the VJs show is a reference to wars being broadcast as entertainment for airchair warriors. Asia predicted this sick sad phenomenae years before it reared its ugly head.
War Is Not A Game
Took hiatus from singing due to Lyme disease - Avril Lavigne
She is fighting Lyme disease, and that has caused a hiatus in her singing career.
Richard Wetfuss
Sueing Guitar Hero - Axl Rose
In 2013, Axl took video game company Activision to court, over the issue of unapproved usage of the image of Slash associated with the song "Welcome To The Jungle". (Editor's note: please don't use phrases such as "Earlier this year" or "Recently" because at some point, they will no longer be true.)
Rants - Axl Rose
He excessively rants about anything he even remotely dislikes and it's made him a bit of an Internet celebrity.

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