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What are various bands best known for outside of their musical abilities? Kiss for example are best known for their makeup.

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Entries Beginning with W

Slapping their live audience with raw meat. - W.A.S.P.
This is one of the highlights of the band's live show.
Composing music for "Family Guy" - Walter Murphy
In fact, he has composed themes for all of Seth McFarlane's animated shows. And all this after his one-hit "A Fifth of Beethoven" in 1976.
Open Mike
Designing and Building Personal Observatory Domes - Wayne Parker (Glass Tiger)
Wayne Parker not only was the bassist for Glass Tiger but he's also an amateur atronomer and designs Sky Shed P.O.D.s or Personal Observatory Domes.
Collaboration with The Gregory Brothers - Weezer
For one of the songs in the "Auto-Tune the News", Rivers, Brian, Scott, and Pat actually appeared in the song and corresponding video.
Naming a band after a member's childhood nickname - Weezer
"Weezer" was a childhood nickname given to Rivers Cuomo because of a breathing problem.
His unusual reaction to problems with a song - Weird Al Yankovic
When Atlantic Records didn't allow Al to release "You're Pitiful" (a cover of "You're Beautiful") on Straight Outta Lynwood, he got back in an odd way. In the video for "White and Nerdy", when he talks about editing Wikipedia, he is writing "YOU SUCK!" on Atlantic Records' page. He also would wear a similar shirt when singing "You're Pitiful" in concert.
Al Yankovic got his name in the mid-70's because many people would say to him "Hey, F-Ing Weird Al"! The name stuck (Not the F-ing part) and the rest is history!
Paul Warren
Being a trans-gendered person - Wendy Carlos
Was born Walter Carlos in 1939, then received gender re-assignment surgery in 1972 and adopted the name Wendy Carlos
Angie O'Plasty
Simulating A Sexual Act With A Sledge Hammer - Wendy O'Williams
Wendy O'Williams, the lead singer for the punk band The Plasmatics, was well known to police for her on stage antics. Part of her act included simulating a sexual act with a sledghammer which got her in trouble with the police one day. She was arrested for assault after she decked one of the arresting police officers after she alleged that one of them groped her.
Married Couple Rumours - The White Stripes
Jack and Meg white are a brother/sister duo who formed the White Stripes but rumours are running rampant that Meg is not Jack's sister but is his wife.
Drug Revelation - Whitney Houston
For years, rumor has it that Bobby Brown had introduced Whitney Houston to drugs- but Michael Houston, one of the singer's two older brothers, has revealed to Oprah Winfrey that the real story was quite different. On OWN, Michael told Winfrey that "I feel responsible for what I let go so far. We were always, you know, being together most of the time and her following behind me- I taught her to drive. We played together- everything that you do together as you're growing up- and then when you get into drugs, you do that together, too, and it just got out of hand." He said Whitney was in her 20s, already famous, had money and was traveling around when they started doing drugs, long before her 1992 mariage to Brown.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Her Charities - Whitney Houston
Some of Whitney's charities: Whitney Houston Foundation for Children, United Negro College Fund, Red Cross, Children's Defense Fund, and so many more...
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Most Googled in 2012 - Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston's death was the top trending event of the year according to Google Inc.'s "zeitgeist report" which tracks trending searches in the billions. People around the globe searched en masse for news about Houston's accidental drowning in a bathtub just before she was scheduled to perform at the pre-Grammy Awards party in February. Google defines "trending" as topics that gather a high amount of traffic over a sustained period of time.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Her reply to rumors while married to Bobby Brown - Whitney Houston
Never was this more obvious than on an interview with Diane Sawyer in 2002. When asked about her alleged abuse Whitney replied, "First of all, let's get one thing straight. Crack is cheap. I make too much money to ever smoke crack. Let's get that straight. Okay? We don't do crack. We don't do that. Crack is wack." Needless to say, most of her fans didn't believe her. The album she promoted on the interview was her lowest selling ever.
Her Faith - Whitney Houston
From her Gospel singing origin throughout her entire life, Whitney stated that Jesus was paramount in her life and indeed, her last song on earth was an impromptu duet "Yes, Jesus Loves Me" with Kelly Price.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Only Artist to Make National Anthem a Chart Hit - Whitney Houston
Whitney Houston is the only artist to turn the national anthem into a chart hit when her rendition of The Star Spangled Banner reached the Top 100 in 1991. She donated her royalties to the Red Cross
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Protesting Apartheid in S Africa - Whitney Houston
Whitney refused to work for agencies that had ties to S Africa and also sang at Nelson Mandela's 70th Birthday Concert in London to pressure the S African Government.
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
First Black Teen on Cover of Seventeen Magazine - Whitney Houston
First Black teen (or woman of color) to grace the cover of Seventeen Magazine in November 1981
Robert D. Arndt Jr.
Destroying Their Own Instruments - The Who
Almost every Who concert, Pete Townsend would destroy his guitar or Keith Moon would break his own drum kit.
Paul Warren
Headlining the tragic Cincinnati concert in 1979 - The Who
On December 3, 1979, 11 teens were trampled to death when the crowd rushed to find the good seats at Riverfront Coliseum.This tragedy led to the repealing of "festival", or general, seating in Cincinnati. The Who left town shortly after the tragedy.
Concert Tragedy - The Who
On December 3rd 1979 11 people were trampled to death outside a concert at the Riverfront Colosieum in Cincinnati, Ohio.

2 doors were opened and a stampede started and when it ended when 11 people died.
Slapping Chris Rock at the 94th Academy Awards - Will Smith
The greatest moment in television history.
Killing other's people's songs. - William Hung
I'm not kidding. Former American Idol hopefull William Hung committed a wanton act of musical homicide when he butchered the hell out of Ricky Martin's song She Bangs.
Relation to an NBA All-Star - Wilson Phillips
Wilson Phillips members Carnie and Wendy Wilson are related to NBA All-Star and one-time Most Improved Player Kevin Love. Love's uncle is Mike Love of the Beach Boys (his dad, Stan, was a bodyguard for The Beach Boys). Love's cousins are the Wilsons from The Beach Boys and Brian Wilson's daughters are Carnie and Wendy.
Being the butt of a joke on a TV show - Winger
In the '90s cartoon "Beavis & Butthead", the dorky kid, Stuart, always wears a Winger shirt, as opposed to the two title characters' Metallica and AC/DC shirts.
A song about three sports teams - Wiz Khalifa
Contrary to popular belief, "Black and Yellow" isn't just about the NFL's Pittsburgh Steelers. It also is for the MLB's Pirates and NHL's Penguins, two other Pittsburgh teams that both wear black and yellow.
Having her first child out of wedlock - Wynonna Judd
When she became pregnant in 1994, much was made over the fact that she was not married to the father at the time. She did eventually marry the father while she was pregnant with their second child and this ended up being the first of her now-three marriages.
Third Marriage - Wynonna Judd
Judd, 48, married drummer Cactus Moser in a private ceremony on June 17, 2012 The wedding took place in Leipers Fork, Tenn. The couple had been dating since 2009. Judd divorced her second husband D.R. Roach in 2007 after 4 years together and she has two children with her first husband Arch Kelly III. Maybe third time's a charm!!!
Robert D. Arndt Jr.

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