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As long as there's been music, there have been musicians who get into trouble with the law.

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Axl Rose: "Causing A Riot"
Stemming from an incident in Montreal in which Metallica singer and gutarist James Hetfield was injured in a pyrotechnics accident.
James suffered 2nd and 3rd degree burns on his arms, legs, and chest after he walked straight into pyrotechnic display by accident.
Axl's show lasted about 45 minutes until he walked off stage and that's when the fans started rioting and tearing the Montreal Centre apart. Since then Guns N Roses have no longer been allowed in Montreal.
Lostprophets: "Child Pornography"
For which lead singer Ian Watkins was sentenced to 35 years in prison.
Lil Kim: "Lying To Police and Obstruction of Justice"
Lil Kim whose real name is Kimberly Jones was tried and convicted of lying to the police stemming from an incident in which her rap entourage was shooting at a rival rap entourage.

She was sentenced for her crime to a year and one day in jail and a fine of $50,000.
John was issued a citation for speeding.
Justin Beiber: "Speeding"
Just recently he was cited by CHP officer for speeding after he was trying to outrun the paparazzi.
Phil Spector: "Murder"
At his posh Beverly Hills home he stuck a revolver in his girlfriend's mouth and pulled the trigger. Sent up the river forever.
Tippy St Clalir
Johann Strauss II: "Playing The French National Anthem"
Strauss, who lived in Austria his whole life, actually played "Les Marseillaise" in Austrian property during his early career! The charges were later dropped.
Paul warren
Sid Vicious: "Assault, murder (suspected and charged)"
He did 55 days for assault on Todd Smith (brother of singer Patti Smith). He was committed to Bellvue for attempting suicide ten days after Nancy Spungen's death. He never served any time in prison explicitly for the death of Nancy Spungen.
Tim Kramar
Ron Wood of the Rolling Stones: "Assault"
Ron Wood got arrested in in late 2009 for assault in a domestic disturbance with his 18-year-old Russian lover Ekaterina Ivanova. They split soon afterwards. He left his wife of 24 years when he started up with Ekaterina. He had also been to alcoholic rehab several times and Ekaterina later said he did cocaine.
I Got Stoned at Ohio State University
Judee Sill: "Armed robbery"
She and a partner reportedly robbed a bank in which she was so uptight, she blurted out "This is a f---up, mothersticker". Since she was a juvenile, she was sent to reform school as a result.
Buju Banton: "Cocaine"
Cocaine smuggling, intent to distribute (don't quote me on this). He got a prison sentence of 10, maybe 15 years or so. Also, he's been in trouble in his native Jamaica for violent gay-bashing.
Reggae Means One Love
Bump J: "Armed robbery"
He's currently serving 10 years in Texas for robbing a Chase bank in Chicago's "West Loop". 7 years for the illegal gun, 37 months for the robbery.
Adolf Hitler: "Causing the Holocaust"
Adolf Hitler was the lead guitarist for the Beatles.
Axl Rose: "Assault"
A concert in St Louis ended before it even started after he caught someone with a video camera filming them he dived off of the stage and punched the man several times.
Axl eventually stormed off stage and a riot ensued which caused a lot of damga.
The fan settled for $200 and an autograph. :(
Victor Willis: "Failiure to appear in Court, drug, gun charges"
Victor Willis the police man in the 1970s group Village People was busted in Dally City, California.
He got arrested yesterday for DUI. His blood alcohol was way above the accepted limit for driving in the state of California.
Sean "P-Diddy" Combs: "Assault with a Deadly Weapon"
Stemming from a 2000 incident in which someone threw money in Diddy's direction and told him that he wasn't anything. Diddy was alleged to have had a gun a began to open fire on the night club that he was in injuring several people. The court case ended with P-Diddy getting off of the charges
John Lennon: "Imigration violations"
When imigration officials in New York discovered that John Lennon had a pot conviction they decided to try and deport him. But John fought back saying that the move was because of his political views not because he had a pot conviction.
James Hetfield: "various crimes"
James destroyed some ones house, shit on all the floors, pissed on all the carpets, barfed on all the rugs, grafitied the house inside & outside, put explosives in the toilets, re-grammed the alarms from instead of doing what they normallyy do when they go off to make them say OH SHIT DAMN FAG BITCH BASTARD BEOTCH PISS ASS ARSE DICK COCK FUCK continously until reset, replaced all light bulbs with explosives that light themselves, mde sure that when ever someone turned on the t.v. a real gun would start shooting at themand try to kill them and would work on mostly every time and wouldn't stop until the t.v. was turned off, & finally overflowed all the systems that use water, the sentance was 3 days in jail then transfered to prison for life and sent to solitary confinment on sundays.
Eric Rosser: "Kiddie Porn"
He played piano, organ, synthesizer and other keyboard instruments on the first few albums done by John Cougar Mellencamp. That's his keyboards on the #1 hit "Jack and Diane". Eric later migrated to Bangkok, Thailand where he married a Thai girl and raised a family. He worked there giving piano lessons to children and he also used them in child porno. He distributed child porn movies, pictures, DVDs, software and such between Bangkok and his hometown of Bloomington, Indiana where some people bought it. The Thai police arrested Eric after finding scads of the stuff in his home and on his laptop. He was featured on America's Most Wanted and soon was extradicted to America where the FBI classified him as Public Enemy #1. He is rotting in prison.
Florida Sun Kiss

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