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Some bands don't wait around for Weird Al to parody one of their songs, and take a pre-emptive strike and write a silly song of their own.

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"SIOGO," Blackfoot
'Siogo' is the 6th band by the Southern/hard rock band Blackfoot. It was released in 1983. They are Native Americans and their bassist claimed that the album title was Native term for 'togetherness' but a roadie had another story. A sign on the tour bus had that acronym on it - it means 'Suck It Or Get Out'. To add further impact, one of the songs on 'Siogo' is 'We're Going Down' which repeatedly refers to the pornographic slang term 'dining at the Y'.
DJT Is Not The Only Famous SMF
"Several Species Of Small Furry Animals Gathered…," Pink Floyd
Just weird sounds for 5 minutes. And I really like it.
Clever Name
"CD tray picture," Men At Work
CDs sometimes have artwork in the CD trays if the plastic holder is clear. The 'extra' artwork can be interesting, provocative, so many things. it could be a painting or a photo. For instance, the picture 'underneath' the clear CD tray of an MC5 greatest hits CD shows a band member mooning 'you' the viewer. Basically ALL the CD trays from the juvenile uncouth ill-mannered KID Rock has a picture of a hand flipping the bird (oooh, so macho! NOT.). And then there's the pleasant, nice guys of the Aussie band Men at Work. I have a Japanese remastered CD of their legendary debut 'Business As Usual' which spent an amazing 15 weeks on top of the US album charts alone. The CD tray shows the five 'new wave' mates in a photo op together but if you look closely the bassist John Rees has his hand down the left leg of his jeans and he's flipping the 'bird'! Strange that is, that gesture is not used in the land Down Under. Australians use a different gesture to denote 'F.U..'. The.middle finger IS an obscene gesture in the US and Canada but not in Australia (or Japan) so this is a case of a 'hidden message' for Canadian and American listeners. Naughty Aussies!
Underground Listener
"Alex’s Song," Blur
It’s a normal song except the fact the vocals are Alvin and the chipmunks collab
Clever Name
"The Door To This House Remains Open," Super Furry Animals
The song starts of calm, and then an upbeat beat kicks in and the vocals start. So far it just seems like a normal song. Then reverb is added to the vocals a tiny bit but it’s still fairly normal. Suddenly it becomes a bit more melodic. But if you listen closely you can hear it’s getting more powerful as in more weird and upbeat things are added. OH NO THERES A BEATDRO- Just listen to the rest to see what happens… I promise it’s weird
Clever Name
"Underwear," Cheap Trick
That's right. I was searching and fooling around on the Amazon website and BION there is a page where you can buy under 'apparel' a set of 'Cheap Trick Bang Zoom Crazy Hello Logo Basic Cotton Underwear'. It doesn't specify which gender it's for but the model wearing them seems to have a feminine figure. On the derierre is a picture of a sexy woman with big hair waring heels, a leather bikini, leather leg-warmers - and she's holding up Rick Neilson's famous 5-neck guitar. And of course there's the famous 'Cheap Trick' double-name logo on the side. I've never seen any swag like this at any of the seven Cheap Trick shows I've been to. Nonetheless, they had a hit in 1982 with 'She's Tight!' and now YOU can be too, courtesy of the band!
I've Seen Cheap Trick Live 7X!
"Born In the U.S.A. ," Bruce Springsteen
That iconic album came out in 1984, like most albums at the time in LP and cassette form. However, a new format was slowly gaining ground. Japanese sonic engineers had been experimenting with sound/music 'compression' onto small encoded disks that get read by laser beams. The audio is encoded as a series of zeros and ones on a digital format and laser beam 'reads' this and you get better sonic clarity than anywhere else. That's right, it's the Compact Digital Disk. They first came out in 1981 and the following year became more available for popular artists. Some acts like Stevie Wonder and ELO also were starting to use digital tape recordings for even better quality. At first all 'CDs' were manufactured in Japan. Makes sence since the CD was invented by Japanese sonic engineers. Soon enough the first CD pressing plant opened up in America as the market widened. The first album to be manufactured in an American CD plant ironically enough 'Born In the U.S.A.' by Bruce Springsteen. That's right folks, the first US CD format issues of 'Born In the U.S.A.' were truly BORN IN THE U.S.A. and were not imported from Japanese factories like all the previous titles on CD. This was a historic first.
I Saw Bruce 4 Times
"Return To Sender," Elvis Presley
In early 1993 the US Postal Service finally issued stamps of rock icon Elvis Presley. For years there have been rumors and speculations that he was still alive, in 1988 the rumors really flew bigtime and Cheap trick capitalized on that by scoring a Top 10 cover hit with 'Don't Be Cruel' . Living Colour parodied this commotion with 'Elvis Is Dead' in 1990 (with Little Richard guesting, criticizing the commercialization of Elvis). US law prohibits having living persons on US stamps and photographs are verboten. Finally the USPS issued stamps featuring Elvis, after many other nations have done so for years. Here's a twist. Many people placed these Elvis stamps on empty envelopes with intentially fake addreses written on them. Of course these bogus 'letters' were sent back, stamped with 'RETURN TO SENDER' which is the title of an Elvis hit.
Elvis Ain't Dead, Is He?
"'SACRIFICE' Liner notes," Motorhead
The 1995 Motorhead CD liner notes has the usual credts, lyrics, list of equipment the band uses, etc. And while the other two Motorhead members give their usual 'thanks to' credits, here's what the singer/bassist/writer Ian 'Lemmy' Kilmeister wrote: "Lemmy Sez: This is a very good album. Put it in your system and your girlfriend's clothes fall off. Yes, friends, get a copy of Proto-rich, stainless, eco-friendly, abestos free, non-toxic, harmless to pots, sincere, re-cyclable, individually wrapped "SACRIFICE" and hordes of huge naked women/men/goats will come round to your house and rub themselves all over you!! In the nicest possible, non-role model, respectful way. One copy of stain-resistant "SACRIFICE" and you increase your bust measurement by 2" or your truss back. Good luck, and go and lie down, quick. V.C.. B.A., D.M.T., BSA, P.M.R.C., L.A.M.F. '" I can't really figure out what all those abbreviations listed at the end mean or refer to. 'PMRC' stands for the 'Parents Music Resource Council' of Senator's wives who have nothing positive to do, led by that lippy snooty sassymouth shrew Tipper Gore. And 'LAMF' is the name of a 1977 album by the American punk band The Heartbreakers with the title standing for "Like a Mother Fucker";. As for the other anagrams your guess is as good as mine.
1996 Motorheadbanger
"Phil Is On Ark 2," Phil Collins
Phil Collins is one of the greatest entertainers of the past 50 years but before he was in Genesis and did solo and other work, he was in a psychedelic band called Flaming Youth and they released one album in October 1969, 'Ark 2'. 'Ark 2' is a space epic about humanity evacuating a dying planet Earth. Black Sabbath later had a song about that with 'Into the Void' and the glam metal band Europe scored a huge hit about the same with 'The Final Countdown' in 1986. Flaming Youth explored that theme in an entire album which was a bit revolutionary in 1969. A few bad words ('balls', 'bastards') and a couple of mature references (and one indirect ribald chant concerning UFOs) were too taboo for pop radio back then..This is not a pop album anyway, it's a ROCK gem that was at least 10 years ahead of its time in various ways. Musically the album would be considered as psychedelic or even 'proto-prog' and it has elements of classical, church hymn music, jazz rhythms, marching chants and pub sing-a-longs (with riverboat casino-style upright piano), 60s garage rock, and even some Beach Boys style guitar rock and BION a little bit of what would later by labeled by pundits as 'proto-punk'. It's a campy amazing musical mishmash and while there are a few lyrical and music style references to the 60s, the songs themselves stand up to the test of time. There's a lot of good albums by good bands in every decade that gets overlooked, sometimes because they are TOO far ahead. Look at what was dominating the Top 40 in 1969, some of it is gone and better left forgotten. After all, the legendary Jimi Hendrix never had a Top 10 hit. As the 60s turned into the 70s which led to the rise in popularity of turgid Muzak and corporate radio formats and butt-rock, this album got a bit overlooked. Another member of that band, Ronnie Caryl is now a guitarist for Phil's touring band. I saw Phil live in October 2018 and as he intoduced Ronnie he mentioned him being in 'my first band, Flaming Youth'. 'Ark 2' can be heard on YouTube, I recently got a UK CD copy from Amazon. It needs a US reissue in the wake of Phil's recent sold out tour. It's an amazing record that was just a bit ahead of its time beings that none of the songs were '45 single ready' nor did they have the usual Top 40 themes of 'love' or the hippy-trend of 'peace'. Epic albums like this would later become more common by mega-selling bands such as Pink Floyd and RUSH. And Phil had already a few films and on stage earlier in his life, yet 'Ark 2' is the first recorded music album where he appeared.
Sussudio's Boyfriend
"'Hu', not 'Who'," The Hu
Late last year the Mongolian hard rock band the Hu (pronounced 'hoo' or 'WHO') played to a full house in my college strip area. They are noted for Mongolian throat singing in their rock'n'roll. Before the show started the crowd chanted, 'HU! HU! HU! HU!' (not 'Who'). After the show ended the PA system was airing 'Won't Get Fooled Again' by (drumroll please - CLASH!) The Who!!!!!! Surely these guys can see the humor and irony between their band name and the name of that British band! LOL
Jane Wiedlin states that she is an atheist yet she is an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. Her website has a page where people can pay a fee ($3000 - $4000) and she will officiate the wedding, perform a few songs and give autographs. All expenses of her travelling, motel, etc. are additional and paid by YOU. There's a picture of her on a throne with a dog on her lap. To the left is the word 'GOD' and to the right is the word 'DOG'. She goes by the name 'Reverend Sister Go-Go'.
I Am NOT The Chosen Messiah
"Maynard's disguises," Tool, A Perfect Circle, Puscifer
Maynard James Keenan disguising live can sometimes be really hilarious.
"Street Fighting Man," Rolling Stones
Not the song itself, the single jacket cover art. It depicted cops hovering over a protester on the ground. Just prior to the song's release was the infamous 1968 riot at the Democratic National Convention. The record label decided to be cautious in the wake of the controversy and political turmoil and ordered the records destroyed. About 18 records were saved somehow — one was auctioned off for $17,000 in 2011.
I Got Stoned at Ohio State University 2X
"I'm In Love With My Car," Queen
This song almost didn't make it onto the album because Brian May just couldn't take it seriously (and it is pretty silly, but it's not like Brian never has any fun- he wrote "Fat Bottomed Girls"- so who is he to judge?).
"Official Sex Toy," Marilyn Manson
BION, Marilyn Manson is selling a metal (sex apparatus) with his name on it, and a picture of his face on the tip. I'm aware that the band Steely Dan took their name from such an object in the play 'The Naked Lunch' but this is ridiculous!
Words Fail Mee
"Week Of 4 'Billy's," Billy Vera, Billy Idol, Billy Joel, Billy Ocean
On the week ending on January 17, 1987 Gregory Abbott topped the charts with 'Shake You Down'. But there was something else notable as well. This very week was unique in that there were FOUR artists with the first name 'Billy' on the American Top 40 chart. At #5 was 'At This Moment' by BILLY VERA and The Beaters and it was rising up. At #17 was 'Love Is Forever' by BILLY OCEAN and it had slipped down a notch. At #28 was 'This Is The Time' by BILLY JOEL and it was climbing the chart. And at # 35 was 'To Be A Lover' by BILLY IDOL which peaked at #6 a few weeks prior. That's The Week Of Four 'Billy's - Vera, Ocean, Joel and Idol. Vera's song would soon become his only #1 hit. Billy Idol would score his only #1 later that year with 'Mony Mony' (famous for that UNIQUE chant that people added to it). The other 2 'Billy's had already had topped the chart before and would again later in the decade.
Billy Eugene
"Souvenir for 'Surrender'," Cheap Trick
We all know that guitarist Rick Neilson does some notorious, sometimes kooky stuff during a Cheap Trick concert. Every show has a few songs you can count on them playing and 'Surrender' is one of them. When Robin Zander sings, 'Whatever happened to all this season's losers of the year? / Every time I got to thinking, where'd they disappear? / When I woke up, mom and dad are rolling on the couch. / Rolling numbers, rock and rolling, got my KISS records out'. then Rick tosses a souvenir to the audience and of course people try to catch it just like they do Rick's guitar picks. Well, it's not a KISS record but it's a Cheap Trick LP outer cover (no LP or jacket inside) and it is sealed. Glued into the LP cover's perimeter are guitar picks from the band and the designs on them are all different. Rick tosses this item at every show during this song. Last night I saw the band play again and after their show I ran into the lucky couple who caught the item Rick tossed. It was just as described here - the album featured was the 1979 classic 'At Budokan' and the copy was SIGNED by the band members! This was the first time I actually saw one of these special souvenirs and that's because I happened to run into the lucky couple who caught the valuable collector's item. Lucky bastards ; )
I've Seen Cheap Trick Live 5X!
"'Dance Into the Light' album," Phil Collins
Nearly all Phil Collins albums (and some on CDs he's done in Genesis and maybe even Brand X) have drum machines. Phil is a multi-rhythm man - he likes to program a rhythm on a drum machine then top that off with HIS OWN playing on electric drums and of course his trademark SLAMMING on the acoustic drums. On this 1996 CD he does his usual drumming style of course but with heavier emphasize on eastern African rhythm techniques (and it gets frenetic, man!), A disclaimer in the liner notes states one clear thing: Phil literally plays ALL the beats HIMSELF here. It says, 'There's no drum machine on this one!'. Drumming scholars ought to listen to this CD and they'll see that Phil is one of the greatest drummers of all time.
Sussudio's Boyfriend
"'No Jacket Required' album," Phil Collins
The liner notes of this classic Diamond-seller lists all the instruments played in the album and by whom. That also includes 'The Odd Keyboard' but the liner notes doesn't say what is. Anyway, at the bottom it tells you what it isn't. It says, 'There is no Fairlight on this record'. So if the album doesn't feature a Fairlight CMI synthesizer then WHAT kind of synthesizers are being used, and where and for what? Your guess.
Sussudio's Boyfriend

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