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Blame The Ramones, but there have been some very short songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics and also aren't interludes. Preferablly songs released as a single.

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"17," Smashing Pumpkins Length:0:17
Who would have thunk it?
Opie M.
"Interlude: The Non-Conformist Oath," Gorillaz Length:0:22
[Speaker] And now, let's repeat the Non-Conformist Oath! I promise to be different! [Audience] I promise to be different! [Speaker] I promise to be unique! [Audience] I promise to be unique! [Speaker] I promise not to repeat things other people say! (Audience cheering) That’s the lyrics and the whole song.[Editor's note: This was from a Steve Martin bit.]
Clever Name
"Ascension," Gorillaz Length:2:36
It’s a great song, should be longer but the lyrics keep on repeating the words of: The sky’s falling, baby Drop that a** ‘fore it crash (higher) Which I’m not a big fan of. I should put this in the repetitive lyrics section
Clever Name
"Intro: I Switched My Robot Off," Gorillaz Length:0:24
Pointless intro, but at the same time kind of cool?
Clever Name
"Michael Time To Wake Up," Flaming Lips Length:0:30
A voice shouts from far away “Michael! Time to wake up” and then terribly played guitar for the rest of the song.
Clever Name
"Dirty Dog," Beastie Boys Length:0:47
Clever Name
"Into The Eastern Sea," Damon Albarn Length:0:35
Clever Name
"Monkey Travels," Damon Albarn Length:0:46
46 seconds of dramatic music
Clever Name
"Egg Sandwich," Lawnmower Deth Length:0:11
Clever Name
"Be Scene Not Heard," Lawnmower Deth Length:0:07
Clever Name
"Eventide," The Carpenters Length:1:22
The last song from the Horizon album
Sheila Oh
"Aurora," The Carpenters Length:1:33
The first song from the Horizon album.
Sheila Oh
"C'Mon Everybody," Eddie Cochran Length:1:58
Old Man Edgar Winter
"Loop De Loop," Ween Length:1:00
This is the song at the end of the 11-minuted SpongeBob episode "Your Shoe's Untied".
"I'm Not Pretty," Jessia Length:1:58
"The Simpsons Theme," Green Day Length:1;23
This is their cover of the theme song, with some lyrics added. Also, it is the opening theme for The Simpsons Movie.
"My Man Stanley," Baha Men Length:1:02
This is the theme song for the 2001 TV show Stanley. Also on the compilation album Greatest Movie Hits.
"Turtle," Parry Gripp Length:0:48
"Brain Crack," Tracy Bonham Length:1:04
The shortest song from her album "The Burdens of Being Upright".
"We," Calvin Wilkerson Length:0:48
Track 11 on his studio album Shut Your F*ck Up.

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