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These are the 100 most recent news entries. The focus of the news on amIright is towards items about the site, such as parody contests.

Sep 22
ONE WEEK NOTICE "Keelhauled" (Sep 29th)

Come one, Come all and parody a fantastic new song never before seen in these Amiright waters! A very fun band with a unique sound "Keelhauled" is my favorite song by the band Alestorm! Check them out and join us in the One Week Notice challenge! (Comments & Parodies)

Sep 16

The One Week Notice Challenge for Sept. 22 publishing date is on! Veteran and newbie parody authors are all invited to participate--this is not a judging contest. This week's original song that YOU need to write is "Give A Little Love" from the film Bugsy Malone. Rules, lyrics and video are at the link. (Comments & Parodies)

Sep 8
ONE WEEK NOTICE "Sleeping my day away" (Sep 15)

Just like with the previous two rounds the concept is quite simple; I hope it can get you people here to write parodies of the SAME ORIGINAL SONG and then post them on the SAME DAY, in this case for the September 15 update to Amirights front page. (Comments & Parodies)

Sep 6

Everybody's done a Christmas song! Come and submit them and have some fun in the Pop Christmas round. It's Christmas in September here at Amiright. Join us, Shall you? (Comments & Parodies)

Sep 1
All-Time Favorites

New to the site? Looking for the very best parodies AmiRight has to offer? Look no further -- this link contains a goldmine of the greatest parodies in AmiRight history, all conveniently gathered in one handy location. Think you have the stuff to crack this list? We shall see my friend. (Comments & Parodies)

Sep 1

For the September 08 update (Next Friday) I will submit a parody based on "S.O.S. (The tiger took my family)" by Dr. Bombay. Just like the first time the concept is quite simple; I hope it can get you people here to write parodies of the SAME ORIGINAL SONG and then post them on the SAME DAY. You now got a whole week. (Comments & Parodies)

Aug 25
One Week Notice - Ladies of the Eighties

I've been thinking about how to revitalize Amiright. This place has meant and still means a lot to me. Now I've come up with an idea. I call it ONE WEEK NOTICE. It's not a competition, but it relies on the comparative (see what I did there) spirit of us parody authors. Noobs are as welcome as veterans to tag along - Follow the link and keep reading. (Comments & Parodies)

Dec 7

This competition is OPEN TO EVERYONE! NEWBIES WELCOME! Come and join in a classic Amiright parody contest! Very fun! Check it out here at the link! (Comments & Parodies)

Sep 10
Inthe00s (Artistry)

Everybody has done this one... It's the TV THEME SONG ROUND!!!! Everybody come on and submit your best TV Theme Song parody into our incredible Artistry competition. (Comments & Parodies)

Sep 10

Even the nights are better now that it's the Air Supply round. Come and join us! Everybody who has an Air Supply song already written or chooses to write one for this contest can enter. You don't need to be a member or anything special like that as long as you want to join in feel free! :-) (Comments & Parodies)

July 18

In case you haven't heard, Weird Al has a new album out and is debuting a new video every day for eight days, Even more exciting news? If he sells enough albums this weekend, he might even have his first number one album. Make sure you buy a copy this weekend if you're planning on buying it! (Comments & Parodies)

Mar 31
amIright News

I have fixed the Photoshops and the Album cover parodies upload scripts. If you see any other parts of the site that are broken please let me know. (Comments & Parodies)

Mar 13
Artistry 2: Aretha Franklin

Come on everybody and show her a little RESPECT!!! It's time for the Queen of Soul to shine and since she's a classic I'm sure a lot of people have parodies of her work done. Time to enter them in our Aretha Franklin Artistry 2 competition. It doesn't matter if you've joined us in the past just make sure to join us now and don't be a chain of fools! (Comments & Parodies)

Feb 13
Artistry 2

Come on we all hate this little Canadian douche canoe now let's make fun of his worthless music with our next Artistry Round featuring Justin Bieber. You don't have to be a member of any group to join or have contributed any songs to any projects or rounds in the past as long as you want to throw in a song parodying Justin Bieber's music you're more than welcome to join us! (Comments & Parodies)

Jan 30

We're rockin' the suburbs here at Amiright... Come and join our Ben Folds round of Artistry 2. It doesn't have to be the 5 of us regulars in every single round of this thing. If you have a parody of a Ben Folds song written feel free to submit it or perhaps create a new one and join in on the fun. 5 is good but the more the merrier!!! (Comments & Parodies)

Jan 17
Artistry 2

Hello... Come and join our Lionel Richie round of Artistry 2. It doesn't have to be the 5 of us regulars in every single round of this thing. If you have a parody of a Lionel Richie song written feel free to submit it or perhaps create a new one and join in on the fun. 5 is good but the more the merrier!!! (Comments & Parodies)

Sep 5
Artistry 2

You're going to Hollywood as we parody our next artist in the ever popular Artistry 2 competition: Kelly Clarkson. You haven't joined us in the fun yet but it's not too late my friends. Come play with us, La la la la la la.... (Comments & Parodies)

Aug 23
Artistry 2

Everybody join us in hammering down some Nine Inch Nails! The next round of Artistry 2 approaches! You haven't joined us yet but it's not too late to get involved TODAY!!! (Comments & Parodies)

Aug 8
Artistry 2

C'mon people! Please join us! I swear we don't bite! Anyways, The next artist is Uncle Kracker so follow me and we'll make you smile in a little while. (Comments & Parodies)

July 24
Artistry 2

Ladies and gentlemen, Come and join us in round 3 of Artistry 2! This time we're parodying the Prince of Motown: Marvin Gaye! Come on, baby, come on. Let's get it on! (Comments & Parodies)

July 14
Artistry 2

Come and check out some Bare Naked Ladies! No, Not that! I mean the rock band! Join us and parody this quirky Canadian group during our next round of Artistry 2! (Comments & Parodies)

June 26

Come and kick off Artistry 2 by parodying everybody's favorite creepy, spooky rock star: Alice Cooper!!! (Comments & Parodies)

May 6
amIright News

There was a bug with the sections that required Amazon links (like Album Cover Parodies and Themes). I have fixed it so that it should be working again. If you still have a problem, as always, let me know please! (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 21
amIright News

Parody authors! Take note of a new "extended info" link next to your name on the authors listings. This will let you see the comments left on your parodies in the last ten days, sort through your parodies by total hits and vote counts. New section coming soon for authors who have submitted a parody using a password as well. (Comments & Parodies)

Mar 29
amIright News

After many years of keeping his sections of the site up to date, Below Average Dave has turned in his editors badge on all but the Performances section of the site. He asked me a year ago and I asked if he could keep it going a little longer, and he certainly did. I couldn't ask him to do it again though. nally has taken on some of his sections, but several sections are now without an editor. If you have any interest in volunteering to review new entries on the site for an unclaimed section, drop me a note please. (Comments & Parodies)

Feb 5
amIright News

The redesign of amIright is now live on just the homepage. I will be rolling out the redesign to other sections of the site over the next month. (Comments & Parodies)

Nov 25

WANTED: Star Wars Fans and Disney Fans! With Disney buying out LucasFilm the combination is far too good to pass up! We need to mock this like none-other. Join the Dark Side of the Farce! (Comments & Parodies)

May 23

WANTED: Comic Book Fans AND Beatles Fans to help parody all 30 songs of The White Album (Comments & Parodies)

May 18

WANTED: Parodies. OS must be a Beatles song. Parody must somehow relate to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Follow the link for info. Limited spots available :cD. (Comments & Parodies)

May 9

The online geek comic xkcd has published a partial but amazing parody of The Major General's Song. (Comments & Parodies)

Jan 16
Rolling Stone

For the weekend of January 13 2012, Rolling Stone Magazine is asking for feedback on the question "What Is the Best 'Weird Al' Yankovic Song?" (Comments & Parodies)

Jan 2

On New Year's Eve at a restaurant in Maui, Alice Cooper and Steven Tyler performed "Come Together" with Weird Al. (Comments & Parodies)

Nov 1

Weird Al Yankovic appears in the latest episode of "How I Met Your Mother" (Noretta, Episode 7, Season 7) (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 22

Gaga changes her mind! Apparently her publicist made the decision, and when she heard the song and the outcry, she loved it and gave permission. (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 20

Lady Gaga denies Weird Al permission to parody her lousy song. You can still view the parody on YouTube however. (Comments & Parodies)

Mar 2
Amiright February SOTM

Did you post a parody song on Amiright during the month of February 2011? If so you can sign up of for the SOTM (Song Of The Month) Contest and feedback exchange here (up until the 8th). (Comments & Parodies)

Dec 21

Amiright Holiday Special: New Year's Day/ Eve. Enter your parody about the New Year today! (Comments & Parodies)

Dec 6

Did you post a parody song on Amiright during the month of November 2010? If so you can sign up of for the SOTM (Song Of The Month) Contest and feedback exchange here (up until the 8th). (Comments & Parodies)

Nov 22

Thanksgiving time is approaching so submit your Turkey Day parodies into the Amiright Holiday Special Contest! (Comments & Parodies)

Nov 5

Did you post a parody song on Amiright during the month of October 2010? If so you can sign up of for the SOTM (Song Of The Month) Contest and feedback exchange here. (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 7
amIright News

Nothing wrong with your browser, amIright is changing it's design/appearance. Nothing is finished yet, but the goal is a larger, easier to read font and better layout if information to increase ease of reading. Follow the link to inthe00s for more updates or follow the amIright Facebook page for more updates. (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 4

Did you post a parody song on Amiright during the month of September 2010? If so you can sign up of for the SOTM (Song Of The Month) Contest and feedback exchange here. (Comments & Parodies)

Aug 19
AmIRight Artistry: Round 80 Tears for Fears

Have you taken on Tears for Fears? If so join the Artistry Round in their honor! (Comments & Parodies)

Aug 12
amIright News

Malcolm Higgins, amIright's first author to reach 1000 parodies, has passed away. We're all going to miss ya Malcolm. (Comments & Parodies)

July 30
Michael Jackson Artistry Round 79

Have you taken on the King of Pop? Michael Jackson's round is up, enter your parody of any of his many hits (Comments & Parodies)

July 26

Don't Miss Your Chance To Be In Matthias's Song Parody Documentary!!!! ALL PARODISTS WELCOME!!! (Comments & Parodies)

July 20

Help Matthias out with a Song Parody documentary. Parody author Matthias Stove is working on a documentary about the world of parody from its roots with Tom Leher, to the man who made it popular Weird Al Yankovic and even the Indie Parody scene. I want as many people in this video as possible. I can predict only great things to come of this! (Comments & Parodies)

July 20
AmIRight Round 78 Britney Spears

Have you parodied Britney??? Join the Artistry round in her honor (or dishonor depending on your tastes) (Comments & Parodies)

May 11
AmIRIght Artistry Competition: Lynyrd Skynyrd

Don't miss your chance to enter the Lynyrd Skynyrd Artistry Round, each artist is only drawn once! (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 28
amIright News

The hard drive for the amIright webserver is in the process of failing. There may be some downtime for the site in the next day or two while we move the site to a new server. (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 26
Elton John Artistry Round on AmIRight

Don't miss your chance to enter the one round for one of the top musicians of all time, Elton John. Pay your tribute by entering the artist round in his honor. . .any song by Elton is eligible for parody as long as you've posted your parody here on AmIRight by the entry deadline. GOOD LUCK! (Comments & Parodies)

Mar 31
amIright News

Happy Ten Years - April Fools Day. As of April 12th, amIright as a standalone site is 10 years old. I'm celebrating a bit early by placing the original homepage design back on the site for a day. If you missed it, you can still see it with this link. (Comments & Parodies)

Mar 14
AmIRight Artistry Competition: Stevie Wonder

Enter the Artistry Round for Stevie Wonder with your best Stevie Wonder parody. . .each artist only comes along once!!! (Comments & Parodies)

Mar 7
amIright News

New interim design is now active, if you're having issues please visit this link to InThe00s and leave a comment. (Comments & Parodies)

Nov 30
amIright News

AmiRight parody author Johnny D wins Boston.Com's Holiday Song Parody Contest (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 11
amIright News

Today's parodies are now listed, sorry for the delay. (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 7
amIright News

Fixed the problems with the site sections that used amazon for retrieving album covers. (Comments & Parodies)

July 12
Badave Bi-Weekly Radio Show (7-12-09)

This Bi-Week's show features many AmIRight Authors including:, Below Average Dave, Phil Alexander, Jeff Reuben, EmiLoca, Merry & Pippin, Mikey Squirrel, Rick Cormier, Matthias, Slyth66, Medemia and Ann Hammond! (Comments & Parodies)

June 28
Badave Bi-Weekly Radio Show

Bi-Weekly Badave Show this week tributes Video Games, Farrah Fawcett and Michael Jackson. . .Played lots of parodists including AmIRight's own Below Average Dave, Mikey Squirrel, Wolverine, Phil Alexander, Merry & Pippin, Matthias, Rex Ungericht, Rick Cormier, Jeff Reuben, Red Ant, and Ann Hammond (Comments & Parodies)

June 14
Badave Parody Radio Show on the Mad Music Archive

The Biggest Badave Show ever, featuring AmIRight authors Emi Loca, Jeff Reuben, Red Ant, Conqueror of Parodies, McKludge, Phil Alexander,, Below Average Dave, Matthias, Ann Hammond, Merry & Pippin, Rick Cormier, Cheeky Monkeys,, Mikey Squirrel, Agrimorfee and several non-AmIRight authors whose music you've probably never heard like Peter Coffin, DJ Particle, Sharm and much much more (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 1

Did you post a recording or youtube video during the January, February or March 2009? Enter the Performance of the Quarter competition! It's free, it's fun and hey it's free exposure. . .read about the rules first please... (Comments & Parodies)

Dec 30
AmIRight Idol Winner Announced

Congratulations to the AmIRight Idol 2008 Winner: Matthias!! (Comments & Parodies)

Dec 29
amIright News

nally has done the impossible, and reviewed the entire misheard lyrics corrections backlog of over 9000 entries after 9 months of work. Thanks nally! We can finally turn on the corrections suggestion script in the misheard lyrics section again. (Comments & Parodies)

Dec 9
amIright News

An ALL NEW second misheard lyrics book is now available. This time we focus on the 80s and even included some sections from in this book. Makes a great Christmas/Hanukkah/Kwanzaa/Birthday gift! (Comments & Parodies)

Nov 16
amIright News

Do you remember a time when all Amirighters were combined for one common goal? A time when brother was against brother in a contest to end all contests? A time when time itself was in random disarray and humor was pouring from every pore? If you do then you probably remember "Ages of Amiright" a Matthias created project and the same man who brought you such classics as "The White Trash Story" and "Decathlon: Mark 2" now bring you the sequel to a much awaited challenge and that is "Ages of Amiright Part 2"!!! Join Today! (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 22
amIright News

Updated parody author merchandise will be available this December. If your name appears on the 2008 list before the end of November, you will be included! 10 submissions to the site from Jan 08 to Nov 08 qualifies you. (Comments & Parodies)

Aug 4

Congratulations to Matthias, Agrimorfee, Art Paul Schlosser, Rick Cormier, Insane Ian, Red Ant, McKludge, Mikey Squirrel, neillien, Ann Hammond, Jack Wilson, Invisible Boy, Jeff Reuben, and Confission on their Badaves of the Month! (Comments & Parodies)

July 7
June 2008 Badave's of the month

Congrats to AmIRight regulars: Matthias,, Robert Lund, Agrimorfee, Rex Ungericht, Mikey Squirrel, Neillien, & Ann Hammond on your respective badave's of the month (Comments & Parodies)

May 26
Wishmaster Misheard Odysseus' Idealist Alchemical

A bizarre and erudite mishearing of "Wishmaster" by Finnish metal band Nightwish, that turns it into a song about Odysseus, Star Trek, Immanuel Kant, communism, and the occult! (Comments & Parodies)

May 18
AmIRIght Parodist Idol

Deadline for AmIRight parodist idol extended to June 3rd, no voting required, just your favorite hobbies, enter today! (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 28
amIright News

amIright Idol 2008. Parody writers take note, there's a new contest to be judged by Red Ant, Agrimorfee and Below Average Dave. Follow the link to read how to enter! (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 16
AmiRight Parodist Convention 2008 in Tampa, FL

Free Hotel Stay at the Tampa Hilton, The 2008 AmIRIght Parodist Convetion, meet your favorite parodist like Red Ant, Below Average Dave, Matthias, Jeff Reuben & More, all you have to do is get the tickets for June 20th through the 22nd (or the 23rd if you prefer) This is a once in a lifetime opportunity DON'T MISS IT!!! (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 7

President Bush accidentally admits to being a music file sharing pirate, has Beatles on own playlist despite you can't get them on any legal music downloading platform and ripping your own legally purchased CDs is also against the law in the US! (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 1
Badave's of the Month March 2008

Congrats to the badave's of the month (Comments & Parodies)

Mar 31
amIright News

Yup, I played a funny on the front page. Check the link on this news article for a list of the past ones. (Comments & Parodies)

Mar 31

Congrats to Kristof. . . Kristof. . . and Kristof on your podium finishes, and a diverse top ten (after the podium of course) !! (Comments & Parodies)

Mar 26

Free Dr Pepper for everyone in the US, if Axl Rose releases Chinese Democracy in the year 2008. (Comments & Parodies)

Mar 16
amIright News

10 Day Parody Contest - Obsolete Political Parodies (ends March 27). $25 Amazon gift card for first place! (Comments & Parodies)

Feb 29

Congrats to AmIRighters:, Agrimorfee, Mikey Squirrel, Ann Hammond, Below Average Dave, Red Ant, The Conqueror of Parodies, Jeff Reuben, Rick Cormier and Matthias on your badave's top 10 of the month in February! (Comments & Parodies)

Feb 25
Associated Press

Maxim is now releasing reviews of albums without listening to the music. (Comments & Parodies)

Feb 15
Rolling Stone

"More Than a Feeling" writer does NOT heart Huckabee. (Or his use of the Boston song.) (Comments & Parodies)

Feb 6

Pearl Jam (without Eddie Vedder) records a parody of "Rock Around The Clock" to support their favorite Presidential candidate (Comments & Parodies)

Feb 1
Badave's of The Month-January 2008

Congrats to: Red Ant, Agrimorfee, Below Average Dave, Mikey Squirrel, The Conqueror of Parodies, Jeff Reuben, Josh2, and Rex Ungericht on badave's of the Month (Comments & Parodies)

Jan 10

Below Average Dave will be performing Live via phone on 89.5 FM Chicago, along with doing an interview--you may listen on air or live with their host Robin to hear the first ever fresh backing track performance to Mix Two Chemicals, and classics Pepsi Dependency and BAD Disgrace LIVE on 1/11/2008! (Comments & Parodies)

Dec 30 Live New Years Eve Countdown

Broadcast begins at 1pm EST, Below Average Dave is counting down the top 100 most active parodists of AmIRight, and the top 100 Recordings at live all day (should end around 10pm/10:30 EST) (Comments & Parodies)

Dec 27
Woodpecker Records

How BMI and ASCAP extort business owners into paying music performance fees, even when music that is not licensed by them is played exclusively there. (Comments & Parodies)

Dec 2
Badave's of The Month-November 2007

Congratulations to Red Ant, Rex Ungericht, Mikey Squirrel, Matthias, The Conqueror of Parodies, Rick Cormier, Silly Nelson Duncan & Nuclear Bubble Wrap on Top 10 Badave's of the Month for November in respective sections! (Comments & Parodies)

Nov 19
E! Online

Red Hot Chili Peppers file Californilitigation against Showtime show using the title of one of their songs. (Comments & Parodies)

Nov 12
The AmIRight BAD recording Contest Results!

Congratulations to Red Ant for winning the first ever "Get Your Parody Recorded Contest" with his version of Loosing My Religion by REM, I have recorded it as promised for whoever won the round. The next round is SexyBack by Justin Timberlake (Comments & Parodies)

Nov 1
Badave's of The Month-October 2007

Congrats to Red Ant, Mikey Squirrel, Rex Ungericht, The Conqueror of Parodies, Matthias, Rick Cormier,, Jeff Reuben & Below Average Dave on Hitting's top ten in respective categories for October 2007, for more info check out the news story. (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 30
amIright News

What would be a bad choice for a cell phone ring tone? We're looking for situations when a particular song would be inappropriate if you got a call. (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 18

I need a list of songs with clapping in them. My two year old likes to clap, and I want to see what pop songs he might enjoy. Visit this link and comment please! (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 18

Philly talk show host reads an embarrassing misheard lyric on the air. (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 16
amIright News

Testing out a new layout for the site. Let me know if you have any problems with it. (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 12 Reaches 100 Recordings

Rick Cormier's "I Wonder if She's A Girl" becomes the 100th recorded parody! (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 4
amIright News

Top ten contributors lists will soon begin to be added to all 90+ sections on amIright. I started with the parody fragments section. (Comments & Parodies)

Oct 3

Owner of the song "When You Wish Upon a Star" is suing over the Family Guy parody in the episode, "When You Wish Upon a Weinstein". (Comments & Parodies)

Aug 30
Artistry: Allman Brothers (Rd 8)

Congratulations to Matthias, Rex Ungericht and Syncronos on your podium finishes in the Allman Brothers Artistry Round (Comments & Parodies)

Aug 17 Artistry

Garth Brooks Artistry Round Completed, Congrats Rex Ungericht, Agrimorfee and Matthias (Comments & Parodies)

Aug 6
amIright News

100,000 misheard lyrics milestone now reached. Thanks to everyone who has submitted them over the past ten years. (Comments & Parodies)

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