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Real Lyrics

This section explores real song lyrics, as opposed to lyrics that are misheard or made up.

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May 3
Return of OWN-Week 7 -"Old Town Road"(Lil Nas X)

This week we're taking a look at the popular "Country?" / "Rap?" song "Old Town Road" performed by the 20-year-old Lil Nas X and his buddy Billy Ray Cyrus who hasn't been relevant in 20 years! Due = 5-10-2019 (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 26
Return of O.W.N. - Week 6 - "Sunflower"

This week we're taking a look at a great song from one of the best animated movies of 2018 - "Spider-Man: Into The Spider-Verse" (Comments & Parodies)

Apr 19
Return of O.W.N. - Week 5 = "Hold Me Tight"

This week we're discovering the little talked about classic rock band from the U.K. called "The Beatles". Don't know why they decided to name themselves after a bunch of bugs but maybe Papa Roach knows... This is a classic Beatles number but has only been parodied twice so far on (Maybe we'll find out why) (Comments & Parodies)

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Songs That Mention a Boasting -> Latest Entries

Kylie Minogue's, "I Should Be So Lucky"
The Boasting Lyrics:
I should be so lucky in love
indicates she feel entitled to get whatever she wants.
Submitted by: mads.

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Songs That Mention a Celebrity -> Latest Entries

Dizzy X's, "SupaSaturation"
The Lyrics:
I will be your superhero
Cooler than De Niro
Who They Mention:
Robert De Niro
Submitted by: Bob

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Songs That Mention a Product -> Latest Entries

Blondie's, "Eat To The Beat"
The Lyrics:
Sitting in the bathroom drinking Alka Seltzer.
Product Brand Name:
Alka Seltzer, an over the counter antacid medicine.
Submitted by: Edward

The most recent song lyrics which mention name brand products available

Songs That Mention Other Songs -> Latest Entries

Michael W. Smith's, "I Will Be Here For You"
The Song Lyrics:
I will be here for you
Somewhere in the night
Somewhere in the night
Song They Mention:
The Barry Manilow song "Somewhere In The Night"
Submitted by: Odie Garfield

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Dated Song Lyric -> Latest Entries

Mr. Oizo's, "Let The Children Techno"
The dated Lyrics:
The year is 2017, WWV has now ended.
Why They're dated:
It's 2020 and we're only getting WWIII memes!
Submitted by: All-Starr

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Dirty Song You Didn't Know Is Dirty -> Latest Entries

The Police's, "When The World Is Running Down, You Make The Best "
The dirty Lyrics:
I run 'Deep Throat' again
It ran for years and years
Why They're dirty:
He's watching an infamous porno movie on his VCR over and over again. It features a porn star who loves doing the act of....
Submitted by: I've Been Stung Twice

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Funny Song Lyric -> Latest Entries

R.E.M.'s, "Orange Crush"
The Funny Lyrics:
Follow me, don't follow me.
Why They're funny:
This line contradicts itself. Need I say more?
Submitted by: Pete Worst

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Repetitive Song Lyric -> Latest Entries

Ed Sheeran's, "Shape of You"
The Repetitive Lyrics:
Come on, be my baby, come on
Come on, be my baby, come on
Come on, be my baby, come on
Come on, be my baby, come on
Come on, be my baby, come on
Come on, be my baby, come on
Come on, be my baby, come on
Come on, be my baby, come on
Why They're Repetitive:
He sure is persistent.
Submitted by: Mike B

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Nonsensical Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

John Fred & His Playboy Band's, "Judy In Disguise With Glasses"
The Nonsensical Lyrics:
Lemonade pie and a brand new car
Why They're Nonsensical:
What the heck is lemonade pie, and what does it have to do with a brand new car? If you ask me, this entire song is nonsensical, not just this line.
Submitted by: Erin

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Insincere Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Cats Can Fly's, "Lies Are Gonna Get You"
The Insincere Lyrics:
Lies are gonna get ya,
But the truth is gonna set you free.
Why They're Insincere:
Apparently, the band didn't worry about the lie in its own name! Incidentally, the whopping big cliche that "the truth will set you free" started with a saying of Jesus in the gospel of John. In the context, Jesus was addressing what he presented as a very specific truth, the truth of where salvation comes from, according to his teachings. He was not talking about truth in general. But those who have turned his saying into a runaway cliche present it out of context, as if it applied to truth in general. Ironically, among the prominent perpetrators of this runaway cliche are folks who couldn't hate Christianity more.
Submitted by: Beverly Stiles

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Misrhymed Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Puscifer's, "Potions"
The Misrhymed Lyrics:
Selling promises and potions that could take our memories away
Help forget I ever met you
Give me a baker's dozen, please
Wrap me up to go away
Why They're Misrhymed:
You can't rhyme the same word. In this case, "away".
Submitted by: All-Starr

The most recent misrhymed song lyrics available

Insulting Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Steely Dan's, "Pretzel Logic"
The Insulting Lyrics:
Yes I'd love to tour the Southland
In a traveling minstrel show
Yes I'm dying to be a star and make them laugh
Sound just like a record on the phonograph
Those days are gone forever
Over a long time ago, oh yeah
Why They're Insulting:
They romanticize the time when blacks were made fun of in minstrel shows, and "love to tour the Southland" is emphasizing the racial perspective of the South at that time. It's time to stop romanticizing what is simply racism.
Submitted by: Mark Allen

The most recent insulting song lyrics available

Inappropriate Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Sammy Kershaw's, "Matches"
The Inappropriate Lyrics:
And everybody at The Broken Spoke
All thought my crazy story was a joke
Now they're out there in the parking lot
Staring at the smoke
Why They're Inappropriate:
The verse implies the narrator committed arson.
Submitted by: Sundog

The most recent inappropriate song lyrics available

Spelling Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

The Chemical Brothers, "Chemical"
The Words:
The C to H to E to M to I to C to A to L, the brothers, the brothers
Submitted By: All-Starr
Prince, "Automatic"
The Words:
'Automatic', partially
A-U-T-O-matic. This partial spelling is frequently used in the song.
Submitted By: Delirious Dan

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Made Up Words Song Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Hall and Oates, "Rockability"
The Made Up Words:
The girl got rockability.
Rockability isn't a real word. But I think in the song it's their way of saying she's cool, sexy or attractive I guess.
Submitted By: Edward
Tom Waits, "Swordfishtrombone"
The Made Up Words:
"He went and took up with a Salvation Army band girl
Who played dirty water on a swordfishtrombone."
-- are the lyrics that have the title word in context. Neither the word nor its overall context in the song make its meaning very self-explanatory. I googled the word and tried to look up a definition, to make sure it wasn't a pre-existing word. I found nothing to suggest it to be anything other than the song's invention. It seems an obscure, not clearly definable term, just a juxtaposition of two dissimilar entities.
Submitted By: Natalie Lundgren

The most recent made up words song lyrics available

Songs That Open With It's Title Lyrics -> Latest Entries

The White Stripes, "Sugar Never Tasted So Good"
Lyrics it Opens With:
Sugar never tasted so good, sugar never tasted so good. Sugar never tasted good to me, yeah!
Submitted By: All-Starr
Ween, "Ocean Man"
Lyrics it Opens With:
Ocean man, take me by the hand.
Submitted By: Brian Kelly

The most recent song that opens with it's title lyrics available

Scary Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Arctic Monkeys', "Chun Li Flying Bird Kick"
The Lyrics:
Show us your special move!
Is it like they're trying to kill the listener?
Submitted by: All-Starr

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Bad Grammar in Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Meg Myers 's, "Funeral"
The Lyrics:
I'll hit you when you're down on one knee
I'll give you my heart when I'm six foot deep.
Sorry, Meg, but the correct answer is "six FEET deep".
Submitted by: Sheila Oh

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Real Places Mentioned in Songs -> Latest Entries

Sisters Of Mercy's, "Detonation Boulevard"
The Lyrics:
I caught something weird in Ensenada
I've a brother of sorts in Torquemada
Ensenada, Mexico, which is on the Pacific coast of the Baja California peninsula.
Submitted by: Bon John Bovi

The most recent song that real places mentioned in songs available

Lyrics Pronunciation -> Latest Entries

Commercial's, "Luden's Cough Drops (newsstand jingle)"
The Lyrics:
Honey, the way you wish
With Lemon or Licorice
Thw newsstand worker, played by the late Will Lee (better known as Mr. Hooper on "Sesame Street"), pronounces the word "licorice" as "lick-er-riss" instead of the more common "lick-er-rish".
Submitted by: Old Man Edgar Winter

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Foreign Language in English Songs -> Latest Entries

Alice Donut's, "J Train Downtown: A Nest of Murder"
The Lyrics:
Las cucarachas entran
Pero no puedan salir
Cockroaches come in
But can't get out
Submitted by: The Skuz

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Upbeat Songs With Depressing Lyrics -> Latest Entries

The Cure's, "Cut Here"
The Lyrics:
I should've stopped to think, I should've made the time;
I could've had that drink, I could've talked a while.
I would've done it right, I would've moved us on,
But I didn't, and now it's all too late;
It's over and you're gone.
Robert Smith wrote this dancey number about his friend Billy MacKenzie (from The Associates), who died by suicide - it's about how Smith regrets not spending more time with him while he had the chance.
Submitted by: Nat

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Onomatopoeia in Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Nicki Minaj's, "Super Bass"
The Lyrics:
Yeah, that's that super bass
That's the sound of a bass, or as Nicki compares it, a heartbeat
Submitted by: Ariana Grande Mocha Swirl

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Lyrics Spoonerisms -> Latest Entries

The Mamas & The Papas', "Creeque Alley"
The Lyrics:
And no one's getting fat except Mama Cass.
And no one's fitting cat except Mama Gas.
Submitted by: Richard Wetfuss

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Lyrics Alliteration -> Latest Entries

The Cranberries', "I Just Shot John Lennon"
The Lyrics:
What a sad and sorry and sickening sight.
What a sad and sorry and sickening night.
The letter "S", used four times in the first line and three in the second.
Submitted by: Brian Kelly

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TV and Movies Mentioned in Lyrics -> Latest Entries

Gabriel Mann's, "OK Alone"
The Lyrics:
All the times you straightened my hair.
Now I stay home watching Millionaire.
"Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" with Regis Philbin.
Submitted by: Bob

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Bad Ringtone Choices -> Latest Entries

Morning Musume's, "SEXY BOY ~そよ風に寄り添って~"
The Lyrics:
Chimata de uwasa no SEXY BOY
Some schools may not allow you to set this song as your cellphone ringtone because their teachers might be able to interpret the above lyric as referring to shotas (underage boys).
Submitted by: Ant Ko

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