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I'm not talking about songs that have a dated sound (there's more than I could ever list). I'm referring to songs with a specific date or year in the lyrics, that are mentioned as the present or future. Like Prince's "1999" (which will not be played as much now that it's date has come and gone). These are songs for which the present or future they refer to, has come and gone. 1999 was the future in 1982, 1999 has now passed.

What I am NOT looking for, are songs like Bowling for Soup's "1985" which are written after the date they are talking about. This song is looking back, or written from the point of view of after the date mentioned.

We also accept lyrics that mention prices that are now dated, such as 10 cent pay phone calls. Lyrics that mention a persons age at the time and that person is now past said age, and lyrics that mentioned events that were current at the time of the song but have now passed are also accepted.

Basically anything that definitively dates a song by any means other than the way it "sounds". Words/phrases/singing styles or instruments that were used commonly in a time period but are no longer used that much today are not accepted.

Dated References, ARTIST

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Flip Quit's, "Jeopardy!: First World Problems"
The dated Lyrics:
Art Fleming, you are a problem machine,
Don Pardo too.
Why They're dated:
Art Fleming and Don Pardo were on Jeopardy when this came out, in 1982.
Submitted by: Palap Ergir
Tom Lehrer's, "So Long Mom"
The dated Lyrics:
Remember Mommy, I'm off to get a Commie
Why They're dated:
A clear cold war reference - "Commie" being short for "Communist", which is what it would have been the obvious issue around World War III.
Submitted by: EF
Tom Lehrer's, "Who's Next?"
The dated Lyrics:
Egypt's gonna get one, too,
Just to use on you know who.
So Israel's getting tense,
Wants one in self defense.
Why They're dated:
Since 1979, Israel and Egypt have had a peace treaty, so Egypt having a nuclear bomb would no longer be as big a deal.
Submitted by: EF
Tom Lehrer's, "Who's Next?"
The dated Lyrics:
South Africa wants two, that's right:
One for the black and one for the white!
Why They're dated:
This is clearly a reference to the Apartheid in South Africa, which ended in 1991.
Submitted by: EF
Franz Ferdinand's, "The Dark of the Matinee"
The dated Lyrics:
So I'm on BBC2 now,
telling Terry Wogan how I've made it.
Why They're dated:
Terry Wogan died in 2016.
Submitted by: Brian Kelly
Flip Quit's, "I Sung Myself"
The dated Lyrics:
Bell System ain't bringin' me no phone book
Why They're dated:
This song came out in 1980, when AT&T was called Bell System.
Submitted by: Tank76
Mushroomhead's, "Bwomp"
The dated Lyrics:
If it was up to me, I'd free Charles Manson.
Why They're dated:
Manson's dead now.
Submitted by: Thaddeus Gammelthorpe
Neal McCoy's, "You Gotta Love That"
The dated Lyrics:
She rolled into town dreams in a sack
Old guitar in a blue Pontiac
Why They're dated:
Pontiac went under in 2010
Submitted by: loulie
Roxy Music's, "Cry Cry Cry"
The dated Lyrics:
You're steppin' on holy ground
Hold it there!
I'm fading out your hologram
A phoney toothpaste smile
Remember when you cry cry cry
Your heart out
I did mine
Why They're dated:
'fading out your hologram' - that implies a future development. Well, we now have hologram entertainment, people paying to see holograms of Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, Tupac Shakur and other dead celebrities. Also, since this song is from 1979, this also indicates that maybe Bryan Ferry & Co. saw the phenomenal movie STAR WARS which came out in 1977 and in the cinemas until 1979. Of course, that flick features hologram messages from Princess Leah smuggled and stored on the R2D2 droid. A little bit of entertainment history for ya!
Submitted by: I Love Foxy Roxy Music
Roxy Music's, "Manifesto"
The dated Lyrics:
I am for the man who drives the hammer
to rock you till the grave
its power drill
shocks a million miles away
I am for the revolution's coming
Why They're dated:
Roxy Music and other acts ignited the punk rock/new wave/alternative/indy revolution during their "glam" days and after. When this song came out it was 1979, the revolution had practically set in since there were now a whole "wave" of bands just starting out or soon to come that were inspired by Roxy in some ways like Duran Duran, ABC, Spandau Ballet, Adam and the Ants, the Cure, and more. Even some 'power pop' bands like Cheap Trick were influenced, and even the 'glam metal' bands like Def Leppard were influenced by Roxy. IOW, the revolution Roxy Music helped inspired was already HERE and would greatly influence rock in the Eighties.
Submitted by: I Love Foxy Roxy Music

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