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I'm not talking about songs that have a dated sound (there's more than I could ever list). I'm referring to songs with a specific date or year in the lyrics, that are mentioned as the present or future. Like Prince's "1999" (which will not be played as much now that it's date has come and gone). These are songs for which the present or future they refer to, has come and gone. 1999 was the future in 1982, 1999 has now passed.

What I am NOT looking for, are songs like Bowling for Soup's "1985" which are written after the date they are talking about. This song is looking back, or written from the point of view of after the date mentioned.

We also accept lyrics that mention prices that are now dated, such as 10 cent pay phone calls. Lyrics that mention a persons age at the time and that person is now past said age, and lyrics that mentioned events that were current at the time of the song but have now passed are also accepted.

Basically anything that definitively dates a song by any means other than the way it "sounds". Words/phrases/singing styles or instruments that were used commonly in a time period but are no longer used that much today are not accepted.

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Randy Travis', "Better Class of Losers"
The dated Lyrics:
I need friends who don't pay their bills on home computers
Why They're dated:
In the early '90s, the Internet was quite a long way from becoming what it is now, and even so was considered a luxury back then. Now, well, I hope friends who pay their bills on smartphones or tablets are okay, since pretty much anyone who doesn't pay their bills on "home computers" these days now uses one of the aforementioned devices.
Submitted by: betty kaye
Wynonna Judd's, "Girls With Guitars"
The dated Lyrics:
She begged and she pleaded till Dad finally listened
He drove in the car down to Sears Roebuck
Why They're dated:
Good luck finding a Sears Roebuck (or just Sears as it's also been commonly known) store nowadays.
Submitted by: tina a
Conway Twitty's, "Red Neckin' Love Makin' Night"
The dated Lyrics:
Hello baby, Conway here
Let me lay this in your ear
Get ready to go, but we gonna roll about sundown
I got some boogie woogie music on the old 8-track
Yeah, I got the top laid back
And we'll go cruisin' and we'll go foolin' around
Why They're dated:
Any song that mentions 8-track players, especially in a positive light, is showing its age.
Submitted by: Bob
Bloodhound Gang's, "Fire Water Burn"
The dated Lyrics:
Yeah I'm hung like planet Pluto hard to see with the naked eye
Why They're dated:
Pluto is no longer classified as a planet.
Submitted by: Steve
Sheryl Crow's, "All I Wanna Do"
The dated Lyrics:
They drive their shiny Datsuns and Buicks
Back to the phone company, the record store too
Why They're dated:
The mention of Datsuns was already dated. Datsun had already become Nissan nearly a decade before the song came out, though that can be somewhat justified by the fact that the lyrics were originally a poem written in 1986. On the other hand, the phone company and record store still made sense in both 1986 and 1994 but not so much now with the advent of cell phones and iTunes.
Submitted by: jayne
Blessid Union of Souls', "Hey Leonardo (She Likes Me For Me)"
The dated Lyrics:
She don't care about my big screen Or my collection of DVDs
Why They're dated:
This song's about a girl that likes a guy for himself, not because of his expensive luxuries. Back in 1999 (the year this song came out), DVDs were relatively new and expensive, If the song were made today, the lyrics would be changed to "collection of 4K Blu-rays".
Submitted by: Andrew
Reba McEntire's, "Why Haven't I Heard From You"
The dated Lyrics:
As crazy little thing they call the telephone
Now there's one on every corner, in back of every bar.
Why They're dated:
Pay phones are obsolete.
Submitted by: Tarzan
The dated Lyrics:
Here comes the eagle, here comes the bear
And they be fighting to control the Lion dominion
But the load gonna come tumblin' down
But the load gonna come tumblin' down Wayo Wayo
But the load gonna come tumblin' down Jah Jah know
But the load gonna come tumblin' down Jah Jah know
Why They're dated:
The eagle represents the USA and the bear the USSR which is gone. The Lion is the Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, an east African image of Jesus Christ. This song is about the Cold War which practically ended when the Revolutions of 1989 occurred. Jah is an Ethiopian name for God, who is eternal. The load "tumbled down" and the Cold War ended with everyone on planet Earth winning.
Submitted by: Steel Wheels Ryder
Jay Sean's, "2012 (It Ain't the End)"
The dated Lyrics:
Party like it's the end of the world. We gonna party like, like it's 2012.
Why They're dated:
2012 has now passed.
Submitted by: Steve
Ringo Starr's, "I'm The Greatest"
The dated Lyrics:
Now I'm only 32,
And all I wanna do is boogaloo...
Why They're dated:
Ringo WAS 32 when he recorded this song (in 1972); MANY years have passed since.
Submitted by: Chowder

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