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Sometimes a song you hear for the first time, is innocent and sweet sounding. Then you listen closer to the lyrics, and realize it's talking about stuff you didn't realize. Double-entendres help disguise the filthiest of songs.

Dirty Songs You Didn't Know Were Dirty, Latest Entries

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Maroon 5's, "Misery"
The dirty Lyrics:
Your salty skin, and how
it mixes in with mine
The way it feels to be
completely intertwined.
Why They're dirty:
They are clearly sweaty and their bodies are “intertwined” so either they are having sex or this is very misleading
Submitted by: McKenna Varao
Donovan's, "Mellow Yellow"
The dirty Lyrics:
Electrical banana Is gonna be a sudden craze
Why They're dirty:
I first heard that song when I was a teen, and I didn't know what that means. An 'electrical banana' was a vibrator, that is shaped like a penis.
Submitted by: Abc
Aerosmith's, "Come Together"
The dirty Lyrics:
Come together, right now
Over me.
Why They're dirty:
I hope Steven or Joe never have adult minds, but Aerosmith couldn't tell people to come together over him, right now, couldn't they?
Submitted by: Darius Whitehead
My Chemical Romance 's, "I Never Told You What I Do For A Living"
The dirty Lyrics:
A stain that never comes off the sheets, Clean me off, I'm so dirty babe
Why They're dirty:
A stain that never comes off the sheets : someone has some fun and got 'white stuff' on their sheets. Clean me off, I'm so dirty babe : the line sounds like someone is asking their S/O to lick something off them. :/
Submitted by: Dan
B-52's', "Hot Pants Explosion"
The dirty Lyrics:
Cindy + Kate: 'Hot pants!'
Fred (spoken): 'They're so hot, we might have to take them - OFF!'. (unbuckle the belt, pants fall down)
Why They're dirty:
I think that explains everything!
Submitted by: Gimme Hot Chick Wearing Hot Pants!
Christina Aguilera's, "Sex for Breakfast"
The dirty Lyrics:
When the morning comes I know that I will too
Why They're dirty:
Its actually obvious :p
Submitted by: Donny Donner
Berlin's, "Sex (I'm A...)"
The dirty Lyrics:
Almost all of them, especially Terri Nunn's lines starting with "I'm a..."
Why They're dirty:
Title defines them all. These are what got the song banned from some radio stations when it first came out.
Submitted by: Joey F.
Fall Out Boy's, "27"
The dirty Lyrics:
My body is an orphanage we take everyone in
Why They're dirty:
His body is an orphanage because he takes everyone in. I don't know, really, how else to take that other than he sleeps with everyone, ever.
Submitted by: Sarah
Fall Out Boy's, "Church"
The dirty Lyrics:
Take the pain
Make it billboard big and swallow it for me
Why They're dirty:
Sounds like a blowjob moment here...
Submitted by: Ed Hammered
The Bealtes', "I Want to Hold Your Hand"
The dirty Lyrics:
And when I touch you I feel happy inside It's such a feelin' that my love I can't hide I can't hide I can't hide
Why They're dirty:
Can't hide what is going on in your kecks can you?
Submitted by: Beeryii

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