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Blame The Ramones, but there have been some very short songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics and also aren't interludes. Preferablly songs released as a single.

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Entries Beginning with T

"T-Shirt," They Might Be Giants Lenght:2:10
Released as a single on iTunes in 2005. Left off of eventual album "Here Come the ABCs"
"T.H.T.," Sum 41 Lenght:0:44
It does have lyrics, but they go by pretty quickly. From "Half Hour of Power".
RevengeFromMars YouTube
"Take Back," Green Day Lenght:1:09
it's off of nimrod.
"Take It Anyway," Ratt Lenght:2:33
"Talk Dirty," Jason Derulo Lenght:2:57
Probably shortest song on the "Talk Dirty" album.
"Talk Talk," Music Machine Lenght: 1 min 57
The bitter gem builds progressive layers of instrumentation and tension like a mini symphony. "can't seem´╗┐ to talk about the things that bother me..." but the sneering Bonniwell does, and he does it in under 2 minutes!
Michael McNamara
"Taxman," The Beatles Lenght:2:39
"Taxman," The Beatles Lenght:2:39
"Tea For The Tillerman," Cat Stevens Lenght:1:01
This little ditty, which closed the album of the same name, used to freak me out as a kid with all those people singing "For that happy day!" at the very end.
"Teeth," Brockhampton Lenght:1:20
"Tender Lumplings," Oingo Boingo Lenght:0:37
"Tentacles of Earpmind," Ozric Tentacles Lenght:36 seconds
A very short song from a UK psychedelic band known for its long improvisational jams.
Wade Brock
"That's How I Escaped My Certain Fate," Mission Of Burma Lenght:2:06
The song appears on the album Vs. and is the band's shortest track, that I know of.
"Theme from Flood," They Might Be Giants Lenght:0:27
"Theme Tune," Toy Dolls Lenght:0:20
Not actually a theme tune, just a song on their first album 'Dig That Groove Baby'.
"There's a Doctor I've Found," The Who Lenght:0:24
Joe Pearson
"There's a Riot Goin' On," Sly and the Family Stone Lenght:0:00
Seriously. Zero minutes and zero seconds.
Burger King Corporation
"There's A Riot Going On," Sly & The Family Stone Lenght:0:00
I'm not freaking making this up. :O
The Deke
"They're Red Hot," Red Hot Chili Peppers Lenght:1:11
Song has a very fast tempo.
RevengeFromMars YouTube
"Thirsty and Miserable," Black Flag Lenght:2:05
Their music makes me miserable.
"This Ain't the Summer of Love," Blue Oyster Cult Lenght:2:22
"This Is Not A Photograph," Mission Of Burma Lenght:1:57
Okay, this actually is their shortest song.
"This is the Shortest Song in the World," Kenny Price Lenght:about 10 seconds
Kenny was a country singer....I heard the song on the radio years and years ago...but it's a real song. In fact, the words in the title are the only lyrics, sung once. Perhaps someone can check it out.
Duane L. Moss
"This is the Two Second Song," Phoebe & Melinda Igor (Girls Kick Butt) Lenght:0:02
It was released as their first single around 2003, when they produced songs shorter than 10.00 seconds. They also produced one that was 0.90 seconds.
Phoebe & Melinda Igor (Girls Kick Butt)
"Threesome," The Divine Comedy Lenght:1:11
Don't let the title fool you...It's an instrumental!
Paul Warren
"Through With Buzz," Steely Dan Lenght:1:34
The song is taken off from 1974's "Pretzel Logic."
Mickey D.
"Tiptoe Through The Tulips," Tiny Tim Lenght:1:48
The song was written in 1929 and recorded by Tiny Tim in 1968.
Opie M.
"TM Song," The Beach Boys Lenght:1:39
The first part is a heated discussion among the Boys, followed by a brief musical explanation of the term "transcendental meditation"
Frosty The Cat
"To Get Eaten By The Rats," Arsonists Get All The Girls Lenght:0:48
For being only 48 seconds long, this song has a good amount of lyrics.
"Toast and Marmalade for Tea," Tin Tin Lenght:2:22
"Toast and Marmalade for Tea" was released in 1970. It reaching #20 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making them their biggest hit single, which was previously they never have a Top 20 hit on Billboard's Pop Chart in the early years.
Wisnu Aji
"Toddler Hiway," They Might Be Giants Lenght:0:26
A song about Toys R Us on the debut album of They Might Be Giants. Mostly sung a cappella.
"Token Back to Brooklyn," They Might Be Giants Lenght:0:52
Joe Pearson
"Tora! Tora!," Van Halen Lenght:0:57
Yet another EVH guitar solo.
"Tornado," Mindless Self Indulgence Lenght:1:52
From their 1999 debut, 'Tight'
Jonathan S.
"Tossin' and Turnin'," Bobby Lewis Lenght:2:34
"Tossin' and Turnin'" is track #6 on the album, "Tossin' & Turnin'" (1961). It reaching #1 on Billboard's Pop Chart, making him one of his biggest hit singles, the other being is "One Track Mind", also reaching the Top Hot 100 of Billboard's Pop Chart. Two versions of "Tossin' and Turnin'" available. A version that lasting at 2 minutes and 34 seconds started with the line, "Baby... Baby... You did something to me...", while another version that received well airplay on radio stations and more known in the ears of Oldies listeners started with the line, "I couldn't sleep at all last night", lasting at 2 minutes and 29 seconds.
Wisnu Aji
"Tough Guy," Beastie Boys Lenght:0:57
"Tourette's," Nirvana Lenght:1:35
Credit Crunch got you down? Can't afford to go to Alton Towers? Listen to the epic last song on In Utero. This is the ride of your life from start to finish. It's like going into labour, and then giving up halfway through. One listen will haunt you. TRY IT OUT!
Jakko Wakko
"Tree Climber," Stellar Kart Lenght:0:29
A song they wrote Zacchaeus from the Bible, who climbed a tree to see Jesus, because he was very short, which is why the song is very short.
"Tree Climber," Stellar Kart Lenght:0:29
The entire song goes like this: "Wanna be a tree climber, wanna be a tree climber, wanna be a tree climber, wanna be a tree climber, all the way to the top."
"Trogdor," Strong Bad Lenght:1:40
Leadoff track from "Strong Bad Sings and Other Type Hits." [Note to editor: I am submitting this as a replacement for my previous entry for this song. Please delete that earlier entry. Thanks.]
Jonathan S.
"Trogdor," Strong Bad Lenght:1:40
Just a tune I picked up from GH2. The guitar work is something, but it's funny that they would put a so-quick-you-blink-and-it's-over song in with the other regular tracks. Other than that, I know NOTHING about the band.
Jonathan S.
"Trouble's Always Free," J. Tillman Lenght:1:53
"True Stories," Datarock Lenght:2:48
A song whose lyrics are entirely made up of Talking Heads song titles.
"Tryin'," Eagles Lenght:2:54
"Tryin'" is track #10 on their self-titled album released in 1972. Although it never released as a single, it was the album's shortest song.
Wisnu Aji
"Turkeys," Lemon Demon Lenght:0:26
Originally hidden as a bonus song on the album Dinosaurchestra, it has since been released to the public. It is indeed about turkeys.
"Turn It Over," The Youngbloods Lenght:0:11
Last track on Side One of their third album, "Elephant's Mountain." Back in the pre-CD days, when albums had sides, it was a simple exhortation to go to Side Two!
"Turn Me Over," Diana Ross Lenght:1:10
From the "Silk Electric" LP. It was the last song on Side A. The song was mostly instrumental, with Diana whispering "Turn me (her record) over."
"Turtle," Parry Gripp Lenght:0:48
"Twist," KoRn Lenght:0:58
One of my favorite things about KoRn songs is scating... This song is just perfect..
"Two," Ryan Adams Lenght:2:39
track 2 off their album Easy Tiger
"Typical Fashion," Love Lost But Not Forgotten Lenght:1:41

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