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Blame The Ramones, but there have been some very short songs that have made the radio. For the purposes of this page, please stick to songs with lyrics and also aren't interludes. Preferablly songs released as a single.

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Entries Beginning with M

"Made You Look," Meghan Trainor Lenght:2:14
Very catchy... but very short.
"Maggie Mae," The Beatles Lenght:0:40
Short song from 'Let It Be'
"Magick," Ryan Adams Lenght:2:17
track 4 off their album Cardinology
"Majestic," Journey Lenght::41 (Live); 1:16 (Studio)
"Majestic" is the very first song that appears on "Captured" before it segues into "Where Were You." The studio version of "Majestic" which appears on "Evolution" is slightly longer than the live version which appears on "Captured." The only "lyrics" that are heard in this song are "Ahh, ahh," which is sung three times. Unlike the live version, the studio version opens with a few guitar notes, which is why the live version is shorter.
"Making Mirrors," Gotye Lenght:1:01
The lead and title track of his third album.
Brian Kelly
"Mantra," Tool Lenght:1:12
Really short, really weird, but actually not the shortest song on the Lateralus album.
"Matchbox," The Beatles Lenght:1:37
From the Something New LP, this was also the flip side of Slow Down, the least successful of the Beatles' many singles from 1964.
"Maybellene," Chuck Berry Lenght:2:19
"Mean Mr. Mustard," The Beatles Lenght:1:06
He's a dirty old man
"Meant For You," Beachboys Lenght:0:38
This song begins the Friends album.
"Mental Notes," Split Enz Lenght:0.33
Fantastic song which has very few unrepeated parts, one of the earlier Split Enz songs... From the album Mental Notes.
i lurve the enz
"Message From Steven," Primitive Radio Gods Lenght:2:16
Mickey D.
"Michael Time To Wake Up," Flaming Lips Lenght:0:30
A voice shouts from far away “Michael! Time to wake up” and then terribly played guitar for the rest of the song.
Clever Name
"Minimum Wage," They Might Be Giants Lenght::47
Drew T Jensen
"Minor Threat," Minor Threat Lenght:1:27
"Miracle Cure," The Who Lenght:0:11
By far, the shortest song recorded by any well-known rock band.
"Miracle Cure," The Who Lenght:0:11
It is on the album "Tommy", and I believe it's The Who's shortest song..."Extra extra read all about it! The pinball wizard in a miracle cure. Extra extra read all about it! EXTRA!"
"Misery," The Beatles Lenght:1:50
Please Please Me
"Misfire," Queen Lenght:1:50
Bassist John Deacon's first composition.
"Monkey Travels," Damon Albarn Lenght:0:45
It’s just dramatic music. DUUN DUN DUUN DUUN DUUUUUN DUUN
Clever Name
"Monkey Travels," Damon Albarn Lenght:0:46
46 seconds of dramatic music
Clever Name
"Moon (Interlude)," Damon Albarn Lenght:0:28
Ever heard of the phrase short and sweet?
Clever Name
"The Most Beautiful Girl," Charlie Rich Lenght:2:45
A sad song Charlie Rich was singing. He woke up this morning, then realized what he had done.
Darius Whitehead
"Mother's Day Came a Little Early This Year," An Albatross Lenght:0:47
"Motherly Love," Frank Zappa Lenght:2:45
Clever Name
"Motorbreath," Metallica Lenght:3:03
"Motorcycle Mama," Sailcat Lenght:2:14
Sailcat was a one-hit wonder, and they obviously only had two minutes of ideas.
"Mr. Freeze," Slayer Lenght:2:24
"Mr. Sandman," Emmylou Harris Lenght:2:00
Emmylou's version is 4 seconds shorter than the original song by The Chordettes.
Odie Garfield
"Mr. Spaceman," The Byrds Lenght:2:09
"Mr. Tambourine Man," The Byrds Lenght:2:17
Their biggest hit single. Originally recorded by Bob Dylan.
Wisnu Aji
"My Blue Manhattan," Ryan Adams Lenght:2:23
track 10 off their album Love Is Hell
"My Boy (Twin Fantasy)," Car Seat Headrest Lenght:2:52
"My Friend Thor," Angels Of Light Lenght:2:05
track 3 off their album The Angels Of Light Sing 'Other People'
"My Girlfriend's Shower Sucks," Goldfinger Lenght:1:07
Somewhat humorous short track.
RevengeFromMars YouTube
"My Heart Is Broken," Ryan Adams Lenght:2:14
track 10 off their album Jacksonville City Nights
"My Human Gets Me Blues," Captain Beefheart and his Magic Band Lenght:2:49
"My Little Lovely," The Moody Blues Lenght:1:45
Shortest Moodies song that I know of not including Graeme's poems... I'm pretty sure this was Ray's last song before he left. :<
"My Man Stanley," Baha Men Lenght:1:02
This is the theme song for the 2001 TV show Stanley. Also on the compilation album Greatest Movie Hits.
"My Mummy's Dead," John Lennon Lenght:0:49
"My Other Phone Is A Boom Car," They Might Be Giants Lenght:0:29
So short and still able to pull off angst decently.
"My World," Guns 'N' Roses Lenght:1:24
The final track on "Use Your Illusion 2". Regarded as G 'n' R's worst song ever.
Odie Garfield

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