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Song Parodies for Destiny's Child

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Apple Pie a la Mode" "Stuck on a 2-Lane Road" "Joe the Crazy Conch"
"Bills Bills Bills" "Bills Bills Bills- Sugar Daddy Remix" "Shamilia"
"Bills, Bills, Bills" "Pills, Pills, Pills" "SwimPuff165"
"Bills" "Songs (Bubble Gum)" "Syncronos"
"Bootylicious" "Chubilicious" "Below Average Dave"
"Bootylicious" "Dirty Dishes" "EmiLoca"
"Bootylicious" "Flaba-licious" "Tyler Luromi"
"Bootylicious" "Foodilicious" "Blethar"
"Bootylicious" "Handlebars (Not The Flobots)" "Agrimorfee"
"Bootylicious" "Lardylicious" "Chantal G & Christine R"
"Bootylicious" "Noodle-licious" "Hailey Johnson"
"Bootylicious" "Sloppy Kisses" "M!KEY"
"Bootylicious" "Superficial" "The Two-Faced Goblin"
"Bootylicious" "Supersticious (tribute to Final Fantasy X-2)" "Cait Sith"
"Bootylicious" "Too Delicious" "Sean Donaie"
"Bootylicious" "Too Delicious" "Sean Donaie"
"Bootylicous" "Bubble-Licous" "Ghetto John"
"Bootylicous" "Foodylicious" "Junior w/ Mamoo"
"Bootylicous" "GhEtToLiCoUs" "Ghetto John"
"Bugaboo" "Annoying Tarts" "D"
"Bug a Boo" "Weeaboo" "Ten Second Braeden"
"Cater 2 U" "Cater 2 Gwen" "Barry Harrison"
"Cater 2 U" "Get It Yourself" "M!KEY"
"Emotion" "Sensations" "Hunter"
"Emotion" "Sensations" "Hunter"
"Emotions" "Johnnie Walker" "Peter Ordep"
"Girl" "Nerd" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"I'm a Survivor" "I am a Pirate" "Da Boys Of BCSI"
"Independent Women" "All The Women" "Deldel"
"Independent Women" "Independent Turkeys" "Below Average Dave"
"Independent Women Part 1" "Huntin Women" "TiggerBouncer1"
"Independent Women (Part 1)" "Write Some Different Women" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Independent Women Part I" "Independent Cow & Pig" "Jamaal Thomas"
"Independent Women Part I" "Independent Widows (the reunion, 2065)" "Chestna TM"
"Independent Women pt. 1" "Uncommenting People" "Neo Matrix"
"Independent Women Pt. 2" "Satan's Hollow" "Arcade Junkie"
"Independent Women pt. I" "Insatiable Women pt. I of I and only I" "Saider Eiegle"
"Independent Women" "The Stinky Song" "John Spoof"
"Independent Women" "Undependent Women" "Wolveroses"
"Indpendent Women" "Overeating Women" "Ravelanch"
"Jumpin' Jumpin'" "Destiny's Child Legacy" "S.T.G."
"Loose My Breath" "Loose My Lunch" "Lorrayne"
"Lose My Breath" "Bigger Chest" "Below Average Dave"
"Lose My Breath" "Can't Move My Legs" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Lose My Breath" "Catch My Breath" "I Want Santa Clause"
"Lose My Breath" "Driving Test" "Friz"
"Lose My Breath" "Let Me Catch My Breath" "Nixon Lee"
"Lose My Breath" "Lost My Breasts" "M!KEY"
"Lose My Breath" "New Job As Death" "Matthias"
"Lose My Breath" "P.U. Your Breath" "I Want Santa Clause"
"Lose my Breath" "Test my Breath" "Paige"
"Nasty Girl" "Ashy Girl" "Meca27"
"Nasty Girl" "Chubby Girl" "Erin Brown"
"Nasty Girl" "Ugly Mole" "M!KEY"
"Say My Name" "Bush is Lame" "S.T.G."
"Say My Name" "Damn U Stank" "DJ_TJ"
"Say My Name" "Damn You Stank" "Terrell A.k.a. Youngkid"
"Say My Name" "Grow A Brain" "Dorita"
"Say My Name" "Lemonade" "Carmem Miranda"
"Say My Name" "Loose Some Weight" "Del del"
"Say My Name" "Pick A Game" "Luis Matias"
"Say My Name" "Shave My Legs" "M!KEY"
"Say My Name" "Shave My Legs" "M!KEY"
"Say My Name" "Shave My Legs" "Sexy Government"
"So Good" "So Fat" "Neo Matrix"
"Surviver" "My Name Is Bin Laden" "Adam Henderson"
"Survivor" "Beyonce" "M!KEY"
"Survivor" "Beyonce" "M!KEY"
"Survivor" "Clever" "EasyandBad"
"Survivor" "Diva" "Liz"
"Survivor" "Gamecuber" "Wolveroses"
"Survivor" "Hired A Sniper" "Nib Oswald"
"Survivor" "I Hate That Song Called Survivor" "Master Manilla D."
"Survivor" "I'm an Impulse Buyer" "Robyn Daniels"
"Survivor" "I Want You, Tiger" "Nib Oswald"
"Survivor" "Just Like Macgyver" "Nixon Lee"
"Survivor" "Loser" "Diana"
"Survivor" "On Survivor" "Auracat"
"Survivor" "Provider (mama's song)" "Cool Guy Jade"
"Survivor" "Saliva" "Jared Lerner"
"Survivor" "Slacker" "Number K"
"Survivor" "StarFlyers" "Z-Police Productions, Inc."
"Survivor" "Survivor (Got In A Taxi)" "Kylock"
"Survivor" "Survivor" "Karissa"
"Survivor" "Survivor (The Lost Version That Actually Rhymes)" "Magnus von Magnusson"
"Survivor" "Weakest Link Theme" "Dr. L"


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