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Parody TitleOriginal TitlePerformerSubmitted
Training TripSliverNirvana2004-10-06
Kill HapposaiAbout A GirlNirvana2004-10-08
Frieza Doesn't Want Me In The GinyuJesus Doesn't Want Me For A SunbeamNirvana2004-10-08
Digi Charat CrewOh, The GuiltNirvana2004-10-08
Oh, The Guilt (Nanako Version)Oh, The GuiltNirvana2004-10-08
Token eastern song(Elgala version)Token eastern songNirvana2004-10-08
Anime, video games and NirvanaVerse chorus verse(in his hands)Nirvana2004-10-08
Persocom exorcistAnorexorcistNirvana2004-12-03
I am ErrorBreedNirvana2005-01-19
Across ConquestSwap MeetNirvana2005-01-19
FCCPen Cap ChewNirvana2005-02-12
Stephen's Drunken ChamplooBeeswaxNirvana2005-02-23
The Quest For The Fecal Matter DemoMrs. ButterworthNirvana2005-02-25
CatgirlDrain youNirvana2005-03-11
Anime geekNegative creepNirvana2005-03-11
Who is Maiku's sister?SchoolNirvana2005-03-11
I Get Sinus PainEven In His YouthNirvana2005-03-20
Sappy(Maison Ikkoku version)SappyNirvana2005-03-31
Ai, Mai and MiiBlandestNirvana2005-04-13
Kiri Pro ResumeHelp me, I'm Hungry(Vendettagainst)Nirvana2005-04-20
Nurse Witch SongToken Eastern SongNirvana2005-04-20
SaiyansWhite Lace And StrangeNirvana/Thunder and roses2005-04-20
The Scrappy Doo Assasination Plot(Nirvana vs AlC)We Die YoungAlice In Chains2005-05-04
Pokemon Grunge SongMexican SeafoodNirvana2005-05-16
Dragon Warrior 3 TributePennyroyal TeaNirvana2005-05-16
Calvin And HobbesBeeswaxNirvana2005-05-19
The Reason I Should Never Write Parodies While DruMrs. ButterworthNirvana2005-05-20
Searching For Metal MonstersWet My Bed/CrackermanStone Temple Pilots2005-05-25
Please! Azumanga PopotanOld AgeNirvana2005-06-01
My Name Is LumDumbNirvana2005-06-08
Avril's Songs Make Me ConstipatedComplicatedAvril Lavigne2005-06-08
My Opinion Of The FCC(Step-chan vs Red Ant)SinStone Temple Pilots2005-06-14
See The ShrinkBleed The FreakAlice In Chains2005-06-16
Please Twins! Trilogy: About ThemAbout A GirlNirvana2005-06-22
Ain't It A Shame ParodyAin't It A ShameNirvana2005-06-25
Bump MeRape MeNirvana2005-06-25
Please Twins! Trilogy: Kousei's ThingSex Type ThingStone Temple Pilots2005-06-29
Looks Like A Weird ParodySmells Like Teen SpiritNirvana2005-07-07
Cut CheeseBig CheeseNirvana2005-07-13
Please Twins! Trilogy: Three TwinsOh MeNirvana2005-07-13
Unfiltered SiteNegative CreepNirvana2005-07-20
Cosplayer RomanceBlewNirvana2005-07-21
Crazy Chobits SongCurmudgeonNirvana2005-07-27
The World Of Anime FansSwap MeetNirvana2005-07-27
The Girls Of RivieraHere She Comes NowNirvana2005-08-03
Cosplay On YouCrazy On YouHeart2005-08-09
Lord Of HentaiLord Of The ThighsAerosmith2005-08-09
I'll Hold It, I Don't Wanna FartThe WaitingTom Petty2005-08-09
Mr. Step-chanMr. MoustacheNirvana2005-08-09
Only A Hell KittyOnly A MemoryThe Smithereens2005-08-12
Will Not Buy A SUVRefugeeTom Petty2005-08-16
Grape Kool AidWind Of ChangeScorpions2005-08-16
Very HungryLounge ActNirvana2005-08-23
It's AnimeOn A PlainNirvana2005-08-23
The Wait For Dragon Quest 8LithiumNirvana2005-08-24
Quirky Anime Game GrungeUncle SaltyAerosmith2005-08-30
Will You Rate Me?Do You Love Me?Nirvana/Kiss2005-09-07
Extreme Parody Of HentaiIf You MustNirvana2005-09-08
Dead Or Alive SongSpank ThruNirvana2005-09-10
A Demon's Target(Riviera parody)Alone + Easy TargetFoo Fighters2005-09-26
For All The NerdsFor All The CowsFoo Fighters2005-09-26
Rock The Stone-age with Digi CharatRock The PlanetUrusei Yatsura Theme Song Soundtrack2005-09-27
A Pair Of MammariesOnly A MemoryThe Smithereens2005-10-04
Catgirl LoveHairspray QueenNirvana2005-10-07
All Our FartsDrown In My Own TearsThe Smithereens2005-10-18
Stuffy Noses & Runny NosesBlood And RosesThe Smithereens2005-10-25
Anime, Video Games And NirvanaVerse Chorus VerseNirvana2005-10-25
Our LabOur HouseMadness2005-11-15
Step-chan's BeeswaxBeeswaxNirvana2005-11-29
Dragonfly's PunishmentBreedNirvana2005-12-07
Select Series: Vampiric CutieCome As You AreNirvana2006-01-04
Select Series: Trolls In The ForumToys In The AtticAerosmith2006-01-12
Select Series: Pee Drawin'Free Fallin'Tom Petty2006-01-18
Select Series: She Sells StationaryShe Sells SanctuaryThe Cult2006-01-31
Select Series: I Must Be DrunkIt Must Be LoveMadness2006-02-07
PuchikoBeen A SonNirvana2006-02-15
Maella Abbey Ballad(DQ8 parody)AneurysmNirvana2006-02-17
Bulma's BoobsMolly's LipsNirvana2006-02-17
Very LewdVery ApeNirvana2006-03-07
I'll Kill CharmlesSoul Meets BodyDeath Cab For Cutie2006-03-07
Illusion*ConfusionAlice In Chains2006-03-21
Catgirl Image SearchLithiumNirvana2006-03-28
What A Buzz!Oh, The GuiltNirvana2006-03-31
Attack Of The 1sReturn Of The RatNirvana2006-03-31
Kill Happosai(rewrote version)About A GirlNirvana2006-04-04
You Can Use Your Kitty RaySave It For A Rainy DayThe Jayhawks2006-04-04
Anime F.P.*Mexican SeafoodNirvana2006-04-06
Catgirl(rewrote version)Drain YouNirvana2006-04-07
Let's Stand Stationery*She Sells SanctuaryThe Cult2006-04-11
We Will Make The Fatty PaySave It For A Rainy DayThe Jayhawks2006-04-14
The Bosom SongDrown In My Own TearsThe Smithereens2006-04-18
Cat-girl Art SongGot Me WrongAlice In Chains2006-04-20
Dejiko & PuchikoBeen A SonNirvana2006-04-26
Yomi, Can I Become Your boyfriend?Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A SunbeamNirvana2006-04-27
Chi Freya ChiVerse Chorus VerseNirvana2006-04-27
NakedSnowblindBlack Sabbath2006-05-03
Weird Cute SongsHeart Shaped BoxNirvana2006-05-09
Whip MeRape MeNirvana2006-05-15
Cat-girl Punk SongCome On Death*Nirvana2006-05-25
Kittygirl LoverPaperback WriterThe Beatles2006-05-31
Is It Very Inane?Am I Going Insane?(Radio)Black Sabbath2006-06-06
Scooby DooLove Me DoThe Beatles2006-06-13
Even As A KidEven In His YouthNirvana2006-06-14
Print AwayBreakawayKelly Clarkson2006-07-18
Ninja Babe LesbiansSamurai Pizza CatsSamurai Pizza Cats TV Show2006-08-16
Anime Nonsense Jumble SongSliverNirvana2006-09-06
NekomimiMonsterp***yThe Vaselines2006-09-12
Nirvana Got Turned Into BabiesSchoolNirvana2006-11-01
Step-chan's Raunchola/Neko-girl JamRaunchola/Moby D**k JamNirvana2007-01-06
Here on this site(Anime image search)Come As You Are(Boombox version)Nirvana2007-01-22
Damn, It's Hot TonightTake Me Home TonightEddie Money2007-08-28
HeleneIrisThe Breeders2007-09-18
Find Me A Cat-girlBuy Me A CondoWeird Al Yankovic2007-10-03
Less Farting DrugsLet's Fighting LoveSouth Park(TV)2007-12-06
Nintendo AvenueElectric AvenueEddy Grant2008-05-29
Step-chan's AnorexorcistAnorexorcistNirvana2008-11-06
Who's That(Misheard lyrics version)Poot Slap3 Dee2009-09-16
Dharma ChameleonKarma ChameleonCulture Club2010-05-24
Woodus FrizzBedrock TwitchThe Flintstones2011-04-01
Crazy Mare in SpaceDucktale's Moon Stage with LyricsBrentalfloss2011-09-21
34DrownSon Volt2011-09-30
PokexpertoAlejandroLady Gaga2013-05-22
SylveonMaryannThe Nitty Gritty Dirt Band2013-06-10
Slow TimeBad TimeGrand Funk Railroad2014-11-26