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Song Parodies for Evanescence

Original SongParody SongParody Author
"Bring Me Back To Life" "Pooh On My Insides" "James Norman"
"Bring Me To Life" "Biggamost Wife" "Tinkleheimer"
"Bring Me To Life" "Bring Me A Knife" "Lyndsei"
"Bring Me To Life" "Bring Me Back Some Fries (The Mc Donalds song)" "Kyle B."
"Bring Me To Life" "Bring Me My Pint" "Jim A"
"Bring Me to Life" "Bring Me the Knife" "LucidLupin LeeBee"
"Bring Me To Life" "Bring Me To Death" "Joey"
"Bring Me to Life" "Bring Me to Life (Buffy Remix)" "The Marsters of Disaster"
"Bring Me to Life" "Bring the Monarchy Back to Life" "Robert D. Arndt Jr."
"Bring Me To Life" "Deadpool, The Merc With A Mouth" "Syncronos"
"Bring Me To Life" "Doctor Visit" "Ross Marshall"
"Bring Me To Life" "Don't Turn Out The Light" "Ashley, President Of Dork-Nerd Association"
"Bring Me To Life" "Frodo's Bane" "Adam Eccleshall"
"Bring Me To Life" "Get Me A Job" "D-Boz"
"Bring Me To Life" "Give Me More Food" "Chuckobo"
"Bring Me To Life" "He Killed My Wife(a Parody About Max Payne)" "Salman"
"Bring me to Life" "House of the Dead" "Necrotoxen666"
"Bring Me To Life" "Hunter in a Trap" "theshatteredaurora"
"Bring Me To Life" "In Need A New Pie" "KaylanR"
"Bring Me To Life" "Ivanescence - Bring Me The Knife" "Ivan"
"Bring Me To Life" "Kill Me Now" "Shortyc"
"Bring Me To Life" "Let Me Go Back To Sleep" "Kamri"
"Bring Me To Life" "Merry Christmas and a Bright New Year!" "Syncronos"
"Bring Me To Life" "Miracle Blade Knifes" "Mikey Boy"
"Bring Me to Life" "New Forms of Life" "Below Average Dave"
"Bring Me to Life" "New Forms of Life" "theshatteredaurora"
"Bring Me To Life" "Put Me To Death" "Michael"
"Bring Me to Life" "Swallow My Soul" "Sue Donym"
"Bring Me To Life" "Teach Me To Drive" "AussieBullDog"
"Bring Me to Life" "The French Fry Song" "Dracula's Daughter"
"Bring Me To Life" "Think Pee's In Strife (Urinal intimidation)" "Nib Oswald"
"Bring Me To Life" "Wake me up! (Nightmare on Elm Street)" "Syncronos"
"Bring Me To Life" "Wake Me Up" "Rex Ungericht"
"Bring Me To Life" "Wake My Dead Dog Up" "Bob Cassella"
"Bring Me To Like" "It's A Time Machine" "Nili C."
"Call me When You're Sober" "Call Before Hang-Overs" "Below Average Dave"
"Call Me When You're Sober" "Call Me In October" "thelastaurora"
"Call Me When You’re Sober" "Call Me In Survivor" "Nathan Jackson"
"Call Me When You're Sober" "Call Me When You Order" "Jag"
"Call Me When You're Sober" "Call Me When You're Lazy" "Robbie Rotten"
"Call Me When You're Sober" "I Don't Think I'm Sober" "YousoCrazy"
"Call Me When You're Sober" "I’m Calling Cuz I’m Drunk" "Pyth"
"Call Me When You're Sober" "Let You Watch the Trailer" "The Piano Minstrel"
"Call Me When You're Sober" "The Simpsons" "S.T.G."
"Call Me When You're Sober" "Wake Me When It's Over" "Pink Panther"
"Call Me When Your Sober" "Hes Never Jolly When Hes Sober" "White Trash"
"Everybody's Fool" "A Rotten Show" "Evanescence_Obbsed"
"Everybody's Fool" "Britney Is A Fool" "Lala"
"Everybody's Fool" "Everybody Is A Fool" "Lala"
"Everybody's Fool" "Everybody's Dead" "Brady Twins"
"Everybody's Fool" "Everybody's Pool" "Katie"
"Everybody's Fool" "Everybody's Rude" "Below Average Dave"
"Everybody's Fool" "Everybody's Stool" "Ryan Quinn"
"Everybody's Fool" "Jessica's A Fool" "Viktoria Holsey"
"Everybody's Fool" "Your A Trash Fool" "Claire Fitzpatrick"
"Farther Away" "Your Demise" "Bossy"
"Going Under" "AA'ed it" "Ten Second Braeden"
"Going Under" "Coaching Blunder" "Abbott Skelding"
"Going Under" "Cody's Mother" "Joey Lawrence (no, not the actor)"
"Going Under" "Failing English" "EmiLoca"
"Going Under" "Getting Hungry" "Chuckobo"
"Going Under" "Going Drunker" "Kamri"
"Going Under" "Going to Plunder" "Tinkleheimer"
"Going Under" "Going Under (Remix)" "Bossy"
"Going Under" "Going Under (Reprise Mix)" "Bossy"
"Going Under" "Going Under to meet Spongebob" "The Lesbian Losers, woo woo woo"
"Going Under" "Gonna Chunder" "AussieBullDog"
"Going Under" "I'm Hello Kitty" "Kyle"
"Going Under" "(It Takes Me) Forever" "AVM"
"Going Under" "One Hit Wonder" "Elentri"
"Going Under" "You're Taking Forever" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"Good Enough" "Food Is Tough" "thelastaurora"
"Haunted" "Danny (Sam Manson's song)" "GeoStar"
"Haunted" "Farted" "Fart And Me"
"Haunted" "Haunted by RESIDENT EVIL!!!" "xxgothicfaeriexx"
"Haunted" "Herobrine" "Jaykob Walson"
"Haunted" "Hunted" "Christian Spindler"
"Haunted" "Hunted" "Lala"
"Haunted" "Lifeless" "Bossy"
"Haunted" "Stampede" "T.J. Spindler"
"Haunted" "Stampede" "T.J. Spindler"
"Haunted" "Stampede" "T.J. Spindler"
"Hello" "Damnit" "JuLiEaNn"
"Hello" "Escape" "Anna"
"Hello" "Hello (Oh, No!)" "Marykate"
"Hello" "Hello" "thelastaurora"
"Hello" "Jello" "Emily B."
"Hello" "See you" "puppy_christine"
"Imaginary (Fallen Version)" "Shi*tinary" "Conny and Enrique"
"Imaginary" "Imaginary" "Below Average Dave"
"Imaginary (remix)" "Imaginary (Friend)" "Below Average Dave"
"Imaginary" "World Wrestling Entertainment" "Aoife Burke"
"Lies" "Band" "Amber Lynn"
"Lithium" "Cadmium" "BulldozerBegins"
"Lithium" "Helium" "Matthias"
"Missing" "Isn't The Sugar Missing?" "KaylanR"
"My Immortal" "Ballad" "MysteryGoat"
"My Immortal" "Kombat Mortal" "Below Average Dave"
"My Immortal" "Mark Dacascos" "Ana"
"My Immortal" "My Aunt Myrtle" "Joey Lawrence (no, not the actor)"
"My Immortal" "My Bra" "The lesbian losers, woo woo woo"
"My Immortal" "My Hangover" "Mikey Boy"
"My Immortal" "My Immortal (Goodbye)" "Brady Twins"
"My Immortal" "My Nasty Portal" "Rick L."
"My Immortal" "My New Order" "Bryan Pardue"
"My Immortal" "My Time Portal" "Matthias"
"My Immortal" "My Yamato" "Red Rebel"
"My Immortal" "Vile Toddler" "Nib Oswald"
"My Immortal" "What's This "Portal"?" "the_conqueror_of_parodies"
"My Immortal" "You're Infernal" "Agrimorfee"
"My Imortal" "My Invisible" "puppy_christine"
"My Last Breath" "Observations As I Stare At Some Meatloaf" "LadyGaladriel"
"My Last Breath" "(Sleeping) In My Bed" "Cait Sith"
"Snow White Queen" "Lean Cuisine" "Jessie W."
"Snow White Queen" "Snow White Tale" "thelastaurora"
"Taking Over Me" "Believe a Word You Said" "Conny and Enrique"
"Taking Over Me" "Freaky To Me" "JuLiEaNn"
"Taking Over Me" "Shoes Are Taking Over Me" "Jena"
"The Change" "Elvenking Tales" "Dragonlance"
"Tourniquet" "Beached Whale" "Shanay-nay"
"Tourniquet" "Great Aunt Beth" "Jessie W."
"Tourniquet" "Netiquette" "Peter Andersson a.k.a K1chyd"
"Tourniquet" "No Jay, Don't Leave The Show." "DDPX"
"Tourniquet" "Suicide" "Lala"
"Tourniquette" "Etiquette" "Anny"
"Tourniquet" "The Heat Index (Slight Correction)" "Below Average Dave"
"Tourniquet" "Turnip Soup" "Fuzzbean"
"Weight Of The World" "Weight Of The World" "thelastaurora"
"What You Want" "I Love Science" "The Great Destroyer"
"What You Want" "I Suck" "The Other Guys"
"What you Want" "Vengeance shall be mine" "The Great Destroyer"
"Your Star" "You're A Star" "thelastaurora"


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